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Log: Such is the City of the Gods

Page history last edited by Richard Hughes 14 years ago

(NPCs run by Arcadelt, 4 xp to Alastor)



Calibration has come to Creation and sensible people stay at home, travelling is avoided and even going out at night is dangerous. For Eagle Hill it means the People of the Air stay behind the walls of their city, which have twice as many guards as usual. The village at the foot of the hill is almost empty, with most travellers back in their home towns, or at least the more secure lands of the Baronies of Dozen Blades, just a few days travel east. So riders met no patrols, the trails through the forests are empty, barren. Lark knows Hunting Mist is coming, of course, because solars are not sensible people, so the People of the Air are waiting for him. As for the ships, well, those raise some alarm.



The shining beacon of Maro's anime banner lights the way for a pair of large aiships, golden birds rise up into the air and fizzle out at the apex of his banner. Maro stands on a cloud that leads the two ships to the walls for more instructions. He holds his gold knobbed cane in one hand and a thin pipe in the other. "So where do I dock these two ample ladies?" he asks one of the guards, poiting back at the two large transport aiships.



A swath of dust is laid down on the roads as Mist's horse pounds his way across the countryside. His goggles on, face covered, one would think him a bandit with some helpless captive...were it not the incredible speed he moves at. The looming shape of Eagle Hill closes as the two riders approach, the distance being eaten up by the rapid pace of Mist's mount. It's mostly his. From the ranch, really. He's just trained it a bit, and will probably return it once he's found a more suitable stand-in for Yoshi. He looks over his shoulder to his passenger Owl...



...who is currently splitting his attention between holding on for dear life and gawking at the city ahead, and the airships above. Inwardly, he half-chuckles. He was just barely starting to get used to the wider world, and now his world widens again.



There is a skyship port on top of the Tower of the Moon, which is where Maro’s ships are guided by suddenly very happy airfolk. With those large ships transporting goods and people from Sezakan is going to be much easier. And with the excitement, Hunting Mist is not spotted until he is almost at the walls. Oops. They know him, though, and the eyes of the People of the Air are sharp, so the elevator is quickly sent down and a messenger sent to Lark, which was going to meet Augustus. Ack. Choosing quickly, she summons a cloud and races to pick up Hunting Mist. “Hey, hey!” She calls, “hop in,” she gestures to Mist. “Owl, is that you? Come with me too! Do you know Augustus Maro? He brought skyships for the city. Come with me, there will be a party!”



Augustus shouts commands to faceless grey humanoids that begin to secure the airships at the Tower of the Moon. Augustus lights his pipe and a blue smoke rises up. "Dont scratch the paint!" he yells out suddenly to one of the Eyeless, "There still our responsibility until they are properly in dock, no mistakes!"



Mist dismounts almost straight onto the cloud as Lark hovers nearby. He pulls the face-cover down and swipes the goggles off as he removes his hat and replaces it with a smooth motion. Once he's taken care of the basics, he smiles to Lark and tips his hat to her saying, "Good t'be back, Lark. The visits are always nice. Calibration should be interestin' this time."



Owl dismounts rather less gravefully, though his landing leaves nothing to be desired. Hopping onto the cloud himself, he smiles at Lark. "Hello again, Lark. How is Gold-and-Onyx Dragon doing?"



“Oh, that guy is someone I really need to talk at length,” replies Lark, hugging Mist and Owl as they join her. “But not now, now I want to see those ships.” The cloud rises over the walls, and she commands it forward, racing to the top of the tower in a few minutes. “So, do you know Augustus Maro?” She points to the man with the glowing anima.



Augustus watches the cloud with passangers arrive with a small smile. He lets his anima banner slowly dwindle away under the lights of the city. A half a dezen Eyeless complete docking procedures and form ranks awaiting new instruction. He slowly takes his gloves off, his hands underneath covered in thin jade plates.



Looking over the display, the ships, and the Eyeless, Mist mutters to himself, "Bad luck to do business on Calibration.". He looks ahead again, to see Maro at the head of this operation, and tips his hat to him.



Heaven Blessed Owl blinks and looks over at Augustus. "Nope, I don't know him," he smiles, "but I'd like to change that. Greetings, I'm Heaven Blessed Owl."



“The ships are more a gift than a commercial exchange, really,” comments Lark, “all he asked was access to our libraries”. She brings the cloud closer to the engineer and makes the introductions. “Do you need to stay with the ships?” She asks Maro.



Augustus nods to Owl "Augustus Maro.." he says around the thin pipe he turns to Lark as he put his gloves in his pocket "Nope, there all yours now, they arent my problem. In any case... I believe this is cause for a drink."



