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The Silver Clouds Freehold

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The Silver Clouds


As the nearest, and largest, Freehold in Greyfalls-controlled territory, the Silver Clouds Freehold, full of warlike Fae and an opportunistic, bloodthirsty warlord to lead them, poses both danger and intrigue to any who dare venture near it.


The Silver Clouds themselves are mansions roofed with silver and ivory, so that they glimmer beneath the branches of the trees and can be seen from far distances.




  • General and Lord: Duke Chanis  He knows no fear and will risk anything to conquer, inspiring his people to further heights of bravery uncustomary to Fae in the Northeast.  Rumor has it he is plotting the expansion and conquest of other raksha Freeholds.


Important Locations

  • The Silver Cloud Mansions: Hauntingly beautiful things, far different from the gloomy mansions most Northeastern Fae reside in.


More Information: p. 69-71 in the Fair Folk book under 'The Northeast' section.  p. 86-88 under 'The opal Court'.  p. 122-125 under 'Noble Castes'.  It seems evident the Duke is some form of Warrior, perhaps an Imperial Raksha, a Strategos, or a Cataphractoi.  A log of sample play and meeting with the Duke, along with some more in-depth description of the Freehold: Keeper meets the Duke)



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