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Nexus: Nexus District

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Nexus District

    Twenty small islets make up the Nexus District, dark water flowing between Nighthammer Pool in the south and Nexus Pool in the north. In between, the gobbets of swampy earth that remain are studded thick with tall buildings and First Age towers, joined together by bridges and ferrymen. Despite the smoky miasma of the air and the reek of the canals, the buildings here are more finely made than most in Nexus, stout and thick-walled against the vagaries of the weather. Low as the district is, many of them lack windows on the ground floor, or else have iron shutters that seal water-tight against rains that can send the canals overflowing by six or seven feet up the walls. The reason for such sturdy building is plain beyond the weather- the men and women who scurry about here are often as not wealthy merchants and high officials of the city. Towards the far side of the district, the Guild has its headquarters in the second-largest First Age building still standing within the city. The slender lance of its tower spears into the smoky sky, attended by a clump of lesser structures clustering around its base.

    Several other neighborhoods perch upon the wet soil of Nexus. Many of the most exclusive artisan's shops are clumped into neighborhoods devoted to their particular specialties, with weaponsmiths, dyers, jewelers, papermakers, and other craftsmen gathered together for the benefit of their customers and their purses. The Harlotry along the southwest side of the district boasts the finest brothels in the city, and the Big and Little Markets see much of the city's trade churn in and out of their precincts. More dolorous wares are sold at Coffleblock Market, slaves bought and sold under elaborate legal dodges to evade Nexus' rules against slavery. At the eastern edge of the district, in the shadow of Sentinel Hill, squats the enigmatic Night Market. Under its eaves are sold all those goods that the Council has forbidden to be sold beneath a sunlit sky.


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