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Yu Shan

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Notable areas of Yu-Shan


The Slums-


Jade Pleasure Dome- The Jade Pleasure Dome is the centerpiece of Yu-Shan and arguably the reason for its existence. It contains the Games of Divinity.It is made of Jade and is three miles high and at least twice as wide. The Incarna are likely within at any given time.


Orchards of the Peaches-


The Salient- he Salient of the Unconquered Sun resides in the Fulgant Administrative Distrit of Yu-Shan. Now a mix of war museum and palace, the Salient was once the headquarters of the Unconquered Sun during the Primordial War. It was moved from Creation to its current location in Yu-Shan after the war as a memorial. A decree by the Unconquered Sun remains in effect which grants Solar Exlated the privilege of receiving quarters in the Salient of the Unconquered Sun whenever they are in Yu-Shan



Note: it is assumed that nobody remembers the password to gain access to the weapon stores although it is a way to quest for powerfull weapons/armors.


The Auberge - Luna's personal hunting lodge. Luna occasionally invites lovers and guests, but does not do so often. Located in the Forest of Endless Prey, a magical wood where the specters of long-extinct animals roam, but only when Luna is winning in the Games of Divinity, Lunars who prey on these animals can take their forms, allowing them access to obscure and useful beings which long longer exist in Creation


Charnel Yards- it is the only graveyard in all of Heaven. Set aside by Saturn, the Maiden of Endings, for those mortal servants who die in the Heavenly city. Recently had a new building raised, which is rumored to be an embassy to the Deathknights of the Underworld


The Maiden Palaces


The Primal Forge- The Primal Forge is one of the very few remaining structures in Yu-Shan built by and for the Primordials. The Primal Forge was Autochthans workshop and, whether due to the strength of the structure, the potential anger of the Great Maker should it be brought down, or the fact that the place remains to this day filled virtual armies of Primordial-inspired constructs, it's still standing to date. The place has been sealed however, both due to the danger to anyone entering and the danger to anyone else if something got out. It is an incredibly strong offense against Celestial Law to bypass it, even aside from the Celestial Lions guarding it (those who attempt will be tried as if for treason).


Circus Radiant- A coliseum located in Yu-Shan, used for the Unconquered Suns entertainment. Holds the Heaven and Earth Invitational tournament every twenty-five years.

The Algedonic Palace- It dates back to when the Primordials still ruled. Perhaps the second-most addictive experience in Creation, next to the Games of Divinity the Algedonic Palace is known for its sensual delights, offering physical entertainment that was originally designed to sate the alien appetites of its original audience.


It may be notes that Serenity may have had it co-opted for the ministry of Serenity


The 1000 Arrow Tombs


The Loom of Fate


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