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To Heal a Dragon

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(Second part of the scene Kukla emits Gold-and-Onyx Dragon, give him the xp!)


Chronopolis is one of Lark’s favorite cities. Not as boisterous as Nexus, or as good with parties as Great Forks, but she enjoys the First Age feel, it resonates with deeply buried memories her shard carries. As a consequence, she knows the city pretty well, and it takes her only a few hours to track down Heaven Blessed Owl to... wherever he is. Discreetly too, thanks to her stealth charms even a winged girl can sneak around.


Heaven Blessed Owl isn't that hard to find, once you know who you're looking for. Simple, cheap clothing (something he seems self-conscious of) and a distinct lack of subtlety as he simply walks from the detention center where his latest patient is recovering quite well, back towards the suite assigned to him. The fact that over one shoulder he carries a bag with the small yet present blue cross that is the same as the door to said suite only confirms his identity.


Aaaand there he is. Lark follows Owl for a few yards, and the quickens her page, "hey, wait please..." she pulls to his side, dropping the stealth charms. "Excuse me, hello! I... hmm, could I talk with you for a minute." Lark is well-known in the city, so it is possible Owl has heard about her, the solar queen of the People of the Air. Pretty but bird-brained, they say.


Heaven Blessed Owl seems rather surprised that a woman with wings somehow managed to walk up beside him without him noticing beforehand. Perhaps that is understandable. In any case, he blinks once, then smiles. "Er, hello, didn't see you there," he says, his eyes trying to focus on her face but instead keep going to her wings. "what did you want to talk about?"


"Well, it is a bit of a story," she looks around, spots a teahouse, points. "Give me a few minutes of your time, please. Hunting Mist told me you were a very accomplished healer. But this is a bit beyond normal healing." She gestures him to follow to the teahouse, and then secures a table away in a corner. Not that she is not drawing a lot of attention now, ah well.


"Ah, you know Mist?" he asks as he follows you and sits down. Glancing at your wings again, he adds, "and I can believe it's a bit of a story."


Lark takes a seat, but turning the chair so the back is on a side, so her wings are left free. Then gestures Owl to take another. "I met Mist in Great Forks a few weeks ago, when we fought an undead monster threatening the city. Then we got invited to a wonderful party," she grins, "at some point I mentioned I was looking for healers, so he mentioned you. I can’t remember all the details, though. Guess I was a bit... hmm, well, it was a rather wild party, y’know."


For some reason, that statement brings some color to Owl's cheeks. "I...see." Looking you over again, he continues, "Somehow I take it you were asking on behalf of another. You seem to be in good shape, though you'll have to forgive my curiousity about your wings."


"Yeah, I am asking for another, and," Lark flexes her wings, "I am one of the People of the Air, so I have wings. We have been around in the East for a couple years, so I thought... well, in Chronopolis at last, most people would have heard about us." She smiles, "I am Blithe Lark Spirit, hello!" She offers him her hand.


Owl smiles in turn and shakes her hand. "Heaven Blessed Owl. And I'm a bit new around here so you're the first, er, Person of the Air I've met. So who were you asking for?"


Lark sighs, "well, it is a long story, and starts with the raksha invasion," she pauses, then hmms, "y’know, the details are not that important. The problem is that a powerful spirit that was driven mad by the raksha years ago. He could be of great help in these dark times if he is restored to health. Do you think you can do it?"


Heaven Blessed Owl looks thoughtful. "What exactly is ailing him? Is he wounded or poisoned or what?"


Lark shakes her head, "no, the raksha damaged his virtues, now most of the time he is little more than an animal. It is a permanent supernatural wound, and most spirits can’t heal those."


Heaven Blessed Owl nods. "Wounded then. And crippled by it." A moment is spent in thought. "Should be the same principles," he murmurs, then louder, he adds, "Yes, I believe I can."


Lark smiles again, "oh, good! I have been looking for months, I was starting to think I would have to learn the charms myself. The spirit is about one thousand and three hundred miles south of here, though. I can take you there, but the trip will take most of a day."


