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PC : Volemack

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Volemack was always in trouble, as a child. He simply could not or would not back down from a challenge, which got the young peasant into a lot of fights with the older boys in his small village. That he was often simply standing up for the smaller kids didn't matter, Volemack was usually the one throwing both the first and the last punch.


  Even as a young man this trait didn't falter, although Volemack's social skills got better. He was cheerful, happy, boisterous, thinking himself a ladies-man .. which meant he often got into a fight when he saw someone being impolite to a lady. Yet again, he would start it, and he would finish it. The villagers started refering to him as a badger for his willingness to get in and fight uneven odds, even if the young man's cheerful nature didn't match the mean-tempered beast.


  Finally, Volemack got into a battle he really couldn't win, as fae-kin attacked his village. Volemack punched and kicked and fought with all his might, trying to protect the women and children he'd grown up with from the goblin horrors, but the fae-kin were one thing he couldn't out-stubborn -- until the full moon peeked over the mountain ridge. As the silverly light touched him, Volemack rose bloody-faced to his feet again, and with an angry animal growl he lunged at the goblins yet again. The two grey streaks in his hair caught the moonlight, the black stripe down the center part nearly blue, and small fangs glittered as Volemack snarled and gnashed his teeth as he tore the goblins apart, the mark of the full moon shining upon his brow.


  A couple days later, Volemack quietly left his home village for the first time, driven by the dream-memories to seek out his fellow Lunars. Once united with them, the young man quickly proved why Wolverine was his animal totem, showing all the feriocity of that small but dangerous predator in his trials, and all the stubbornness when it came to learning everything he could about why the First Age had fallen apart. What truly stuck in his craw was the lies the Dragonblooded had spread, the accusations of Anathema that had driven him from even his distant village. He wasn't going to let them get away with that, and now, he had the power to stop them. Thus, when Volemack left the Lunar camp, it was with the determination that he'd break the cycle of Lies.


  Unfortunately, the first town Volemack visited was BoxTown.  There, he settled down and exchanged his story with a young man calling himself Jade Shadow over dinner.   Afterwards, Volemack found a house of repute and proceeded to have a very fine night with the ladies there, only to meet the owner the following morning.  Clan Clan was someone Volemack just couldn't say no to, even if that odd Priest of Mars called Orduin was giving the young Lunar odd feelings of protectiveness.    The second meeting with Orduin went no better, with Clan Clan (now called Butterfly, as Volemack couldn't recall her name), finally had to announce she was pregnant to stop the two men from arguing.


  It was a shock, but Volemack's not one to back down, even if that crazy Orduin was his Solar mate.  Just meant Volemack had a few new challenges to face down: Impending Fatherhood, and Keeping Orduin in One Piece.   Somehow, Volemack had the feeling fatherhood might be easier.



Things really don't get easier, Volemack found out.  He's half-convinced Orduin's got a death-wish.  Chasing the damn Solar all over Creation, into Shadowlands, out of Shadowlands, Volemack always Just Missed him and those with him, which did nothing for the Lunar's anger management.  Thankfully the Shadowlands and Creation had just enough bandits and other annoyances that the Full Moon could work out his murderous impulses.  


Finally, Volemack returned to the House of Gems for a rest before starting the chase again.  Even that was a bad idea, as the House Of Gems was attacked and the power within released explosively.  Volemack escaped the worst of it, but was buried and forced to dig himself out.   When he finds the person who did THAT, Volemack's going to have some real murderous impulses.


Still, the worst part was realizing that in his treks through the Shadowlands and other places, Volemack had thought only a couple months had passed, when in fact nearly half the year had gone.   When he finally arrived to see ClanClan, his "butterfly" and (last he saw) pregnant girlfriend, he got the shock of seeing not only the 5month old Baby Rei... but five (5!) greyhound-sized kittens who were also his offspring.  To call him shocked was an understatement.   The resulting discussion with ClanClan also did not go well, as Volemack was forced to admit he'd never be what she wanted -- a stay-at-home husband and father.


It hurt him as much as it did her to turn and walk out of her shop, leaving her alone with their offspring.



Volemack & ClanClan's babies:

The Felines:

Meiko -- shy, cautious, with her mother's fur pattern and eyes

Maoko -- a troublemaker, black furred with white badger-stripes from his eyes to his ears.

Maoki -- Maoko's twin in appearance, but a quiet and aloof female, always watching

Ringoko -- always close to her mother, curious about everything she does.  Loves apples, and her fur is a true mix of both parents.

Niko -- His father's Son... a brindle cat with black badger stripes from nose to tail, and a tendency to take on things bigger than himself.


The Human:

Rei -- the perfect image of her mother.

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