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Log: Sometimes, this job is rewarding

Page history last edited by Richard Hughes 15 years, 10 months ago

Sometimes, this job is rewarding...

Run by: Cynis Chu (3 xp)

PCs: Quicksilver Dreamer


-= OOC =- Cynis Chu says, "Orders regarding the Township of Rustwater, a fishing and mining town in Ruby Waters."

-= OOC =- Cynis Chu says, "Owing to the Incidents in the North (see also, North comma Bull thereof), a kink in the weave of fate has appeared. The best place to resolve said kink will be in the Township of Rustwater."

-= OOC =- Cynis Chu says, "Specifically, a temple bell needs to be run three times at dusk."

-= OOC =- Quicksilver Dreamer says, "Interesting, but sounds like my usual drudge work"

-= OOC =- Cynis Chu says, "Do note, it is likely that a manifestation of the first magnitude may also be present. If so, it's being far more subtle than most such infestations."

-= OOC =- Cynis Chu says, "So, yeah. Basically, Sidereal Day Job."

-= OOC =- Quicksilver Dreamer cracks knuckles.


---Quicksilver Dreamer---

Beautiful is a word that has lost all its meaning in the Age of Strife. Such a thing as true beauty is but a dream, and indeed, that is exactly what this person before you must be. His silver hair reflects all the conflict and truth in the world and reaches down to his lower back, where is extends to the sides like a pair of wings. Sparkling scarlet eyes with small scarlet stars in the pupil them makes them appear as windows into some other world's starry sky where you can feel all your dreams and hopes come true. It is a place of imagination made real in this person. His long, pointed ears give him a very Wyld look to his face. A long scarf of glittering silver is wrapped about him carefully, moving as he does to perfectly mirror his incredible grace and sense of love for all life. His hands bear fingerless gauntlets of starmetal, giving off a rainbow hue as light touches its surface. He wears simple green clothes, but when he is in them, they seem to make this irresistible man seem even more approachable and attractive. Across his chest, reaching between his knees and his feet, is a large white tabard with the word 'Child of Conflict' written upon it in Old Realm. At his side is a sword in a very simple scabbard with silver trimming. Every movement he makes seems to draw out the hidden passions inside those who watch this dreamlike being. Like adding a sweet cherry on top of a delicious bowl of Creation's most treasured ice cream, his mischievous smile makes this otherworldly, fae looking person like a dream of quicksilver.


-= OOC =- Cynis Chu says, "Oh, do you want to take on any Resplendencies, use any background to learn more, that sort of thing?"

-= OOC =- Quicksilver Dreamer has no real information gathering skills. "But I will probably be taking the destiny of a temple guard."

-= OOC =- Cynis Chu kays. "Actually gonna Astrology it up and build up some effect points, or just going to take the face?"

-= OOC =- Quicksilver Dreamer says, "Just take the face. My destiny powers are lacking due to crappy performance :P"

-= OOC =- Cynis Chu kays. :) So! Onwards, to Rustwater and a temple bell that needs ringing!


It's midday in the town of Rustwater, and life is busy and bustling. Children play in the street, the sun is brightly shining. Several of the older men sit on a long pier, lazily casting lines into the water.


There is, beneath the sense of serenity, a quiet hush. Sometimes a child will laugh at something, and a nearby parent or older sibling will hush them. Or an older woman will walk past a building, and shake her head, as if sad and mystified.


Appearing as a young temple guard, barely more than a servant boy, really, Dreamer has donned the constellation of The Spear, although it is a weak fate. He smiles at the children, but appears disciplined enough to never leave his post. He keeps near the temple, waiting for dusk and keeping an eye on things.

A few people stop and give Dreamer a curious look as he passes, but he's not challenged until a little ways into the city. There's an open lot, and the burned out husk of a small temple. Vines have curled up the sides. It smells faintly, of rotten wood, and from inside comes a soft crying, sounding like a woman. A heavy plank bars the only door.


As he approaches, an older child, a slip of a girl, grabs his shirt's hem. "Mister, you can't go in there," she says, very seriously.


