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Log: The Firewander Chimera

Page history last edited by Tsangun 14 years, 12 months ago

Synopsis: Three exalts, and one mortal, encounter a Chimera in the Firewander district of Nexus, and bravely put down the monster.

Setting: Nexus, Firewander District

Characters: Fudou, Prince of Revels, Autumn Lotus, Suzume

Run By: Gao-Ling


It's night time in Nexus, and Luna has her face completely on view tonight. There wasn't any rain today, and from the looks of the lack of any clouds, there wouldn't be any for a while. The full moon shines down upon Luna's chosen tonight, making them just a bit more on edge, just a bit more reckless, and just a bit more ready for a fight. The same goes for the monster stalks the Firewander district on this night.


          As Fudou entered Nexus, he noticed distinct scratch marks on a sign post at the city's entrances. It was a message in claw-speak, from a Full Moon caste hunter Million Klaives. It warned all other members of the Silver Pact to beware a dangerous chimera recently found stalking the streets of Nexus whenever the moon is full.


-= OOC =- Suzume isn't here. You can't prove anything.


The Prince of Revels, Autumn Lotus, and Suzume, lacking in the ability to understand Lunar claw speak, are blisfully unaware of the dangers that stalks the streets, although they may have heard rumors of missing people.


Autumn Lotus is out on his normal nightly patrols through the Firewander district, stopping what murders, muggings and other banditry he could. He leaned on his wrackstaff on a rickety rooftop, eyes scanning the darkened streets, listening for signs of trouble.


Fudou studies the message for quite some time, standing stone still like some immense first-age construct that decided to stop moving. Most people who pass by him take a good look and then move on..assuming the man to be staring at little more then worn scratches into a sign post. Finally..the giant man moves and begins to make his way into the city. His steps are ponderous but heavy and purposeful as they continously move him in the direction of Firewander. The immense tarp-wrapped object is slowly removed from his back as he moves and straddled across his street-broad shoulder as he begins to enter Firewander..pretty much as obvious as can be right now.


-= OOC =- Suzume changes short-descs. One of these days she'll write real descs, honest.



         The Prince of Revels has chosen on this night to accompany Autumn Lotus. He hasn't said a word and has resisted any and all attempts at conversation, but has followed without pause, watching as the man works to do what he can in this notoriously bad district. For awhile, anyway - some time before Lotus ended up on the roof, Prince broke off from him to see to some chore or another, and is only now making his way back through the streets. He doesn't appear to be tracking Lotus, instead wandering, perhaps seeing what life will throw at him in the slums.


Suzume is likewise on a nightly patrol of Firewander. In her case it's hardly regular, but it was intimated to her that perhaps taking a hand in the events of the last few evenings in Firewander might have helpful effects towards... well. Her preparations for the evening involve male disguise and sneaking in deserted alleyways or, where necessary, rooftops. As fate would have it, the rooftop necessary in this case is the one where Autumn Lotus presently pauses. Seeing that there's someone on the rooftop, she starts to climb back down but then thinks against it, instead climbing up and placing her hands into view.


The Chimera hunts today. Too far warped by the Wyld to be considered human anymore, it is at the stage where it must feed on living creatures to regain Essence and other nourishment. Animals will do, of course, but those are barely filling. Human beings make for a much more attractive dish, and even better than mere mortals is the flesh of essence wielders. From its hiding place, the Chimera spots several likely targets. There are many choices tonight, and many of them appear to be essence users that would leave the Chimera satiated for many a nights after feeding. But at the same time... they seem dangerous. The Chimera is no mindless beast. Insane, perhaps, and without compassion... it retains all the cunning and intelect it had when it was human. No... perhaps better to go for the safer choice. The lone girl, who may not be an essence wielder, but is certainly easier prey.


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "Let's have a Perception + Awareness or Investigation, please."


-= OOC =- Prince of Revels says, "From everyone?"


-= OOC =- Fudou says, "Are you posing in Prince?"


-= OOC =- Fudou says, "oh duh"


-= OOC =- Fudou says, "Sorry I missed it :)"


(Judge) Autumn Lotus rolls Perception  + Awareness: [ -1- -1- 2 3 5 ]

         Resulting in a Botch!



-= OOC =- Autumn Lotus says, "god dammit, I have never NOT botched a perception/awareness roll >.<"


(Judge) Fudou rolls Perception  + Awareness: [ -1- 3 6 7 8 ]

         Resulting in 2 successes.



(Judge) Prince of Revels rolls Perception  + Awareness: [ 4 7 ]

         Resulting in 1 successes.



(Judge) Suzume rolls Perception  + Awareness: [ 3 3 6 7 9 9 <10> ]

         Resulting in 5 successes.



-= OOC =- Suzume is a frickin' sensory viking.


-= OOC =- Prince of Revels makes a mental note to buy up more Awareness after Medicine.


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "Good for you! Especially because you're the chimera's target."


-= OOC =- Suzume says, "Geep."


-= OOC =- Suzume points out that she is disguised as male, though. Said so in her pose. :)


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "The Chimera... can smell you."


-= OOC =- Prince of Revels says, "It's a /chimera/. Let's just say it smells the pheremones."


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "Let's go with that. ;)"


-= OOC =- Prince of Revels blinks.


-= OOC =- Prince of Revels says, "Go figure."


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling hehs.


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "Lemme pose again."


-= OOC =- Suzume says, "Sounds good."


-= OOC =- Autumn Lotus needs to unbreak the freaking dice roller. I'm seriously tired. That's 3 botches in a row.


Suzume hears a noise. Although Fudou and the Prince both hear it as well, they are further away and take less notice of it. (Autumn Lotus was distracted by a scantily clad lady of the night who waved at him in passing). Suzume, is close enough that she can investigate the noise. It appeared to be coming from the side of the very building whose rooftop she stands upon. She glances over the wall, only to find herself face to face with the Chimera. It appears to be a centipede, only far larger than normal, its length easily longer than the whole wall if stretched out. Besides its sizes, it shows obvious signs of being a most unnatural monster; in place of normal insect legs, the legs poking out from underneath the chimera's body seem to be a mix-match of legs that belong to a variety of creatures, from horses to tiger claws to other things stranger still. Looking closely, Suzume can even spot a pair of human arms and legs underneath the belly of the creature.


