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The South

Page history last edited by Zuriel 14 years, 9 months ago

Southern Creation, land of hot deserts, long summers, and hidden mysteries.  The Realm prospers in port cities off trade in firedust and gems, and to the south nomads and bandits criss-cross the sands, looking for loot and who knows what else?  In the Dunes, anything goes, and you never know quite what will meet your eyes over the next hill.


The South is the location of an experimental run of a newish setting intended for Dragonblooded and lower power-levels only.  Players are allowed one Dragonblooded slot, and one lower slot in the South (godblooded or mortal).


Chiaroscuro is the current center of the South grid, which will be expanded to include Harborhead, Gem, Paragon, and the Varang City-States.


Plot Sign-Up

  • Experienced Plots (100xp recommended, probably not happening for now unless we get a lot of people using old characters)
  • Open Plots
  • Introductory Plots (100xp maximum cap)


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