Quicksilver Dreamer looks at the girl curiously, raising an eyebrow, but offerign a large smile. "Oh? Why is that little one?" He looks a bit confused, hearing the sound. "I am sure I hear crying from inside, so I figured I would look."


The girl shakes her head. "There's a monsters in there," she says, still serious eyed. "No one can go in there."


"Bee!" A voice, older but still young, calls out. Shortly thereafter, a young lady, perhaps seventeen and growing up lovely, comes out, walking briskly towards the girl and the guard. "Bee, there you are. You almost let the- oh, hello," she says, sketching a quick curtsy. "Good afternoon, sir. You must be new to town. I'm Golden Flower, and this brat," she indincates the girl with an affectionate arm tap, "Is Little Bee. You are...?"


Quicksilver Dreamer smiles cheerfully, bowing in a disciplined, but still casual manner. "Oh, I am Arkenson, miss. I am very new, just arrived today, actually... This little one was just telling me that this place has a monster in it." He motions to the building near him and looks a bit confused. "Is that true? I heard someone crying inside..."


"Oh, that." Flower waves a dismissive hand. "I'd ignore that, myself. You'll get used to it, in time."


Quicksilver Dreamer raises an eyebrow. "Is there really a monster inside?"


"Hm. Oh, yes." Flower nods, and Bee nods with her. "It came by, shortly after the main temple got destroyed. We trapped it in there, and now it can't get loose." She shivers, even in the warmth of the afternoon. "That was a terrible night." From behind the barred door, the woman's crying redoubles briefly, before subsiding.


Looking at the door, obviously pained by the noise. "Could you perhaps tell me a bit more? What sort of monster is it? My father, rest in peace, was part of a demon hunting group, so I know alittle bit about stuff like that." Dreamer says carefully, trying to seem like he is offering to take care of it. "How long has it been in there?"


Flower considers the question for a moment. "Oh, about a few months now. Perhaps a season or two."


"It's been three seasons!" Bee interjects. "Cause it happened on my birthday! She just came out of the water, and was all, 'Rar, I'm gonna eat you if you don't worship me!' And then-"


"And then, little girls who tell tales go to bed without supper." Flower reverse-interjects, then gives Dreamer a weak smile. "We don't really like to think about it, if it's all the same... Arkenson? The problem's dealt with, now."


Quicksilver Dreamer nods silently, "Oh, I am sorry. I didn't realize it was so recent. Sorry to have troubled you with it, Golden Flower." He smiles and winks at Little Bee happily. "And thank you for warning me. If you hadn't, I might have done something stupid."


Bee nods and runs off, while Flower smiles leans over. "So, what brings a handsome stranger to Rustwater? On your way to somewhere?"


Quicksilver Dreamer flashes a smile towards Flower and shrugs. "No where in particular. I use to be a temple guard, but recently took up my father's role as a demon slayer. It is actually more than just slaying demons, though. I help people in need, offering services in return for room and board."


-= OOC =- Cynis Chu says, "Can I get a Perception + Awareness roll, please? :)"

(Judge) Quicksilver Dreamer rolls Perception + Awareness: [ 3 6 6 8 <10> ]

    Resulting in 3 successes.


Flower's eyes suddenly darken- not, like, metaphorically. The color of them litterally goes from light green to dark, like the depths of shadows in the far East. Dark enough to almost swallow her irises. "Oh. Well, I'm sorry to say, you'll find little to do in Rustwater. No one really needs help, here."


-= OOC =- Quicksilver Dreamer says, "That is not normal..."

-= OOC =- Cynis Chu says, "Not so much :)"

-= OOC =- Quicksilver Dreamer says, "Int+Occult?"

-= OOC =- Cynis Chu says, "Sure :)"

(Judge) Quicksilver Dreamer rolls Intelligence + Occult: [ 2 3 7 <10> ]

    Resulting in 3 successes.

-= OOC =- Cynis Chu says, "Hm. Might be possession or enchantment. Or she might have some Fae blood in here, and the eye color change just reflects her moods."