-= OOC =- Suzume says, "I'd also like to point out that I'm sharing a rooftop with Autumn. But I can work with this."


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "Really? I thought you were on a different rooftop. My bad."


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "Well, then the Chimera was just on the wall closest to you."


-= OOC =- Autumn Lotus says, "I totally was NOT distracted by that!"


-= OOC =- Autumn Lotus says, "I was thinking!"


-= OOC =- Autumn Lotus says, "Deeply!"


-= OOC =- Prince of Revels says, "Ahuh, suuure."


-= OOC =- Fudou laughs


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "Heh heh. xD You botched, ST gets to decide what happens. Just be glad you didn't go blind!"


-= OOC =- Fudou is going to activate his anima power for double movement etc


-= OOC =- Prince of Revels says, "What sort of noise is it? Is this obviously not a normal person walking around noise?"


-= OOC =- Suzume says, "Also, are we using pose order?"


-= OOC =- Fudou says, "and go in direction of the sound *posing* "i'm announcing my intention now cause I'm not sure if you want to move into JB yet." *nods* fair question although Fudou is here deliberatly to hunt the Chim. :)"


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "It was just the noise of rock falling. The chimera's sneaky."


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "And I figure I'll let people pose once more before going into JB"


-= OOC =- Suzume is paranoid. :)


Autumn Lotus is clueless.


-= OOC =- Autumn Lotus says, "that was supposed to be ooc but, well, it's true."



         Walking through the slums, the sound of a falling rock isn't particularly threatening or suspicious, especially given the decrepit nature of so many of the buildings here; a chunk of a roof probably just broke, is all. Prince, while near the building Lotus and Suzume are, does nothing.


Suzume is about to say something to the other occupant of the roof when she hears the beast climbing the wall in her direction. Turning to face the beast but jumping away from it, she reaches into her right sleeve with her left hand: her bracelet warms to her touch and unfolds into a knife. Not likely to be of much help against a monster like this, but it's better than nothing. "Be aware, blood-of-dragons! Abominations approach!" This was, presumably, to Autumn Lotus.


Fudou's nostrils flare and his head turns to the side as he hears the noise coming from a reasonable distance away. Discreetly, essence roils inside of him and his muscles bulge and creak visibly and ominously beneath his long jacket and tattered garments. There is a momentary pause as his huge form recoils slightly and then suddenly antics into a blur of motion and movement as he begins to make his way through the streets at a pace far faster then should be realistically possible. His coat whips out and trails behind him like the flourish of a theater curtain and he reaches out with a vast huge arm for the side of a building..intending to rapidly scale it in search of a better vantage point so as to see what the noise was and what occurs throughout the distract. As he does this, the call for alarm is given and he grimaces but then grins mildly..suspscious confirmed.


-= OOC =- Fudou says, "Prince is welcome to see Fudou go racing past, if Gao doesn't mind"


-= OOC =- Prince of Revels says, "Hard to miss him, I'd think."


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "heh. Just waiting for Autumn Lotus to pose, and then we can roll JB"


-= OOC =- Fudou says, "Well yeah it is but he also could have taken another street in this obscurely described maze like area. I'm saying Fudou could have just gone past your position :)"


The oddly familiar shout startled Lotus out of his reverie, and he lost his balance, dropped to one knee, and turned, whipping the staff in a long ember-laden arc to a ready position. Who was that? Abominations? He'd seen some strange things in Firewander at night, but never anything quite worthy of that title...


-= OOC =- Suzume should remember that Sister is also here. Not that she'll have much of an impact on this scene. Ah well.


-= OOC =- Autumn Lotus says, "Peck it's eyes out! All of them!"


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "Right. Gimme a JB"


Code> You have no dice to roll. Check your spelling?


(Judge) Gao-Ling rolls 8: [ -1- 3 4 6 6 6 <10> <10> ]

         Resulting in 4 successes.



(Judge) Autumn Lotus rolls Wits  + Awareness: [ -1- 3 5 5 6 ]

         Resulting in a Botch!



-= OOC =- Autumn Lotus says, "you are fucking kidding me."


(Judge) Prince of Revels rolls 4: [ 2 4 5 7 ]

         Resulting in 1 successes.



(Judge) Suzume rolls Wits  + Awareness: [ -1- 2 3 4 5 7 7 <10> ]

         Resulting in 4 successes.



(Judge) Fudou rolls Wits  + Awareness: [ 5 6 7 9 9 <10> ]

         Resulting in 5 successes.



-= OOC =- Suzume says, "Try using +roll instead, maybe?"


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "Tick 0, Fudou. Tick 1, Suzume and the Chimera. Tick 4, Price. Tick 6, Autumn"


-= OOC =- Fudou says, "is it reasonable to assume that Fudou can now see the Chimera or will once he reaches the rooftops?"


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "Hell yes. o.O"


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "The thing is huge."


-= OOC =- Suzume says, "A quick question: every time I use the +roll code I get a message saying I have no dice to roll. Does anyone else get that?"


-= OOC =- Fudou says, "Yeah."


-= OOC =- Prince of Revels says, "Yeah, it's a weird bug that no one's ever managed to identify."


-= OOC =- Fudou also assumes if thse buildings are able to support the Chimera it's going to support him. *posing action*


Barely has the call gone out is Fudou suddenly bursting into view from the side of the rooftop, arrival perfectly timed as fate would have it and his body changing even as it moves..expanding in size bigger and bigger as his coat flares about him with suddenly revealed moonsilver wreathing it in stylized armor and the tarp enveloping his grand goremaul whirling away to reveal the immense weapon in it's full magnitude and ebon hued, silver rimmed glory. The goliath is momentarily silohetted by the full moon before landing in full war-form regalia in a crouched position on the rooftop. Essence laden winds blowing away what remains of his tattered garments to reveal his moonsilver swatched form as muscles piles ontop of itself on his steadily expanding frame. "I've found you!" he bellows at the Chimera. His rumbling voice sounding like the stampede of a herds of the wild oxen his war-form resembles. "And now I will destroy you in Luna's name! Leave the mortals be and face me!"


