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Playing in Sol's Country

Page history last edited by Master of the Hunting Mist 14 years, 1 month ago

A scene run by Kukla For Master of the Hunting Mist, with help from Longinus.


Hunting Mist wants to make a manse out of the Wyld.  Again.  It's a habit, he's addicted.


Kukla walks out of a long dark tunnel that shimmers away to nothingness a moment later.

Kukla has arrived.

Hunting Mist waves

Kukla says, "I noticed you picked up the 'My Mount Doesn't Die' charm. XD"

Kukla looks up the Shinma.

You say, "Gonna do some WCT. Try it out, see if I can't get the Big Guy some extra healing and health levels. And, yeah..."

Longinus pages: mind if I watch?

Hunting Mist is sads about the mount almost dying. Made for some nice scenes in the GF after party...

You paged Longinus with 'Come ahead.'.

Longinus walks out of a long dark tunnel that shimmers away to nothingness a moment later.

Longinus has arrived.

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist says, "Long would like to watch."

-= OOC =- Longinus says, "Never watched a wyld shaping scene before. Good for research"

Advaita Iraivan says, "Sure."

You say, "This is who I'm going to be +recc'ing?"

-= OOC =- Longinus is wondering how long it'll take the fae/ect to attack an unprotected solar screwing with the wyld. Oh, you using wyld cauldron tech, or just wyld shaping?

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist says, "WCT."

-= OOC =- Longinus says, "Nice."

Advaita Iraivan says, "Fae happen."

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist says, "Just got it, fresh off the press."

-= OOC =- Longinus says, "Should put that on a T-shirt"

Advaita Iraivan says, "There's really no way they /won't/ involve themselves in this story."

Advaita Iraivan says, "First off!"

Hunting Mist perks up

Advaita Iraivan says, "I assume you have decently fast internets at the moment?"

Advaita Iraivan says, "Can you download a large map image?"

-= OOC =- Longinus says, "I can!"

You say, "Yes...no problems here...kk"

Advaita Iraivan says, "http://hd42.de/rpg_exalted_maps.html"

You say, "I might have that one alreadyin my library..."

Advaita Iraivan says, "Quite likely."

Advaita Iraivan says, "The StephenLS map."

-= OOC =- Longinus says, "I'm bookmarking this page."

Advaita Iraivan wants to know what section fo the Wyld you are going to.

Advaita Iraivan says, "Also..."

Advaita Iraivan says, "To rub in the sadness of it..."

Advaita Iraivan says, "How will you get there, without Yoshi?"

-= OOC =- Longinus says, "Which map?"

Advaita Iraivan says, "http://hd42.de/images/exalted/Creation_Map_v7.1a.jpg"

You say, "I'd have to horse it. Ran a scene with Jade Shadow to get a new mount. A Raptor Cat. I'm thinking of getting a trade-in."

-= OOC =- Longinus says, "His other mount is going to school at longinus's college I think."

-= OOC =- Advaita Iraivan says, "You realize that Yoshi is in fact a dinosaur and is not known for being able to speak aloud?"

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist grins..."That has changed. He's got the appropriate non-mutations from the Familiar background.

-= OOC =- Longinus says, "Hunting said he could read, write, and talk..a dinosaur?"

-= OOC =- Advaita Iraivan says, "Oh, nice."

-= OOC =- Longinus says, "how 'large' is yoshi?"

-= OOC =- Advaita Iraivan says, "Pony-sized?"

-= OOC =- Advaita Iraivan says, "Anyhow."

-= OOC =- Longinus says, "Oh, thank god"

-= OOC =- Advaita Iraivan says, "Where are you going?"

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist says, "Ya. Umn, after I upsize him, 30 ft, nose to tail."

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist says, "Something stalks Hogwarts...."

-= OOC =- Advaita Iraivan says, "Okay, so, maybe that'll take some handling."

-= OOC =- Advaita Iraivan says, "Where are you going, in the Wyld?"

