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Log: Teahouse Kung-Fu, Part 1: Serendipity vs Drunken Orgiastic Fugitive Stylist

Page history last edited by Tsangun 14 years, 12 months ago

Synopsis: Turtle and Serendipity visit a teahouse famous for its martial artists, in an attempt to track down the source of the ninja assasins sent to kill Rombulac.

Setting: Hundred Kingdoms

Characters: Gentle Turtle, Starlight Serendipity

Run By: Gao-Ling


    Nellens Rombulac, following his narrowly averted assasination attempt on his life, summoned the monk Gentle Turtle to his office. He did so both to offer sincere thanks for Turtle's aid in stopping the assasins, and for enlisting the monk's assistance. Rombulac sought to discover the mastermind behind the assasination. Due to his previous good work, and due his standing as an Immaculate Monk, Turtle was considered trustworthy enough for the task.


          Starlight Serendipity, who also aided in stopping the assasins, was not considered nearly as trust worthy, due to the fact that she wasn't supposed to have been there in the first place. However, as fate would have it, Serendipity managed to meet up again with Gentle Turtle following Turtle's meeting with Rombulac, as he heads out of Greyfalls and into the nearby regions to begin his investigation.


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling will now page secret info to Turtle.


You paged Gentle Turtle with 'Short version of things: Rombulac's people have discovered that the assasins practiced a martial arts known as Fivefold Shadow Hands Style, a style mainly designed for assasinating people, and a style that's generally outlawed by polite company.'.


-= OOC =- Gentle Turtle is a secret agent man.


Mountain That Walks has disconnected.


You paged Gentle Turtle with 'That's basically the only lead they have right now. (Or at least the only lead he told you about), and they asked you to investigate that. There is a tea house in the 100k, not far from Greyfalls proper, known as the White Lotus Tavern, where practitioners of non-immaculate MA are known to gather. He suggest you start asking around there.'.


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "There. That's all. Share with Ser as much as you feel is ICly fitting for Turtle. xD"



         What Gentle Turtle has said to Serendipity is almost everything he has to say; he's not much of a secret-keeper, after all, not when it comes to people he'd consider friends. To skip the stuttering monologue, the gist is as follows: the assassins practiced the Fivefold Shadow Hands Style of martial arts, and Turtle is on his way towards a tea house known as the White Lotus Tavern outside of Greyfalls where martial practitioners are known to gather in order to investigate.


-= OOC =- Serendipity says, "Ling, has Ser heard of it?"


-= OOC =- Gentle Turtle is putting up Air Dragon's Sight before anything. When going into a tavern where people that practice an assassination art gather, it's good to avoid surprise.


-= OOC =- Serendipity says, "She's a member in very good standing of the Order of the Perfected Lotus, spent much of her childhood going to their secret places with her Great Master."


(OOC) Gentle Turtle just spent Essence from his Essence Personal pool


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling made it up just now! Up to you if you've ever heard of it.


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "but no reason why not"


-= OOC =- Serendipity says, "I mean, if it's an Order of the Perfected Lotus place, she probably has."


-= OOC =- Serendipity says, "Is it? Or not so much?"


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling hym.


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "okay. you got me. I have NO idea what the order of the perfected lotus is."


-= OOC =- Serendipity says, "Okay, then we'll say no. It's in the wiki, and it NOT being affiliated makes my life much easier. :P"


-= OOC =- Serendipity says, "It's a secret society of non-Immaculate MAs who basically RAISED Serendipity. So when you said 'White Lotus' I went AHH!"


-= OOC =- Serendipity says, "If you want to now say yes, I understand. -.- Curses."


-= OOC =- Serendipity says, "Anyway, she hasn't heard of the place, regardless."


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "I just like the name! Lotus is a very commonly used imagery!"


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "But let's say yes. Ser /has/ heard of it."


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "It's not run by the order, but lots of non-immac MAs like to gather there"


As fate would have it, indeed. Serendipity, in her usual guise as wandering-miko, pads quietly along beside Turtle, soaking up his magnificent humble wisdom, ready and willing to bring down the whoopass-staff on the assassins who used the noble pursuit of martial arts for stealthy attacks. Apparently she's never heard of ninjas. "I've had tea there once or twice, actually," she admits, flicking her long violet braid over her shoulder.