-= OOC =- Fudou assumes War-Form, activates Gifts.


-= OOC =- Suzume says, "It occurs to me that I haven't set up any of my combat stats: when I was thinking about it in chargen Kukla told me not to worry about it. Oops."


-= OOC =- Suzume says, "Could someone do me the favor of looking up the stats on a Switchklaive for me? And high-quality throwing knives: I don't think Suzume is going to bother with batons for something like this."


-= OOC =- Autumn Lotus says, "I'm on it"


-= OOC =- Autumn Lotus says, "spd 4 acc +3 dmg +4L def +1 rate 3 P"


(OOC) Fudou just spent Essence from his Personal Essence pool


(OOC) Fudou just spent Essence from his Peripheral Essence pool


The Chimera hisses at the sight of Fudou, as if trying to speak words that its twisted mouth cannot possibly say. It has no desire for needless combat. Its many eyes scan the combatants on the rooftop, judging each one quickly to see who would be easy prey to devour and then flee. The girl dressed as a boy, obviously, was not as easy to catch as it had thought. Finally, the creature decides on a target. The terrestial with the staff, who looks slow to react! It will become food by the night's end. The Chimera screeches and thrusts its head foward, aiming at Autumn Lotus. Lotus, from his position, can clearly see a second mouth just behind the insect-like clickers on its face. The second mouth appear to be a wide, gaping hole lined with teeth, surrounded by tentacles that reach out for food to feed to the hideous maw.


Code> You have no dice to roll. Check your spelling?


(Judge) Gao-Ling rolls 14: [ -1- 2 2 2 3 3 3 3 6 6 6 7 7 9 ]

         Resulting in 3 successes.



-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "3. That's most likely a miss. :P"


-= OOC =- Autumn Lotus says, "Parry DV's 5 or 6."


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "Well, it missed. Autumn has not been eaten!"


-= OOC =- Autumn Lotus says, "Thank you unreasonably bad dice roller!"


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "Suzume, make your move."


Suzume notes with some small relief that the beast has chosen more capable prey. As it lunges past her to attack the Dragon-Blood, she whips out her knife and makes a quick lunge, scoring her knife along the creature's hide before quickly rolling away a few feet, coming up in a defensive posture. Her free hand opens up her coat to no apparent purpose yet.


-= OOC =- Suzume says, "Sorry, best I could come up with."


(Judge) Suzume rolls Dexterity  + Melee + 3: [ 3 4 4 5 5 7 8 <10> <10> <10> <10> ]

         Resulting in 10 successes.



-= OOC =- Suzume says, "Duude."


-= OOC =- Prince of Revels tries in vain to not imagine Suzume's next words being "Hello, stranger..."


-= OOC =- Autumn Lotus says, "holy crap."


-= OOC =- Suzume says, "I think I hit a joint in the armor."


-= OOC =- Fudou says, "I go again on tick 5"


-= OOC =- Fudou says, "sorry that was delayed"


-= OOC =- Fudou says, "Good lord"


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "Hit with 3."


-= OOC =- Fudou says, "I think Suzume just stole all the dice roller luck"


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "Heh heh."


Suzume pages: Oh. Since you're the effective ST for this scene, I should be asking you: would it be appropriate for Suzume to have astrological aid on this scene or not? I'll leave it up to you.


You paged Suzume with 'No.'.


-= OOC =- Suzume says, "I'm imagining (hoping!) that hit: how many dice am I adding to damage?"


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "Hit with 3 extra. xD"


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "Soak is 14."


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "Wait. Sorry. 12."


-= OOC =- Suzume says, "Halved for Piercing means 6, so... 3 dice."


(Judge) Suzume rolls 3: [ 5 5 9 ]

         Resulting in 1 successes.



-= OOC =- Suzume says, "Le sigh."


-= OOC =- Fudou says, "btb is all soak halved for piercing or just armor relevant soak? I imagine STA isn't?"


-= OOC =- Prince of Revels says, "armor."


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "Armor only."


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "And I'm not technically sure mutations count as armor..."


-= OOC =- Fudou says, "Unless stated that they do they don't"


-= OOC =- Suzume says, "You're kidding me, right?"


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "Then technically pierce should've done nothing. :P Don't worry about it."


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "We'll leave it as it is. You deal one lethal."


-= OOC =- Fudou says, "YEah technically she pinged. Sorry Suxume"


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "Next up! Prince!"


-= OOC =- Fudou says, "er Suzume"



         Not only did the Prince of Revels see Fudou barrel past him, he saw the man move to the rooftops, and he heard his bellow as he changed into his war form. Something, clearly, was going on - and did he just scream to leave the mortals be? He doesn't know what the trouble is, but it seems significant . . . better safe than sorry, and someone might need his help. Gazing up, golden essence swirls about his hands, before solidifying into two blades that glow with a holy light, as wings much the same seem to sprout from his shoulders, and he rises up into the air, the gusts of wind created by the massive wing's beating blowing through the area. It's an impressive entrance, at least, even if he's not leaping to attack. The golden glow surrounding his body and the shaded circle upon his brow probably contribute to that entrance as well.


-= OOC =- Suzume says, "It's cool. It just means that Suzume's next trick is to get the fuck out of here, since this thing just shrugged off the best she could do."


-= OOC =- Prince of Revels is activating his wings to get up there, and using Glorious Solar Saber. He goes again on..Tick 10.


-= OOC =- Prince of Revels weeps at Simple Charms.


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "Then Fuddy, you get to go again."


-= OOC =- Suzume says, "My next tick is 5 as well, so do I get to go here too?"


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "Oh. My bad. Yes, you do!"


-= OOC =- Prince of Revels says, "Curse you fast people!"


-= OOC =- Autumn Lotus cries in a corner.


