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Log: Rumble in Shakermont Part 1

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ST: Resplendent Wave (2xp)

Players: Terah Skyfire, Ironspine

(Posters note most of the ooc chat and rolls have been removed for ease of reading)



-= OOC =- Resplendent Wave says, "hopefully you'll want to stick in some combat for you to show off too, that way we can accommodate everyone."



            Its around supper time as two weary travelers cross paths at the crossroads on the outskirts of town. Town growth has actually started to envelope this meeting of roads, but the shrine to the local travel gods has not yet been consumed by the urban (such as it is) sprawl. The signpost, for those who can read, has Shakermont carved into a very simple plank of wood. The surrounding fields are empty for now, and the streets seem empty except for a stray dog sniffing at some garbage. It seems everyone is already somewhere eating, and the travelers stomachs, despite their supernatural natures, remind their owners that they need food too.





          The day has been interesting for Ironpine, sometown way back, he got a chance, to put down another warrior.. Well unfortunately who won't be returning to the land of the living. Still when traveling the dark-clad warrior always wears his helm, which only shows slits for eyes. No weapon is present, the gauntlets are spiked, pretty much like his armor.. Though he is wearing a fullplate..



            Not everyone though was an ominous force of nature however--or at least in the process of looking like one. Terah had arrived in the small town slightly earlier on, and was busy trying to find a decent place to get a bite to eat for the evening. Nothing too out of hand of course, she only had so large of a budget, but it wasn't as though this little place would have been particularly pricey, and she did still have some silver in her purse.

          Terah didn't precisely have much in the way of work coming up in the near future anyway, probably wouldn't hurt to get a hot meal for a change... Right?



            Terah's entrance into "the inn", apparently the town isn't yet large enough to support two as this one is nameless establishment, is relatively uneventful. The town is used to travelers and enjoys their business. A young serving boy brings her a drink and takes her order back to the kitchen. She gets a few leering looks from older drunks already deep in their cups but the inn is mostly empty as she beat the working crowd. She sits back and enjoys her meal as the place begins to fill up



         Ironspine's entrance is decidedly more dramatic. Despite appearing unarmed his spiked imposing fullplate hushes the crowd before stirring up a storm of whispers. A nervous boy leads him to a seat, one that growns under his wait and brings him a mug with watered down ale in it.



            Ironspine upon being seated, he removes his helm and sits it on the table.. A yawn, shows his fightening visage of a man with pointed and sharpend canines as teeth. Still his brows bend, as he places an order.." What type of meat and mutton do you have available..?



            Terah frowned at the constant glances she was getting... But to be entirely fair, it wasn't as though they were in particularly sane moods at the moment--liquor tended to do that to people, so she simply pulled the 'Package' off of her shoulder, and 'Casually' sit it to the side, a loud, metallic *THUNK* heard throughout the room as soon as she took her hand away from it. Hopefully that note would be enough to discourage anyone from getting particularly grabby. She smiled and thanked the serving boy when he brought her things along, and provided a little bit of a tip as well, for the prompt work of course.



            The boy thanks Terah profusely for the tip. He's not really of an age to be making eyes at a lady anyways, certainly not with his mother tending the bar and yelling at him to move his kaboose or get it tanned anyways. The clanking noise draws a few curious glances but most people pay the young woman no mind.

         Upon hearing Ironspine's question the boy stammers out, "Um...well we have some mutton available. Its um smoked. If you want it separately thats ok...otherwise we just throw it in the soup." He looks at Ironspines teeth wearily as he waits for a response. Other people are also looking at the teeth and muttering to each other.



          "Great, I would like both actually" Ironspine seems to ponder, and noticing the boy staring "I assume, you have never seen a man like me then? I will have a large bowl of soul filled with meat and a plate with meat on the side.." A deep exhale, then thats when the warrior starts looking back at other people, eyes narrowing "Some of you look like you want to pay for my meal?"



-= OOC =- Resplendent Wave says, "I presume you mean a large bowl of soup, not soul right, because that's a slip of the tongue that would terrify the poor child ;)"

-= OOC =- Ironspine says, "correct soup"



            Both our protagonists notice a curt nod from the woman tending the bar. A young green haired man slips out the door and into the fading night



            It was good food actually--admittedly, not the best she had ever had--she did live a rather posh life before this whole new lifestyle kicked off--but it was much better then the creepy stuff they usually offered down in Malfeas--it was always such a trial to at least 'Pretend' like she enjoyed it, they were always so touchy down there... At any rate though, it was good times, good enough that she almost didn't notice something going on down around the bar... Still though, Terah was more interested in enjoying her meal then looking in on /Every/ suspicious happening, that'd be a good way to get a headache



            Most of the of other patrons are unwilling to meet Ironspines gaze and quickly look down into their cups. One drunk stares bleary eyed at him, apparently not comprehending what Ironspine just said, he questions with a barely intelligable and extremely slurred "Whaaash?"

