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Sky District

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Sky District


Build upon massive collumns of stone and mortar that rise up above the mist, reinforced by solar crafting charms sits a massive platform of brick and marble. Massive archways that cross from pillar to pillar support the works creating a virtual forrest of massive collumns underneath. Large dragons are carved into the sides of the pillars, snaking up and around to the top, each one identical to the next one. In reality they are the sewer pipes that lead into the undercity. What appears to be the ridging on there backs is really stairs for use in an emergency. 


The Sky District's biggest feature is a massive spire that risses in the center, simply called The Spire. Dotting the outside of the Spire are many small docking platforms for a variety of airships to bring trade and transport the wealthy citizens of the district to other parts of the city., for a modest fee of course. At the base of the spire are large worshops for the airships where one can either purchase there own, repair there own and the fleet of public transportation ships are maintained.


Surrounding the spire of a meriad of stores and shops that cater to the upscale clients that live in the Sky District, be it fashion, fine foods or any other luxury that can be imported on airships.


By the by the largest part are the meriad of large manors and villa's that take up the rest of the platform, each more oppulant than the last. The houses collect rain water in large basins on the roofs to feed magnificent gardens and allow for plumping in each home. It is common to see an airship dock at most manors as most who are wealthy enough to afford a house here are merchants who frequently go down to the river docks on there own private airships. A combination of each residents personal guard keep the platform safe and the difficulty of getting there, the home prices and strict unofficial zoning laws keep most riffraff out.

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