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PC: Green Brass Poet

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Of unknown age, unknown race, and unknown parentage, there exists in Creation and Malfeas a man who has called himself the Green Brass Poet.   Very few can put the true form of the man to the name; only the natives of Malfeas, who understand the nature of the Green Sun Princes, know both his name and face.  The Poet cloaks himself in a thousand different identities, each unique and masterfully done.  Those who know him describe him as charming, sweet, beautiful.  Those who also know him describe him as spiteful, cruel, an abomination.  The truth of his personality and motivations may be lost to all but the Ebon Dragon.


OOC Information & Hooks


Poet is probably a terrible person.  He is empty and has the barest shreds of his own personality, cobbling together identities from his interactions with people at any time.  The only consistent is a natural desire to hurt people, to reveal to them their own flawed and debased natures, and to control them, to make them his.


However, this doesn't mean any RP you might have with him will be terrible!  Poet, above all else, deceives.  He assumes new identities and personalities on a whim and is a masterful manipulator.  In the pursuit of his goals he can befriend you, aid you, even appear to love you; he can become someone closer to you than your own family.  He will be tried and found true, and do all he can to uplift.


This will all be a lie, but it's fun!  


Poet lacks an identity of his own.  For reasons particular to his background, he is a classic amnesiac, ignorant of any facet of his life prior to his Exaltation.  His first memory is being shared between the souls of the Ebon Dragon, teaching him forever the emptiness of love and physical intimacy.  He then proceeded to mature within the Demon City, and so his morality is rather skewed.  He is not ignorant of Creation's mores but they do not make sense to him on anything other than an intellectual level.  Anyway, he's amnesiac -- but he had a life before his Exaltation.  He was not a famous person or particularly important, but he lived, he knew people, he laughed and cried and all that.  If you're interested in knowing the mortal he was, let me know!


Poet adores the Exalted.  They are always doing new things and offer the most direct, and dangerous, route to power.  If you are Exalted, he will be interested in learning about you.  Thanks to his upgraded Hellscry Chakra, he can learn much about someone with but a look -- but he still enjoys getting to know people and studying them.  There's always a reason for random social scenes if you're up for it!


Dark blessings!  Poet is currently capable of empowering one's ego with Selfishness Is Power, offering perfect awareness of how any action benefits someone and free, persistent stunt bonuses.  Those looking for a quick bit of power can hit him up.  Eventually he'll be able to offer more, such as reduced TNs.


True love!  He's so lonely.  Really, that's not a lie.  Just open up to him and lay your soul bare, appeal to his good nature.  It'll totally work and he'll redeem and live happily ever after with you....provided you can put up with him until the point he decides maybe he should try being good.  Which might take awhile.  It might never come!  Still, he does have feelings, they can be roused, and he has a particular soft spot for the truly innocent.



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