Quicksilver Dreamer bends down and looks closer into her eyes, curiously wondering what it is. "You know... You have really beautiful eyes... They are very dark." He says this honestly, as he looks into them. Honestly, he hopes she is just a Fae blooded and not possessed or something. "No work here though? That is too bad. I was hoping to stay for awhile, but no work means I should press on after tonight. Not exactly a wealthy man."


"What? I- no, I have light green eyes." And as she says it, Flower's eyes change back to the pale green they were before. "Everyone in my family does. But still," she says, looking down and giving a shy smile. "Maybe you could stay for- oh my gods, look out!" The exclamation is marked by a dog's barking as it tears towards you, froth flecking wildly. From inside the temple, the woman's wailing redoubles again.


"Get back, Flower!" He says to the woman. Turning towards the dog, Dreamer waits for it to get closer before slamming his foot into the things face, none to gently either. If it decides to keep trying, he is all ready to keep punishing it some more, but he doubts it will do much after this.


The dog, far from being detered, redoubles it's effort, trying to dodge around your foot in order to chew on your face. If the kick slowed it down, it's not notibly slowed down.


Vaugely, beneath the wailing and the barking, you can hear Flower muttering something to herself, but it's too quiet to make out what. Several other townsfolk have also stopped what they were doing to gather at some distance. None seem in a tremendous hurry to help out.


Sighing, Dreamer sidesteps the beasts attack and draws his sword in one swift motion, swinging the weapon hard at the beast. Hopefully, he thinks, this will stop the creature.


The dog falls heavily, it's neck half- severed from the stroke. It's face is still curled in a rictus of bloodlust, and it snaps feebly in the dirt.


Flower looks up, and her eyes have gone dark again. "Demon hunter," she says, her voice a hiss. "You should go now. You're not wanted here."


Quicksilver Dreamer looks at the woman sadly. He sighs deeply. "Just as I feared... Possession." He looks at the other townspeople, hoping to dear lord that she is the only one in this state. He doesn't count on it, though.



"Demon hunter..."


"Strange man, here one day and gone the next..."


The townspeople start to advance, slowly forming a semi-circle. Flower herself leers, looking at Dreamer with a downcast gaze. The effect is unsettling, a mismatch of postures that is simply unnatural. The dog twitches once more, then stops moving. "Demon hunter, there are no demons here, save the one behind that barred door. But this town is ours; we saved it, and we'll have none of your meddling. Begone from this place, and let your shadow darken it no more."


Quicksilver Dreamer looks around at the people with a casual smile. "Oh? I would believe you if it weren't for the fact that you people are creepy as all fuck." He backs up, his back to the barred door now, looking at the people curiously. "Even if I believed you, it isn't as if I could leave tonight anyways. It is nearly an hour or two till dusk."


Flower steps back, and the townsfolk start to advance. There's a sursa in the background of 'We saved the town. Get out, get out. Hunter, Demon hunter, get out, get out' from them. "Your job is immaterial; leave this place. It's ours now!" Flower fairly screams this last part, and an answering scream comes from inside the church. "Ouurs! Leave!"


Dreamer sighs and shrugs. "Fine. I suppose I will leave..." He musters his will and his hand glows softly for a moment, then, he slams a fist of essence into it, the poewr of the tiger ripping into it as hard as he can. "After I take care of this."


-= OOC =- Quicksilver Dreamer says, "Spine Shattering Bite."

-= OOC =- Quicksilver Dreamer says, "It tears through stuff, and does a min of 4 levels of damage to anything, despite soak and hardness."

-= OOC =- Cynis Chu oohs. Yeah, that'll work :)


"NOOO!" Flower screams, and the townsfolk surge forward as you punch a large hole in the rotted wood.


The inside of the temple is like nothing you would have imagined. It /stinks/, reeking like a butcher's shop was abandoned in a heatwave, and intermixed with the smell of sulpher, like rotten eggs left in the sun. In the back, a large shape is vaugely visible in the dimness. It appears human, but vast and fat. The crying is definitely coming from it.


