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The Hundred Kingdoms

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The Hundred Kingdoms


Behold the Hundred Kingdoms! Extending over an area roughly equal to Europe, this collection of principalities, autocracies, republics, dictatorships, and petty kingdoms enjoys great fertility and strong grain production. Secrets of the First Age lie nestled among the amber waves of grain, waiting to kill the foolhardy and tempt the brave with power. Mighty forests, rolling hills, broad plains, and a few enormous mountains dot the landscape even as long winding rivers slash through it, guarded and tolled by wary river-keeps.

At any moment these fractious kingdoms could erupt in to bloody war or brilliant golden age - as the heroes of Creation flock to this ripe proving ground, it seems that one or the other is inevitable.


The Hundred Kingdoms venue is about in-character conflict ameliorated by out-of-character negotiation. Consequences inflicted on the person or nation of another character require the consent of all players involved.


 We do not use the Mandate of Heaven rules.




Blue - Empire of Vir Sidus

Pink - Confederate Defense League

Red - Everybody Else

Grey - Satrapy


Nation Stats




Vir Sidus


  • The Province of Agrash, The first location taken in the Zanshee war, a major Trade hub. Anything can be baught for a price
  • Province of the Fiefdom of Roses - The Fiefdom of Roses is noted for its wine and medicinal exports, as well as possessing some fo the finest archers in the Hundred Kingdoms, a province of the Empire of Vir Sidus.
  • Gyrak, a territory watched over by four gods, and ruled by a council of elders.
  • The Obsidian Sea, a city state of farmers and crafters.
  • The Province of Freehold, Recently conquered nation by the Empire of Vir Sidus, and renamed Freehold Province. Formerly the Slaver's Union.
  • Provinces of Fort Livenworth and Fort Spidermist - A pair of city-states formerly backed by the Guild, now controlled by the Vir Sidus Empire. 
  • The Province of Lumaba, a once war torn and bandit-infested country, it is now prosperous and a province of the Empire of Vir Sidus.
  • Province of the Thousand Lakes, a relatively stable region. It has a single mountain, and a lot of lakes. A province of the Empire of Vir Sidus, it is also home to the Warlord Darius Firebrand
  • The Province of Steel Wind, the bread basket of the hundred kingdoms, and bureaucratic hell. A province of the Empire of Vir Sidus.
  • Province of Three Roots, a heavily forested region of banyan trees, and one giant lake, a province of the Empire of Vir Sidus.
  • Province of Trakar, former lands held by the Lunar Warlord of the same name, they have been absorbed by Empire of Vir Sidus.
  • State of Ruby Water, a city state of raiders, farmers, and lake-side miners.
  • The Silent Peaks, a lonesome city-state built around an empty quarry and a college of magic and ruled by a just council of the living and the dead.
  • The Temple of Athnara, a monastic territory of farming villages protected and educated by the priests of Athnara-Who-Rains-Peace.
  • The Uzumaqua Spiral, a farming community supernaturally endowed by a strong manse and army, ruled by the Spiral Prince: Cathak Zuriel
  • Marna Caul A mining province recently absorbed through warfare into the Empire.
  • The Saffron Garden A freehold belonging to Rajendra Ishu.
  • Bardon's Landing: A medium-sized village with nothing out of the ordinary to make it of interest to your average person.
  • Bright Golden Praiseworthy Tower - An absolute dictatorship ruled by a powerful Wood Elemental.
  • Principality of Danorias - A principality of warriors and craftsmen.


Confederate Defense League


  • The Barony of a Dozen Blades - The Barony of a Dozen Blades is so named for its twelve barons, each of whom possess a rare, ceremonial sword that indicates his elevated status and position. They are a nation known for contracting out to their neighboring countries to provide military protection, and their protection is their main export.
  • Eagle Hill, a small, still unfinished ciy, colony of Sezakan. Inhabited by People of the Air and ruled by the solar queen Blithe Lark Spirit.
  • Granite Falls, a city state known for it's rock quarry.
  • Neshumai, once a fascist autarchy, now recovering from Abyssal occupation.
  • Mahuapti, the former home town of the Grandmother Spider.
  • The Sun Kingdom, a large kingdom ruled by a caste system and famed for it's warriors.
  • Tajome, a city state built around three unique colleges, home to a circle of Solars.
  • Umbrrl, a heavily forested region famed for the Silver Pools river and ports.