Looking around appraisingly, Longinus thanks the man next to him. "I appreciate the ride." he says to the winged sorcerer, Tipping his Fedora, Longinus begins to walk off, then stops, "Um, Which way was...?" he asks letting the question fall off. The sorcerer raises and eye brow, and points. "Oh, thanks." Longinus says again, and starts off in the supplied direction



========= So, now Arc logs in, time to travel! (Maro is not interested, though)



Five solars in the city is a good reason for a party, isn’t it? Not that Lark needs much of a reason to declare a party-day, but usually she can be talked out of it by her most sensible advisors. Not today. They have spent most of the day in the Blackruby manse, dancing, drinking and generally having a good time. Sundown will be soon, though, and the Calibration Gate cannot be summoned the nights of Calibration, so Lark gets everyone that wants to come to Yu-Shan to the park behind the manse. “Mist wanted an interview with Lytek, and the Carnivals of Meetings means everyone can go to Yu-Shan, so we might try to find him. This is a one-way door, though, so we will have to use one of the normal gates to get out. Everyone ready?”



-= OOC =- Blithe Lark Spirit will call the Calibration Gate with the Summon the Heavenly Portal spell.



Heaven Blessed Owl takes a deep breath. "Any last minute advice for what to do on the other side?"



Mist nods once, tersely. Bad luck to do business during Calibration, but information needs to be discovered. This was his ticket, and he was taking it for the whole ride in. "Ah'm ready."



Looking over at Blithe Lark Spirit, Longinus smiles and tips his Fedora, "As ready as ever." he says.



A few moments later, the twisted gate of starmetal unfolds itself before Lark, as the spell concludes. It fairly trembles as the sun descends to the west, as if eager to spirit hapless mortals to the Home of the Gods. The air unfolds, like a curtain parting, revealing a tunnel, where ant-headed divinities are putting up bunting at the last minute.



“Hmm, talk in Old Realm, try to avoid drunken deities, skip the drugs unless you have charms to survive them,” Lark steps forward boldly, waving to the Celestial Lions. “We are here for the Carnival, just that.” Woah, bunting? That one is new.



With a moment's pause, and a brushing off of his Long coat, Longinus tips his Fedora down and moves through the gateway to the city of Yu-Shan. Stepping into the very home of the Gods, he looks around quietly. "We should probably pick our locales for the bulk of the festival." he says, "Place is going to fill up fast." he remarks to Lark.



One of the lions rumbles, leaning down to squint at Lark. "<Ahh, yes,>" he replies. "<Your a little early, I suppose, but wait out here for a minute or two and it'll be fine.>" He yawns, cavernously, and gives a leonine smile. "<I trust you'll keep your entourage in check?>"



Owl attempts to keep his jaw shut with only moderate success. He decides to stick close to Lark and Mist, and hopes when they meet with Lytek he'll be able to follow the conversation...and still worried as to what it might be about.



A few minutes later, and the Gate behind you shivers. The door closes, then opens, and a young woman in Patrician dress stumbles in, looking about bewildered. She asks the Lion in High Realm where she is. He replies, then turns back to Lark. "<Go on it. Looks like the party's started.>"

Yu-Shan! Fabulous city of the Gods during the Carnival of Meetings! Divinities and elementals, Celestial and terrestrial, humaniform and otherwise jostle for places at jade booths and gambling barges on quicksilver canals. A few Dragonblooded mingle with lesser divinities, a few mortal shaman and the favorites their gods strole arm in arm and sip vintages finer than are now remembered in Creation.



“<My entourage?>” Lark looks at the others. Does that means she is responsible for them? Oh dear. “<No problem waiting, they are friends, though.>” That is all said in Old Realm, then she turns to the others. “I suppose this gate sees a lot of traffic during the five days of Calibration. And we have to wait for sundown.”

Once past the gate, Lark grins at seeing the city. “A continent-sized party, pity we are here for business. We need to find Lytek and we have only five days. Good thing Longinus here is a detective.”



"Oh, yea. Right..." Longinus says looking around and thinking for a moment, "Um, he's in the Bureau of Heaven...department of Abstract Matters...Which I think was..." he says looking around, "Oh! That way!" he says and starts walking, "But seriously, where do you guys want to get lunch?" he asks



Mist nods, and turns to Longinus, "<It's a continent sized party of eternal bureaucrats each of whom has seeking a way to promote, establish, consilidate, take over, appropriate, molest, or otherwise interfere with other folk's business since the dawn of time so as to alleviate their feelings of inadequacy/boredom/pride. I'm a little nervous.>"



"Meatpies! Fresh meatpies! Onna stick or onna bun! Meatpies!" A vendor-god pushing a barrow, with vastly exagerated ears and a scarecrow's nest for his hair walks by. His call is repeated in Old Realm, High Realm, Low Realm, Foresttongue, Flametongue, Rivertongue, Seatongue, Airtongue, then several obscure jungle dialects that are seldom heard out of the deepest reaches of the Southeast.

