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Shadowed Fortune

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Who is Shadowed Fortune?

     Shadowed Fortune (Formally, The Shadow Cast By Fortune's Tumbling Dice; formerly Masq Timor) is a Moonshadow Abyssal in the service of the Mask of Winters.  Nominally, anyways.  Some recent events involving being kidnaped, tortured, freed, returning, freed again, and one last cycle of kidnapping and freedom... well, it's marginally less clear.  Shadowed is almost always very polite, but it's a mask- he sees Creation as a giant game board, and he plays to win.


What does he look like?

     Before you stands a man of early middle years, his eyes bright and blue and clear. He stands very straight, a little shorter than average, obviously fit and trim. His thin lips pulled into a thin smile, and his bloody-hued hair is held, loose and spiked. He is clean shaven, his lips thin.

     He is dressed in plain, wool clothes- pants and shirt with a long coat, dyed black with silver trim- the traditional garb of the Morticians of Sijan. All about them is the smell of embalming and grave dust, clinging like a perfume.

     Across his back and peeking over his shoulder rides a long six foot sheathe, the grip a hand and a half long. A glimmering red jewel is set in the pommel.


What do I know about him?

     Shadowed Fortune is one of the few major financial players to pull out of the Guild Bank before the collapse happened.  A number of in the know people suspect he may have even enginnered the event.


     If you're a Celestial who interacts much with the Hillbilly Deliberative or the Zera, you know that he's been kidnapped- twice -and escaped both times; his current whereabouts are unknown.  You probally also know that Shadowed was pretty much directly responcible for collapsing the Guild Bank.


     If you have problems, you may have heard of him, or one of his fronts.  He organizes many of the larger criminal groups in the Hundred Kingdoms- helping ensure an orderly progression of crime, both in the sunlit lands and the Underworld.  Having seized control of the Mask's Spy network has greatly eased this process- indeed, all was proceeding apace, until the recent complications involving competitors and black ribbons.


What is Fortune's Motivation?  What are his Intimacies?

Shadow's Motivation is to pull the Scavanger Lands into the Underworld, thereby purging it of all influence but my own.  His intimiacies are fear of the Neverborn, hatred of the Zera, contempt of Azami and anger at his humiliation. 


What was Shadowed's Terrestrial Circle Sorcery initation?

While working for Darius- a Dragonblooded -Zera attacked Shadowed in the night, soundly defeating him even after he fled into the Underworld.  She trapped (for the second time), Shadowed travelled acros Creation to his prison on an island in the Wyld.  Zera terrified him- and also taught him, although it's doubtful either recognized how much she was teaching, just in the hints of the experiments that she was providing.

Shadowed had always been convinced that he could controll the whole world from behind the scenes.  Everything- even the first kidnapping with Zera -were simply proofs that he had room to grow.  That he could take a bad situation and make it work for him.  The second kidnapping- his rescue at the hands of Locke -proved otherwise.

He let go of his belief that he could order the world- that if he was good enough, he could master everything.  He stopped trying to anticipate and plan to the nth degree... and started working more form the gut.  Knowing that, at any time, he could be pulled away again.  He still plans- but his plans are more robust now, less like great clockworks ready to fail in a heartbeat.

Unsuprisingly, he rapidly deduced the basics of demon summoning from this insight.


Where is Shadowed's Monstrance?

With the fall of Thorns, the Monstrances once possessed by the Mask of Winters have mostly fallen into the hands of Choices in Darkness.



What are some scene/plot ideas that would involve Fortune?

On the side of 'These sound like fun, because it's always fun to be awesome'

* Fortune spreading anger and fear with a few well chosen words.

* Fortune being confronted by people who recognize him through the Exaltation, and call him by his old name- the name of a dead man.

* Fortune pontificates on the nature of the Void and Oblivion- and highlights the hypocracy of the so-called Celestials who stand in judgement over him.  Which itself is a trifling hypocritical, but never you mind.

* Fortune has /vast/ resources, influence and knowledge.  He can solve problems... and all he'll ask is the tiniest of favors, to be called in at a later point in time.


Demons of Shadowed Fortune

Minions of Shadowed Fortune


TV Tropes

Affably Evil: Even when imprisoned, or fighting someone who jumped him, Shadowed tends to being on the polite and well spoken side.

Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain: It's hard to be taken seriously as a threat to Creation when you're casually kidnapped whenever the Zera want to run one more experiment.

The Corrupt Corporate Executive: Yeah, basically.

The Chessmaster: This is more of a goal than a realization, as of yet- Fortune is meant to be a cunning, manipulative sort, ultimately with nearly boundless resources and influence to annoy people with.

Sliding Scale of Idealism vs Cyncism: Fortune pegs the cyncism side, pretty hard.

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