-= OOC =- Serendipity says, "Ah, okay. :)"


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "I would appreciate if you could tell me where this order is metnioned. xD"


-= OOC =- Gentle Turtle says, "Wiki!"


-= OOC =- Serendipity says, "Hundred Kingdoms wiki."



         "Ha-Have you?" Gentle Turtle smiles and listens, wondering what the tea house will be like. He's never been there, after all. "I ha-haven't. I used to g-g-go to many on the I-Isle, though." The memory pleases the little monk. The Isle also happens to be where he got the artifacts currently on his body, those magnificent jade wonders that mark one of such inapparent breeding as he as a member of the Ten Thousand Host. In the distance he spies what he can only assume is the building. "You can c-come with me if you'd l-l-like. It's d-doubtless filled with s-s-s-strange p-people. Oh d-d-dear.." Turtle looks to the ground, arms hanging at his sides, marching like a man to his death.


You paged Cathak Zuriel with 'That's okay. "Investigation" typically involves being in the right place at the wrong time and beating people into submission in nifty kung-fu sequences.'.


Cathak Zuriel pages: Oh, well that I can do.


"I like strange people, and besides, I'm interested in who tried to assassinate someone right in front of our noses." Starlit Serendipity smiles blandly at Turtle, unhooking her metal 'staff' off her back and using it as a walking stick, instead. She seems to pick up on his nervousness; not too surprising considered their shared adventures of the past. "No worries, you'll be fine. You could probably topple an Anathema if you tried."


The White Lotus Tavern is an interesting teahouse. It is built along side a lonely road near a bamboo forest, with no other buildings nearby, and yet it is decorated in such a style that would not look out of place in the market district in the largest of cities. Standing four stories high, it is made of fine wood painted red and gold. A large banner across the top of the door identifies the place, but no one who did not know to find it would've easily stumbled across this place by accident.



         "With a Wy-Wyld Hunt, perhaps. The Dragons are made to fight in c-c-concert." Gentle Turtle examines the building briefly, craning his head back so that his small form may be given a vision of the upper floors. It's a big building, isn't it? Swallowing his anxiety - why is he the one trusted to go and investigate assassins, murderous ninjas?! - he moves to the front door, pushing to move inside. He does not stop to think if this is a good idea or not; the crowd makes him nervous, but the fact they're all practitioners of arts the Order frowns upon and he is clearly an Immaculate does not cross his mind as something he should worry about.


Serendipity simply follows in the wake Turtle is creating, nodding at various people, hoping there's nobody around that she recognizes, because that would be excrutiatingly awkward. She keeps her eyes downcast, meeting no gazes, every inch the silent disciple of the monk. That linking herself to the Immaculate in the anti-Immaculate bar may be a dumb idea either doesn't cross her mind, or she's willing to take the risk.


The inside of the tavern is a rowdy, friendly place. Lots of figures are inside, drinking everything from tea to beer to fine wine, and everyone seems to be having a good time. It's loud, of course, but unbearably so. It's not a screaming kind of loud, but more the loudness from having lots of people all having different conversations in the same room. "Welcome, welcome!" shouts out a portly old man with white hair. "Welcome to my teahouse, honorable guests. Please, I hope you enjoy your stay." This place does not seem to contain murderous assasin ninjas, although you can never know.


Truer words have never been spoken: you can never know if murderous ninjas are around. This is why they are ninjas and not simply murderous people - it implies a certain style, a degree of stealth and finesse and, most importantly, DANGER. When greeted he blushes and bows, introducing himself as "G-G-Gentle Turtle." Moving to an unoccupied table, he pauses, gesturing for Serendipity to sit next to him. Quietly so that only she can hear, he speaks. "I t-think the b-b-best way to do this is to..." He blanches. "..s-s-start a fight. I'm s-sure if I see the s-style in use again I could r-r-recognize it."


Serendipity sinks down into the chair, and nods. "Go for it," she whispers, disguising the act with a lover's smile, as though she speaks sweet nothings into Turtle's ear, "I recommend throwing a drink on someone. Or a pie. Works every time. If it's the ninjas, they'll catch the drink or the pie, ne?" Perhaps she's missing the point here. Ah well, A for effort.