Bursting through the hole in the door, Dreamer rolls into the temple with a scowl on his face. His sword is pulled out and his hands glow a soft crimson as he initiates his Blade of the Battle Maiden. He points the blade at it, moving closer. "What foul manner of beast are you? Release the townspeople from your possession, monster! Lest my sword drink'th your vile ickor this day!"


The... things sobs choke off, and it turns to face you incredulously. It's face is like a man's, but fat and grossly exagerated, with huge eyes that jooble like eggs. "Huh-huh-uhh... vile ickor?" it asks. It's voice is distinctly feminine, high and clear. "Who talks like that? Anyways, I didn't do anything... I just... I just wanted a place to sleep. A place to be loved... loved again..." And at that, the thing is crying again.


-= OOC =- Cynis Chu mms. "Int + Occult."

-= OOC =- Quicksilver Dreamer says, "Any virtue I can channel?"

-= OOC =- Cynis Chu says, "... Maybe Compassion, if you feel sorry for it?"

-= OOC =- Quicksilver Dreamer does, actually.


(Judge) Quicksilver Dreamer rolls Intelligence + Occult + Compassion: [ 5 6 6 8 8 9 <10> <10> ]

    Resulting in 7 successes.


-= OOC =- Quicksilver Dreamer says, "Wow."

-= OOC =- Cynis Chu says, "Wow indeed :)"

-= OOC =- Cynis Chu says, "It's definitely some kind of god- probally one of the legions of unemployeed divinties that throng in Yu-Shan. They sometimes come to Creation to try and build up cults- they're also not usually that badass."

-= OOC =- Quicksilver Dreamer says, "So, I can assume that this creature is a victim, not the perpetraitor?"

-= OOC =- Cynis Chu says, "Seems likely."

-= OOC =- Cynis Chu says, "Most of those unemployeed gods are pretty sad sacks, really."


-= OOC =- Cynis Chu says, "Their portfolios destroyed in the Primordial War or the Usurpation or Contagion. They don't usually have much power to their names."

Quicksilver Dreamer looks at the creature sympathetically. "I am so sorry... If you aid me, tell me what is happening here, I will try to have you reassigned again." The caste mark of Mars glows softly for only a fraction of a second, ending as he turns to the people. "But quickly! I think neither of us wishes harm on them."

"Demon hunter!" Flower looks inside the building. If she's fazed by the smell, she doesn't show it. "Hunter, you must leave this place!"


The god gives a blubbery nod. "It's true. They'll... There was someone else here." A glimmer of fear shows in the eyes of the god. "Someone else was here before me, and they didn't take kindly to a new arrival."


Quicksilver Dreamer glances back at the god and nods. "Where? Where can I find this person? I must free these people." He looks back at Flower and looks sad beyond words. His eyes show the deepest sorrow, wishing he could free her. He speaks, hoping to buy alittle time and possibly also rattle whatever is possessing these people. "Why do you not call me by name, Golden Flower? You were so kind only moments before this, yet when my profession was made known, your eyes became the cruel and full of icy hate. Why do you look at me with such dark, cold eyes that doth make my heart weep?"


The god gives you a... curious look. "Doth make my heart weep?" it asks, vaugely incredulous.


Flower, however, hesitates, and glances over her shoulder. "It would have been a kindness, Arkenson. Now, you shall have to join us." She steps away from the door, and you can see through the hole you punched that the sky is darkening with clouds. You also feel the hairs on the back of your neck starting to prickle, like a storm is coming.


-= OOC =- Quicksilver Dreamer says, "Any way up to the roof of this place?"

-= OOC =- Cynis Chu says, "Ya, there's a ladder leading to the belltower."

-= OOC =- Cynis Chu says, "Presumably, there used to be a rope. Maybe blubber god ate it or something :)"


Quicksilver Dreamer looks back at the god with a smile. "Bit of a romantic, I apologize." He looks to the ladder and shrugs. Anyway out is better than that door, he supposes. He climbs up as fast as he can calling down, "Don't go eating this thing now!" He gets up to the top and gives a look around to see what is going on.

