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MP XP Policy

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XP Policy


Experience gain on Exalted MUSH is quite quick, so that a character can purchase a Charm a week on a good week.

  • All players who receive at least one reccommendation in a week will receive 10 XP for that week.
  • You should use the recommendation system to recommend every character you RP with each scene you RP with them. 
  • Players can, and are intensely encouraged to, run plots for each other. The person running the plot, whether ST or player, will recieve 1-4 XP for his efforts. This XP reward will be given after a log is uploaded to Recent History or Gameplay Logs. Participants in the plot can/should be +recced by one another, and by the person running it.


Extracurricular XP

  • You can earn 1 experience point for adding a character entry to the Character Index. Once per OOC month / IC Season, you can earn 1 additional experience point for updating your character entry.
  • Sometimes, you may be called upon to write descriptions for rooms on the MUSH, for in-game organizations, or for other things, in exchange for an experience point bribe.



The code for leaving recommendations on a player is simple.

  • To add a recommendation for a player, type +recc <player>.  Replace <player> with the player's name or alias.
    • Example: +recc Philokrates
  • +recc/view <player> shows you all the recommendations you've left for <player>.  To see a specific recommendation, type +recc/view <player>/#.


XP Rubric for Recommendations

Recommendations aren't just for rewarding good poses.  Recommendations are for rewarding good play!  Aesthetic, appealing writing is part of that, but doesn't even constitute a majority of what we look for. When you leave a recommendation, the staff appreciates it if you explicitly mention which of these behaviors you're pointing out. Please don't submit more than one recommendation per character per scene.


It's very rude to not hand out +recc's for scenes you've been in. If you've been in scenes receiving +reccs, but you didn't hand out any +reccs yourself, we might with-hold +recc XP for you that week.A vote command doesn't require a lot of work to do ( '+vote amat' for example ), so, it cuts down on people not +reccing.

Instead of recording the context and justification for reccs, the MUSH is switching over to a 'per scene, per day' vote system.  The new XP-per week system awards players based on how many days/week they have a scene.  No matter how many PCs are in a scene, no matter how many scenes they perform a day, PCs will receive a fixed amount of XP/day of RP a week.  The following is the tentative rubric for +reccing:


  • 3 days worth of votes (IE; +recc from 3 separate days that week) = 12xp
  • 2 days worth of votes (IE; +recc from 2 separate days that week) = 11xp
  • 1 days worth of votes (IE; +recc from 1 day that week) = 10xp


XP Rubric for Player-Run Plots

You can receive between 1 and 4 XP for running a plot. Plot XP is handled on saturdays, but be sure the ST's know about the plot! It's not necessarily enough to just post it on the wiki - feel free to nudge the GM's if you think they've forgotten. It's okay, really!

  • You receive 1 XP automatically, just for trying!
  • You receive 1 XP if the staff don't think the plot is patently dumb. This is like a 1 die stunt - it's a gimme.
  • You receive 1 XP if the plot builds off ongoing events, or inspires ongoing events. This is like a 2 die stunt - you can get it if you try.
  • You receive 1 XP if the staff think the plot is downright clever. This is like a 3-die stunt - hard to get!
  • If your plot is a marathon session, takes up multiple sessions, or is otherwise extremely long, you may receive bonus XP at ST discretion.

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