Gentle Turtle briefly looks around the room to see if there is an available pie.


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "who's got awareness? roll it if you got it. perc or wits, your choice."


(Judge) Gentle Turtle rolls Perception  + Awareness  + Essence: [ 3 5 5 7 9 9 9 ]

         Resulting in 4 successes.



(Judge) Serendipity rolls Perception  + Awareness: [ 2 3 4 4 5 <10> ]

         Resulting in 2 successes.



Serendipity notices that every one in the teahouse seems to be fairly fit, and move in a way that suggests they've very aware of their own bodies. Everyone, from the guests drinking to the skinny boy sweeping the floors, seems to have at least some amount of martial arts training. Gentle Turtle notices the same thing, and further more, he is accutely aware that there's more than quite a few people people in the place who have their gazes focused upon him. More specifically, his monk robes and jade gear.


Fudou has arrived.


Fudou has left.


(Judge) Gentle Turtle rolls Valor: [ 2 ]

         Resulting in a failure.



(OOC) Gentle Turtle just spent Willpower from his Willpower pool



         Gentle Turtle is the picture of unhappiness: the prospect of what he's about to do terrifies him, and he's keenly aware of the many eyes focused on him. He swallows, his body shaking ever so slightly. He moves to rise - and then he sits right back down, taking a deep breath. This is no time to chicken out, Turtle! Rombulac's life was in danger, you need to do this! The effort he exerts is visibile; he calms himself, stops the stilling, and picks up a nearby drink. He turns, and flings it at the nearest person with their gaze on him. "I ch-ch-challenge you. If you d-d-don't mind."


Serendipity grins at the skinny boy, a light of empathy turning on behind her eyes, and orders a nice hot pot of tea from the next server who passes her by. Then she leans back, supremely unconcerned and at peace with the universe, and watches Turtle begin the throw-down. Must... keep... straight... face. Turtle... hilariously... nervous! Smile... cracking... through... curses, it's out.


The person Turtle challenged, a musclar fellow with a tetsubo, takes a careful look at the monk and then replies. "I forfeit." And then turns back to his drink. There's a round of roaring laughter, from the people seated nearby, as well as from the other people keeping an eye on Gentle Turtle and the others. "I do not think you'll find anybody who would fight you on this floor." says the teahouse owner gently. "Really, I'm surprised you sat down here."


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "Ser, roll Int + Lore, with applicable bonuses from ma society related backgrounds."


-= OOC =- Serendipity has mentor 5, allies 2, contacts 3, all specifically related to this society. How many dice should that be?


(Judge) Serendipity rolls Intelligence  + Lore: [ 6 7 7 8 <10> ]

         Resulting in 5 successes.



-= OOC =- Serendipity says, "If I need more dice, let me know. :P"


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling hehs. "That will be enough. xD"


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "You recall that in this teahouse, there is something of a social structure, in which the stronger martial artists sit on the top floor, the next strongest ones sit on the floor below them, and so on so forth. The bottom floor is filled with the most people, because most people don't qualify to make it past the stairs."


-= OOC =- Serendipity says, "Ahh."


"Honorable Turtle-san," murmurs Serendipity, "I have just recalled: the stronger martial artists are, the further up they are seated here. So I have been told, in the distant past." She slides up from her seat, grabbing her staff and holding her newly-delivered pot of tea in the other hand, and makes for the stairs. "It was a good try though," she whispers as she passes his ear.



         Gentle Turtle's face flushes a deep scarlet, and he bows repeatedly to the owner, stammering his thanks many times over. Nervously and quickly, he moves to the fellow he threw the drink at, folding his arms at his side and bowing deeply, eyes squeezed shut. "M-M-M-My apologies, s-s-sir." Quite embarrassed, Turtle moves to the stairs.

Turtle makes it to the stair without too much trouble. However, Serendipity finds herself with unwanted solicitations as she tries to follow the monk. "Hold on there, sweetness." A fellow says as he walks up to her and places an overly familiar arm upon her shoulder. "Where are you going in such a hurry?" His breath is reeks of alcohol, and his footing is wobbley and uneasy. "Why not stay and have a drink with me?"