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist says, "Yeah, I'm willing to help Long on any number of projects if he can make the exception for his size. First off, Get Yoshi to a local Wyld-Zone, probably one that I've already shaped in Creation. Get him the Huge mutation."

-= OOC =- Advaita Iraivan says, "Wait. Why are you making him bigger, again?"

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist says, "That might take a while. Until that happens, he's in the -4's and can't do too much. I'm looking at *shipping* him home to that manse/former Wyld Zone."

-= OOC =- Advaita Iraivan says, "Yoshi demands explanations for why you are making him even bigger and hungrier!"

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist says, "Get an extra two HL's so he'll be in the -2's."

-= OOC =- Advaita Iraivan says, "Yoshi says that's the most retarded goddamn idea you've had yet."

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist chuckles. "Agg is *hard* to heal. No spirit Charm can do it. Owl can't do it."

Yoshi shouts, "Get me some morphine, you crazy bastard! >:C"

You say, "At least, not the amount that he has. A wood-aspect could do it with a snap of their green fingers."

-= OOC =- Longinus says, "Haha! Oh, it's great to watch this"

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist says, "Owl, Blissful Touch of Release, please!"

Yoshi says, "I'm not going to let you turn me in to some sort of giant freak- ooh <3

Yoshi lies down and zens out.

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist says, "Be glad I can't give him Dragon's breath. Davon can tho..."

-= OOC =- Longinus says, "...how?"

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist says, "Bloody Lunar Training Charm can give animals Mutations. Without any kind of upper limit."

-= OOC =- Yoshi says, "How many health levels does he HAVE?"

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist says, "26"

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist says, "He's got 24 taken out."

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist says, "Putting him firmly into the -4's."

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist says, "Heal *two* of those somehow, and he's into -2's, and can attend school while he recuperates."

-= OOC =- Yoshi says, "Yoshi is not going to consent to being embiggened like that. He's uncomfortable enough as it is."

-= OOC =- Yoshi says, "I mean, actually, let's back up a bit..."

-= OOC =- Yoshi says, "This damage he suffered."

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist says, "I can actually...upsize him and give him exalted healing for a bit. He heals two HL's, I downsize him."

-= OOC =- Yoshi says, "What does it look like?"

-= OOC =- Yoshi says, "You could just give him Exalted Healing."

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist says, "Bad. Aggravated. Essence disruption from a necrotic source. I suspect he looks both burned and freezer-burned."

-= OOC =- Yoshi nods.

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist says, "I'd like to see him get around on his own, y'know?"

-= OOC =- Yoshi says, "Gimme a Charisma+Presence to talk him in to this 'cockamamie scheme' as he refers to it."

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist says, "We can reverse the upsizing, no problem, if he doesn't like being compared to Tyrant Lizards."

-= OOC =- Yoshi says, "He refers to it in raptor metaphor. Mostly it involves trying to catch and eat birds, which is largely considered futile and dumb by raptors."

(Judge) Hunting Mist rolls Charisma + Charisma + Presence + Presence: [ -1- 2 2 3 3 3 4 8 8 9 <10> <10> ]

        Resulting in 7 successes.

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist says, "Well, he just opens his mouth, and lets them fly in. If he does this, I'll Power-Award him with Freindship With Animals Approach."

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist says, "Here, birdy birdy birdy..."

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist grins

-= OOC =- Yoshi laughs.

-= OOC =- Yoshi says, "Okay, fine, he'll let you embiggen him."

-= OOC =- Longinus says, "Is hunting going to be paying for the sheer amount of 'food' this thing is going to eat?"

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist says, "Right. Now the fun part. They're both 2-dot mutations. I'll need...diff 5 for a MM equivilent, his MDV, lowered by the intimacy (-1?)"

-= OOC =- Yoshi says, "He won't resist."

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist says, "Yeah, I own a cattle ranch. I can make it happen."

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist says, "Alright, Nine suxx in one roll, then."

