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MUSH Commands

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Basic Commands

  • To speak, type say Hello. or "Hello. You don't need a closing quote. To explicitly speak out of character, type __ooc Hello.____
  • For other actions, type pose attacks the skeleton or :attacks the skeleton.
  • You can privately talk with someone at a distance using page. To talk to Kukla, type page Kukla=Hello or p Kukla=Hello. To talk with someone you've just paged, just type p Hello again.
  • To see who is online, type __+who__.
  • You can use the look or l command to look around, or type look me to look at yourself, or look person to look at a person (for example, look Kukla to look at the Kukla). Don't forget the +view command either, as some characters will have detailed sub-descriptions you can see using that command.
  • Rooms have Exits listed at the bottom - for example, in the Abstract OOC Space room, there are exits to 5 plot rooms, the Player's Nexus, and the Build Nexus. They have shorthand names listed next to them in <>'s, and you can pass through those exits to the rooms they lead to by typing those shorthand names (such as PN for the player nexus.)
  • The +roll command is a powerful tool that will automatically handle all your dice-rolling needs.
  • The +request command will let you send requests to the staff for all sorts of things, and it's the easiest way to get their attention.


Commands for character bookkeeping

  • The Multidescer lets you have multiple descriptions for your character.
  • The +view command lets you create detailed sub-descriptions for your character.
  • The +sheet command displays your character sheet.
  • The +info command stores background information and other details.
  • The +essencecommand can track your essence pools and commitments.
  • The +finger command is for posting public knowledge about your character.

Commands for navigation

  • The +IC command will teleport you to your last location on the grid.
  • The +OOC command will teleport you to the Out Of Character Lounge.
  • The +meetme command will let you summon people to your location, or let them summon you to theirs.

Other Commands

  • You can use @mail to leave messages for people.
  • You can read the Bulletin Boards using the commands at the page linked.

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