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The 23rd Legion of Greyfalls

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The 23rd Imperial Legion


Commanded by Strategos Mnemon Koal, the 23rd Imperial Legion follows the basic structure of all Realm Legions. The legion is made up of ten main dragons and currently has no auxilliaries. Each dragon is composed of two wings each of which is made up of two talons and each of those is further broken down into five scales of five fangs each. Therefore the ranks are fanglord, scalelord, talonlord, winglord, dragonlord and finally strategos.



  • Dragon: 500 troops.
  • Wing: 250 troops.
  • Talon: 125 troops.
  • Scale: 25 troops.
  • Fang: 5 troops.


The ten main dragons are:

  • 1st Infantry Dragon
  • 2nd Infantry Dragon
  • 3rd Infantry Dragon
  • 4th Infantry Dragon
  • 5th Infantry Dragon
  • 6th Infantry Dragon
  • 7th Infantry Dragon
  • 8th Infantry Dragon
  • 9th Infantry Dragon
  • 10th Infantry Dragon

Types of Dragons:


Infantry Dragon

10 Scales of Heavy Infantry

6 Scales of Archers

2 Scales of Heavy Cavalry

2 Scales of Specialists


  • Heavy infantrymen wear reinforced breastplates and are armed with a tower shield, short spear, two javelins and a short sword.
  • Archers wear lamellar armour and are armed with a long bow, a quiver of arrows, a buckler and a short sword.
  • Heavy cavalrymen mount a destrier with articulated barding and wear articulated plate and are armed with a target shield, lance, a dozen javelins and a straight sword.
  • Specialists wear articulated plate and are armed with a shield, a short sword, two javelins and a short spear.  However their true strength lies in that seeded within their ranks is always a sorceror and multiple thaumaturges.  They are all trained in battlefield medicine, thus these men and women move in teams rescuing their fallen brothers as well as employing battlefield sorcery and thaumaturgy to aid the legion--those which are mounted ride a barded destrier.  The six warstriders are attached to the two scales of specialists.


Player Characters in the Legion

Strategos: Mnemon Koal

Dragonlord: Ledaal Solace (10th Infantry Dragon)

Winglord: Sesus Ormi (10th Infantry Dragon)

Talonlord: Cathak Adan Wepat (10th Infantry Dragon)

Sorceror-Savant: Karal Fuzei (Talonlord: Unattached)

Necromantic Consultant: Ledaal Neref (Reserve Unit)

Scout: Wages of Sin (Independent Contractor)

Unofficial Attache' with the Immaculate Order: Sister Tepet Kalaya

Attache' to Lookshy: Sarinzan Uki


Non-Player Character in the Legion Nominally Loyal to Koal

Dragonlord: V'neef Kubota (6th Infantry Dragon)

Dragonlord: Cathak Hye-Bin Xin (7th Infantry Dragon)

Dragonlord: Cathak Ayano (8th Infantry Dragon)

Dragonlord: Peleps Gorou (9th Infantry Dragon)


Troop Movements and Standing Orders

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