        A trio of frog-women in kimonos walk past, waving fans flirtiously at a stork god who bears a medalion 'Lord of Meditation'. "<Ayep. Just had to keep at it. Sure, it wasn't easy," the stork-god says, to an admiring crowd of various godblooded children and toddlers, watching the giant talking bird with rapt attention.

        A balding man covered in tattoos walks by, seemingly headless of his blindness- at least, he's not much hampered by the cloth mask that conceals his eyes, or the unlit lantern he holds aloft worked in orihalcum and moonsilver and jade. He does have a nervous cast to his features, however. A kind of happy nervous, like an expectent father.



Heaven Blessed Owl blinks at Mist. "<Wow. When I said I should call you if I ever needed to be depressed, I was talking to an expert, wasn't I?>"



Pursing his lips, Mist retorts, "Better t'know now than t'let it bite you in th'ass later. Only th'fact that we're not as helpless as th'average mortal can see us through this without injury, in mah reckoning."



“I can take you to the Bureau of Heaven in a Cirrus Skiff,” mentions Lark, “but chances are he is out for the Carnival. Still, it is a good point to start looking, we don’t have any hint of where he could be, otherwise. Now, even in the Skiff, distances here are large. This city is the size of the Blessed Island.”



-= OOC =- Longinus says, "Who's the blind god with the lantern?"

-= OOC =- Arcadelt points at himself :)

-= OOC =- Longinus says, "that's the god Arcadelt?"

-= OOC =- Arcadelt nods.

-= OOC =- Arcadelt says, "Actually, Gimme an Intelligence + Occult, diff 5"

-= OOC =- Arcadelt says, "He's not a super well known god."

-= OOC =- Longinus says, "3 suxx"

(Judge) Longinus rolls Intelligence + Occult: [ -1- 2 2 3 4 8 9 9 9 <10> ]

        Resulting in 6 successes.

-= OOC =- Arcadelt says, "He's nominally employed by the Bureau of Destiny (Violet Bier of Sorrows Division) and holds the Apocolypse Scrolls. But it's kind of a paid retirement."



Longinus suddenly stops in his tracks, noticing Arcadelt making his way calmly through the festival, "Hey, Arcadelt!" he says tipping his Fedora. "How's business?" he asks, "Anything new lately? Or on the Horizon?" he asks with a look of serious interest.


Arcadelt hmms, half turning towards Longinus. He fixes his gaze about three inches above Longinus' left shoulder. "Hm? Oh, not much, not much. I've been feeling a bit of... vim, eh wot?" He gives a crinkly laugh, and shakes the lantern, before approaching Longinus, free hand held forth to touch his face. "Have we met? I almost never forget a voice, but your's isn't familiar to me..."



Hunting Mist bites his tongue.



Looking at Arcadelt closely, Longinus tips his Fedora down. "Another time, another place." he says. "Name's Longinus." he says, holding out a hand politely. "You already have plans for the Festival?" he asks



Mist nudges Longinus, <We should get moving. We need to find Lytek within five days if we can manage it. It *is* a rather large place to look in, you know.>



Arcadelt shakes his hand out of Longinus' grip, lightly tapping the detective's cheek, nose, eyes and lips. "Oh, just thought I'd wander. Longinus." He considers, and nods. "I'll remember. Longinus. But yes. Wander. See what I'll see... in a manner of speaking." He cackles. "The girls can just be delightful when they find out your blind, you know."



Lark looks curious at Longinus and his new friend, then shrugs. “It is not as if we are in a hurry,” she mentions Mist, “but at least he would make introductions, hmph.”



Longinus nods, and grins. "Still trying that old trick?" he asks humorously. Turning to Lark, Mist, and Owl he smiles, "Sorry, this is Arcadelt. He's the god of World Changing Disasters." he says. Turning back to Arcadelt, "Sorry to bother you, but I don't suppose you'd know where Lytek is hanging out this Calibration?" he asks.



"Lytek?" Arcadelt asks, before shaking his head. "I've not heard from the Right Hand of Power since Rhyzalae staged her little coup back when the *big* coup was going on. He's been kept busy just hanging on- and busier now that he's started climbing again. It's a hard life being a mover and shaker. All those parties..." He trails off, and lowers the lamp and inch or two. "Between you and me, I wouldn't stand it. But he seems to like it well enough."



