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PC: Stilled Silence

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Stilled Silence


          From head to toe this woman radiates an aura of pure evil. Sexy. Regal. Evil. Chalk white hair cascades down past her shoulder blades, loose in back but dangling several tiny braids down the sides of her face, tipped with the shrunken skulls of Djala. Piercing horizon-blue eyes gaze out from behind long lashes than would look cute on one less menacing, and full ash-colored lips promise a night not soon forgotten. Everything about her 5'5" frame is slight save the bosom one only gain from having borne children, yet she carries herself, and her gigantic soulsteel blade, with a strength and grace that belies any indication of weakness. 


         What a mighty blade it is, graind daiklaive wickedly curved at the tip an easily as long as she is tall. This normally moaning material however is quiet, stilled by the inner calm that seems to radiate from Silence and only letting out the gentles of wails as it scratches against her breastplate which too absorbs light as anathema to it. A divided black leather skirt and knee high boots complete the ensemble, the skirt bearing several poems in Old Realm exalting Oblivion and describing the beauty of the well of Udr.




Stilled Silence has been seen around Denansdor in the service of the Black Psychopomp.  Little else is known of her, or her abilities,  at this point. 


Season of Water, Realm Year 771

Went after Iyutha and lost.  boo.


Season of Earth, Realm Year 771 


Turned Lotus Crown into a shadowland.


Season of Earth, Realm Year 771  


Begun a training regimen for a would be elite army in the Underworld, accessable via the Lotus Crown Shadowland. 


Season of Fire, Realm Year 771  


Stilled Silence has attacked both the State of Ruby Waters and begun to poke at Denandsor.  In particular, she lead 7,500 hungry ghosts against Orduin and Running Silver Ice.  It did not go well, but was only a dry run.


Season of Air, Realm Year 772


In large part thanks to Stilled Silence, Denandsor is now a shadowland.  This is after several weeks of creating nigh 10,000 hungry ghosts a day to harass the heroes attempting to claim it for their own.


Season of Water, Realm Year 772


Stilled Silence has been particularly quiet in the wake of Denandsor, though she did come forth from her new home to declare the imminent demise of Chronopolis to its dear leader Pleasing Sweet Viper.


Making good on her promise, Stilled Silence struck in the dead of night to wipe out a significant section of Chronopolis.  While large chunks of the city remain uscathed the Infinite Spiral is no more, the manse and demesne wiped off the face of Creation.  Due to her advanced warning many less people were killed than might otherwise have been.  This has cause her some degree of consternation.


BG-Story per Kukla's request


         Jada Sharington was a simple girl who grew up in a not so simple time. Friendly and affable, she was deeply concerned for the well-being of others. Even as she grew, got married, and bore children she was willing to listen and lend a hand to those in trouble or need. Often she would speak with those who would come for a meal or a warm place to sleep and she was infinitely interested in the circumstances that landed people in their current situations. As her popularity grew with the guilty of conscience, though, Jada became increasingly concerned about the moral state of affairs in her city, and the crimes that were confessed to her. She began to commune with spirits, woefully displeased about the legacy their offspring were leaving behind. In them she found a kinship, a respect for others and a strong moral code.

         Through them, her resolution held strong. An inner wellspring of faith guided her every action against all evidence to the contrary and indeed, had things panned out a bit differently, she may have found in herself the essence of a zenith, perhaps an eclipse. Yet such events were not to be and so our tragic tale heightens the pace, for a particularly troubled individual took a liking to our our heroine and chose one night to...impress upon her both his debased desires, and shortly thereafter a dozen or more stab wounds, she stopped noticing at around 10. It was then that a walker, one in darkness, stepped in to show her what was to come.

         Quietly as a shadow the man slipped into her home, wherein a botched murder attempt led to a rather noisy and rumbling struggle between the fiend and Jada's husband. Yet the man with the knife had the upper hand, and so slew the man she loved as she could do nothing but stare on impotently with her ghostly eyes and scream silently into the macabre scene. The creaking of floor boards alerted the man that all was not quiet in the abode. The children, twins, for all their small stature were not well versed in the art of stealth. "I can't very well have you telling anyone it is I who was here he said to the children," before cutting out their tongues and smashing their hands to mush, that they might never convey what they saw that night. More than she could bear, Jada's mind snapped and without a moment's hesitation she agreed to the dark pact presented her: slay the evil till none remain.

         Yet she, herself, now a murderer. This was not holy, this was not justice. Yet...it was sweet. Such sweet revenge. If she could be corrupted, then how not others. The twisted, agressive, visceral nature of her exaltation wormed its way into her soul, of course with no small degree of help from the Black Psychopomp. They are all evil, if not today then some day. Best to kill them now, they they may have a whole afterlife to atone for their sins rather than inflicting themselves upon the as-yet innocent but corruptable. The day she returned to slay her children to save them from a tortured life, yet life nonetheless, was the day she truly lost all hope of salvation. More convinced of her moral superiority and edging ever so slowly toward total insanity this is now how we find our abyssal, totally consumed by her shard. She has given everything over to fulfilling her end of the bargain, and it has taken so much more.


Beginning Troop Stats 


Typical War Ghost


Mag: 8     Drill: 5     Might: 3

CCR: 5      CCDR: 3  Armor: 3    

Morale: Perfect      Endurance: 8

RCR: 3 Dam: 3


Equipment: Reinforced Breastplate, Axe, Shield, Repeating Crossbow



Full stats + Log of Hardened-Killer Bonuses + Soul-Numbing


Str: 4     Cha: 3          Per: 2

Dex: 4     Manip: 2     Int: 2

Sta: 3      App: 2        Wits: 2


Archery: 1           Athletics: 4     Awareness: 4     

Dodge: 4            MA: 2            Medicine: 1       

Melee: 4(Axe+1)  Presence: 1     Resistance: 2     

Stealth: 2 Socialize: 1     Survival: 1          War: 4

Integrity: 4


Compassion: 2 Conviction: 3 Temp: 2 Valor: 3

Ess: 2 WP 7

Pool: 50



July '09 war ghost upgrades. (6 total)


Dex 2->4 (2)

Melee 2->4 (2)

Archery 0->1 (1)

Soul-Numbing Prowess (1)


August '09 war ghost upgrades. (6 total)


dodge 3->4 (1)

wp 6->7 (1)

war 3->4 (1)

awareness 2->4 (2)

athletics 2->3 (1)


September '09 war ghost upgrades. (6 total)

Integrity 0->4 (4)

Athletics 3->4 (1)

Resistance 1->2 (1)

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