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         The trail is still pretty fresh. The forest of the northeast is thick and filled with pine trees. Beams of light barely pierce through the needles, illuminating parts of the forest while others remain cloaked in darkness. Someone had been kidnapping some children from the village a day away and begged that someone help them get the children back. It is here that a small group has formed, consisting of two of people. One of them, Rixt, is an archer from the village and the other, Kijlo, is a mercenary specializing in the use of his spear. Rixt looks at Niamh, smiling, "Well miss, we close?" He asks. Rixt is a younger man, only in his early twenties and very cheerful. He has been rather good company for the trip, while Kiljo is older and quieter, around forty.

-= OOC =- Cathak Mas says, "Okay, so, the trail is very fresh and also a bit... strange"

 (Judge) Niamh rolls Intelligence + Survival: [ 3 4 4 5 5 6 7 9 ]

         Resulting in 2 successes.

-= OOC =- Cathak Mas says, "That is enough to know that this trail is very... awkward. You don't think these tracks are of a human"

-= OOC =- Cathak Mas says, "There is also marks indicating there is a cart being pulled as well"

         Niamh peers intently at the ground before her as well as the surrounding forest. She kneels to the ground and brushes a hand softly against the earth, inhaling deeply through her nose as though searching for a scent. Her red ears twitch back and forth to the sounds of the forest life. Her eyes close for a moment in concentration and she holds a cautionary finger to her lips and shakes her head indicating that she will not respond vocally. Her brow furrows slightly at the oddness of the tracks. She slowly rises into a standing position once again and starts forth cautiously.

         Rixt and Kijlo follow behind Niamh, weapons out just incase. The trail continues on for another twenty minutes before they can spot the cart through the underbrush. It seems they might have lucked out, seeing as one of the wheels broke off of it. No sign of whatever was it was that pulled the cart. Rixt murmurs a little, having very keen eyes. "I don't see anyone... Wait." He spots movement in the cart, and squints. "Something is in the cart..." He looks at Niamh and Kijlo. Kijlo shrugs. "We could go, but... It might be a trap. What you think, Niamh? Seems too easy to me."

         Niamh again gestures for silence, she wishes these people would learn to hold their tongues! One of the first rules of tracking is to be silent. She allows herself an inner sigh before indicating that she will go forward. Her hands fall to some of the blades hidden in her shirt as she slowly begins to edge towards the cart. She steps carefully, leading with her toes so that she makes as almost no noise. Her gray eyes watch the cart but she is careful to watch the woods around her as well.

-= OOC =- Cathak Mas says, "Roll dexterity+stealth and perception+awareness"

(Judge) Niamh rolls Dexterity + Stealth: [ 2 2 5 5 6 6 7 9 ]

         Resulting in 2 successes.

(Judge) Niamh rolls Perception + Awareness: [ 4 4 5 6 7 8 9 9 9 ]

         Resulting in 5 successes.

(Judge) Cathak Mas rolls 4: [ 3 4 6 8 ]

         Resulting in 1 successes.

(Judge) Cathak Mas rolls 5: [ -1- -1- 3 5 5 ]

         Resulting in a Botch!

         As Niamh moves closer and closer, she notices that the cart has a cage and in it, two children. They are wrapped up in a blanket and knocked out, probably having cried themselves to sleep. A rustling is heard from behind a tree and the woman quickly notices that a very large creature is behind it, hiding and waiting. It is crafted out of bodies, some ogre stitched together. Its finger joints are skulls that drip with purple ichor and its skull is actually a large pumpkin that seems to suck light into itself. It doesn't notice Niamh, but is looking past her at the other two. They don't seem to notice it yet.

         Niamh freezes upon seeing the monstrosity concealed with in the trees. While it seems that the thing has yet to notice her, she doubts that she could free the children without being noticed. Its focus seems to be fixed on the men behind her and she dare not warn them, certain that they could not hide it if they became aware of its presence. She slowly sinks into a crouch and waits to see what the creature will do.

         The pair looks at Niamh a bit in confusion. She stopped moving, so maybe she saw something. Carefully, Kijlo takes a single step forward, eyes darting as he holds his spear out. He whispers something quietly to Rixt and he slowly moves around, towards the cart but also away from Niamh. He seems to glance at Niamh for a moment though, eyes betraying what he is thinking. He plans to lure whatever it is out without bringing notice to Niamh. The creature's eyes lock onto Kijlo and it seems to tense for a moment, about to pounce on the man that approaches slowly.

