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Lumeria: Using Lumeria as a Location

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Most adventures in Lumeria will begin in Sector 27, where a tunnel to the surface has been opened by desperate Jadeborn explorers. Sector 27 contains mostly lower-level threats in the form of slug men, newly born Legotha (black acid slugs), and 'friendly' security automatons reprogrammed by the Jadeborn. Sector 27, once the Diplomatic Sector of the city, contains many buildings to explore and become familiar with how the city works. It has mostly been picked clean by the Jadeborn and Legotha, and is mostly devoid of the twisted, obedient humans who still populate Lumeria.


Hazards in Lumeria can range from those simple enough for heroic mortals and godbloods to face to challenges that even entire circles of experienced Solars will find it difficult to overcome. Much of the city still functions, and some sections are even kept clean by docile, pale-skinned humans and servitor machines who are incapable of realizing the city has died. In addition to Fair Folk, the Undead, Darkbroods, and hostile security golems, Lumeria is also dangerous in the form of environmental hazards. Not every building or even district has air. Some tunnels are on the verge of collapse. The Yellow River has begun flooding parts of the city. And, depending on the characters' actions, even the Jadeborn, led by a barely sane Chaos Seer may turn against them.


Adventures in Lumeria can range from exploring a towering skyscraper for a possible exit to the surface, scouring a plaza to rescue a Jadeborn exploration party, mapping out the lay of the land and hunting for treasures, or even attempting to open up a new Sector for exploration. Will your players make allies or enemies of the Jadeborn? Will they assault the Fair Folk or bargain with them? Work with the Dead or send them on to their final resting? Everyone in Lumeria wants something...and most are willing to bargain to get it.

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