-= OOC =- Serendipity says, "I whip the staff into its nine sections and try to trip him, knocking him on his ass."


(Judge) Serendipity rolls 12: [ -1- -1- 2 3 4 6 7 7 7 7 7 9 ]

         Resulting in 6 successes.



-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "Doesn't beat DV!"


-= OOC =- Serendipity says, "Okay."


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "ya might wanna roll JB if you're not going to talk your way out. xD"


-= OOC =- Gentle Turtle says, "A drunkard on the first floor has a DV > 6? Oh geez."


(Judge) Serendipity rolls Wits  + Awareness: [ 2 5 7 7 7 <10> ]

         Resulting in 5 successes.



-= OOC =- Gentle Turtle shrieks!


-= OOC =- Serendipity says, "Sneak attack! The second attack, after JB, is -really- surprising. :P"


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "Wait, what?"


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "You're sneak attacking after join battle?"


-= OOC =- Serendipity laughs. No. It was a joke.


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "I dunno! You might have super secret charms!"


-= OOC =- Serendipity says, "It was a webcomic reference. Ignore me. Look, 5 successes on JB!"


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "ahh."


(Judge) Gentle Turtle rolls Wits  + Awareness  + Essence: [ 3 5 5 5 7 8 <10> ]

         Resulting in 4 successes.



-= OOC =- Gentle Turtle isn't fighting, but if he -is-, that's when.


-= OOC =- Gentle Turtle afks for a few mins.


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "okay"


Code> You have no dice to roll. Check your spelling?


(Judge) Gao-Ling rolls 6: [ -1- 2 4 8 8 9 ]

         Resulting in 3 successes.



-= OOC =- Serendipity says, "So, me again? :P"


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "You go first. Tick zero. Tick 1 is Turtle, Tick 2 is Drunk."


-= OOC =- Serendipity says, "She's going to leap back, next to the table where the little old men are playing their board game, and use the seven-section staff to whip the board and tiles into the drunkard's face, weighted of course by a business end of the staff."


-= OOC =- Serendipity says, "Stunt? :)"


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "+2 for that!"


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "Make a good pose and I might even give you a +3!"


Serendipity gives the drunkard her sweetest smile, before unfurling her staff with a resounding snap and trying to sweep the man's legs out from under him. When he manages to perservere in a drunken way, she frowns and slides back towards a game of Gateway. "Excuse me, honorable sirs, but your strategy is about to become my victory," she explains to the players with a bow worthy of any respected grandfather. Then, using the links of her nine-section staff, she sweeps the board into the drunkard's face. Tiles scatter EVERYWHERE, landing in teacups, bapping people on the noggin, and making a terrible clatter. "We're going upstairs -now-," she insists to the drunkard, ensuring the board continues its whizzing dance through the air with a staff-slap aimed right for his nose.


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "Okay. +3 for that. Go ahead and roll it"


-= OOC =- Serendipity blows a willpower for Daredevil, doubling the stunt dice. :)


(OOC) Serendipity just spent Willpower from her Willpower pool


(Judge) Serendipity rolls 18: [ -1- -1- 2 2 3 3 4 5 5 6 6 6 7 7 8 9 9 <10> ]

         Resulting in 7 successes.



-= OOC =- Serendipity says, "Oy. XD"


(Judge) Gentle Turtle rolls 18: [ -1- -1- 3 4 4 5 6 6 7 7 8 9 9 9 <10> <10> <10> <10> ]

         Resulting in 14 successes.



-= OOC =- Gentle Turtle wins. But he's not fighting.


-= OOC =- Serendipity says, "What a waste. :P"


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling gives Ser a pat.


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "At least you got your willpower back."


-= OOC =- Serendipity says, "Keen, how do I reset it?"


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "Um... just keep that in mind. xD"


-= OOC =- Gentle Turtle says, "Outside of +refresh pools, you can't. Use Notepad or keep it in your memory!"


-= OOC =- Serendipity says, "Well, is there a limit on using +refresh pools? 'Cuz willpower is my only pool. :P"


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "once per 24 hours"


-= OOC =- Serendipity says, "Ah, I see. I'll just keep track then. :)"


-= OOC =- Serendipity says, "It's someone else's turn now, I think."