         Niamh's eyes dart from the creature to Kijlo to Rixt to the cart back to the creature. She tries to catch either Kijlo's or Rixt's eye and looks pointedly to the creature's hiding place. One slim hand reaches for the knife concealed at the small of her back. The muscles in her legs tense, ready to spring up when the moment for action arrives.

         Niamh's plan works just in time. The monster springs out of its hiding place just as Kiljo notices it. Kiljo yells, "Holy mother of hell!" The large monster roars angrily and Kiljo stabs at it, hitting one of its huge arms before getting swatted like a fly. He is sent sprawling and crashes into a tree. He stumbles a little bit, but rises again and mutters curses under his breath.

         Niamh fights the urge to lunge out willy-nilly. She stands up and begins to stalk the creature, careful not to rush. She wishes to keep the creature from knowing how many face it. She pulls out her blade and moves closer to the creature.

         The monster roars at Kiljo, moving to swat at him. However, a pair of arrows are launched at stick into its side as Rixt shoots at it. Kijlo takes the chance to stab at it again, making another wound in its side. The monster does not appreciate this and grabs the man. This time, he throws the man much harder and at a rock. Kijlo hits the rock and goes limp, just lying there. It is hard to tell if he is breathing from where Niamh stands. The creature turns to look at Rixt and instincts tell you that it looks to be going for the young archer next.

         Niamh makes a decision and abandons her caution. Her muscles tense and she runs towards the creature. As she nears the beast, her legs bend slightly and she leaps soundlessly at the creature, a knife clenched in each hand. All she can hope for is to distract the creature long enough for Rixt to reload and shoot.

(Judge) Niamh rolls Dexterity + Melee + 5: [ -1- -1- 3 3 4 4 6 8 8 8 9 <10> ]

         Resulting in 6 successes.

(Judge) Niamh rolls 2: [ 7 <10> ]

         Resulting in 3 successes.

 (Judge) Niamh rolls 4: [ 2 2 5 9 ]

         Resulting in 1 successes.

         The creature roars in anger as it is stabbed, wound dripping purple ichor. It turns on Niamh for now, ignoring the arrow that hits it in the side again. Its creepy, grinning pumpkin head glows with inner light as its hand swipes out at the woman, hoping to rip into her flesh.

(Judge) Cathak Mas rolls 10: [ 2 3 3 4 6 6 6 7 9 <10> ]

         Resulting in 4 successes.

-= OOC =- Cathak Mas says, "Okay, that misses you"

         Niamh falls into a defensive position, knees bent slightly and her weight on the ball of her feet. She begins to back away slightly to draw the monster away from the men and the cart. Her eyes do not stray from the creature yet she uses her peripheral vision to watch the others.

         Rixt launches another arrow into the monster, slowly whittling at its back. The monster grumbles and swings at Niamh again, hand swatting towards her as she draws it away from her companions.

(Judge) Cathak Mas rolls 10: [ -1- 3 4 4 8 8 9 9 <10> <10> ]

         Resulting in 8 successes.

(Judge) Cathak Mas rolls 6: [ 4 5 6 6 8 8 ]

         Resulting in 2 successes.

         Niamh lurches slightly as she is hit, she falls to the ground but immediately rolls back onto her feet further away from the thing drawing it ever farther from others it might seek to hurt. She puts the pain into the back of her mind as she lunges towards the creature. She feints at his throat with her knife and then turns and kicks at his knee suddenly.

(Judge) Niamh rolls Dexterity + Martial arts + 3: [ -1- 2 3 5 7 8 9 ]

         Resulting in 3 successes.

(Judge) Niamh rolls 1: [ 9 ]

         Resulting in 1 successes.

         The giant monster’s knee is kicked hard, bruising the flesh there. It growls as two more arrows stab into its back, causing it to limp slightly. It turns around now and glares at Rixt before it picks up a large rock and whips it at the archer. The man tries to dodge, but the boulder clips his side and sends him spinning a few feet. He falls down.

         Without thinking, Niamh makes a running leap onto a large rock nearby. Her boots connect solidly with the stone as she pushes off and leaps onto the creature's back, her arms weave around his neck and the moonsilver in her right hand flashes as she stabs rapidly at the creature.

(Judge) Niamh rolls Dexterity + Melee + 6: [ 2 2 3 4 5 5 5 5 7 7 9 <10> <10> ]

         Resulting in 7 successes.

