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NPC: Rirasun

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A No Moon Elder. He is a master of Silver-Voiced Nightingale style and is also a crafter. The last known aspect is his abilities as a lore keeper, one of the great tale spinners of the Silver Pact. Rirasun will rarely fight at all, preferring to run and hide to keep the secrets of the Silver Pact. Not to mention it helps him to record the history of Creation a bit better. His current location is unknown but it is known that he is at least past Tajome in terms of heading eastwards.


Build: Celestial Sorcerer with excellent deceptive capabilities and some strong martial arts.

Totem: Locust.

Faction: Although he usually keeps it secret, he does belong to the Sun-King Seneschals within the Silver Pact.

Personality Traits: Think of him as the classic wise-man elder.

Current Plot Ties: None. He has advised some of the Silver Pact and trained one PC off-camera. He was also involved off-camera in the Zera plot trying to encourage giving a chance because he had not seen a fully thinking Chimera as corrupted as Zera was. From his point of view, anyways. Otherwise, he's fair game.

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(account deleted) said

at 7:19 am on Apr 11, 2009

Editted for future use. That's all the information I remember on him from Roaring Sonata plot-wise. I'll leave it up to the STs from here. Have fun with him.

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