(Judge) Hunting Mist rolls Lore + Lore + Intelligence + Intelligence: [ 2 2 3 4 5 5 5 7 7 8 8 8 9 9 9 <10> <10> <10> ]

        Resulting in 14 successes.

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist says, "Yeah. Now I wish I had that Hand of the Maker."

-= OOC =- Yoshi says, "Over five excruciating hours, you shrink the rest of the universe."

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist says, "He's only into his -2's now, +2 str, + 2 Sta."

-= OOC =- Yoshi says, "Leaving only Yoshi as the remaining normal-sized things."

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist says, "Alrighty. Off to college, buddy! I'll look for a replacement until you have a degree!"

-= OOC =- Yoshi says, "OKAY"

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist ships a small herd of cattle to Long's college to keep Yoshi fed.

-= OOC =- Yoshi says, "Now, the other bit?"

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist says, "Now. Manse stuff. Looking for a level one Earth Manse. Long, can you design one for me? For the Stone of Breath HS."

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist says, "Diff 3, lowest of your Lore, Occult or Craft+ Int?"

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist guesses he's busy with all those cattle...

[Public] Cathak Tarvek says, "Whoever was Yoshi, I can't page you"

[Public] Jubilant Steel says, "Yoshi is Hunting Mist's familiar I think."

         At Longinus' College, there goes up a cry that is rarely heard...                     "STAMPEDE!!!"

[Public] Cathak Tarvek says, "An admin paged me as that."

You paged Cathak Tarvek with 'Try paging 'k''.

[Public] Kukla says, "My bad!"

-= OOC =- Longinus says, "Not atm."

-= OOC =- Kukla snerk.

[Public] Cathak Zuriel says, "Bad Kukla, no soup for you!"

-= OOC =- Longinus says, "My lore and occult is 5"

-= OOC =- Longinus says, "My int is 5"

-= OOC =- Longinus says, "My Craft_earth, is not"

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist says, "How's your Craft?"

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist says, "Is there any?"

-= OOC =- Longinus says, "I have craft_fire 3 atm."

-= OOC =- Longinus says, "I'm going to buy up my crafts over the next few months, along with uber charms."

-= OOC =- Longinus says, "I can ask Chronos to make one for you though. His NPC and Longinus are friends."

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist says, "Ah. Well, you're marginally better at it than I am. I can help, give you an extra die..."

-= OOC =- Kukla says, "Chronos is busy."

-= OOC =- Kukla says, "But you have a lot of talented people at your place."

-= OOC =- Kukla says, "There's surely an architect at your college /somewhere/ who can assist with the design for extra credit."

-= OOC =- Longinus says, "I do have a lot of talented people at my place."

-= OOC =- Longinus says, "Of course"

-= OOC =- Longinus says, "I have geomancy +3"

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist says, "Very true. A little synergy would work well. Anyone with Craft Earth is brought in on the project, and ..."

-= OOC =- Kukla says, "So your only concern is building it so that it won't, like, /fall down/"

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist says, "Yeah, that'll work."

-= OOC =- Kukla says, "The geomancy is easy, you just need a guy to check your work for structural stability."

-= OOC =- Kukla says, "You could buy a dot of Followers for 1 xp, btw-"

-= OOC =- Kukla says, "Pick up 5 Talented Students who you can use for this sort of thing."

-= OOC =- Longinus says, "Probably should, considering I have a thousand sorcerer's in training or so at my college."

-= OOC =- Kukla says, "Want me to put it through?"

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist says, "Dedicated TA's looking to up their grades with bonus projects. :)"

-= OOC =- Kukla says, "Indeed. ^.^"

-= OOC =- Kukla says, "You could add them to your wiki-page if you wanted."

-= OOC =- Longinus says, "Sure, though I was waiting for the bonus xp from my awesome cool Journey to the East scene."

-= OOC =- Longinus says, "I'll put in my week total xp request"

-= OOC =- Kukla says, "Actually, you know, I'll just go read those."

