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Page history last edited by Master of the Hunting Mist 13 years, 8 months ago

Savage Yoshi






Recent Events


Since the Season of Earth, ry771, Yoshi has been a familiar of Master of the Hunting Mist.  He has been his faithful companion and means of getting about for this time.  He has participated in most altercations that Mist has been, and has coasted through most encounters.  Was almost killed in a confrontation with the Singers from Denandsor, and was sent off to recover for a while.  Enrolled in Longinus' Academy while recuperating.  Now under the influence of Power-Awarding Prana from Hunting Mist.





From the Familiar background:

 * Speech-Thought Link

 * Demon-Defying Stance

 * Hands

 * Man-Speech Evolution

 * Armoured hide (+2 L/B soak, +2 dice on survival checks)

 * Gazelle's pace (+4 to Dex for running, +4 to Str for jumping)


From Davon's use of Nature Re-Inforcing Allocation:

 * Chameleon Mutation


From Invocations of Wyld Cauldron Technology:

 * Huge (+2 to Str/Sta, +1 0 HL, +1 -1 HL, 150% size)

 * Wall Walking




Str: 12  Dex: 7  Sta: 12

Cha: 4  Man: 2  App: 2

Per:6  Int:4  Wit: 5

Will:7  Valour:5


Awareness 3 (Sharp sight +3), Athletics 5 (Sprint +1), Craft (Earth 4, Fire 4, Air 4, Magitek 4), Dodge 2, Integrity 4, Investigation 4, Linguistics 2 (native: Riverspeak, Old Realm, Low Realm), Lore 4, Martial Arts 5 (Bite +1, Claw +1), Medicine 4, Occult 5, Presence 2 (Intimidate +3), Resistance 5, Stealth 3 (Ambush +3), Survival 5


Essence 2


Monkey Leap Technique, Durability of Oak Meditation, Iron Skin Concentration, Spirit-Detecting Glance, Striking Cobra Technique, Foe-Vaulting Method, Easily-Overlooked Presence, Invisible Statue Spirit, All-Encompassing Sorcerer's Sight,  Integrity-Protecting Prana



Join Battle: 8  [] Perception: 9/12 [] Stealth: 12/15 [] Move/Run: 11/17 y/t [] Jump height/length: 21/42y []

Bite:  Accuracy-12[]Damage-14L[]Speed-7(?!?!)[]Rate-2[] 

Claw: Accuracy-13[]Damage-12L[]Speed-8(!?!!)[]Rate-2[]PDV-7[]

Clinch: Accuracy-17[]Damage-12B[]Speed-6(*)[]Rate-1[]


Dodge DV: 6

Dodge MDV: 7


Soak: 17B/9L  [] Natural soak and hide (17B/9L)


Health Levels:








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