Heaven Blessed Owl raises one eyebrow. "Rather rapid transport then. Let me make sure I leave a note just in case anyone else comes looking for me, then we can go." A pause. "Wait, you said he's little more than an animal? Is he going to sit still for this?"


(The next day)


It is a sixteen hour trip in a cloud. Yes, it moves fast. 90 mph is a lot in current Creation. Also, Lark likes flying dangerously when bored, so there has been interesting at the least. She has mentioned a few more details about the sick spirit. It is a lesser elemental dragon, for one. And currently there is another elemental helping him to keep his mind together.


-= OOC =- Gold-and-Onyx Dragon says, "+rolls on the Random Bullshit Chart."

(Judge) Gold-and-Onyx Dragon rolls 1: [ <10> ]

        Resulting in 2 successes.

-= OOC =- Gold-and-Onyx Dragon says, "No random bullshit WHATSOEVER :D"


Gold-and-Onyx Dragon is lounging on top of one of the fool's gold cubes of the demesne, snoozing. Atop him is sitting the air elemental you conjured up, who is keeping it sedate and sane enough to remain less than a savage dog.

Heaven Blessed Owl is in the middle of asking yet ANOTHER question about the cloud when he interrupts himself to ask if the dragon is their destination.


It doesn’t look much like a dragon, more like a wolverine made of rock and metal with some draconic traits added as an afterthought. But it is large, and powerful-looking. “Yes, that is him. Oh, sleeping, he doesn’t sleep much. That might be a good thing, as he is usually angry at everything.”


-= OOC =- Gold-and-Onyx Dragon says, "He looks like the following:"

-= OOC =- Gold-and-Onyx Dragon says, "Take a wolverine."

-= OOC =- Gold-and-Onyx Dragon says, "Scale it up by a factor of 3."

-= OOC =- Gold-and-Onyx Dragon says, "Give it the beginning of antlers and craggy back-spines."

-= OOC =- Gold-and-Onyx Dragon says, "It's flesh is gold, it's claws, teeth, eyes, spines, all onyx."

-= OOC =- Gold-and-Onyx Dragon says, "It has a reptilian tinge around the face."


Owl blinks. "Angry at everything? Oh dear. Well, let's get to work I suppose..."


The creature snorts awake abruptly, leaping to it's feet and snarling at the cloud. It makes a sound like a hiss, and like a shriek, and like a bellow, as you approach, and only partly calms when it sees who flies in.


Heaven Blessed Owl says very quietly, "Oh, you mean like that?"


Lark lowers the cloud a few yards from the mad dragon, bowing politely. "Mighty Gold-and-Onyx Dragon, I have brought a healer as I promised," she smiles, "I believe he can undo what harm the raksha did so long ago. May we approach to you?"


The dragon glowers down at them. "Why should I trust him?" he barks. "It has been many weeks! How do I know you will keep your promise?!?"


Lark bites her lower lip, "I... well, it wasn’t easy to find a healer strong enough. The divine bureaucracies are in turmoil and I don’t trust many of the daimyos, and you know working through the paperwork is always slow. So I looked among the mortal world. Also, why would I betray you after agreeing to help you? My desire to see you restored was sincere and it is still is."


Gold-and-Onyx Dragon leaps down from his perch, violently approaching, but his hackles are down. He sniffs the bejeezus out of Owl.


Heaven Blessed Owl gulps, closing his eyes a moment and taking a deep breath, before opening them again and staring somewhat more resolutely.


"This is Heaven Blessed Owl," says Lark, making introductions. "I met him in Chronopolis, and the Zenith solar Hunting Mist was the one that pointed me to him."


Gold-and-Onyx Dragon says, "And what will he do?"


Heaven Blessed Owl starts with, "I-" before making a somewhat undignified "eep!" as Dragon suddenly glares at him again, slapping one hand over his mouth for a moment, before continuing, "I can heal wounds that would otherwise never truly heal, M-Mighty Gold-and-Onyx D-Dragon. Just this past week I made a man regrow his eye."


