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PC: Cathak Nerus

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     Undoubtedly, the blood of the Dragons courses through this man's veins. He stands tall just reaching the mark of eighteen hands high. It is an underwhelming stature for an exalt, however his thick build is so powerful that many may feel small in his presence. Pale grey skin, vibrant with life and resembling riverbed shale, clearly marks him as a son of the Earth Dragon. His head is clean-shaven, but his square jaw wears a neatly kept, sandy brown beard. Expressive, dark brown eyes are plainly distinct against the heavy brows, sharp lines and stony features of a face that is surely striking, if not traditionally handsome.

         Though a Prince of the Earth, he dons the modest trappings of a monk of the Immaculate Order. He wears a flowing, sleeveless robe of smooth, grey linen that drapes to ankle-length and skims over well-tended, sandaled feet. The garment draws tautly about the dragon's thick torso, outlining a broad, well-built chest and a pearl white, silk sash gives definition to his waist. His powerfully muscled arms are left on display, bare, if not for the pair of white jade bracers capped around his thick wrists. This matched set appears to be the only token of vanity given to his austere appearance. Both are of a simple design, though the right bracer depicts a simple etching of the Earth Dragon surrounding a socket set with an opague, green stone.


Brother Nerus:

Brother Nerus came to Greyfalls over four years ago, but in that time he's become something of a local fixture that is generally well known about town.  His misadventures have been many and though he is not one to brag, he is quick to tell the tale of the brave companions that have accompanied him on them.  Among the most memorable invovle hunting Anathema with Brother Deep, and a Monk known as Flame Born in Flesh.  He also travelled with Cathak Zuriel, Cathak Mas and the now infamous Megara on the quest that recovered the Eye of the Fire Dragon.


The deed his is most proud of however is liberateing Blackstone Tower that lay on the outskirts of Greyfalls.  A manse that had been turned to sinister purpouse by a sorceror and the Demon he summoned that had become his true master.  Once it was clensed, Nerus turned the first floor into the 'Craftsman Shrine.'  It is a free workshop open to the public, the tradition is that you pray before you begin, and at the end of the day you leave one of your pieces at the alter as an offering to the Dragons.  Nerus has used this as a way to reach the local Nuri population using craft as a metaphor for the harmony of the elements and the power that comes from accepting your place in the world.  The success has been middling but Nerus thinks with patience the local population can be made to understand.


After many years meditation and self inflicted abuse, Nerus finally mastered the Glorious Path of the Earth Dragon, at which time he was awarded status as a Monk of the Forth Coil.


Vartabed Nerus:

After the Barbarian Uprising in Trakar was put down by Cathak Zuriel he decreed that a temple would be build in Trakar to preach the virtue of the Immaculate Order after turning it over Darius Firebrand's empire of Vir Sidus.  To many's suprise, he asked the far more mild mannered Cathak Nerus to oversee the temple.  Nerus accepted the position and became Vartabed of the would be temple.  Leaving the Craftsman Shrine to be cared for by his Brothers and Sisters in Greyfalls, Nerus wandered the province of Trakar to find a suitable location for this new temple.


He eventually settled on Forest Hills, finding that he found some common ground among the house builders of the township.  He found a rocky area at the base of one of the hills where he built first a small quarry from which he found the shale and granite to build, and from there built a small shrine. around which a more proper temple is being built.  It was when he started laying the fondation of the temple that the people of Forest Hills first payed him any mind.  Nerus has taught several families how to build stone fondations for their homes, and how to build stone mantels for fire on cool nights.  Many of the more traditional members of the community scoff at these new techniques, but the more pragmatic have been exited to incorporate the new techniques into their own building.  Nerus and the few monks that follow him make the Quarry, and the workshop attached to the temple free to use in return for and offering at the shrine.


Nerus being no great orator, holds no sermons at the temple prefering instead to take the opprotunity to speak to people of the tenants of the Immacalute Order by using craft as his metaphor.  He gets alot of blank stares but he seems patient enough that he's willing to give this approach time to develope.  Despite reservations from some of his young initiates and monks that help him maintain the meager temple, local shaman are not bared from coming to the shrine if they wish to discuss their religion.  Most have come with the intention of cursing Nerus and the Order, which he has always heard out and politely attempted to correct what he felt were their misconceptions about the nature of the universe and the Order.  Usually the leave mad.  Only twice has a Shaman come in violence, and both times Nerus responded in kind.  Sparring the shaman both times but destorying the Spirits they sent against him.


Despite the Vir Sidus Empire disassociation with the Realm since the death of the Firebrand and his daughter's rise to power, Nerus has shown no plans for changing how he has been running the burgeoning temple.  He's hoping that he can bring people to the Immaculate Faith through example where words and charisma will fail him.  Only time will tell if the climate in the Empire leads to open conflict.

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