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist nodnods

-= OOC =- Kukla says, "So, wait."

-= OOC =- Kukla says, "You shaping anything after Yoshi?"

-= OOC =- Longinus says, "Shape a demense, those are awesome."

-= OOC =- Longinus says, "OOh! A 50ft woman!"

-= OOC =- Kukla says, "'aight. Where?"

-= OOC =- Longinus says, "But make her hott."

-= OOC =- Kukla says, "Longinus are you gaming drunk again. :|"

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist says, "Yep. A manse."

-= OOC =- Kukla says, "Okay, the design process will take a month or so."

-= OOC =- Kukla says, "A level 1?"

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist says, "I need the design first. Odd, isn't it,"

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist says, "Yep."

-= OOC =- Kukla says, "Longinus' Talented Student will come out to the site personally if you let him."

-= OOC =- Kukla says, "But you have to name him and give him an Amusing Quirk and a Tragic Flaw."

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist says, "Yeah, just let them know that there's likely to be Fae about."

-= OOC =- Kukla says, "He- uh?"

-= OOC =- Kukla says, "Where's the site?"

-= OOC =- Longinus says, "K"

-= OOC =- Longinus says, "Ooh, do Perious"

-= OOC =- Longinus says, "He's like Longinus's favorite"

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist says, "There's one that is in the Twelve Swords Baronies..."

-= OOC =- Longinus says, "Only student that came with him to hunt for his family. He's golden in Longinus's eyes"

-= OOC =- Longinus says, "He gets hurt, you're dead"

-= OOC =- Longinus says, "Well, just take care of him anyway"

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist says, "Otherwise, we're looking at stiking out in an Eastern direction. Or Halta (hycuk! pa-tooey!)"

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist says, "I'll do my best."

-= OOC =- Longinus will power award him. I think at this point he's naturally E2 anyway

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist says, "After the Shaping is done, and the materials and workers are there, it should be alright."

-= OOC =- Longinus says, "With Geomancy, Alchemy, AStrology, Lore 4, Occult 5, Int 4-5, Perception 4-5..."

-= OOC =- Kukla says, "So, Perious."

-= OOC =- Kukla says, "Quirk/Flaw?"

-= OOC =- Longinus says, "Ooh, there a List I can choose from?"

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist says, "This is a character defining moment, Long."

-= OOC =- Perious says, "Nope, just whatever you pull out of your ass."

-= OOC =- Perious is doing this to prevent him from falling in to a chargen rut.

-= OOC =- Perious says, "You can phone a friend if you want."

-= OOC =- Longinus says, "Well, I know he's studious. I also know he single handedly went out of his way to find shit out about Longinus, including finding out about his family"

-= OOC =- Longinus says, "Then risked his life to help him find them."

-= OOC =- Longinus says, "So...Sociable, probably lots of curious. And no doubt sneaky"

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist says, "A quirk then would be? Curious? Academically so, in a C'thulu-esque manner/"

-= OOC =- Perious says, "The sort of guy who shows up to every departmental shindig to gossip."

-= OOC =- Perious says, "But doomed to ultimately stick his neck out too far."

-= OOC =- Longinus says, "Definitly sticks his neck out, but not by what he says, but by what he does"

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist says, "Heh. Yeah, Investigatorism v1.0"

-= OOC =- Perious says, "Alright. Stick that motherfucker on the wiki ASAP as an NPC from the Character index."

-= OOC =- Perious says, "Link to him from your PC page as well."

-= OOC =- Perious says, "'aight!"

-= OOC =- Perious says, "So, this demesne... Where is it, again?"

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist grunts

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist says, "Twelve Sword Baronies, I think. Lark mentioned them having a Wyld Zone in them thar parts."

-= OOC =- Longinus says, "I'll do a full bgstory and write up on Perious. With interesting crap. Anyway, I've got to go to that meeting now."