From the belltower, you can see a beautiful person. It's gender is difficult to determine- it is both delicately feminine, but the shoulders and limbs look broader, powerful. Vast gossamer wings grow from it's back, keeping it aloft. Around the ground, the townspeople fall and chant. It's voice echoes softly, sweetly, haromizing with itself. "Arkenson? Come out, Arkenson..." It glances up. "Ah... there you are, Arkenson."


Quicksilver Dreamer looks at the creature with a bit of surprise. Gossamer wings? How very, very comforting, yet also disturbing. "Ahhh, so you are the one in charge then. Tell me, why is this poor deity imprisoned so harshly? Surely he has done nothing to warrant this, ummm... sorry, forgive me, but I find it hard to address you properly without a name. I presume you to be among the Fair Folk?"


The being glances towards you, flipping it's hair almost fliratiously, and lifts off the ground, arriving at eye level in little more than a moment. "I am, and my name is not something I share lightly. But you may call me Shards of the Laughing Sword." It bows in midair. "A pleasure to meet you. And yes, I locked that wretched thing in here. So grotesque; nothing so ugly should be allowed to roam free..." And here, it's voice suddenly takes on an unnatural intensity, hammering at your mind. "You agree, don't you?"


Dreamer looks at the creature and smiles a bit. "Actually.... Nnnno. I don't. So, I will make a deal with you. You will promise to get the hell out of here and NEVER come back before I drag your Shaped ass into the ground and beat you. Otherwise, things are gonna get really, really violent for you." He smiles evilly, the disguise coming off and revealing him in full fae form. "Understand, ass hat?"


The winged thing laughs, like bells tinkling, and soars lazily around the tower. "My goodness! Some by-blow of a hobgoblin thinks to give orders to one of the great luminaries of society! To save the village, and all within- So vulgar, so crass..." It tsks, and draws a long blade, shimmering like glass in the sun, which has begun to turn reddish in the distance. Sunset will arrive soon enough. "I think your blood should feed that god-thing for a few weeks quite well. So, your life will have had some purpose, and you'll be making it happier. This is good, yes?"


Quicksilver Dreamer smiles and does, however, make an offer. "I know we both love epic stories, so I will propose that the mortals stay out of it. The background cast will only take away from the thrill of our little Ending Act, if you will." He looks around the bell tower and nods. "This place, however, is a perfect setting. High up, perfect vantage for interesting story..." He pauses, hinting at the most insulting of ALL Raksha insults. "Unless, of course, you would prefer to be -boring-."


"Oh, well then. We shan't have boredom in this tale!" With that, it swoops towards you, sword extended, wings folded back to get better speed.


-= OOC =- Cynis Chu says, "Gimme an Join Battle :)"


(Judge) Cynis Chu rolls 10: [ -1- -1- 2 5 6 6 6 7 7 8 ]

    Resulting in 3 successes.

(Judge) Quicksilver Dreamer rolls Wits + Wits + Awareness + Awareness: [ 2 3 3 3 5 6 7 7 <10> <10> <10> <10> ]

    Resulting in 10 successes.


Dreamer waits till it gets close and smile, leaping up so fast as to look to have teleported just above the creature. His sword glows briefly as he unleashes three swift strikes at the creature and smiles. "I am Arkenson Moontear, son of Rivers of Valorous Hearts. I shall not lose to you!"


(Judge) Quicksilver Dreamer rolls Dexterity + Dexterity + Martial arts + Martial arts + 5 - 3: [ -1- 3 4 4 5 5 5 6 6 6 7 7 7 7 7 8 8 8 <10> <10> <10> <10> ]

    Resulting in 16 successes.

(Judge) Quicksilver Dreamer rolls Dexterity + Dexterity + Martial arts + Martial arts + 5 - 4: [ 2 3 3 3 4 5 5 5 5 6 6 6 7 7 8 8 9 <10> <10> <10> <10> ]

    Resulting in 13 successes.

(Judge) Quicksilver Dreamer rolls Dexterity + Dexterity + Martial arts + Martial arts + 5 - 5: [ -1- -1- -1- 3 3 4 4 4 5 5 6 6 6 6 7 7 8 9 <10> <10> ]

    Resulting in 8 successes.