         A younger man, a farm worker from the looks of it and a very brawny one at that, sidles up to Terah. He's attractive, probably amongst the best looking people in this town and likely has the ego supported by it. "So, you just passing through? I noticed you weren't here with anyone. You know, its not all that safe for a young lady like yourself to be traveling alone." He leans in for a conspiratorial whisper, "And well...I don't want to alarm you, but the inn doors aren't renowned for their exceptional locks. In the past...things have happened. So I hear."



            Terah looked up at the farm-worker, and gave a sweet smile. "That's very kind of you sir, but I'll be alright" Glancing back down to her meal, and having a little bit more of it (And consequently gave her an opportunity to consider how best to handle this) "I'm sure you've other things to worry about then little old me, I've been at this for a while, and nothing unfortunate's happened to me yet, I'm sure I'll be fine for another night"



          Continuing to look in the drunk's direction, Ironspine asks the boy "Has he been paying well all night?" brows bent deeply, not paying any attention to the woman and her large weapon, at least for the moment, will have to take a look see if its worth anything, should fighting start and he can get the weapon for himself..then says to the drunk, give all your money to this boy, to pay for my food and drink and too tip him.." this said so the drunk can hear him clearly, then Ironspine leans back to wait for his order too be done.



            The farm worker gives a slightly bemused smile (one that also seems to masking frustration, you get the sense that he's not used to being rejected by the local girls). "Well these are dangerous times you know. I'd feel just awful if something bad happened to you. I'm quite the boxer you know, won quite the purse at the regional fair's championship. Maybe I could get you a nice dinner with it?" He leans in closer again, with a conspiratorial whisper and a definite invasion of personal space, "I'll get Ma Shaney to bring you the good stuff, my treat." He throws in a wink.



         The boy stutters, "N...n..no need mister, but thanks! W...w..we don't want any trouble here. Here let me just go get your food." The drunk continues to stare bleary eyed at Ironspine. His brow furrows as he tries to comprehend the armored man's words. "Eyesh Whash now?" Understanding seems to kick in and a scowl mars his face "Thash no way ta talksh to me! Put in good worksh in themsj fieldsh! Brokesh me..." His yammering becomes completely unintelligible.

         At Ironspine‚Äôs comment the rest of the room goes dead quiet. The young man harassing Terah stands up, apparently wanting to impress her and presumably given courage from his friends sitting in the corner snickering and of the liquid variety he calls out, "Hey stranger! We don't take kindly to folks talking like that to locals 'round these parts."



            Terah looked up at all that was going on, and finally noted Ironspine specifically. "Huh... You know, it probably would be for the best if you didn't try bothering that guy..." She reaches for her tea, and has a drink. "I don't think it'll go over too well... Probably"



            "Its ok babe, I'm not scared of him. He thinks he's the Unconquered Son walking around in spikey armor, but I'll shuck him like a clam." He gives her a patronizing smile, full of large straight blocky teeth. The boy has good breeding at least, though his manners are lacking and he's obviously grown up far enough away from the Blessed Isle's influence that the term "Matriarchy" is a foreign one to him.





            Terah sighed then, shaking her head in dismay at what was inevitably going to happen... Oh well, she warned him, if he wanted to do something hilariously stupid, then that was his business. Poor fellow though, there was no way this wasn't going to end with him in one piece, but that's what happens when you try picking fights with dangerously competent looking fellows for no good reason in the middle of nowhere



            Ironspine slowly his head turns to meet the gaze of the 'local boxing champ', and smiles, showing those canines.."Then your purse can instead be put towards my meal instead" a t the mention of the Unconquered Sun , a smile forms.."At least you have heard of something" a deep exhale.."Always an example, still your of no challenge to me?"



            The young man seems a bit taken aback. Standing up you can see that he's *big* boy, not inhumanely so but still quite large, and most people back down when confronted by him. His face is slowly split by a smile, and he pops is knuckles audibly. "Your freaky fangs don't scare me...freak!" he finishes lamely. Obviously nobody is swooning over his stellar wit. "Now why don't you apologize, and then you can buy everyone a round and we'll put this whole thing behind us." He looks over at Terah for approval. "See I'm not a bully, even though these hands can pull a plow"

         The stare down is pierced by (you presume) Ma Shaney calling out into the tense silence, "OI! None of that in here! You want to scuffle and have a pissing contest you take it outside! But I don't want you breaking up the place!" The young man walks towards the exit and holds it open for Ironspine. "Your destiny awaits you!" he calls out smugly.