-= OOC =- Perious says, "The Barony of a Dozen Blades has no wyld zone that I can recall..."

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist says, "Damn. Another rumour that didn't pan out."

-= OOC =- Longinus says, "Ask perious"

-= OOC =- Longinus says, "He has good lore, occult, investigative skills."

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist says, "Start looking into it, then. An Earth Manse isn't going to do too well too close to any of the Elemental Poles."

-= OOC =- Longinus says, "Investigation 4 by now"

-= OOC =- Longinus says, "And astrology"

-= OOC =- Perious says, "There IS an Earth Demesne there, but the ocals have dibs on it."

-= OOC =- Longinus says, "Geomancy. He should be golden for finding what you need."

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist says, "Also a Wood one, like a level 4. But I'm looking at a Wyld-Zone, specifically."

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist says, "One that I can shape. Expand Creation's landmass."

-= OOC =- Perious says, "Well, those are easy to find... Go East."

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist says, "Done. East we go. On horse, as fast as I can make it go (Sta x 10, so about 40mph for a horse)."

-= OOC =- Perious says, "The horse will never forget this moment as long as it lived - when it could run, run as hard as it could, faster than it ever could before, and never grow tired or winded or sore."

-= OOC =- Perious says, "Perious, for his part, is more rattled by the speed."

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist says, "It'll take a week or so, until Perious is able to ride a decent amount of time at a go without falling apart."

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist says, "(I suspect his Sta + Res isn't so hot)"

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist says, "Yeah, animals love me. Anyways, a Wyld Zone. Heck, we could be close to Rathess or something!"

-= OOC =- Perious says, "It's not, but you guys make it. He discusses much and learns much from you while you ride together. At the destination, in the East, at the Bordermarches, he waits for you to forge the land to something you can sculpt."

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist says, "Looks like The Unmatched is the nearest source..alrighty. This is the dangerous part."

-= OOC =- Longinus says, "Anyway, I'm off. later, hope this was helpful Hunting. You owe me ;)"

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist says, "I do, and I know it."

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist bows to Long

Longinus has disconnected.

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist says, "Rolling!"

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist says, "From BorderMarches...to arable land!"

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist says, "Spending a wp."

(Judge) Hunting Mist rolls Lore + Lore + Intelligence + Intelligence: [ -1- -1- -1- -1- 2 2 2 3 3 4 4 5 5 7 8 9 9 <10> ]

        Resulting in 6 successes.

Hunting Mist facepalms

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist says, "Try again. Stunting."

-= OOC =- Perious says, "Wait!"

-= OOC =- Perious rolls the Die of Arbitrary Consequences!

-= OOC =- Perious says, "Hope I don't botch!"

(Judge) Perious rolls 1: [ 2 ]

        Resulting in a failure.

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist says, "Dayum."

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist says, "That was...close."

-= OOC =- Perious says, "The locals - wyld mutants - come out to find out what the fuck this is all about."

-= OOC =- Perious says, "They have no hair, but instead, cancerous growths that trail off in to sap-coated viny-tendrils."

-= OOC =- Perious says, "Perious immediately moves to say hello, and they immediately move to crack his head open with a rock."

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist says, "Awesome. Beat them into submission with aggravated damaging techniques and furious righteousness. And immunity to poison and shit."

-= OOC =- Perious says, "SAVE HIS FOOL ASS"

-= OOC =- Perious says, "Okay. Are you avoiding killing them?"

-= OOC =- Perious also needs to AFK soon.

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist says, "Since I have no other weapon, sadly, I'll do my best."

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist says, "But it'll be aggravated."

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist says, "They're gonna burn."

-= OOC =- Perious says, "They aren't creatures od darkness."

-= OOC =- Perious says, "How are you doing agg?"

-= OOC =- Perious says, "Mutants, yes, but not CoD mutants."

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist says, "Cold Iron Baulble. Mutants are vulnerable."

