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Nexus: Firewander District

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    Centuries ago, during the Great Contagion, a terrible army of Fair Folk attacked Nexus and blasted its heart with their perverse flames. The lingering traces of the Wyld which corrupted Firewander and those who dwelt there lasted for a long time, until the Solar known as the Prince of Revels bent it to his will and replaced it with the sprawling, thriving, pulsating jungle that is there now. Few buildings from the First Age remain indomitably, yet for the most part the buildings that exist are more recent contraptions, designed to fit in with the jungle and new environment - odd things, treehouses and other such designs.

        The inhabitants are noticeably better off. Men and women labouring long hours to eke out a living in this poorest of districts, but in a much different manner than they did before. The presence of such varied greens, from exotic flowers found normally only in the east to rarer specimens still, to fruit trees and carnivorous bushes to sweeping and majestic vines, all provide a vast source of drug-related products for the Guild, who has taken a keen interest in Firewander now and introduced wealth and jobs to it, leaving most better off. Even the air is cleaner, the vast jungle battling the Poor Man's Breath and restoring a measure of health to those who call this land their home.


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