(Judge) Niamh rolls 4: [ 2 4 5 <10> ]

         Resulting in 2 successes.

         The monster roars at Niamh, trying to hit the only remaining member of the party. Its hand curls into a fist as it swings at the woman who dares try to climb around on its back. Its joint dislocates disgustingly, granting it the flexibility to reach the back, if with some difficulty.

(Judge) Cathak Mas rolls 9: [ 3 3 3 4 5 6 6 <10> <10> ]

         Resulting in 4 successes.

-= OOC =- Cathak Mas says, "misses"

         Niamh ducks her head as the arm swings at her. She brings her arm back and stabs once again, this time she aims for where the thing's neck meets its back. Her other hand reaches around she claws at its eyes. She feels her nails break as they scrape at the creature's face.

(Judge) Niamh rolls Dexterity + Melee + 4: [ 2 4 4 4 4 5 6 6 6 8 9 ]

         Resulting in 2 successes.

(Judge) Niamh rolls Dexterity + Martial arts + 1: [ 4 6 7 8 <10> ]

         Resulting in 4 successes.

(Judge) Niamh rolls 3: [ 3 3 6 ]

         Resulting in a failure.

         The monster's shaking prevents any real damage as Niamh is being shaken too much. It shakes her off its back and snarls down at her. It roars and a large foot kicks forward, hoping to punt the woman like a living football.

(Judge) Cathak Mas rolls 11: [ -1- -1- -1- -1- 3 4 5 5 6 9 <10> ]

         Resulting in 3 successes.

         Niamh rolls onto all fours before leaping to her feet once again. She has lost one of her knives and pulls a pin from her coif. Except it is not a pin but a fine, small blade. She dives forward into a controlled roll, landing on her feet quite close to the monster and stabs at the giant pumpkin.

(Judge) Niamh rolls Dexterity + Melee + 6: [ -1- 2 2 4 5 6 6 7 7 8 8 8 9 ]

         Resulting in 6 successes.

(Judge) Niamh rolls 4: [ 3 7 7 <10> ]

         Resulting in 4 successes.

         The giant monster roars again as it is stabbed once more. It growls and tries once more to kick the woman stabbing at him, its rock hard foot trying to somehow get the better hand on her.

(Judge) Cathak Mas rolls 11: [ -1- 3 4 4 6 6 6 6 7 8 9 ]

         Resulting in 3 successes.

         Niamh turns to avoid the creature's kick and reaches out with her other hand to punch at the small of the creature's back, knife handle in hand to weight her fist. She turns out of the creature's reach as sweat begins to collect upon her brow and she takes a moment to wipe it before it reaches her eyes.

(Judge) Niamh rolls Dexterity + Martial arts + 2: [ 2 3 5 6 6 8 ]

         Resulting in 1 successes.

         The monster bats the bad out of the way and snarls again. It takes a step back once more and tries a third time to kick at the woman. It needs to get her out from under it, for it knows that she has the advantage in the current arrangements.

(Judge) Cathak Mas rolls 11: [ -1- 2 2 5 5 5 5 6 6 7 9 ]

         Resulting in 2 successes.

         Niamh once again swings her right arm out and her moonsilver blade flashes as she strikes at the creature's calf muscle, hoping to stop his attempts to kick her.

(Judge) Niamh rolls Dexterity + Melee + 6: [ -1- 3 3 4 5 5 6 6 <10> <10> <10> <10> <10> ]

         Resulting in 10 successes.

(Judge) Niamh rolls 8: [ -1- 2 3 3 6 8 8 9 ]

         Resulting in 3 successes.

         The giant monster stumbles back a little bit, its leg too injured. It growls a little bit more, its face twisting to snarl. A fist swats at her, hoping to send her sprawling against the rocks.

(Judge) Cathak Mas rolls 11: [ 2 3 3 4 4 6 8 8 8 9 <10> ]

         Resulting in 6 successes.

(Judge) Cathak Mas rolls 6: [ 2 2 6 6 8 <10> ]

         Resulting in 3 successes.

         Niamh feels the most curious sensation as she takes flight, at least until she crashes into a pile of rocks. She attempted to relax her body to minimize the damage of her fall but her flight is too short so when she hits, she hits hard. She manages to roll back onto her feet but the world around her sways for a moment as pain grips her body. Her back feels like one big bruise and she has difficulty standing fully upright. She managed to keep hold of her blade though and she raises it before her as she falls into a defensive stance, hoping her head clears while she waits for the beast to approach.