-= OOC =- Perious says, "Oh, poor bastards XD"

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist says, "Makes my weapon like unto Cold Iron for all such things."

-= OOC =- Perious says, "I'm pretty sure wyld mutants aren't scourged by iron?"

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist says, "It's listed as a vulnerability in the Core book."

-= OOC =- Perious says, "At any rate, you'll beat the shit out of them pretty trivially."

-= OOC =- Perious says, "Perious, in his civilized naivete, is appalled at your violent behavior!"

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist says, "Oops, that's for hobgobs. nm, me. Yeaah."

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist says, "Tell him to ease up. He's going to have to learn about primitive power dynamics somehow."

-= OOC =- Perious says, "They return later and offer up their most attractive maiden in a sacrificial garment - but frankly, these people aren't good looking. Their 'most attractive' maiden, isn't saying much."

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist says, "Awesome. Enroll her in Long's College?"

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist looks over to Perious

Perious is appalled at this but isn't sure why.

Hunting Mist LOLS

-= OOC =- Perious says, "Anyhow, next roll."

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist says, "STUNT! FAST!"

         Like so many time sbefore, Mist settles into a Rythm like unto the original shaping of Creation, when Gaia let her form be used to shape the earth, the dragonlines, and the mortal cycles that shape all who live from her bounty. He pours this into a song that he pounds forth, hoping that the land responds to his rythms, and remember the Primordial that they come form.

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist says, "Dice?"

-= OOC =- Perious says, "2d."

(Judge) Hunting Mist rolls Lore + Lore + Intelligence + Intelligence + 2: [ -1- -1- 2 3 3 3 4 5 5 6 7 8 9 9 9 <10> <10> <10> <10> <10> ]

        Resulting in 15 successes.

-= OOC =- Perious says, "Bam."

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist says, "BOOYAH!"

-= OOC =- Perious says, "The land rises to blossom at your command."

"Truly," say the locals, "Sacrificing that bitch was the best plan we ever had."

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist says, "Niiiice...2 into resources of land, one into Demense, two saved for the next shaping, regain a wp."

-= OOC =- Perious says, "You can't really 'save' them like that."

-= OOC =- Perious says, "Wait"

-= OOC =- Perious says, "Yes you can >.>"

-= OOC =- Perious says, "Okay, as for the manse?"

-= OOC =- Perious says, "Perious is going to need, like... a month..."

-= OOC =- Perious says, "...to design it."

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist says, "Yeah, I was hoping to get the commission to do it first. But hey. He saw the shaping, there are folk here who'll keep the place real unintentionally. I'll be back in a month."

Perious says, "Wait, wait, /wait/."

Perious says, "You're /leaving me here?!?/"

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist says, "No."

-= OOC =- Perious says, "He needs to be on-site to do the design."

-= OOC =- Perious says, "He needs to map the geomancy, etc."

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist says, "Aha. Make friednly with the tribe."

-= OOC =- Perious says, "Do you speak forest-tongue?"

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist says, "....no. >.>"

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist says, "Alright, I'll hang here for a month."

-= OOC =- Perious says, "Well, you could outsource it."

-= OOC =- Perious says, "You /can/ conjure up some extras, for protection, if nothing else."

-= OOC =- Perious says, "But raksha might swing by."

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist says, "Of course."

-= OOC =- Perious says, "...Hell, it's pretty damn likely."

-= OOC =- Perious says, "...Hmm. I'm almost out of batteries."

-= OOC =- Perious says, "Do you mind if I get out of here, head back home?"

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist says, "Those two extra suxx? Another roll, diff 5."

-= OOC =- Perious says, "Should take me 15-20 minutes."

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist says, "No prob."

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist says, "Go Go Go!"

Perious has disconnected.

Perious has connected.

Perious returns!

Perious is back!

Hunting Mist is too!

You say, "Food. Y'know."

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist says, "So, another roll, Diff 5, followers and Iron."