Fudou is momentarily silohetted by the rise of The Prince of Revels, the golden light mingling with the silver hue that wreathes the colossal Lunar for a brief echoe of what many first age conflicts probably looked like. But chimera's aren't creatures of the first age. They're products of the sorrows evident in the second and it is Fudou's duty to put such things down. His caste mark flares to brilliant light as silver essence swirls around him and then trails behind him as he vaults forward at the chimera, grand goremaul raising high overhead and poising for a meteoric strike. "Get clear!" he roars at both Suzume and Autumn Lotus as he bears down on the chimera's position like a falling hammer. His body seems to swell even larger as he descends and attempts to bring his full weight and essence laden strength crashing down upon the monster.


-= OOC =- Prince of Revels says, "Dude, hit or miss, this roof should collapse :p"


-= OOC =- Prince of Revels says, "You've got two giants, one swinging a hammer that makes redwoods shy."


-= OOC =- Fudou says, "Oh well :)"


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "I'll give you a +3, Fudou, but you'll put up with breaking the roof. xD"


-= OOC =- Prince of Revels thinks it more dramatic if the roof collapses!


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "It will. xD"


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "Roll it up!"


-= OOC =- Fudou activates Relentless Lunar Fury during the attack also and fury activates impressions of strength and Frenzied Bear Fortification.


-= OOC =- Suzume says, "Fuuuuck."


-= OOC =- Suzume says, "This is the last time I join in a random combat scene involving you people as a participant. I's squishy. I's not designed to handle falling rooftops. I should be watching this from the shadows of the other side of the street. :)"


(Judge) Fudou rolls Melee  + Dexterity + 2 + 3 + 2 + 2 + 3: [ -1- -1- 2 2 2 2 3 3 4 4 6 6 7 8 8 8 9 9 9 <10> <10> ]

         Resulting in 11 successes.



(OOC) Fudou just spent Willpower from his Willpower pool


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "You hit, alright. xD"


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "5 extra sux"


-= OOC =- Fudou says, "pre-soak, pre-succ damage is.. 26."


-= OOC =- Fudou says, "so 31 total and soak is what again?"


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling whistles.


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "Man. Fudou hits REALLY hard."


-= OOC =- Autumn Lotus says, "Good thing it didn't have a perfect defense."


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "Who says it didn't?"


-= OOC =- Autumn Lotus says, "The fact that Fudou rolled?"


-= OOC =- Fudou says, "31 total provided I hit it ;)"


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "It just wasn't valid against goremauls. :P"


-= OOC =- Autumn Lotus says, "Sucks to be him!"


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "It had defense of meaningless shape, which works against almost everything, except essence attacks... and things with overwhelming. :P"


-= OOC =- Fudou hehs


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "Anyhow, soak is 12, like I said."


-= OOC =- Fudou says, "so I'm rolling 19. Any 10's count for double damage:"


-= OOC =- Fudou says, "Ogre's Loving Caress"


(Judge) Fudou rolls 19: [ -1- 2 2 2 2 3 5 6 6 7 7 8 9 9 9 9 9 9 <10> ]

         Resulting in 11 successes.



-= OOC =- Fudou uses stunted essence to cover costs for Fury activation charges. He next goes on tick 10.


-= OOC =- Suzume says, "...do I even need to bother posing?"


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "Yes, because of a few factors"


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "a) the roof is still breaking"


-= OOC =- Autumn Lotus says, "Go for the athletics stunt bonus to GTFO"


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "b) the chimera has ox-body."


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "Although this is now a much, MUCH shorter fight then I thought. xD"


-= OOC =- Suzume says, "Exalted damage makes it happen like that."


-= OOC =- Prince of Revels says, "Full Moon with a grand goremaul hit hard."


-= OOC =- Autumn Lotus says, "high-xp celestials end fights quickly? Naw, who'd have thought?"


Prince of Revels pages: You could always have it be a pair of chimeras ;P


You paged Prince of Revels with 'Naw. xD'.


-= OOC =- Autumn Lotus says, "I didn't even get to start my 3-tick wankery. :("


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "The Chimera is NOT dead yet, you know."


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "3x Lunar Ox Body gives it plenty of health levels to spare."


-= OOC =- Autumn Lotus will believe it when he sees it.


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling will pose the reaction now though.


-= OOC =- Fudou says, "Ox Body for Lunar's is crazy health"


-= OOC =- Fudou says, "and I imagine it may be able to regen"


-= OOC =- Suzume says, "It's true."


-= OOC =- Fudou says, "This fight aint over even though the presence of two celestials means it'll go faster, true :)"


-= OOC =- Fudou says, "But I dont' think she was anticpating Fudou using a Grand Goremaul? :)"


The Chimera lets out an annoyed screech as Suzume scratches it with her blade, but that is nothing compaired to the heaven shattering yell when it gives when smashes down with his massive hammer. Windows shatter, children wake up from the slumbers screaming, and all around the area people are unwisely sticking their head out windows to see what's going on. They would not see the massive monster battling the three exalts and one mortal, however. Instead, they would find a collapsing building, for Fudou's massive swing brought down the very foundations of the building they stand upon.


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "Give me a Dex + Athletics roll to land safely."


(Judge) Suzume rolls Dexterity  + Athletics: [ 2 3 5 6 9 ]

         Resulting in 1 successes.



-= OOC =- Suzume says, "...how the HELL did I forget to buy athletics? God damnit. :)"


-= OOC =- Autumn Lotus says, "Paying 2 motes of peripheral for Effortlessly Rising Flame."


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "If someone wants to dive in and protect Suzume from collapsing building bits, I'll allow it."


-= OOC =- Suzume says, "Ooh. Slick."


-= OOC =- Prince of Revels moves 25 yards per tick..he /supposes/ he could.


(Judge) Autumn Lotus rolls Dexterity  + Athletics + 2: [ -1- 2 4 5 6 6 7 9 <10> ]

         Resulting in 4 successes.



-= OOC =- Autumn Lotus is on it.


-= OOC =- Prince of Revels says, "Swank."