"Well, you know doctors, they get all technical and..." Lark hmms, Owl didn't get technical. "Hey, look, we are trying to help. What do you want from us, an Eclipse oath?"


Gold-and-Onyx Dragon grrrrrrumbles, pacing back and forth, tense and irritable.


-= OOC =- Gold-and-Onyx Dragon says, "Roll for social influence!"

-= OOC =- Gold-and-Onyx Dragon says, "Charisma+Presence."

-= OOC =- Gold-and-Onyx Dragon says, "Both of you roll-"

-= OOC =- Gold-and-Onyx Dragon says, "Whomever rolls lowest, their successes can be used as dice by the other."

-= OOC =- Heaven Blessed Owl says, "That's gonna be me, lemme roll"

(Judge) Heaven Blessed Owl rolls Charisma + Presence: [ -1- 5 7 ]

        Resulting in 1 successes.

-= OOC =- Blithe Lark Spirit says, "I am going to buy 3 successes :)"

-= OOC =- Blithe Lark Spirit says, "and channel compassion!"

-= OOC =- Heaven Blessed Owl says, "Well, you get 1 extra die >_>"

-= OOC =- Blithe Lark Spirit says, "If you let me"

-= OOC =- Gold-and-Onyx Dragon says, "Kay."

-= OOC =- Gold-and-Onyx Dragon says, "You can. Don't forget your bonus die!"

(Judge) Blithe Lark Spirit rolls Charisma + Presence + Compassion + 1: [ 2 2 2 3 3 4 5 5 6 6 7 ]

        Resulting in 1 successes.

-= OOC =- Gold-and-Onyx Dragon says, "XD"

-= OOC =- Blithe Lark Spirit says, "wow, sucky roll -_-"

-= OOC =- Heaven Blessed Owl says, "...Wow. Just wow."

-= OOC =- Blithe Lark Spirit says, "only 4 successes"

(Judge) Gold-and-Onyx Dragon rolls 7: [ -1- -1- 7 7 8 <10> <10> ]

        Resulting in 7 successes.

-= OOC =- Gold-and-Onyx Dragon says, "Owl, roll Per+Awa."

-= OOC =- Heaven Blessed Owl says, "Eh, I'll buy 3 successes with 2nd excellency"

(Judge) Heaven Blessed Owl rolls Perception + Awareness: [ -1- 2 2 3 3 4 7 9 <10> ]

        Resulting in 4 successes.

-= OOC =- Heaven Blessed Owl says, "So 7 successes total"

-= OOC =- Gold-and-Onyx Dragon says, "You can SSE his move to bite off your pinky-finger."


Gold-and-Onyx Dragon suddenly lunges in to provide a target for Owl to prove his talent on.


-= OOC =- Heaven Blessed Owl says, "Yikes, don't mind if I do..."


Heaven Blessed Owl's eyes widen as his image blurs in motion, backflipping out of the way of the teeth. Big teeth. My what sharp teeth the dragon has.


Gold-and-Onyx Dragon grrrr. "It's only a finger! Don't be a coward!" he barks.


Owl seems a bit frazzled. "You could have said something first, you're not exactly being a very amicable patient you know!"


"Wait, wait," Lark interposes between the two the best she can, "if you want a demonstration of his abilities, I guess I will give up a finger." She looks at Owl, "you can make it grow again, right? Like you did with that merchant’s eye."


Heaven Blessed Owl snaps, "Sure, as long as your friend here doesn't decide my head is also on the menu."


Gold-and-Onyx Dragon says, "Don't get smart with me, sawbones!"


"I have to say that eating the finger of the guy that is about to fix my head sounds kinda terrible idea," grumbles Lark, looking at her little finger and probably harbouring second thoughts. "Lets do this before I change my mind, okay?"


Heaven Blessed Owl sighs and begins unpacking his bag of tools.


(Rest of the log will be posted by Owl)

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