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist says, "2 leftover from the last roll. Motes have recycled."

(Judge) Hunting Mist rolls Intelligence + Intelligence + Lore + Lore: [ -1- 2 2 3 4 4 5 5 5 6 6 7 7 8 8 8 9 <10> ]

        Resulting in 8 successes.

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist says, "For five suxx. Go again. Need another...four suxx, then another four suxx."

(Judge) Hunting Mist rolls Intelligence + Lore + Intelligence + Lore: [ 2 2 3 3 3 4 4 4 4 5 5 5 6 7 7 8 9 <10> ]

        Resulting in 6 successes.

(Judge) Hunting Mist rolls Intelligence + Intelligence + Lore + Lore: [ -1- 2 2 2 3 3 4 4 5 5 5 6 6 7 8 9 9 9 ]

        Resulting in 5 successes.

(Judge) Hunting Mist rolls Intelligence + Intelligence + Lore + Lore: [ -1- -1- -1- 2 2 2 3 4 5 5 5 6 7 8 8 9 9 <10> ]

        Resulting in 7 successes.

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist says, "My god these rolls suck."

(Judge) Hunting Mist rolls Intelligence + Intelligence + Lore + Lore: [ -1- 2 3 4 4 4 5 5 6 6 7 9 9 <10> <10> <10> <10> <10> ]

        Resulting in 13 successes.

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist says, "*BAM*"

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist says, "Enough supplies to keep these guys good for a month, with Iron weapons."

-= OOC =- Perious says, "Back-o."

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist says, "1000 troops for 5 suxx, Resource 4 of supplies, Resource 4 of weapons. Chopping swords made of Iron, etc..."

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist says, "And three extra suxx for something. A nice palisade/fort."

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist says, "I was gonna say mansion, but..."

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist says, "Oh. Hrm. Could give Perious a mutation to be adapted to the East, if he'd like."

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist says, "Not there, I take it?"

-= OOC =- Perious is back again. <.<

-= OOC =- Perious says, "Perious will politely decline your offer."

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist chuckles. Alrighty then.

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist has eaten his meal, and is now in post-meal slothfulness.

-= OOC =- Perious says, "So, let's roll on the DICE OF ARBITRARY CONSEQUENCES"

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist says, "Awesome"

-= OOC =- Perious says, "While alone for a month, they have a... let's say 30 chance of Wyld bullshit. Is this acceptable to you?"

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist says, "Yepp. Generous, even."

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist says, "So...am I rolling, or are you?"

(Judge) Perious rolls 1: [ <10> ]

        Resulting in 2 successes.

-= OOC =- Perious says, "Looks like you're in the clear!"

-= OOC =- Perious says, "When you return, does he have the design complete?"

(Judge) Perious rolls 7: [ 3 3 4 5 5 8 9 ]

        Resulting in 2 successes.

-= OOC =- Perious says, "Yes!"

-= OOC =- Perious says, "He proudly presents you with completed blueprints for your new manse."

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist says, "Alrighty then."

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist says, "Time for some...SHAPING!"

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist says, "Well, not really. Time to re-shape the troops into crafters, and have them execute the design. Materials to be shaped as well."

-= OOC =- Perious says, "Let us assume that you complete the manse; the roll isn't dramatically interesting here, and there's no consequence for failure except some time."

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist says, "Yah."

-= OOC =- Perious says, "You can buy up some Cult if you want."

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist *Blinks*

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist says, "Hokay. Whynot?"

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist will buy up 2 dots of Cult. Later.

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist says, "In one month, a Hearthstone!"

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist says, "Time to take Perious back to the College."

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist makes various 'Vroooooming' sounds as he rides the horse back to the College.

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist says, "Who do I +recc?"

(Judge) Perious rolls 1: [ <10> ]

        Resulting in 2 successes.

-= OOC =- Perious says, "Phil."

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist says, "Hokay!"


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