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NPC Lice of Silver

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Lice-of-Silver, Terrestrial Goddess of Nexus


She is as beautiful as a ten-talent whore, and as filthy as the trash-barges that carry rubbish from the depths of Nighthammer.  In appearance, she is a prostitute, bedecked with fine silver jewelry in sufficient quantities to provide a shadow of modesty.  She is smiling, but her skull has been eaten away from the crown of the nose up, and a fat silver louse the size of a lion perches in the steaming wound.


The goddess of Nexus has grown fat off the tribute of Guildsmen throughout Creation for whom the City of a Thousand Lice is a sacred mecca.  Her powers can bestow luck in business, or steal it.  With a word she can condemn you to die in an alley at the hands of a petty criminal.  Once, the prince of thieves in Nexus bore her maze-sigil scarab, and every street in the city would answer to his call. When he betrayed her, he never found his way out of Nexus, only deeper in. Some say he is still looking, for she condemned him to live forever so long as he lay trapped in the catacombs.



The shrine of Lice-of-Silver is a beautiful facade, where the whores (one cannot call them courtesans or prostitutes, for those terms are too polite for the kind of desperate addict women that frequent this place) gather to turn tricks, lay opium-addled, or other less savoury activities. The more adventurous of the lot will find people to hang onto like parasites, sucking the rich dry. The wooden floors are rotten and termite-eaten, holes covered with slapdash planks and rough-hewn nails.


Known Prayers

Prince of Revels received a season-long Benediction after seeking the aid of Lice-of-Silver.



As yet undefined.



The character of Lice-of-Silver is revealed by her appearance alone.  The pretty whore is a facade, and the face she presents to the world at large.  This is what she usually plays at.  However, underneath that is a cold and calculating businesswoman (this is what the silver louse is supposed to be: both alien and a symbol of unearned wealth).  When charm fails, she falls back to her business acumen, attempting to get as much as she can for as little risk as possible.  This is how the character of Nexus is reflected in its goddess in mind and form. (From Gundrad's notes on the character.)

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