(Judge) Fudou rolls Dexterity  + Athletics + 2: [ -1- -1- 3 4 5 7 7 9 9 <10> <10> ]

         Resulting in 8 successes.



-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "Fudou is fine. :P"


-= OOC =- Prince of Revels hugs his wings, being in no danger whatsoever.


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "The Prince is a-okay."


-= OOC =- Suzume knows where all of her XP is going for the time being.


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "Right. Suzume, it's your turn."


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "I really should've let you move simultatniously as Fudou, come to think of it"


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "but too late about it. :( My bad."


-= OOC =- Suzume says, "Am I saved? If so, by who? I can't really pose off of this as-is. :)"


Everything was going far too fast. First the roaring, the sudden impact and stench of fetid breath, landing flat on his back with just a moment of clarity before the sound of a mountain falling shattered the building. A burst of red and orange leaves lifted him off his feet as the rocks around him and another burst sent him launching toward the falling figure from the roof. A few quick hops off of walls, still propelled by essence, and he was safely on the ground, holding... "Suzume-san?"


-= OOC =- Autumn Lotus says, "That was me >.>"


-= OOC =- Autumn Lotus says, "Forgot to mention that."


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "I guessed! Suzume is saved. :P"


-= OOC =- Prince of Revels egads, learning for the first time that Riverspeak is actually Japanese.


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "So Suzume, then Lotus and the Chimera again."


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "No, Old-Realm is japanese."


-= OOC =- Autumn Lotus says, "Yes but honorifics are fun"


-= OOC =- Suzume says, "It's true."


(OOC) Autumn Lotus just spent Essence from his Peripheral Essence pool


Suzume hears the roar of the man-beast as it challenges the abomination, and it is at about this time that she reconsiders the wisdom in involving herself with the matters of Gods. These Gods, at any rate. And then the building collapses beaneath her: caught off-guard as she is by the initial shock, she is unable to leap to safety. *Is this how I end? It seems... pointless*


         It would seem, however, that this is not the case, as she opens her eyes and sees the man who saved her. Her eyes widen, then she quickly recovers, trying to release herself from his grip. "I am greatful for your assitance, but I must leave." Already she can hear her sister's piping voice in her head. *Sister! Sister, do you live?*


-= OOC =- Suzume says, "No action."


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "Autumn, take your pose."


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "or rather, declare what you're doing first. :P"


-= OOC =- Autumn Lotus says, "Oh, catching falling people is a free action? Sweet!"


Autumn Lotus blinked. He must have been confused. Suzume was a girl. He must have mistaken this boy. Running the other direction, he shouted, "Everyone, get away! The building's about to collapse! Move!" Hopefully that'd be enough to get the bystanders to safety... if only he could figure out exactly what was going on...


-= OOC =- Autumn Lotus says, "Moving to a better vantage point, by the building's entrance."


The Chimera roars again, turning to face Fudou. It seems obviously hurt, with many of its mutated arms and legs bent and broken where the Lunar's hammer connected. More than that, however, it seems furious. Its eyes glow red with rage, and there's a faint silver glow from its forehead, bearing the mark of the full moon. It hisses at Fudou once more, and then spits some foul smelling white fluid at the massive Lunar warrior.


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "okay."


(Judge) Gao-Ling rolls 11 dice: [2 2 3 3 4 5 5 6 8 8 8]

         Result = 3 successes.


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling bahs.


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "I have no luck with dice today."


-= OOC =- Autumn Lotus says, "I stopped trying."


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "Right. That was tick 6."


-= OOC =- Autumn Lotus says, "going again on tick 9."


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "Then make your move. Suzume, you're not doing anything, so just delcare whenever you want to break your guard and act again."


Suzume stands as Autumn Lotus bolts away. Such a brave man. She gives an imperceptable nod and begins running off away from the scene. *I live, sister. Alert our mistress that I am returning: the one responsible, I think, has been found, and there are those here who shall administer the justice of heaven.*


         From a nearby rooftop, a bird takes wing. A sparrow: such a strange thing to see at night, no? And certainly not suited to the battlefield of Gods. *Sister goes now to tell Mother. Sister, fly swift.*


-= OOC =- Suzume says, "Runrunrunrunrunrun!"


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling pokes Autumn. "Declare your action first, before posing?"


-= OOC =- Autumn Lotus says, "Me already?"


-= OOC =- Autumn Lotus says, "Moving up and smacking the Chimera."


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "I said to make your move. :P Prince and Fuddy are on tick 10"


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "Alright."


-= OOC =- Prince of Revels idly wonders if this thing's going to be dead before he even gets to do something. xD


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "I'm not sure Autumn can hit that hard. xD"


Lotus saw two monsters through the doorway. One was a towering creature which was terrifying, but somehow noble, the other was a horrfying mass of tentacles, teeth and claws. It wasn't hard to make a snap judgement who was the good guy. He rushed in, whirling his staff, leaping in the air and and bringing it down in a glowing red arc trailing dead leaves.


-= OOC =- Autumn Lotus says, "Spending 3 motes for Falling Star Strike, and 4 for First Martial Arts Excellency"


(Judge) Autumn Lotus rolls Martial arts  + Dexterity  + Martial Arts/Staves + 5: [ 2 2 2 4 5 6 6 7 8 9 9 9 <10> <10> ]

         Resulting in 9 successes.



Code> You have no dice to roll. Check your spelling?


(Judge) Gao-Ling rolls 5: [ 4 4 7 9 <10> ]

         Resulting in 4 successes.



-= OOC =- Autumn Lotus says, "That was it rolling it's essence to just ignore me, wasn't it? :P"


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "No, that was it rolling Dex excellency to boost DV"


-= OOC =- Autumn Lotus says, "Dick. Does that hit?"


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "It had a Dex-ex as part of its last combo it just used, so I figured why not."


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "Nope. I'm afraid not. YOu just missed."


-= OOC =- Autumn Lotus grumbles.


-= OOC =- Fudou whistles, "That was a good roll too :)"


(OOC) Autumn Lotus just spent Essence from his Peripheral Essence pool


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "It was. I'm sorry. :("


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "Okay. Tick 10. Fuddy, Prince. You get to go again."


