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Tajome MUSH Descriptions 


The city state of Tajome is an immense walled city housing 26,000 individuals. Before the White Sickness, almost twice that lived in the city, but many fled the plague and many of those who did not perished of it. The city state boasts three modestly prestigious colleges, collectively called the Trivium: one of scholastic and occult lore, the Iron Pen Library, one of science and medicine, the Brass Scales Shrine, and a college of war, the Red Flag Academy. As such, the elite of the city are all well educated and the population as a whole believes in the value of knowledge.


There are three villages that act as trade centers. The Red Flag Academy has cadets whose primary duty is to act as guardmen for the city and patrol trade routes and the borders. The graduates become the sergeants and officers, as well as the main military force. Graduates of the Iron Pen Library center tend to become magistrates and bureaucrats and merchants, or thaumaturgical researchers. The Brass Scales Shrine graduates become doctors and craftsmen. Every college has four levels: cadet, apprentice, journeyman, and master. Most people will only ever earn journeyman, while the masters are voted in by a council from all three schools. All must be able to show exceptional work. The entire city state and their three villages are very professional affairs, sculpted by some bold, long dead Exalt or fair folk or god.


Population Details (approximate)


Total: 26 000 (White Sickness epidemic has stricken the numbers)




Tajome is a skilled labor and manufacturing state.  The great homage these people pay to all manners of scholastic endeavors leaves them with a rather marketable set of skills.  On a macro scale, Tajome exports high quality weapons and armor, along with a variety of alchemical and talismanic productions.  Individuals often get by as traveling thaumaturges or local artisans, though enough farmland exists to sustain this small group.  Lacking a great number of natural resources that haven't been long ago stripped from the land,  Tajome imports a large variety of ores and alchemical components along with silks and gems for the upper class.  We have sheep...baaaaa.




What essentially amounts to a large elder's council, the leaders of men are chosen from among the masters of the 3 schools though primarily from the Iron Pen Library. Of late this has been troublesome, given how hard the White Sickness has afficted their ranks and any with an ear low to the ground may hear whispers of a fundamental change in how things are run. Rumors abound of an Anathemic coup.


Supernatural Assets:


  • Talia's War charms - the whole population kicks your ass
  • Orduin's infrastructure - he doesn't hang around any city where someone has to carry his poo
  • Minus's second circle demon protector, Beltraz, the Uncleansed Wound.




Thousand Spears Ascendant


Having built around this building rather than come near it, Thousand Spears Ascendant sat long in a state of disarrray at the outer edge of Tajome's wall.  This was in done not out of fear at start but necessity, for the manse killed any who came close to it, the last order of a crazed and mad solar of the first age.  Since Talia's return, however, things have changed quite a bit.  This 40 foot high tower that once grimly watched down upon the landscape now brightens that land around it as if of a mini-sun.  The light of exactly one thousand uniquely shaped windows reflect and refract light as a prism such that the essence cannon perched atop it is scarcely visible.  The twister is closer to the ground for obvious tactical reasons, but does nothing to detract from the beauty. 


Inside things are no less spectacular.  Five floor or rather tiers exist in this place, stairs of polished marble caressing the inner wall.  In the middle, a single great beam of light is focused down the center of the tower, to reflect off a great starburst pattern in the middle of the floor.  This then reflects up in an ever-shifting infinite variety, causing the murals along the war to come alive telling stories of wars long past, replaying the glory of victory and the sobering lessons of defeat.




  • Attunement Recognition (0)
  • Basic Senses (0)
  • Cosmetic Displays (0)
  • Magical Conveniences (1) - Weapons Store Sharp, A training room, and Automatic Cooking
  • Ability Enlightenment (3, solar) - War, Archery, Lore, Linguistics
  • Essence Artillery(4): Concussive Essence Cannon (3) & Essence Twister (3)
  • Upkeep (2)


Creation Ruling Mandate Stats:

Magnitude 3

Power 3

Military 4 (including the reserves), usually only Military 3 on active duty)

Quality 4

Corruption 3



Tajome Legions



Recent History (Most recent events first):


RY 768, Resplendent Fire - The White Sickness - With the sickness in remission, Tajome is slowly beginning to recover, but the massive loss of population is still causing a great deal of problems for the small kingdom.


RY 768, Ascending Earth - The White Sickness - Tajome Has been hit, and hit HARD by this debilitating sickness.  Within this walled city the plague spread like wildfire killing without regard to gender or age.  The population of Iron Pen Library has been all but decimated, which in turn led to the dismissal of a great number of bound demons that could no longer be controlled.  While the hardy Red Flag Academy and Knowledgable Brass Scales Shrine fared better, this is saying little.  With none willing to take the actions to ensure that the sickness is contained, and at the same time sacrificing humanity for survival, Tajome is weakening quickly.  The Brass Scales Shrine work furiously, but are no closer to a cure than whence they started.  


With the arrival of Talia, this has begun to change.  Posessing a startling degree of control over the common rabble and a seeming immunity to the disease she has moved quickly to quarantine the sick, perhaps saving a few common folk from the fate of herding the sick.  An entire village has been evacuated for the sick, a testament to how deep the rot dives.  Another still has been set up to house the young and the old, those who serve no grand purpose but must nevertheless be cared for.  The third is for any hale and hearty enough to pick up a sword.  Man or woman; warrior, scholar, occultist; willing or unwilling; all come to this third town to drill and practice, that they may defend their homeland from any interloper seeking to prey upon a weakened foe.  They are becoming greater than what they deem possible, and indeed greater than what most have ever seen.


Season of Water, RY 769 - The CoI - The Cult of the Illuminated has found support among the common(?) folks of Tajome and a chapter, if such can be said to exist for the organization, can be found there for those who look the part.

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