            "Umm..." Terah began, glancing from the big and armored guy, back to the kid. "That's... Not going to go over well probably... You really should back down, for your own safety really" She wasn't much of a scholar or a sage--but she did know that people don't normally wear heavy plate unless they're rich, skilled, or all o the above. Considering even she would be slightly slowed by that, she couldn't see why a 'Local Boxing Champion' would have a prayer, even if this guy was only moderately skilled. "Seriously, it's for your own good"



            Ironspine doesn't even look like he is about to move.. Only exhales.. and shakes his head.."Tell you what boy, I will spare your parents the money and grief of your burial, however stupidty on many levels need to be dealt with so, here it is, I will allow you to attack me, if you can hit and cause me damage, just by me blocking, then you will have earned yourself some small amount of respect and I will challenge you formally and still not kill you. However should you prove too be nothing more than a nusiance, i will alow you to leave, and leave your opurse and -all- your money here"

MAIL: Mailbox purged.



            As you go by him on your way out the boy glowers at you. You see maybe a flicker of worry cross his face but he looks over at his friends and then over at Terrah and straightens up. He retucks his shirt into his burlap pants, juts out his chin, and strides out into the waning light of dusk to square off with you.

Terah shakes her head at this point, and goes back to finishing his meal. "Is he usually that reckless?" She asks the room as a whole once everyone had gone out. "I find it unlikely that's going to go over terribly well"

Ironspine decides to follow the boy out.. and folds his arms.."So all you have to do, is make it hurt, for today, i will just block and avoid, your punches..



            You watch as he shuffles his feet, apparently warming up. A crowd has gathered around you and many people are peering out the slatted windows of the inn. The serving boy holds the door open so his mother (despite her disapproval of course) can still look outside from the bar. You're trained enough that you notice his stance and distribution of weight subtly change just before his attack, and you are fortunately not caught off guard. The man is painfully uneducated about what constitutes "boxing" though because his notion of it involves catapulting his entire body at you in a lunging tackle.



            Ironspine seems to side-step the attack. Moving swift for being such a large man..However the block comes, using part of the spikes on his armor.. As the warrior spins a bit, so does he draw back a little of the boys blood, and then waits for the next attack.."Your attacks are seen a mile away, perhaps try something else, change it up a bit"



            Terah hears a tremendous crash and the impact tips her tea mug over, spilling the remaining liquid across the table. The young man pushes himself off the wall of the inn before spinning around. He wipes the blood off his face and gingerly touches the gash on his harm. He glares at Ironspine briefly before hurtling his muscled frame at the armored deathknight once more.



            Terah frowned as her tea spilled over, and glanced at a bit that had fallen onto her arm. She wasn't burned of course, she was too tough for that, but it was a waste of perfectly good tea. Shaking her head in dismay, she righted it up, cleaned off what she could, and looked up. "Could I get a refill please?"



            No one seems to be paying slightest attention to the mild mannered girl, much more interested in the brawl carrying on outside. Even Ma Shaney is leaning over her bar to peer out the door at the ruckus. Terah hears her mumbles to herself "Where in Malfeas are those blasted constables. What the blazes do I pay taxes for..." it degenerates into incoherent grumbling and then curses as the "local favorite" eats sod once again.



            Terah pouts a little bit as nobody comes to refill her drink, but simply goes to continue her meal then, hopefully that little crisis would be mopped up in short order, and she could get back to enjoying the evening as best as she could. Really, that guy was taking far too long to finish up with the child



          A very low duck, by Ironspine, followed by a twist, then he rises, making sure to impale the boy's legs with his spikes, and the resumes back to a standing position.. More of the blood drips down his armor, and he refolds his arms.."Not bad, but worse than the first, so now you have decided to show others how tough you are eh?" a shake of his head, today will be lesson learned in humility, do you wish to surrender now, or bleed more?"



            The young man snarls and prepares for another lunging attack but a clear shrill whistle blow breaks the twilight air, and you hear shoutting and the thudding of feet running on the dirt road towards you. "Hey now! Break it up!" The five watchmen come up short when they see the two combatants. "Right gents, lets go back inside and have ourselves a drink and put all this behind us. No need for fisticuffs at this hour, save it for the fair Robol." Turning to the armored stranger, "And you, I don't know what customs they have where you're from but around here we don't tolerate this kind of behavior. Tow the line or cool your heels in a cell!"