Peering at Arcadelt, Mist gets a mild shudderas he considers what this being in front of him represents. <Any idea what Lytek had planned for Calibration, honoured on?>, he addresses Arcadelt formally. Mist simply is not sure what the gods have been doing for the past couple of thousand years, and he is beginning to suspect he wouldn't like the answer much.



“<Oh, jeez, you must be very busy lately,>” chirps Lark to Arcadelt. She listens to what the blind god just said, and files it for future reference, though. “Now that I think about it, maybe we can hire a guide, the problem is I can take only three in the skiff.”



Arcadelt ehs, turning to stare over Mist's shoulder. "Ohho, 'honored one', he says so formal and proper." The elder god puffs himself up a bit, raising the lamp back up. "Greetings young man. But no- as I was just telling your friend, I've not had much to do with the Right Hand of Power. I don't see many from the Bureau of Heaven." He makes a face. "Unless they're trying to move me out of the Endings Division, which I'd not care for at all."

Arcadelt's gaze shifts to Lark at her voice, and he wrinkle-dimples. "Thank you young lady, and may I be so bold as to remark on what a fine voice you have?"



Looking over at the gathered group, Longinus thinks for a moment, "Well, we could clear a lot of problems up if we had some ambrosia on hand." he says. "Don't suppose any of you...?" he asks curiously



A racoon in a button-down black robe brushes past Mist, then Lark. "<Oh, beg pardon,>" he says, in Old Realm-verging on-High Realm (the Yu-Shanian equivelent of a low class accent). "Terribly clumsy of me."



-= OOC =- Arcadelt says, "Oh, Lark and Mist? Could I get... Wits + Larceny, please :)"

(Judge) Arcadelt rolls 8: [ -1- 2 4 5 6 6 <10> <10> ]

        Resulting in 4 successes.

(Judge) Arcadelt rolls 8: [ 5 5 6 7 8 9 <10> <10> ]

        Resulting in 7 successes.

(Judge) Hunting Mist rolls Wits + Larceny: [ 6 7 ]

        Resulting in 1 successes.

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist says, "Uh huh."



Hunting Mist says, "I think I just mentioned somehting like this?"



-= OOC =- Longinus says, "I'm rading from the sids book, it says world-shattering events. Stuff that's warranted his attention so far was the primordial war, the usurpation, and the great contagion."

-= OOC =- Longinus says, "Do I get a roll? Investigation perhaps, because it's petty theft, and Longinus was a cop? :)"

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist says, "No problem, Long, bicker about the guy's title while we get rolled."

-= OOC =- Blithe Lark Spirit says, "heh, I was posing checking my purse :)"

-= OOC =- Arcadelt hmms. Sure. Wits + Investigation, but at a -3 penalty. Tweren't your pocket being picked.

 (Judge) Blithe Lark Spirit rolls Wits + Larceny: [ 2 2 4 6 7 9 9 9 ]

        Resulting in 4 successes.

-= OOC =- Longinus says, "+4 suxx, and spending a wp"

(Judge) Longinus rolls Wits + Investigation: [ 6 7 8 8 9 <10> ]

        Resulting in 6 successes.

-= OOC =- Kuriko cackles, "I picked a Night Caste's pocket!"

-= OOC =- Longinus says, "So 7 suxx"

-= OOC =- Longinus says, "ur, 8"

-= OOC =- Arcadelt says, "Oh. Yeah, that little god was slipping something pale yellow white from Mist's pocket to his own."



Stepping forward, past Mist, Longinus calls out harshly, "FREEZE!," at the Robed Raccon, A look of *deadly* seriousness crossing his face.



Lark smiles and thanks the blind god, eeps at the racoon, “no worries,” but checks her purse. She lived in Nexus for years. “Well, we should get moving, Lord Arcadelt, hope you have fun in the parties.”



Kuriko freezes. Fucking cop voice. Lions always sound like that. "Hey! I'm a Divine Spirit! I've got rights!" he retorts. "You can't prove *nothing* on me!"

"You don't wanna mess with me anyways! I work for way important people, mister!" Kuriko adds.



Oblivious, Mist sort of gives Longinus a look, then looks at the raccoon, then looks back to Longinus. He tips his hat to Arcadelt, <Never hurts to be polite in strange lands, elder.>.



"... also, why should I listen to some scrub mortal up for the party, anyways?" Kuriko adds, more to himself than Longinus.



Arcadelt shakes his head in bemusement, as he departs from the gathering and into the Carnival.



