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PC Azami

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The Winter Rose




Taken from her home, Aza'ni came by ship to Nexus in the midst of winter, speaking not five word of Rivertongue. An Icewalker, stranger to civilization, she struggles still to adapt to the urban wildnerness and the people within it, unable to return to the far North and hounded by an ill luck that seeks to make her life full of interesting times.


Time has passed since she arrived, and the young northerner has learned to speak the language of the people of Nexus and many of the surrounding lands. While the name which her mother gave her is unknown but to a very few, she is known in Nexus as "Azami", infamous for her honest tongue and the fits of Prescicence which manifest in both nightmarish dreams and waking visions. It's common knowledge, though most believe these unbidden prophecies to be little more than the words of a girl liable to confusion and excitement... and that is just fine with Aza. She's almost always accompanied by a small blue cat with bright orange eyes that, when not draped lazily across her shoulders cavorts about her feet. Where Ozin is glimsped, Aza is not far away.


In truth she is a very private person, intensely introvertive and thoughtful. Aza is extremely fond of books and music, and can often be found in a quiet secluded place curled about an old manuscript or playing her Ruan, her mind miles away as her fingers travel over the strings. Every kind of lore is a source of great curiosity to her, and she collects books of every description. Lately she has even experimented with cooking. Children totally baffle her, and embarrassing her is easier than it should be. She lives now in Isus, a figurehead of sorts and a widow, not at all sure of what to do with the influence she now has but determined to do the best she can for her people.


Less known: 

While traveling in the Underworld (primarily Stygia) and in the Bolgias of the Labyrinth below, Aza'ni is better known (and if she has her way, exclusively) as the Winter Rose. It was a name given to her by Locke Howls at Darkness, and when pressed for her name once upon a time in Stygia, rather than give the name she is known by in Creation, it was this that she gave. Now it seems to have stuck, for better or worse. She can only hope it doesn't lead ghosts to believe her to be a servant of the Mask, as this would draw unwanted attentions. In return for the rather dramatic (in her opinion) sobriquet, Aza gave her late brother the name 'Raku', the word for Wolf in her tribal tongue, and considered it even.




Current Events:

  • For reasons she keeps to herself, Aza conspired with Dreamer and Clan to stage her own abduction from Isus. As far as the general populace and political people are concerned, the Queen of Isus was caught up by a spurned fiancee chosen by her God Mother and now abides with him in Yu-Shan.
  • In fact, she is now running a small bakery in port-town in rural Isus as 'Rose the Baker'. From there she can hear all the news of Isus without being known and keep an eye on her people. 'Rose' is blind; a survivor of the White Sickness, and wears a blindfold and walks about easily with the aid of a beautiful cane so she doesn't run into things or people



Ongoing Events of Due Consideration:

  • The Hell of Aza'ni's Past came to collect recently. Captain Unfettered Black somehow learned of Aza's location, her title, Isus, her Sobriquet 'Winter Rose', her business in Stygia... everything. And with the use of a letter sent to appear to be from her master Preacher of Sands, he lured her to a port town and captured her rather neatly with the help of Arcane Links, and a full crew of Demon-Bloods, Terrestrial Outcastes, and the like. Ozin managed to just escape and rally a rescue mission. After a harrowing week in captivity she was brought back home by Quicksilver Dreamer, Clan Clan, Tsangun, Maison and Swift Felling Scythe, quieter perhaps and with white streaks through the summer red of her hair, but alive. The slave collar used during her captivity is held by Tsangun, who intends to study it in her Manse and learn of its creation. Since then there has been no sign of the utterly insane but powerful Infernal, but she has not forgotten how easy it was to find her.
  • In accordance with her debt for killing Jaspar and breaking her oath, Aza will spend a few weeks each year in the KoS's freehold as a guest till her time there has amounted to a year and a day.
  • Running a bakery in a port-town of rural Isus is turning out to be more challenging than Aza would have believed. Especially when one is working on expanding the large cellar and smuggling an ungodly number of books in the middle of the night.


Pictures: Without Tell ---->

               With Tell : Aza-ni-Lunar-sketch

True Name: Aza'ni Rakashin (known as "Azami", called "Winter Rose", "Ghost-Speaker")

Height: 5'0"

Eyes: Green

Hair: (Summer) Coppery-red streaked through by snow white at the temples (Winter) Completely white

Favourite Colours: Charcoal black and all sorts of greens and purples

Least Favourite Colour: Orange

Languages: Tribal Tongues, Skytongue, Old Realm, River-Speak

Caste: No-Moon

Totem: Snow Lynx

Tell: Lynx ears and tail.

Instrument: Ruan (also known in some places as a 'moon-guitar')

Scars and Markings: There is a delicate scar beneath her left eye, continuing on to a nick in her ear. Behind her right shoulder there is a small round tattoo in green ink and another, brighter on the inside of her wrist.


--Notes of Interest--


Shard Info






     Spirit form: Snow Lynx





     Arctic Seal



     Laudin-bloom, Dreampollen




To-Kill List



1: Green Brass Poet. Tricksy bastard. Aza cannot lay a finger on Poet, however, as some months ago the Fiend tricked her into an Oath stating: Niether harm nor betray the secrets of the Children of Lillun. At the time he wore the disguise of an elderly matron, needing help getting to her daughter's home. She took Aza's arm for support and asked that she help her, as her daughter Lillun had too many children to support on her own, and asked Aza to help them. But only after promising the seemingly unremarkable oath above. For who would tell the secrets of a child, or hurt them in any way?


3: Cloud-Killer. An enormous Lunar Elder based in her homeland of the far, far North, Cloud-Killer impeded Clan Clan and Aza'ni on a mission to collect frozen lightning. While attempting to barter for a sled and dogs, Cloud-killer demanded that Aza sell Clan to him; something that only engraged Aza. Their conversation was breif, but heated, and so Aza and Clan made to take off on a Cirrus Skiff. What happened next was a mystery to Aza, but Clan was bitten by a Pattern Spider and lost her ability to cast, falling to the ground weakened and ill.  

     Surrounded by Cloud-Killers armed villagers and faced down by Cloud-Killer himself, Aza was forced to choose between letting her sister starve to death on the 50-mile hike back to the Gate in the middle of a snowstorm, or instead deal with Cloud-Killer for shelter for her weakened Sister untill Clan recovered enough for them to flee. Cloud-Killer's terms were, to put it lightly, despicable.

     The next morning, Aza went to check on her sister, and found her to be somewhat recovered, safely housed in the lodge of the village's medicine woman. Still weak, she nonetheless had gained enough strength of mind and body that Aza decided she could not hold to her word, and immediately escaped with Clan to Stygia using her magic before the terms of her sworn deal with Cloud-Killer could be fulfilled.


2: Captain Unfettered Black. He is number two on this list only because Aza'ni is too scared to go after him. But more than the others, his death would put her at ease. Now it seems that he has exalted as a powerful Infernal. Her chances of ever defeating him have slimmed considerably. Black is in possession of any number and types of Arcane Links to Aza'ni, both older and more recent, one of qhich, a thin braid of copper-gold hair, hangs from his scimitar.



T.V. Tropes!  (got to move with the times, dahlink)


Hot Librarian  : It fits as well as any other, and amuses me greatly.

Celibate Hero  Chaste Hero Somewere between these two.

 Fainting Seer : Aza has a terrible habit of fainting after an unbidden prophesy or vision. When she wakes up, she has little or no memory of what she did or said. Unfortunately, this lands her as being up to her elbows in Cassandra territory.



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