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Plot Requests

Page history last edited by ADamiani 14 years, 5 months ago

This is a section for leaving plot requests for other player's to claim and run when possible, in an effort to facilitate activity and ease the

burden on the Storyteller's shoulders. PCs involved and some detail about the desired activity are required, and when you've claimed a request, simply jot your name down as so: 

Returning to the Wyld


PC:  Rajendra Ishu, Walker of Shadow, and others if they want to come.


Synopsis: example. In celebration of the Fair Folk book to be released soon, and that I might finnally have viable mechanics to work with, I think its about time to finish up one of Ishu's oldest plots.  I'm heading back into the wyld to face down my father and rescue my mother from his predations.  This will probably involve going into the wyld, and

likely will include whatever version of shaping combat appears in the new rules, just in case someone who isn't a fair folk comes along. example.


Claimed By: do not claim. this is an example.



Quest for the Roseblack


PC: Ragara Ayesha, Mnemon Koal, The Boulder, others most welcome, please join


Synopsis: Shortly before the Realm Civil War, the Roseblack and the Vermillion Legion dissappeared, their fate a mystery.  The Roseblack was respected in all the Great Houses of the Realm.  Could she have a plan for ending the Civil War?  While it is completely possible that she fell into the sky, enquiring minds want to know.


Claimed By:



Say, didn't we used to have an Empress or something?


PC: Mnemon Aliki

Synopsis: Using sorcery and her hard-won powers to pull information out of nowhere and solve insoluble sorcerous mysteries, Aliki's undertaken to end the civil war in the only way she can think of that may "leave her house intact and keep her mother off the throne-- by finding the Scarlet Empress. This may not lead to an immediate rescue-- Aliki's role here should be more in the way of unraveling the mystery of the Empress' disappearance.

Claimed By:

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Removed some already ran plots I knew about.

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