Looking cold and hard at Kuriko, "Do you wanna bet?" Longinus asks in a steely voice. A flicker of solar essence crosses his eyes as he stares down at the raccoon. "I'm not trouble you want." he remarks, "Though if you Insist..." he lets the statement hang off.



Mist, deciding to back Longinus' play, though not knowing what it is, simply pushes his duster aside to reveal a flash of his short Orichalcum daiklave. He looks down onto Kuriko, with a look of disapproval.



Lark looks surprised at Longinus attitude, sliding away from him as if he was crazy. Then activates Easily Overlooked Presence Method and walks behind Kuriko, checking for places where the spirit might be keeping whatever was stolen. Taking advantage of Longinus drawing attention, she proceeds to do some pick-pocketing of her own.



-= OOC =- Arcadelt says, "+2d Blark, and +2 autosuccesses for being basically invisible :)"

-= OOC =- Blithe Lark Spirit says, "I buy 4 more with excellency"

-= OOC =- Arcadelt kays.

 (Judge) Blithe Lark Spirit rolls Wits + Larceny + 4: [ 2 3 4 6 6 8 8 9 9 9 9 <10> ]

        Resulting in 8 successes.

-= OOC =- Blithe Lark Spirit says, "12!"

-= OOC =- Longinus says, "haha :)"

-= OOC =- Arcadelt says, "Well, that's excessive. ;)"

-= OOC =- Heaven Blessed Owl says, "For my own amusement, firing up AESS and seeing what this guy's Essence is."



Kuriko's eyes bug out at Mist's action, his tongue freezing in his mouth. He seems to recover quickly enough, however. "I- no, I'm a legal citizen. I don't have to stand here and take this," he says. "Excuse me," he mutters, as he brushes past Blithe Lark Spirit, heedless of her actions.



A few minutes later, he realizes his own purse is now missing, but such is life.

In Lark's hand are four pouches- her own, Mist's (both with a small amount of some flat white-yellow and sweet smelling cookie-things), a fine silk one (with what looks like some silver-golden liquid pooling in the bottom), and the final one, which contains a single jade ring, embossed with the Signet of the Bureau of Heaven.



(Judge) Heaven Blessed Owl rolls Intelligence + Occult: [ 2 3 5 5 5 7 8 8 <10> ]

        Resulting in 5 successes.



-= OOC =- Longinus says, "Ooh, nice lark ;)"

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist says, "Well now. Someone's gonna want that ring back. The liquid is...interesting? Needs to be identified. The cookie things will need an instruction manual for Mist to operate them. :P"

-= OOC =- Longinus says, "I'm sure the liquid is quintessence"

-= OOC =- Arcadelt says, "The liquid is Quintessence."



Longinus looks at Lark appraisingly, and grins, "Lady, you're dangerous." he says and chuckles. "I think we've got our in." he says.



Watching the retreating form of the god-Raccoon, looking stern the entire time, Mist says out the side of his mouth to Longinus, "Now, care t'tell me what that-all was 'bout?"



-= OOC =- Hunting Mist says, "Ah, right. Welfare for unemployed gods."

-= OOC =- Longinus says, "afk, brb, just consider me following."



As the spirit leaves, Lark tosses Mist his purse and hides the valuable contents of her own (a few jade coins, they don’t pay her much for being the queen) in her boots. “Let it go, Longinus, pickpockets don’t really hurt anyone, and that one was probably the god of something destroyed by the raksha during the invasion.”



Heaven Blessed Owl looks a bit uncomfortable. "What if he steals from someone else here, anyway?"



Catching the coins, Mist examines them curiously before putting them in an inside pocket of his duster. "Pickpocket?", he says, and does a cursory check on himself. "Ah ain't missin' nuthin'. What're th'gold coins about?"



A whisper of silence, a hush over the crowd. A goddess walks down the street, her eyes bright purple, her fingernails painted the orange of a banked fire. She walks in starmetal armor, and bears a giant starmetal Grimcleaver across her back. Embossed in Old Realm, it bears the inscription, 'The Gods are Now In Heaven / See They Now Remain In Place' Various starmetal bangles and trinkets dance about her wrists and ears. The crowd parts, no lesser divinity daring to come to close to Scarazan, the Goddess of Divine Reallocation.



“Pickpocket,” confirms Lark. “And we weren’t the first victims, I guess I should give them to the lions.” He checks the other two, looking perplexed to the liquid. Weirdness. “C’mon, we better start searching. Hmm, I should have taken a map.” She spots the goddess coming, and blinks slowly, giving her wide berth.



Hunting Mist simply shakes his head. "Party hasn't even started, an' we're already in among thieves an'liars.", he comments and watches the approaching goddess. An executioner. That's what everything about her says. Adorned with trophies of her work. Mist shivers again, and readies himself to go into the city.



