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Nexus: Gates of Nexus

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Gates of Nexus

    This far east, the Poor Man's Breath is not so bad. The fine particles of smelter ash that choke the western districts are fewer here, and the metallic stink of the foundries is replaced by more organic reeks. A jostling torrent of men, women, and beasts flows through the gate here, each one taxed and tallied by the gatekeepers with minute care. The guardians need only half do their work, however, for every experienced trader knows the grim consequences of shirking the entrance tax. Few wish to risk the curse of exile over the pittance that they demand. Most of the traffic is in long caravans of goods coming into the city or heading out to parts east, and the reek of bawling beasts is overpowering.

        Nexus tilts and cants like a drunkard, the city rumpled with hills and crevices fallen into the swampy earth. The roadbed heads west up a steadily-rising hill, the cobbles clotted with sweating men and women climbing the hill afoot. More wealthy citizens ride the pully-car, a cart dragged by clamps affixed to a jade-steel cable running unceasingly up the hill. To the north and south, the indistinct chaos of the gate sharpens into the districts of Bastion and Firewander, regal buildings and a thriving jungle the most distinguishing parts of each respectively.


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