"We were using those!" Said one of the two elderly shouji players, upset at having their game interrupted. "Lousy kids. Back in my day, we didn't disrupt bystanders when we got into a fight." The drunkard, in the meanwhile, didn't seem to be distraught over by the suddenly flying board. In fact, he hardly seemed to have noticed it, as just seconds before the large wooden object would connect soundly with his face, he seems to trip over a wooden stool. His momentary stumble moves his head just far enough to not be hit by the tossed object, and he looks back up at the sound of the falling tiles, wondering what has happened.


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "It's Turtles, if he wants to fight."



         "Our d-d-deepest apologies," Turtle says to the two elderly Shouji players, reaching a hand out to tap Serendipity's arm. "Drink brings m-m-madness. Don't hurt him t-t-too much. Maybe he'll g-g-go away?"


-= OOC =- Gentle Turtle isn't going to interfere.


"Hurt me? Why would she want to hurt me?" Says the drunkard as he staggers over to Serendipity. "Such a pretty girl like her would never want to hurt me, right?" Suddenly, the drunkard seems to dip his head forward in an awkwardly, but rapidly, as if trying to plant a kiss upon Serendipity's face. Either that or headbutt her.


Code> You have no dice to roll. Check your spelling?


(Judge) Gao-Ling rolls 12: [ -1- 2 2 2 2 5 5 6 6 9 9 <10> ]

         Resulting in 4 successes.



-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "With a single auto suxx makes 5 total. Miss, I take it?"


-= OOC =- Serendipity says, "Yep."


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "Right. Your turn again, Ser."


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "since it's just the two of you, we'll keep it simple. just go one after another, no need to keep track of ticks unless you're really slow or really fast."


-= OOC =- Serendipity says, "I'm going to try to ignore him and just walk up the stairs."


"You're right, you're absolutely right," says Serendipity, "I wouldn't. Not needlessly." She parries the drunkard's face with her staff, which can't be a pleasant feeling. "So you go back to your drink, and I'll go upstairs, and that will be that." She turns her back on him, but keeps her senses peeled for a back attack, heading for the stairs.


The drunk doesn't attack Serendipity from behind, but instead moves to stand in front of her directly. "Don't go away yet, sweetness." He comments, his footsteps stumbling as he follows after her. He drunken stagger somehow helps him avoid the clutter on the floor though, and he makes his way infront of the girl soon enough, blocking her way to the stairs. "I wouldn't want to see you get hurt!" The drunkard insists. Without warning, he raises his hands and launches four crooked and random seeming punches against Serendipity.


The drunk doesn't attack Serendipity from behind, but instead moves to stand in front of her directly. "Don't go away yet, sweetness." He comments, his footsteps stumbling as he follows after her. He drunken stagger somehow helps him avoid the clutter on the floor though, and he makes his way infront of the girl soon enough, blocking her way to the stairs. "I wouldn't want to see you get hurt!" The drunkard insists. Without warning, he raises his hands and launches four crooked and random seeming punches against Serendipity.


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling ack. double-post


Code> You have no dice to roll. Check your spelling?


(Judge) Gao-Ling rolls 11: [ 2 3 3 4 7 8 9 <10> <10> <10> <10> ]

         Resulting in 11 successes.



Code> You have no dice to roll. Check your spelling?


(Judge) Gao-Ling rolls 10: [ -1- 3 6 7 7 7 8 9 <10> <10> ]

         Resulting in 9 successes.



Code> You have no dice to roll. Check your spelling?


(Judge) Gao-Ling rolls 9: [ 2 2 2 4 5 6 8 9 <10> ]

         Resulting in 4 successes.



Code> You have no dice to roll. Check your spelling?


(Judge) Gao-Ling rolls 8: [ -1- -1- 3 4 5 7 9 <10> ]

         Resulting in 4 successes.



-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "Jeez! 11 on 11 dice? o.O"


-= OOC =- Serendipity says, "The 11 hits, two overage."


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "Your soak? It's just a punch."


-= OOC =- Serendipity says, "3B."


Sesus Ormi arrives from out-of-character.


Sesus Ormi has arrived.


Sesus Ormi travels to the Silent Peaks.


Sesus Ormi has left.


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "wait. Any hardness? If so, it probably doesn't break hardness."


