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The Calendar Gods

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The Court of Seasons (the Calendar Gods)


The Calendar Gods (described in detail in the Roll of Glorious Divinity pages 22 onwards) are a group of pretentious terrestrial gods that, being incompetent in their original functions, yet charming and witty, the Elemental Dragons put them in charge of organizing parties at the end of each month.


That is all they can do, really.


However, they are highly political socialites, gregarious and corrupt at the same time. They have many contacts in Yu-Shan and the terrestrial courts. They also worked with the Shogunate (when most gods ignored and disrespected the dragon-blooded) and therefore were ‘rewarded’ with important (but totally false) duties in the Immaculate Doctrine. For this reason, and the web of lies they have knit around themselves, many mortals think these gods are almost as important as the Incarna. They are not, they main power are their contacts among other deities with real influence and might.


They do throw really good parties, though.


They also made a serious mistake at laughing at Five Days Darkness when he offered them to join as god of Calibration. Pissing off the Shadow of the Sun was a very dumb move. 



The Court of Seasons is ‘ruled’ by the month gods, who are: 


Ascending Air: The Unseen. A group of invisible sprites. Petty, malicious thieves. They are disliked by the other Calendar Gods.

Resplendent Air: The Divine One. A tall woman that is always pregnant. Her children can be rainbows, clouds or monsters. She is very vengeful when one of her children is hurt.

Descending Air: The Dreamer. Appears as an emaciated being and is one weird spirit, who likes to eat the hair of old mortals. Only talks with mortals in drugged dreams.

Ascending Water: The Cold Roars. A pair of bear spirits. They hate dogs, but are otherwise naïve and disrespected by the other Calendar Gods.

Resplendent Water: A trio of gods: grandfather, father and son, made of ice. They are scheming creeps and currently trying to take over Ascending Water.

Descending Water: The White Terrors. A group of small cat-like monkeys. They are feared by northern mortals because they can rob mortals from the ability to feel heat.

Ascending Earth: The Reflecting Silence. A shapechanging sand god. He is one of the few gods in the court that is not a party animal. Which probably means he is even more useless than the average month god.

Resplendent Earth: The Seer. A vain god made of quartz. Obsessed with finding the perfect angles to shine the better. Easy to get into his good side by bringing new sources of light.

Descending Earth: The Whisperer. Reputed to be among the wisest and most powerful of the Calendar gods. Appears as a man made of clay. Currently cursed and paralyzed after being betrayed by his fellows, the Seer and Seven Fangs, which have taken over his duties.

Ascending Wood: The Seven Fangs. A pack of bull-sized fox gods that hunt mortals. Petty and treacherous. See the Roll page 62 for the individual stats.

Resplendent Wood: The Riddling Tree. A dark-skinned god with leaves for hair. Well-liked in the Bureau of Nature.

Descending Wood: The Twin. A god made of wood, with two bodies. He (them?) like mazes and grants favors to those who solve his mazes. Those who fail are forced to serve him for a month.

Ascending Fire: The Golden Stars. Six goddess that look like identical sisters. Plain-looking, but prone to fall in love, and generous with their lovers (as long as they don’t mistake one of them with another).

Resplendent Fire: The Pinion. A god of fire that takes the form of a man or a bird. He has no patience with trivial requests and tends to set people that bother him on fire.

Descending Fire: The Desert Noon. A black-skinned woman with hematite eyes. She is pretty approachable, although tends to ask difficult questions.

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