Heaven Blessed Owl peeks into the bags, kind of poking the liquid, then looks into the other, before squeaking, "Larkweneedtotalk."



Scarazan sniffs, and turns her head towards the mortals. "You lot. Have you seen a Godling roam past? Face of an animal-bandit, dressed in borrowed finery?" Her voice is a deep alto, as smooth as polished wood. She looks to be wearing thick lines of powder.



Longinus raises an eye brow. "Well, if you meant the Robed Racoon pilfering people, I think he headed *that* way." he says with a nod down the road. "If not, then no idea." he says politely.



“Don’t be so cynical, Mist,” Lark, takes the man’s arm, “this place is...” she looks up at Scarazan a bit surprised. “There are a lot of spirits with animal traits around, and we wouldn’t know if the outfit is borrowed, we... uh?” She looks at Longinus and sighs, “there was that, too.”



As Longinus watches the walking authority figure make her way down the street, a pang of conscience suddenly bares down on him. Memories of a First Age, and reflections on the world as it has become..."Damn." Longinus says and shakes his head. Turning to Lark, "I don't think he deserves *that* for pick pocketing..."



Heaven Blessed Owl shifts uncomfortably. "I think it's more a function of whose pocket he picked."



Shaking his head, Longinus looks to Owl, "Call me crazy, but..." he says, staring off down the road, "Damn." he says, a guilty look crossing his face.



"Well, far be it from me t'say that not all is well in Heaven, Lark. Ah still say we should move on with due haste, just so's we can say we *did* try.", Mist says while adjusting his collar. "Yeah, ah might be a bit grumpy bein' here. Th'Great Forks party was a stretch enough as it was. This is just...like bushwhackin' me, sorta."



Heaven Blessed Owl stretches, then puts his face in his hands. Behind them, he hisses softly, "I'm saying I know who else's pockets he picked."



“Hmm, I wonder if any of those bags are hers,” muses Lark, “definitely will drop them the second I see one of the lions. Or... hmm, what pockets did he pick? Do you know just by looking at the contents of the bags?”



Heaven Blessed Owl takes a deep breath, stretching again and coincidentally looking around. "Yeah, didn't that god of world-shaking stuff mention someone when he talked about Lytek?" He looks somewhat meaningfully at Lark.



Longinus frowns for a moment, "Rhyzalae." he says, "...In any case, we should get going." he says,



“Hmm, he mentioned Lytek had problems with Rhyzalae many centuries ago?” Lark shrugs. “Rhyzalae is the head of the Bureau of Heaven, though, a very powerful goddess, even more than Lytek.”



Heaven Blessed Owl nods.



Mist shakes his head, "She ain't likely t'know what we need t'find out. This is pretty specific info, an' ah think Lytek's our guy. Th'ring may belong to someone he knows, tho, likely, an' we can trade it to him for th'info, maybe. We'll see how meetin' him goes. Once we find him.", Mist woinds down his train of thought slowly, once again his senses filling up with the entirey of Yu-Shan...



-= OOC =- Blithe Lark Spirit says, "Okay, Arc... should we roll investigation or something to see if we can find Lytek before the Carnival ends?"

ooc Or do you have something in mind to drop on us? :)

-= OOC =- Arcadelt sures.

-= OOC =- Blithe Lark Spirit says, "Or do you have something in mind to drop on us? :)"

-= OOC =- Arcadelt nahs. I've thrown a few sidequest hooks out, but if ya'll are really just interested in finding Mr. Glowybritches... :)

-= OOC =- Arcadelt sees no real point in dicerolling. "Yes, you can hunt him down after a day or two of direction-aquiring.

-= OOC =- Blithe Lark Spirit says, "yay!"

-= OOC =- Arcadelt says, "There's a bit of 'Sephiroth? Oh, he was *just here*' for a time. But then you catch up. Except instead of a silver haired Abyssal motherfucker, it's a glowing, translucent guy."

-= OOC =- Blithe Lark Spirit says, "Alright :)"

-= OOC =- Hunting Mist nods a lot.

-= OOC =- Blithe Lark Spirit says, "So, where do we find him?"



The party was invite only- but fortunately, one of Lark's contacts is able to slip her an invitation. Just keep her head down, and try not to offend anyone.



Lytek is lounging by the punch bowl, radiantly shimmering. A half-eaten Peach of Immortality is on a small, translucent plate of adamant near to hand; his flute is filled with a sip of celestial wine. "Oh yes. It's just as I was telling- Oh. Oh!" He grins, as he spots the approaching party. "Oh, beg pardon Sofika. Please, I promise I'll catch up later. Yes, hugs and kisses."

