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Lumeria: Survival in a Dead City

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In addition to concerns about running out of air or being buried in a cave-in, explorers must also concern themselves with food and shelter. One way to overcome this is to simply include extra provisions in the travel supplies when venturing underground. But extended stays, unexpected misfortune, or being unable to go back the way one came in can all lead to a dire need of food and drink. To this end, one can tap the many conduits that flow throughout the city. Finding a conduit requires an (Intelligence + Lore) Difficulty 5 roll, or a (Perception + Survival) Difficulty 3 roll.


Many of Lumeria's manses once held the Living feature, and the conduits were used to channel food and water to these architectural gardens. While most of the manses have since died from neglect, the conduits still channel nutrient slurries, fresh water, and other materials throughout the city. Processed in Sector 67, many of these materials are safe (if unappetizing) for human consumption. Use the following table when tapping a conduit (which requires no more than a sharp instrument and a Feat of Strength at difficulty 10). If using a weapon with the Piercing tag, this difficulty drops to 5. If using a Tap (see below) the difficulty falls again to 1.


Roll Contents              | Roll Contents

 1    Pure Water           |  11   Pure Air

 2    Nutrient Slurry      |  12   Nutrient Slurry

 3    Nutrient Slurry      |  13   Nutrient Slurry

 4    Pure Air             |  14   Alarm (Golems)

 5    Pure Water           |  15   Corrosive Essence

 6    Explosion            |  16   Explosion

 7    River Water          |  17   Waste Materials

 8    Toxic Slurry         |  18   Blood (Toxic)

 9    Alarm (Automatons)   |  19   Empty

 10   Restorative Essence  |  20   Healing Essence


Security Automatons are equal to a scale of Brass Legionnaires. Security Golems are equivalent to a fang of Common Warstriders (use Brass Legionnaire stats for the pilot). Toxic Slurry and Blood are 7B/minute 2, -/-, -2. Restorative Essence restores 1d3 motes per tick for 5 ticks. Corrosive Essence drains an equal amount of motes. Healing Essence also restores one level of Bashing or Lethal damage per tick for 5 ticks, in addition to the effects of Restorative Essence. Explosions have a damage of 10B (Fire).


The Jadeborn of Gammensien have developed Taps (Resources 4 or Artifact 1) that allow them to more easily access the conduits of the city. Using a Tap reduces the necessary Feat of Strength to only 1. The use of a Tap also allows a reflexive (Wits + Awareness) Difficulty 3 roll to prevent the effects of tapping if a negative reaction would occur. Using the tap in this way renders it unusable until it can be repaired.

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