-= OOC =- Fudou says, "We both go at the same time then?"


-= OOC =- Fudou poses but Prince can roll first if he wants


-= OOC =- Fudou says, "or is there an order when two folk act on the same tick?"


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "simultanious action"


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "unless you have a charm that says otherwise."



         When the building crumbles from the sheer force of Fudou's blow, Prince manages to utterly avoid any danger by, well, flying instead of being one of the four creatures atop the roof. Moving with superb speed and agility in the air, his hands wrapped around blades that cast the light of the sun and his anima, looking for all the world like some angel of vengeance - at least, if Creation had such things. There's no appropriate word to describe him, although perhaps 'deadly' would suffice, as his right hand cuts three golden streaks through the air.


-= OOC =- Prince of Revels says, "There's no order. We'll both hit it at the same time."


-= OOC =- Prince of Revels is making a three hit flurry, boosting them with the First Melee Excellency.


-= OOC =- Prince of Revels says, "Any perfects or such on his side?"


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "Not that he comb... wait a sec."


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "Defense of Defenseless Shape is /not/ a charm."


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "Meaningless Shape, sorry."


-= OOC =- Prince of Revels idly wonders if blades made of essence doing agg count as essence weapons. xD


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "Hym..."


(Judge) Prince of Revels rolls Dexterity  + Melee + 10 + 5 - 3: [ -1- -1- -1- -1- 2 3 3 3 4 4 4 4 5 5 6 7 7 9 9 <10> <10> <10> ]

         Resulting in 10 successes.



(Judge) Prince of Revels rolls Dexterity  + Melee + 10 + 5 - 4: [ -1- 2 2 2 3 3 3 4 4 5 6 6 6 6 6 7 7 8 <10> <10> <10> ]

         Resulting in 9 successes.



(Judge) Prince of Revels rolls Dexterity  + Melee + 10 + 5 - 5: [ -1- 2 3 3 3 3 4 5 5 5 6 7 7 7 8 9 9 9 <10> <10> ]

         Resulting in 11 successes.



-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "I'm going to say no. It's still physical if you can parry with it."


-= OOC =- Prince of Revels says, "A shame."


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "It isn't going to perfect all three attacks though. Just the third one."


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "First one hits with 5."


Code> You have no dice to roll. Check your spelling?


(Judge) Gao-Ling rolls 5: [ 3 5 5 8 9 ]

         Resulting in 2 successes.



-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "Second one hits with 3"


-= OOC =- Prince of Revels forgets what its soak is, but he's probably pinging anyway..


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "12"


-= OOC =- Prince of Revels says, "Yeeep, ping. Thank you, abominable Wyld taint!"


(Judge) Prince of Revels rolls Essence  + Essence: [ -1- 2 3 3 5 6 6 7 7 9 ]

         Resulting in 3 successes.



(Judge) Prince of Revels rolls Essence  + Essence: [ -1- 2 2 3 4 5 6 7 7 <10> ]

         Resulting in 4 successes.



-= OOC =- Prince of Revels says, "...yeesh. Well, it's agg, at least. I hit so softly compared to Fuddy :P"


Fudou bursts out of the billowing cloud of dust and debris caused by the collapsing building. He slides to a stop, scoring huge gouts with his clawed feet and then spinning his grand goremaul around with such whirling force that the dust cloud around him is blown away and flattens outward. He barely manages to deflect the acid hurtled his way and then he bounds forward with another meteoric assault occuring as he raises his gargantuan weapon over head. THe sequoia like tetsubo overshadowing the chimera. Through the haze of his battle fury, he calls out, "Prince of Revels! Strike true!" And then he himself is also bearing down onto the abomination with thunder itself gripped in his hand.


-= OOC =- Fudou says, "1 attack. Conserving charm usage in case I need it if it's still going. Fury's still up anyhow"


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "Okay. Roll it up."


(Judge) Fudou rolls Melee  + Dexterity + 2 + 3 + 2 + 2: [ 2 2 2 2 3 3 4 4 5 5 6 6 7 8 8 9 <10> <10> ]

         Resulting in 8 successes.



-= OOC =- Fudou says, "Also I forgot that Fury gives 1 auto success so hat's 9 otal"


-= OOC =- Fudou says, "total"


Prince of Revels pages: Also, because I find it terribly funny to make other people targets, Prince can only be struck on the same ticks he attacks on (otherwise he's out of range) due to the wings. :D


You paged Prince of Revels with 'Okay. :P'.


Code> You have no dice to roll. Check your spelling?


(Judge) Gao-Ling rolls 5: [ 4 5 6 6 9 ]

         Resulting in 1 successes.



-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "Hit with 3."


(Judge) Fudou rolls 17: [ -1- -1- 2 2 3 3 4 6 6 6 7 8 8 8 9 9 <10> ]

         Resulting in 8 successes.



-= OOC =- Fudou says, "10's are still 2x."


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "yeah. That's a total of 15 damage from the two of you. xD"


-= OOC =- Fudou says, "Still alive!! I knew I shoulda pulled some other tricks out."


-= OOC =- Fudou goes next on Tick 15


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "no, dead. :P"


-= OOC =- Fudou says, "Oh. Whew"


-= OOC =- Fudou was about to say, "Although you did say it had 3 Ox bodies.


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "it took 11 damage."


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "then 7 from prince and 8 from you"


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "that's 26 damage by my count."


-= OOC =- Fudou says, "Oh I thought you meant 15 total. You meant 15 this round"


-= OOC =- Fudou wasn't sure if there was some post-damage ability at work


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "naw. :p"


The golden blades of essence wielded by the Prince of Revels slice the monstrous Chimera neatly into four pieces, while Fudou's second blow of his goremaul shatters the chitin armor of the beast, sending bits of gooey flesh and broken pieces flying everywhere. At last, the Chimera is put down.


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling cues end battle music.