Lytek is tall. And made out of golden light. "Hallo!" he says, bending over. "My gracious. What brings you to the Celestial City. Enjoying the Festival?" There's a hint of a pink blush around the sheer brilliance of his cheeks.



Heaven Blessed Owl has been trying to keep himself from gaping for the past day and a half. At this point, he fails. He does manage to tear his eyes away and look at Mist, though.



Mist just looks a touch thunderstruck, but keeps it in. <Well, sir, a few things come to mind as to why I am here. First and foremost is some information that I have recently come across that falls under your purview, and I would appreciate it if you could let me know something.>, he says in his Old Realm, slightly accented. <I'm wondering if we could talk someplace private.>



Lark looks a bit awed at Lytek, sincerely awed. She bows at the glowing presence, and then draws breath sharply, “<ah, it is... we are sorry to interrupt the party. I mean, the festival is great, and I hope to have time for...>” she look at Mist and sighs, “<yes, that.>”



"Priv- OH! Of course, of course," Lytek says, leading the party to an isolated antechamber. He sits, indincating chairs that could double as thrones on Creation. "Ah... ah. Now, before we begin, may I..." he asks, and, without waiting for permission, reaches a finger of golden light towards Mist's shoulder. "Oh yes. Always a good man, I said. No matter what those bullies said of you." He frowns, in thought. "Curious though." He reaches closer, his finger sliding into Mist's shoulder.

That feels decidedly *odd*.



Longinus looks at Lytek curiously, and tips his Fedora. A grin crosses his face, and he just stands there looking at Lytek.



As Lytek motions to the chairs, Longinus takes a seat, quietly removing his Fedora and placing it in his lap. He watches carefully as Lytek brushes Hunting Mist.



The problem with chairs, is that they have backs, even in Heaven. So Lark sits at the edge of the chair so her wings are not cramped, and looks up at Lytek with fangirl eyes. Mist was the one that wanted to know about the shards, anyway.



Lytek withdraws his finger, tsks. "My apolizes, Mohrbach," he says to Mist. "I was in a hurry, when everyone came in all at once. I'm used to working fast, Sol knows you never sit still, but I missed a spot." He smiles. "I could fix that for you..." His eyes start to wander, taking on a caste somewhere between a proud parent and an egotist sculpture in a room with his masterworks.



Mist suddenly stands straight up and has a blank look on his face, speaking in a stentorian voice, "...We must heed the principles by which we agreed to abide by! It behooves us to ease these changes in this time of need; the common man should not be neglected in this process, for do we lack the skill or capability to take all factors into consideration?", he pauses and looks over to Lytek, "Lytek, what brings you to the Deliberative commission on Operation Wyldhand?"



Heaven Blessed Owl manages to recover enough of his wits to sit down. He seems rather puzzled by Lytek's behavior though.

Heaven Blessed Owl becomes even more puzzled by Mist's behavior, eyes widening.



Longinus looks closely at Hunting Mist, his face showing a twinge of sorrow at the mention of names not quite forgotten, as nostalgia gives way to regret.



Lytek clears his throat. "Oh, um." He gives the room an abashed smile, the pink glow on his cheeks intensifying. "Beg pardon, have this righted in a moment..." He plunges two fingers from his right hand into Mist now, while his left hand reach out, tracing small patterns in the air. He sounds to be quietly singing under his breath.



Lark blinks owlishly to Mist when he starts speaking gibberish, “oh dear, what is wrong with him?” She glances at Lytek, worried, “that is not what he came to ask you,” she adds quietly. “What is going on?”



"Nothing!" Lytek says quickly.



Mist shivers despite himself. His solidity and earthiness for a moment are lost, as if the essence of himself was redefined for a small moment, and he appears almost transluscent, like Lytek himself. He suddenly comes to, and looks at Lytek, "What ah meant was, how many Solar Shards are actually Solar Exaltations?"



Longinus looks at Lark, "One of the great achievements..." he says with a shrug, "Forget about it." he says, "It doesn't make pleasant party conversation."



"Nothing at all! He'll be right as rain in a moment..." The Right Hand of Power goes back to quietly singing under his breath. At Mist's words, he relaxes, withdrawing his hand. "What? Three hundred." He gives Mist a curious look. "Why?"



Suddenyl feeling the need to have support undertneath him, Mist takes a seat, sweating a bit. "Ah'm, according to something ah found out recently, there may be 300 Solar shards...but not 300 exaltations. Some're tainted. Deathknights. Somethin's been done t'them.", he says, breathing a bit laboriously, trying to keep his train of thought on track.