         The giant monster roars at Niamh, charging at her and swinging its fist around again at her, though purple ichor drips from its numerous wounds, it seems to not relent.

(Judge) Cathak Mas rolls 11: [ -1- 3 4 5 6 6 6 7 8 9 <10> ]

         Resulting in 5 successes.

(Judge) Cathak Mas rolls 5: [ -1- 3 5 9 9 ]

         Resulting in 2 successes.

         Niamh once again takes flight as she is struck by the creature. She hopes this will not become a common occurance as she crashes to the ground in a pile. She wonders briefly if she will be able to get up this time as every part of her body screams in pain. Her mind flashes on all that would occur if she failed to get up. Pictures of the broken bodies of Rixt and Kiljo did not hurt her as much as imagining the children waking to once again realize that they were in the clutches of a monster. This image in her mind, she lurches slowly to her feet. She sways slightly as she brings her weapon up in front of her.

         The monster roars and goes to lift a large rock to throw at Niamh, but time stops for a moment. The creature seems to barely move and the noise of the world tunes out. Suddenly, from behind Niamh, a voice rings out, heavenly and full of life, "You are very passionate, young Niamh. You have not given up. Not accepted death. Not like the other two who already gave up. Why is that?" The person behind Niamh is the most attractive male that Niamh has ever seen. He is covered from head to toe in silver strips of cloth and his hair is the color of the moon at night. His teeth, however, are feral looking. Serrated and as sharp as the claws on each hand.

         Niamh's eyes flash from the creature to the strange man behind her. She refuses to turn her back on the creature, uncertain what is going on, so she turns only slightly so that she can see both at once. This slightly movement sends shocks of pain throughout her body making her wince. Yet her tone is surprisingly polite, "What was that sir? I fear my ears may be ringing slightly."

         The man smiles at this, very amused. "Even now, you are alert though near death. Such a wonder you are, Niamh." He moves in front of her for a moment, looking her over from head to toe. "I must say you resemble your mother a lot, but I see the differences in you, too. You are more than just your mother's daughter now and someday you will command as much respect as her, young one." He lightly holds her chin in his hand gazing at her fondly.

         This is entirely unexpected. Niamh feels the need to shake her head but she doubts that this would be very wise at this time. "Excuse me, but who are you and how do you know my mother?" Her eyes widen in shock at her own pertness. She must have hit her head harder than she had thought.

         "Who I am does not matter, young one. All that matters is that you live long enough to find the answer to that question for yourself." The man smiles ferally at Niamh, looking her over once more before suddenly kissing her hotly on the lips. There is a cool sensation, followed by a sudden inner fire. Like the world was dull before that single moment, a rebirth into the world. He pulls away and traces her lips with his finger before winking, "I look forward to the rest of this fight..." He disappears abruptly and Niamh finds herself in a bonfire of silver energy, the monster still reach forward to grab the rock.

         Niamh blinks at the quick change of events. At the man's abrupt disappearance her attention shifts back to the creature. She feels filled with renewed energy and she runs to meet the creature, stopping suddenly and falling into a somersault. She lands on her feet and her right hand flashes forward to stab at the creature before she falls backwards into another roll.

(Judge) Niamh rolls Dexterity + Martial arts + 6: [ -1- 2 2 2 4 5 5 7 8 9 ]

         Resulting in 3 successes.

(Judge) Niamh rolls 2: [ 5 6 ]

         Resulting in a failure.

         The creature snarls, but seems taken back by this renewed strength and vigor. It stops going for the rock and swings an awkward arm out at Niamh, hoping to beat her back with the strategy he used before.

(Judge) Cathak Mas rolls 11: [ 2 2 3 4 5 6 8 8 8 <10> <10> ]

         Resulting in 7 successes.

         Something seems to shift inside Niamh and she is overcome by the strangest feeling as she begins to change. Dark fur sprouts all over her body, claws extend from her fingers, her teeth sharpen and everything in the wood becomes exceedingly clear to her eye. For a moment she feels as thought she will break out of her skin and then it is over and she lunges forward in a burst of energy. Her knife is still tightly gripped in her right hand and its silver flash reflects the burning light enveloping Niamh as she strikes twice at the creature in rapid succession.

(Judge) Niamh rolls Dexterity + Dexterity + Melee + 7: [ -1- 2 2 3 4 4 5 5 6 6 7 7 7 8 9 9 <10> <10> ]

         Resulting in 10 successes.

