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MUSH Characters

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Advice For Making An ExaltedMUSH Character


Make a Secondary Character:


     Exalted is a game about ridiculously important people.  Anyone with a celestial slot can reasonably claim to be in the top percent or so of the most badass dudes in all of Creation.  The important thing to remember about this is that everyone on the MUSH will be similarly cool and important.  While in a tabletop game the circle as a whole can act as a main character due to backstories that are designed together and shared goals, on a MUSH character groups are often shorter-term and broader in diversity.


The important point that this is meant to lead up to is that it's almost never a good idea to make a character on this MUSH that would be considered a 'main character' - in the sense of a TV show, a book, or even a normal tabletop game of Exalted.  Instead, it can be a helpful strategy to think about how you would make an interesting and effective secondary or backup character.  A plot consisting of four secondary characters can work much more effectively together than four main characters, so it's important to design a character whose background and important causes can be subordinated to those of others.





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