            Ironspine peers down at the guards, and since his arms remain folded.."Thats highly unlikely, since I didn't start anything, nor would i even consider being put in a cell, however you all seem armed and dangerous though.. I allowed the stupid boy to live after he threatened and attacked, which i have yet to respond in kind.. you guard types are a different matter.." turns to walk back inside.. while walking in a huge Goremaul forms in one of his hands..



            "Well, hopefully that's come to an end" Terah noted with a satisfied nod, finishing up with her drink... Of course though, once the big guy suddenly stepped in--only to whip out a /Gigantic Hammer/ out from somewhere or other. "Hold on gentlemen" She quickly said, getting up and slinging her own bundle to her back. "I wouldn't be one to threaten with big weapons like that" She immediately began, looking to Ironspine with her pout still in place. "I won't have you causing any trouble, especially when I'm trying to get prepared for a decent night's sleep"

-= OOC =- Ironspine says, "excpet its made out of blazing black fire?(Resplendant Shadow Blade )"



            The watchmen who spoke before begins, "Hey now! Are you threatening..." He trails off as the hammer materializes. As the Goremaul coalesces from blazing black fire the crowd gives the obvious essence user (and a sinister looking one at that) wide berth. He signals to his men to wait behind, whispers a prayer to the gods, swallows and then walks in. As the young woman stands up and chastises the armor stranger he gets a little braver. "Look here now, I don't know who you folks are and where you came from but please don't disturb the peace here. Look, I'll buy you a round of drinks, put you up for the night and then tomorrow you'll kindly move on." The last part sounds partly hopeful and partly a plea for mercy. He's well aware you could paste him with a flick of the wrist.

         Meanwhile outside the other guards are helping Robol up and bandaging his wounds. They drag him somewhat unwillingly off to the local medicine woman so she can prevent the gashes from getting infected.



            Terah suddenly realizes she's probably looking slightly more intimidating then she likes at that point. "Oh! No, don't worry about me, I don't know him, if he causes trouble, I'll make sure he goes away though" She nods to herself then. "That's my position anyway, little roughing up, fine, that's what happens, but don't go making a big evil hammer like that, it's very impolite and improper"



            Ironspine moves to sit down in his original spot, as appearantly Ironspine had gotten angry, and by reflex, summoned one of his weapons.. and seems to be ignoring the woman, then peers at her.."if you are a warrior of note, I will gladly do battle after I finish eating" the guards are ignore, and then says.."That one carried away, owes us rounds to drink and the pay for my food, as per the agreement, which i kept my end of the bargain, I would hate to think this town is full of liars and cheats"



            Terah blinked at that. "Uh... Okay, I guess, not here though" She stood down slightly. "Just don't go causing any violence around here!"



            The guardsmen blanches at what he thinks is a thinly veiled threat. "Yeah, we'll cover it since he needs to be treated so the wounds don't go septic. We'll settle the account with him later." He drops some coins on the counter and looks pleading at Ma Shaney to not stir up any trouble. She seems smart enough not to though and brings both of you your drinks, cleaning up anything left over and not asking for payment. "So your meals and rooms are all taken care of. Please don't cause any trouble and just leave tomorrow morning. You can settle your duels somewhere else but we just want to be left alone here."

         The once boisterous common room is eerily quiet once the guard leaves. Only the two of you and Ma Shaney remain, even the serving boy has been hidden off somewhere. As night falls only noises of crickets filter in, though imagine no one is sleeping soundly.

Terah wasn't very pleased at how this had unfolded, she was /So/ looking forward to a nice, pleasant sort of evening, and then this guy has to go about throwing his weight around because some silly peasant wanted to pick a fight... It was a continual irritation, all things considered, and Terah spent much of the night musing about what happens next. At the least, she didn't care much for resolving it in plain view, especially with the big evil flame hammer in play...



          Continued to eat his meal in silence, Ironspine didn't seem bothered or all that concerned.. Still a chuckle would erupt from him every so often, seems someone challenging in the area, time to test his skills once more. Like originally a true 'Walker in Darkness' the lone warrior who allows his weapon to dissipate, and after finishing the meal and ale.. rises.."I will meet you on the outskirts of town"



            "Wonderful" Terah sighed, before getting up and stretching out. "I can't /Possibly/ see how this might not go over well... She shook her head, then finished off the last of her own meal, handing a few extra coins to the owner, and heading out of the town--hopefully there would at least be a nice, wooded area to block any possible glowiness...




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