-= OOC =- Serendipity says, "No, I don't have any hardness. I am a -mortal-. :)"


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling hehs.


-= OOC =- Gentle Turtle says, "Hey, I'm a monk and I don't have any hardness."


-= OOC =- Gentle Turtle says, "It's not that common :<"


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "Actually, forget about rolling damage. Let's just go with knockback. You get pushed back 1 yard for every 3 raw damage, but don't actually get hurt."


-= OOC =- Serendipity says, "I don't mind, go ahead and roll damage."


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "Naw, the drunk doesn't really want to hurt Seren anyhow, so I think that's best."


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "besides, you should be fresh and without wound penalties before you hit the next few floors! xD"


-= OOC =- Serendipity says, "Next... few... floors. -.-"


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "there's 4 floors total."


-= OOC =- Serendipity says, "That's fine, it's just late at night."


-= OOC =- Serendipity says, "COuld you please roll damage/knockback so we can keep this thing moving? :)"


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "Well, you get knocked back 1 yard from the first hit. I'm guessing the second attack hit too, so that's another 1 yard"


-= OOC =- Serendipity says, "The secnod attack did not hit, no."


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "Misses on the last two, so that's fine."


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "It didn't?"


-= OOC =- Serendipity says, "So I got knocked back one yard."


-= OOC =- Serendipity says, "Nope, 9 is not enough."


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "no flurry penalties on DV?"


-= OOC =- Serendipity says, "Ah. Then, sure, it hits."


-= OOC =- Serendipity says, "So, knocked back two yards."


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "Well, it doesn't matter much. xD It's just knockback."


-= OOC =- Serendipity says, "Yeah, no biggie. :)"


"This is for your own good, darling. Don't go upstairs unless you're sure you're ready." The drunkard says to Serendipity, his words no longer seeming slurred and disjointed.


-= OOC =- Gentle Turtle says, "For the record, Turtle's not going to interfere in the fight at any point outside of, say, lethal force being applied to someone."


-= OOC =- Serendipity says, "Serendipity uses the force of being knocked back to slide her under the very same table that she removed the game board from. She rises with a kick designed to send the table, and its cups of scalding hot tea, at the 'drunkard's' face."


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "+2 for that. Roll it up."


-= OOC =- Serendipity blows a willpower to double it again, because that's how she rolls, baby. That's how she rolls. Essence is for... more enlightened people than me. ;)


(Judge) Serendipity rolls 16: [ -1- 2 2 2 2 3 4 6 7 8 8 8 8 <10> <10> <10> ]

         Resulting in 11 successes.



-= OOC =- Serendipity says, "Is that enough? :)"


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "That's fine. xD"


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "Hit with 3"


-= OOC =- Serendipity says, "What's the base damage on table with scalding tea? :P"


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "... I dunno. +3L, let's say"


-= OOC =- Serendipity says, "Okay."


(Judge) Serendipity rolls 9: [ -1- -1- 2 2 3 7 8 <10> <10> ]

         Resulting in 6 successes.



-= OOC =- Serendipity says, "Oops. I wasn't trying to kill the guy. >.<"


-= OOC =- Serendipity says, "Ah wel."


-= OOC =- Gentle Turtle says, "4L. He's not an extra, so he's wounded, but not dead."


-= OOC =- Serendipity says, "If he has a suck soak, anyway."


-= OOC =- Serendipity says, "Actually, I suppose his soak should have applied first."


-= OOC =- Gao-Ling says, "it's fine. xD"


Serendipity rises from under the old mens' table and, with a furious snap kick, sends it, face first, towards the drunkard. The tea goes with it, sending gouts of steam into the air as cups are overturned. Through the steam walks the girl, heedless of her own carnage. "Sorry, grandfathers, but I am a student of the Anything Goes school, among others. Surely there are safer places for you to drink your tea." She raises an eyebrow at the man barring her path up. "Had enough?"


The drunkard jumps out of the way of the table easily enough, but the splashing scalding tea is harder to evade. The hot liquid stikes his skin and he cries out sharply in pain, and glares at Serendipity. "Alright. If you're so insistant, then go on up ahead. I just hope your monk friend can protect you well enough up there."


[Scene paused on account of sleep. Part 2 to come soon!]

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