  • Phan Territory, an isolationist kingdom, now ruled by solar queen Jubilant Steel and her Lunar mate Running Silver Ice.
  • Confederarion of Sideor, a small collection of townships and villages associated together for mutual protection, most well known for their lumber industry- in particular, the valuable ironwoods they ship downriver.
  • Nathir: Current base of the Guild, an ally nation to Ryu-Shan.
  • Crystal Fortress, a region controlled by a crystalline fortress rumored to be a First Age remnant. Willingly joined as an ally to Ryu-Shan.


Under the Protection of Stilled Silence





  • Albiron, a land of warriors and heroes at the eastern edge of the Hundred Kingdoms, constantly plagued by Raksha raids.
  • Barony of Steel, an industrial kingdom at the base of two mountains.
  • Black Ravine - A fortress state with a cultural grudge against the Scarlet Empire.
  • Box Town - A city-state den of gambling, wine, women, and all manner of sin.
  • Calhar: A Realm Satrapy at the edge of the Hundred Kingdoms, north of Greyfalls.
  • Ceraro, a collection of four townships.
  • Cliffport, a series of inter-connected caverns carved into a self-sufficient city-state that remain isolationist.
  • Cornucopia Vale, a magical farm paradise suffering economic invasion and geomantic turmoil.
  • Chronopolis, the Eternal City of Time. A machine city of magic and industry.
  • Crystal Fang Smile, a city founded by Dragon Kings.  A strange place, built of stone and living wood.
  • Duchy of Powyck, an isolationist state which claims neutrality from all affairs, making it an ideal trading hub between hostile factions.
  • Empire of the Three Kings - A region ruled by three kingdoms.
  • Falcon's Rest, an isolated town known for its artistic community and rich farms.
  • Fiefdom of Fox River - A land run by the river goddess, Gentle River Flow
  • Firen: A nation who specializes in river trade, black smithing and art.
  • The Garden of Saffron - A freehold belonging to Rajendra Ishu.
  • Holy Empire of Zanshee, a religous state devoted to converting the unfaithful.
  • Kuom Province, a fishing town south of Marita
  • Isus, a city state of philosophers and doctors, ruled by the Warden Azami and a senate of respected citizens.
  • Marble Jujimar, a mining kingdom basing its economy on silver and marble trade led by a decadent and hereditary aristocracy.
  • Kingdom of Latrenawa, an agrarian kingdom with a stone quarry and close ties to Lookshy.
  • The Leaden Hills, a small farming community southwest of Crystal Fang Smile. Features a small alchemical college.
  • Mount Metagalapa: A hovering mountain inhabited by the fearsome hawkriders.
  • Redsky: A small but reasonably wealthy kingdom known for deposits of copper and alchemical supplies and, more recently, for making a vocal pro-Solar stance in politics.
  • Ricosha, famous throughout the Hundred Kingdoms for its wines.
  • Rikant, a trading nation with the distinct honr of being more or less in the center of the Hundred Kingdoms.
  • Saltrian: A democracy that controls a fairly large nation.
  • Saltwater Vale: A growing city centered around a crater containing saltwater fish and animals inside a crater. Currently occupied by Gilded Rose, associates, and refugees from Isus.  It is the location of the Manse known as the Cerulean Spire.
  • Seven Sands, a collection of plains-dwelling baronies under the banner of a king.
  • Six Wyrm Dutchy - A land rued by a council of Six Elemental Dragons.
  • Stilt City: A former utopia among swamp and jungle, Stilt  City's wooden poles and flets were destroyed by a strange explosion not that long ago. A Guildsman and his family are currently aiding the stunned and dispossessed survivors.
  • According to legend the Girdle of Venus was once called the Valley of Venus, or the Swamp of Betrail. In ancient times of the first age it was a place of peace, tranquility and love. Something happened in the forgotten past to change it into a warped Wyld place. Now no one lives there, and dangerous creatures emerge from it to terrorize surrounding territories. Some legends also link the place with the famed First Age Pirate "Earth-Is-Sea" whose first age treasure trove was never found. Now it has risen again to its former glory

  • The Tangle, a wild land of thick jungle. A no-man's land where no one has ever attempted to colonize, and returned to tell the tale.
  • Tienzan Crater, a kingdom noted for its mad alchemist ruler and giant crater.
  • Tik'al, an kingdom indigenous people suffering from Colonial oppression and a century of civil war and ethnic genocides.
  • Urhnst, the Rockspires, a mountainous region with rich mining deposits of diamonds and iron southeast of Silent Peaks. It used to be part of that kingdom, and its people share similar origins, but left upon the original destruction back in the days of the Shogunate.
  • White Bronze, a small country named for the material that was mined out of it's earth until the mines dried up thirty years ago.





Event: The Steel Rose War

Event: 100K Uncivil War


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