(Judge) Niamh rolls 9: [ 2 4 4 6 7 8 8 <10> <10> ]

         Resulting in 7 successes.

(Judge) Niamh rolls Dexterity + Dexterity + Melee + 6: [ -1- -1- 2 2 2 3 3 5 5 6 6 7 8 8 9 <10> <10> ]

         Resulting in 8 successes.

(Judge) Niamh rolls 8: [ -1- 2 4 7 8 9 9 <10> ]

         Resulting in 6 successes.

         The monstrous pumpkin monster stumbles as these attacks are much more well aimed and powerful than the previous ones. Its primary necro-veins cut, it lurches forward at Niamh once more, but it is clumsy and misses easily. It collapses on the forest floor, shivering once before it tenses and goes limp, the unlife seeping from the wounds and dissipating. The Pumpking MK IV has been put to rest.


         Niamh emits an inelegant "Oomph!" and immediately falls back into her original form as she falls to the ground in a sitting position, momentarily shocked. Her ears catch a slight sound and she recalls her companions. She forces herself to stand once more and goes first to Kijlo. Seeing that he is dead, she closes his eyes and moves on to examine Rixt. She notes that he is still alive with some surprise and she immediately begins to bind his wounds and look about for some helpful herbs.

(Judge) Niamh rolls Intelligence + Medicine: [ -1- 2 3 3 4 5 6 <10> ]

         Resulting in 2 successes.

         Rixt's right shoulder and arm are very broken, as are a few ribs on that side. Luckily for him, he seems to have not suffered any internal wounds and is just barely conscious. He is looking at Niamh with wide eyes, like she is almost some kind of monster or something. He cowers at her approach, but as she begins to bind his wounds, he gets a little less tense. "Y-you... killed that thing..." He says, coughing a little. He looks at his poor shoulder and tries to stand up, but fails as he twisted his ankle during his fall.

         Niamh's eyes are soft wide still wide with shock over what just happened, her voice is diffident, "Yes...I suppose I did." Her hands shake slightly as she goes about binding Rixt's wounds but they flash out quickly to catch him as he stumbles. "I wouldn't try walking just now. I am going to go check on the children trapped in the cart and then we shall have to find some way to carry you back to the village." She stands up carefully and walks over to the cart. She half expects herself to either pass out or lose control again. She feels almost uncomfortable in her own skin.

         Rixt doesn't move anymore, just nodding and trying to relax. The cart has the pair of children still inside of the cage. It might take awhile, but it shouldn't be too tough to convince them to go back with Niamh. Once they do, the only trouble will be getting Rixt up and moving while still taking care of the children. The man seems to know this and calls out, "Niamh, just go back without me. I don't think I can walk back and you probably can't lift me up..."

         Niamh looks at the cage and then back at Rixt before suddenly smacking herself in the forehead. Calling herself ten kinds of idiot, she sends out a silent call. Knowing that help will be on the way, she sets herself to the task of freeing the children. She does not look up as she addresses Rixt, "Help is coming, and I am not leaving you here."

         Rixt looks quizzical at this, shrugging a little. "Help? Who is going to come help us? We are a full day away from the village and I don't think anyone was expecting to come get us." He replies, a bit confused. The children are not too eager to get out of the cage once it is opened, looking over at the corpse of the giant monster that took them, worried it might spring to life again or something.


         Niamh attempts to coax the children out of the cage, promising food. She then turns to Rixt and simply states, "Help is coming" her gaze holds no doubt whatsoever. She turns once again to the children and offers her hands. "The monster is dead, won't you please come out little ones?"

         The children slowly look up at Niamh and then they come out of the cage. They are afraid, of course, but the ordeal of the past two days has left them broken and the promise of food is alluring. Rixt shakes his head. "If you say so, Niamh..." He reaches out and grabs his water flask, tossing it with his left arm to Niamh to share with the kids.

         Niamh catches the flask and hands it to the children. She leads them over to Rixt and bids them to sit beside him while she reaches into the bag she had long ago dropped and pulls out some slightly crushed bread. She breaks off some pieces and hands them to the children.

         Rixt smirks up at Niamh, looking around them. "Well, I suppose why we are here, we should start to get to know one another a little better..." He pats the ground in front of himself, looking exhausted. He takes the flask form the child, taking a drink and then handing it back. "So... Just what are you?" The day turns to night as Rixt asks Niamh questions and answers some in return, hoping to learn more about Creation's newest Chosen of Luna, the person who saved his life and the lives of the two children from his village.

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