Heaven Blessed Owl eyes widen, and his jaw once again drops.



“Because, uh, the abyssals,” points out Lark a bit late. She sighs, paying particular attention to Lytek’s words. Maybe she misunderstood, or... might it be he does not know? But Zera talked with him long ago, didn’t she?



Lytek's face freezes, a storm moving across his face. "I- no." He stands up. "My work is unimpeachable. Ryzalae put you up to this, didn't she? She didn't, and don't try to deny it." A sharp frown crosses his face now, the light dimming and color fading marginally. "I think you should leave. All of you. And not spread this... this slanderous nonsense to *anyone*."



Longinus sits very, very still. "Are you calling this man a liar?" he asks lytek with a calm type of quiet voice. "Or just suggest he's given to abusive politics?" he asks



Heaven Blessed Owl seems to get agitated at this. "Hold on now. We came here to see YOU, not anyone else. And if what Mist is saying is true...then someone ELSE is messing with your work, your domain. Are you going to simply ignore it, or tell us what we need to know to make sure that it stops and no one ever tries again?"



"It's impossible, so you must be mistaken!" Lytek says. "But if you've any sympathy for my position, you'll leave without mentioning this! I've enemies that would love such a rurmor, to tear me further down- please," he asks. "We've been friends before, of a sort. All of us. Please- don't breath a word of this... this fevere dream you've had."



Lark opens her mouth, then closes it, and nods. “Sir, there are more wild theories you should know, it might amuse or surprise you, but the recent declarations of the Emissary in Nexus are startling. Is there a place we can talk even more privately?”



Having a moment's respite, Mist lets his thought flow once more, and goes over Lytek's denial. He nods, "Ah understand your position, an' this ain't somethin' that should be spread around, no doubt. But we all know, if we want to think about it, that those Shards had been kept from th'cycle fer nigh on two thousand years. You were just as responsible then as you are now. Someone locked those shards away, an' someone else popped those shards out.". A moment to clear his throat, then he goes back into his thought, "If you're right, an' there are three hunnerd Solars in Creation now, then there are forces, such as th'Neverborn an' th'Yozi's, who are able to make beings every bit as powerful as we are. Ah'd rather think something else. Give us some hope, Lytek."



Longinus stares at Lytek quietly, and says, "I remember." he says, "Would you mind meeting for lunch sometime?" he asks, "After the parties and politics are resolved?" he says leaning back in his chair. "Though I wouldn't mind *catching up*, if you have some free time away from the parties to enjoy a few private hours of drinking." he says with a wink to Mist.



Lytek gives Lark a strange look. "I, er. We're... Oh." He hesitates, and reaches into his coat pocket, handing Lark a shimmering card of thick paper. "Show that to the doorman of my manse, he'll let you in. Just you," he says, looking at the rest. He shakes his head at Mist's assertion. "It's utterly impossible," he says, "If the Primordials could have... done any such thing to the Exaltations, they *would* have, and the Yozis are incapable of such change. Besides, Verumipira would've heard about it and reported back at once."



Longinus gives a somewhat confused look. "After the party? The Carnival? How will you come in?"



Longinus pauses at Lytek's mention of Veruimpira. "Plenty of ways, but I'm sure we can take an hour or so to reminisce during the Festival." he says. Looking over at Lark, he raises an eye brow, then turns back to Lytek.



“I can do it, I have a couple friends that live in Yu-Shan, so I can get in as a guest,” Lark nods to Lytek, “we apologize for interrupting the party to bother you with ridiculous rumors, Lord Lytek. Clearly we have been deceived, thank you for clearing our minds.”



Nodding at Lark's words, Mist gets to his feet slowly and chimes in, "Ah'd be ashamed if ah besmirched your name on little more than a rumour, sir. If there's anything ah can do to make amends, ah'd appreciate th'opportunity."



Heaven Blessed Owl says nothing, his face showing frustration, fear, anger...and the feeling he doesn't trust himself to open his mouth.



The look of relief on Lytek's face is almost sad. "Thank you," he says. Reaching into his pocket, he pulls out a golden coin, and drops it on the table. After a moment, it turns into a glass of something pale and fizzing, which Lytek begins drinking from.


Longinus stands finally, and holds out his hand to Lytek, "We of course appreciate your time." he says thoughtfully, letting the hand hang there. "Perhaps if you need some Investigation work done, you can look me up." he says



Lark eyes widen briefly. So that is what the little coins do. Neat. Another one to ask Zera next time they talk. Then she stands up. “C’mon, guys, we still have a couple days to enjoy the Carnival. And I feel like getting very drunk, so I need someone to get me out of trouble.”

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