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The collapse of the Guild shakes the very foundations of Creation as trade threatens to stop and the caravans that serve as the lifeblood to many civilizations seem threatened.  Greyfalls and the Vir Sidus Empire are no exception and the Vir Sidus potentate as well as Cathak Zuriel and Ragara Ayesha, both notable figures of Greyfalls meet at the House of Venerable Lotus to discuss the situation.  A few short-term solutions and one very good long term solution come to light.


Short-term solutions

  • Cathak Zuriel promises to turn his fleet of twenty airboats and one flying large caravel into a caravan centered around Greyfalls
    • This endeavor is a success and promises Greyfalls will not go without basic needs.
  • The three magnates collaborate on getting a land caravan started
    • Zuriel has the engineers of the 10th Heavy Support Dragon begin building the wagons
    • Darius promises to secure a supply of yeddim (or other beast of burden) for the caravan, presumably from Fort Livenworth
    • Ayesha will see to hiring mercenaries to protect the caravan
  • For the time being Zuriel allows Darius to not pay taxes until his economy is stabilized figuring that the little jade their house will receive today will help very little if the Vir Sidus collapses completely
  • Ayesha will see to skyship production at the Vale in hopes of getting more flying ships to trade with
  • The Eastern and Western River Districts are given prime importance as they produce the foodstuffs of Greyfalls
    • Zuriel moves the Dragonmaw Gunzosha Talon there to reinforce the sector
  • The Fair Folk are given more importance and a plan to push them out of the two satrapies in question (Greyfalls and Vir Sidus) being formulation
    • Zuriel proposes more demons to complement their forces


Long-term solution

  • Try to get more people to adopt the jade standard and use Jade Scrip thereby strengthening the Imperial Treasury and the Empress's Purse


Two seasons later...

The economy of the East is slowly but clearly recovering form the collapse of the Guild bank. The spring brings back huge caravans full of needed goods to cities and towns, but instead of travelling under the banner of the Guild, most of these new caravans travel under the banner of House Ragara, bringing valuable goods with the brands of the Dynastic Houses of Greyfalls and the Vir Sidus Empire.

The Ragara Bank is also growing quickly, with branches appearing in large cities all over the East, even in Greatforks and Nexus.


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