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "Thanks for coming out. xD Next time, I'll make sure the Chimera can stand Fuddy's massive goremaul attacks. xD"


-= OOC =- Suzume says, "Next time I won't get involved, then: honestly, this is something that shouldn't have involved anyone who wasn't Celestial."


-= OOC =- Suzume says, "Neat fight, but well out of my weight class."


The giant war-beast whips his club upward and snaps the tetsubo around once and then down again, hurtling from it the remains of the beast that were yet clinging to the moonsilver laced monster-weapon. The ichor and chitin goes thundering away from the giant to slam so hard into nearby walls that the ground shakes the walls crack before the goo begins to slide down it. "It is finished." booms Fudou with that rumble of thunder he calls a voice. "The Chimera is put down. I bear no joy for having done this, for this is a sorrowful duty of the Stewards that we must slay our own.."


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "Yeah, it was. Didn't I say so back in OOC?"


Autumn Lotus had never seen such destructive power before. The Prince's blades of light were impressive, but lacked the gut-wrenching force of the massive son of Luna's blows. He bowed, as a student would to a sensei. "I am honored to have borne witness to its passing, then."


-= OOC =- Suzume nods. "More a statement on my own judgement than anything."


-= OOC =- Fudou says, "There's no reason why you shoudln't have gotten involved. It's RP."


-= OOC =- Fudou says, "Youv'e ICly seen something you would not have otherwise scene"


-= OOC =- Fudou says, "er seen"


-= OOC =- Fudou says, "and now can reference back to that. It's fodder for future scenes. No every scene I've been in involved me being super effective or directly involved :)"


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "I'm almost dissapointed Autumn is so easy going about this. :P"


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "Ah, if only Zuriel was here. He'd try to cut up Fudou as well."


-= OOC =- Prince of Revels returns from afk land!


-= OOC =- Autumn Lotus says, "Sorry, Autumn's a first age DB. Solars and Lunars are the good guys."


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "First Age DB?"


-= OOC =- Autumn Lotus says, "it's supposed to get him in a lot more trouble with other DBs but he hasn't run into any :("


-= OOC =- Fudou says, "Believes in old world I mean :)"


-= OOC =- Autumn Lotus says, "In outlook."


-= OOC =- Fudou says, "er he means. God I'm tired"


-= OOC =- Fudou has a few more poses in him though


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "The Chimera's dead... the people here aren't going to come out when there's this much glowing exalts still around. So all that's left is interaction amongst yourselves, and clean up."


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "Argue about who foots the bill for the building that got smashed."


Fudou looks suitably impressed at Autumn Lotus, perhaps not expecting the Dragonblood to react that way. Many outcastes still view beings like him and Prince of Revels as Anathema after all - but then again there are many who do not and Fudou ends up acknowledging Autumn Lotus and saying, "You did well to overcome your fears and strike at it but this would have been too dangerous a foe without help. Still, well done! And same for the for the mortal girl. Things could have been much worse."


-= OOC =- Prince of Revels says, "Well, mortal boy. ;)"


-= OOC =- Suzume a-hems.


-= OOC =- Fudou says, "Oh I thought Suzume was revealed as a girl. (And hey, I've got Lunar fu. You think you can hide your gender from me? :)""


-= OOC =- Fudou says, "I'll ammend that to 'boy' tough."


-= OOC =- Prince of Revels says, "She's lucky she was disguised! I can't say what's more dangerous, a chimera or an infatuated manwhore."


-= OOC =- Suzume says, "I think from now on I'm going to use pronouns appropriate to disguise to get the point across."


-= OOC =- Fudou says, "Well no I thought that it was made apparent she was a woman - not that Fudou couldn't potentially discern."


-= OOC =- Fudou says, "But that'd require rolls or use of powers and that's not appropriate if there's no reason to try so ammend my pose to saying 'boy'"


-= OOC =- Suzume says, "The closest anyone got was Autumn referring to her by her actual name. That was it."


-= OOC =- Suzume says, "It's cool. No worries."


-= OOC =- Autumn Lotus says, "And he thought he was wrong."



         White lines seem to spread through Prince's blades before they shatter, reverting into a thousand fragments forged of essence and fading away. The wings remain, as does the golden halo of glory that wreathes him because of them, transforming him into something clearly inhuman. He drifts down from his perch atop the crumbled remains of the building, moving towards Autumn Lotus and Fudou before he simply hovers there, wings beating gently. "That was a Lunar, Fudou?" Prince isn't aware of what a chimera is.


-= OOC =- Suzume isn't posing anymore because, well, she high-tailed it. She's got reports to file. You know Sidereals and their paperworl.


-= OOC =- Prince of Revels says, "Damn paperwork."


-= OOC =- Prince of Revels idly sighs, and should probably handle the panic that's no doubt about to break out in this district.. x.x


-= OOC =- Suzume says, "Ah, a Lawmaker acting as a glorified traffic warden. I approve."


-= OOC =- Suzume says, "I mean. How noble."


-= OOC =- Prince of Revels says, "Fudou hits really, really hard. I make really, really impressive displays. We all have gifts!"


-= OOC =- Autumn Lotus says, "I do a good job of being respectful to the imposing badasses :P"


-= OOC =- Prince of Revels isn't imposing! He's just inhumanly beautiful and splattered with monster gore with white-gold wings sprouting from his shoulders. That's /normal/.


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "heh"


-= OOC =- Suzume's, gift, apparently, is that she can walk down the street and not make Immaculates go into apoplectic shock.


"Of a sort." responds Fudou to Prince of Revels, "It was chimera. It was a casteless Lunar once. A Lunar who, for whatever reason, was not found by The Silver Pact and properly tattooed and contained and so began a steady decent into madness and wyld-afflicted tainting caused by this. In time, they become these monsters. Abominations that we are duty bound to contain and destroy. It is an enemy most dangerous to The Stewards. One of their own, twisted into this shapeles monstrosity that considers it's former fellows its favorite prey. This is not the first time one has been found in Nexus and it won't be the last.."


-= OOC =- Prince of Revels finds a new goal: remove the bits of Wyld from Nexus!