-= OOC =- Cynis Chu notes, all three attacks hit.  Base Parry DV is 9, so 7, 5 and 1 success.  8L soak, so 9L, 5L, 4L damage.

-= OOC =- Quicksilver Dreamer activatse Life Severing Blow during step 7. Another 8 motes per attack so I have a halo

-= OOC =- Cynis Chu guhs.

-= OOC =- Cynis Chu says, "That's just not neccesary :)"


(Judge) Quicksilver Dreamer rolls 9: [ 4 5 6 7 8 9 <10> <10> <10> ]

    Resulting in 9 successes.

(Judge) Quicksilver Dreamer rolls 5: [ -1- 6 8 8 9 ]

    Resulting in 3 successes.

(Judge) Quicksilver Dreamer rolls 4: [ -1- 2 7 <10> ]

    Resulting in 3 successes.

-= OOC =- Cynis Chu says, "Dead. D-E-D dead."


"Foolish mort-" The Fair Folk's challenge cuts off mid-boast, as the red flash of the blade slices neatly into it. Blood, blue and cool- almost chill -rushes out of the wounds, as the beatiful figure crashes to the ground. As it falls, it starts to fade, motes of essence and gossamer vanishing on the evening breeze.


Quicksilver Dreamer jumps again, landing near the body and breathing in the gossamer as one might breath in the smell of freshly baked bread. "Ahhhh, the sweet smell of gossamer... Wait." He looks at the people, looking to see their reaction to all of this that just happened before them.


The setting sun casts a bloodly red light over the crowd, and the look at you, glowing with red light and inhaling in the broken body of what had been a beatiful thing. Flower is not alone in looks of fear. Bee runs up to her, hiding behind her skirts.


Quicksilver Dreamer looks at the people. He is still recognizable, just that he is obviously not a pure bred human. He looks at Floewr, his eyes pained at the llooks of fear in their eyes. The halo disappears shortly as he stops spending essence. "Bee... Flower I... I am sorry... I will leave... I don't want to cause you two anymore fear..."


The door of the temple gives way, as the sun begins to set behind the horizon, red light turning swiftly purple as the day draws to an end. The god-thing pulls itself forward, and the vauge fear-reverie of the town gives way to panic, the townspeople scattering.


Quicksilver Dreamer's eyes widen as he remembers his whole reason for being here. Shooting his grappling hooks into the roof, he flings himself up into the bell tower. Looking around for a rope to pull to ring the large bell, he tries to ring it three times before the sun completely sets.


Quicksilver Dreamer, not finding a rope anywhere, panics a bit. Gotta ring this things some how... Ah ha!!! Knowing this will hurt like a bitch, Dreamer slips inside the bell and punches the damn thing three times and likely vibrates at the intensity of the sound. Being INSIDE the bell often is loud.


-= OOC =- Cynis Chu could be /extraodrinally/ cruel and have the bell break at the second punch. But nah, that's fine. Do take, ooh, two bashing for /punching a bell hard enough to make it ring with your bare hands/, tho. :)


The last sliver of sun starts to fall below the horizon, and the velvet blues and purples of night spread swiftly over the sky, the starts twinkling faintly. Only the red of Mars provides much illumination at this point, and the fat but waning moon glowing yellow-white, as the echoes of the bell fade slowly away. You feel, more than hear or see, a since of rightening, of straightening. And, far in the distance beyond the vault of the sky, some spiders weave a little more easily.


Quicksilver Dreamer sighs looking at the people who fear him and scattered to see if any remain. Mainly Flower and Bee. He crawls off the building, looking also for that out-of-a-job god.


Flower and Bee are scattered, as with the majority of the town. If they remember this night at all, it will be only from a mysterious stranger, a hideous god, and the death of their beatiful lord. The constalation of the Mask starts to rise, with Mars crossing in front, like a winking crimson eye.


Quicksilver Dreamer heads out of town to report his success to his superiours and shakes his head sadly. "Sometimes this job is rewarding..." He looks back at the people who will never realize how much he helped and sighs, changing into his human form and riding off. "Most the time though, it just sucks."

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