Blinking at the massive beast-lord's calm demeanor now that the fight was over, Lotus tried to take in the explanation. Lunars, tattooed, Stewards, prey... and they come to Nexus often. Troubling. "Um, sir, if I may, I am, for now, the guardian of this district. How might I call for your assistance if another of these creatures appears?" His youth is plainly visible in his eyes, fighting back the natural fear of that which is bigger and stronger.



         Prince clears his throat after listening to Fudou speak, only now beginning to notice the crowd that has gathered due to the commotion, most with slack-jawed expressions, their faces mixed masks of awe and horror, and a sense of growing panic that's filling the air. Golden, winged angel-man. Giant with a club glowing silver. Both coated in blood, with a destroyed building behind them --


         Yeah, this isn't going to go well. "Listen," he says quietly to the two, interrupting Lotus. "You, uh, pick up the rubble, do whatever it is you do. I'll play damage control, alright?"


Fudou makes a sudden gesture and his grand goremaul seems to suddenly warp away in a flash of diminishing quicksilver. He tilts his head and looks upward at the full moon and then down towards Lotus and Prince of Revels. He levels his gaze on Lotus, locking gazes with the Dragonblooded before finally rumbling, "I came because a message was sent by one of my fellows. This city is not my place. The Prince of Revels is a good and focused warrior. His presence will be adequate but I will check in from time to time and others of my kind are around. Now, I must go." Fudou reaches down and seeks to gather up what he can of the chimera's remains. "I will burn this body. You burn anything that remains. But I cannot stay here. The moon is full." And a full moon, plus a Full Moon Lunar, plus a crowd of people...isn't going to mix well. Fudou waits for no response and instead begins to vault into the air and towards a low rooftop and then again. He moves so vast he's practically a cloaked blur and then he's gone.


-= OOC =- Prince of Revels gets ditched D:


-= OOC =- Fudou says, "A full moon isn't a good mix :) And I have to be up very soon. Thanks for running Gao. I look forward to the next one. Or maybe I shouldn't! Chimera are scary!"


-= OOC =- Fudou drops reccs


Autumn Lotus says, "Have you met many other Lunars in your time, Prince? Are they all like that?" Lotus began moving rubble, shoving dirt aside. "And do they all make this big a mess?"


-= OOC =- Suzume has been doing it during play. She's a stickler for doing it properly.


From afar, Prince of Revels shakes a fist at Fudou. "Do you want me to bother rolling the social-fu, or shall I just handwave it? Mortals have no chance before Prince, anyway."


-= OOC =- Suzume says, "I think, however, that the need is for me to go to bed now. Another night passes wherein I fail my pledge to be in bed before midnight. Alas."


-= OOC =- Prince of Revels hehs. "Goodnight."


-= OOC =- Autumn Lotus says, "it happens."


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "g'night. xD"


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "and prince, just handwave it"


 There's the slightest twitch of Prince's right eye when Fudou simply leaps away, abandoning Prince and Lotus to the scene of the 'crime'. He looks towards Autumn Lotus with obvious, if good-humored, exasperation. "I've met a few. He's a bit bigger than most, and breaks more of the surroundings. The one I knew..." He fades off of that, changing the subject. "Right, before they start screaming. Sorry for this, Lotus." The Prince of Revels floats once more into the air, his wings beating majestically, and the orichalcum and blue jade trinket at his throat seems to glow. A brilliant, burning white erupts from him, leaving everything it passes over looking as though it'd been left in the sun, and his voice sings out with hypnotic clarity, painting an elaborate tale of the night's events that conveniently leaves out the destruction wrought by the Exalted, attributing the damage to rotting pillars and shoddy craftsmanship, with perhaps a roving street gang contributing the blood. This story washes over all, replacing their memories with the Prince's tale.


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "hym. does that affect Lotus as well?"


-= OOC =- Prince of Revels says, "It's a Performance Charm, so yeah. It affects everyone able to witness it equally."

-= OOC =- Autumn Lotus says, "Gang related. PCP."


-= OOC =- Prince of Revels says, "In Prince's case, that means every single person within a hundred yards. Gotta love artifacts."


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "Well... in that case, roll it up to see if Lotus remembers your version or the real thing."


(Judge) Prince of Revels rolls Charisma  + Performance  + Performance/Unnatural Mental Influence: [ -1- 2 3 5 6 7 7 8 9 9 9 <10> ]

         Resulting in 8 successes.



-= OOC =- Prince of Revels says, "With Lotus' MDV lowered by 3."


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "why?"


-= OOC =- Prince of Revels says, "Relative appearance - Prince is App 8 at this moment."


-= OOC =- Autumn Lotus says, "You can't reduce by more than 2 I thought"


-= OOC =- Prince of Revels says, "The limit is 3."


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "Lotus? Integrity charms, if you got 'em."


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling recommends Defense against Anathema.


Autumn Lotus says, "First integrity! Woo!"


-= OOC =- Autumn Lotus says, "Will be getting it when he's essence 5 ;_;"


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "Good! Can't be too careful with these darn anathema!"


(Judge) Autumn Lotus rolls 2: [ 5 7 ]

         Resulting in 1 successes.



-= OOC =- Prince of Revels has no idea what Lotus' DMDV is to begin with. xD


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "Probably not enough. :P"


-= OOC =- Autumn Lotus says, "Yeah, that's not gonna cut it. Base 5."


-= OOC =- Prince of Revels nods. "On the plus side, it's not permanent!"


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "Then Lotus, you're entirely brainwashed."


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "Feel free to get angry at him when you remember. :P"


-= OOC =- Autumn Lotus says, "I spend the will this scene to break the commitment to the false believe"


(OOC) Autumn Lotus just spent Willpower from his Willpower pool


"You have some dangerous tricks, Prince..." Autumn muttered, appreciating the menial labor as his mind fought against the wonderful, happy truth that the Prince gave him. He needed this, needed to have gone through this. Needed this to be real. Moving pillars, directing the people... fighting the lie. Oh yes, Anathema were beautiful, but they were terrible as well. Both Fudou and Prince reminded him of that, now.

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