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Log: Ragara Querl and the Temple of Doom

Page history last edited by Tsangun 14 years, 12 months ago

Synopsis: Ragara Querl seeks out a lost temple... of DOOM! Or it could be an ancient library with a rather pleasant, but dedicated guardian.

Setting: The East, in parts uncharted

Characters: Ragara Querl

Run by: Cynis Yueru


There's no snow in this part of the far East, although the weather feels like it would be possible. Despite the sun shining down through the thick leaves of the forest top, there is little warmth reaching Ragara Querl right now. The forest air is cold and biting, and thing layers of frost lines the ground, crackling with each step he takes. There are no signs of the ruins that Querl seeks, just as there had been no signs at all yesterday, the day before, or any of the days in the past two weeks.


Ragara Querlsighs at the monotony of the journey, his breath coming out as a long plume of coiling mist in the cold air. He pulls his traveling cloak tighter around his shoulders to help keep the chill at bay. Every few minutes he marks a tree he is passing with a rough slash from his Daiklaive, ensuring he has at least some form of trail back


-= OOC =- Cynis Yueru half consideres having angry forest spirits asking why you're vandalizing his trees. xD


-= OOC =- Ragara Querl says, "eep"


To (Cynis Yueru, Ragara Querl), Kukla pages: Oh, don't forget to post the log and a summary under Recent History! :)


The sun slowly begins to fall from the sky. The light starts to dim and the forest grows colder yet. Querl considers the wisdom of starting a fire and setting up camp when he spots it, far off in the distant. The setting sun reflected off of something metal, something golden. The glittering reflection of light acts as a beacon for the budding sorceror.

You paged Kukla with 'Okay'.


-= OOC =- Ragara Querl says, "how do we make a log of this?"


-= OOC =- Cynis Yueru says, "I'll take care of it"


-= OOC =- Cynis Yueru says, "mostly just copy and paste, depending on your mush program"


-= OOC =- Ragara Querl says, "ok, sorry for being such a newbie. maybe i'll try and get a better mush program later"


-= OOC =- Cynis Yueru says, "no a problem"


Ragara Querlgasps as he makes out the glint of gold in the distance, rubbing his eyes and blinking repeatedly, trying to make sure it's not some mirage or delusion. But no, it remains in sight. With all thought of marking trees and exhaustion falling from him, he races through the frost filled forest towards his long sought goal. He speeds along hoping to reach the glimmer before the last rays of sunlight fade


Querl reaches his destination... just barely. As darkness creeps over the forest, he finds himself standing at the base of a long forgotten temple. The templt itself seems to be made of gold... or at least, covered in gold plating. Worth a fortune, no doubt, but this is hardly what Querl is seeking today.


Ragara Querlcomes to a stop at the base of the temple, taking a moment to look over this ancient marvel. His eyes dart around, seeking some distinguishing marks of what god this place might once have been dedicated to, but the falling darkness steals all detail from the building. Taking another setp closer, blade now in hand, a rich green glow suddenly blossoms forth from him, filling the glade with light and restoring detail to the temple's structure.


-= OOC =- Ragara Querl says, "spent a single mote to illuminate for a scene"


A smart move, seeing as Querl could hardly see in the dark. Of course, in the dark, that point of light would attract anybody nearby to his location. Not there there appears to be anything nearby; not even wild animals. Querl spots the First Age writing carved into the structure, and can see what appears to be an entrance.


Ragara Querlsteps close the the structure, tracing his fingers lightly over the writing as he carefully reads it, his mouth silently speaking the words, forming them slowly so as not to make mistakes. But excitement at the find wars with caution and as he reads he makes his way towards the entranceway


The way inside is dark. A single long hallway leads into the main hall of the temple, and there appears to be small, magitech lamps intended to illuminate the way. Those devices, however, appear to have long since been damaged or deactivated, leaving no light save for Querl's own.


-= OOC =- Ragara Querl says, "did I find out anything from reading the writing on enterance?"


-= OOC =- Cynis Yueru says, "hym......."


-= OOC =- Cynis Yueru says, "gimme a roll. Int + Lore"


(Judge) Ragara Querl rolls Intelligence  + Lore: [ -1- 2 5 6 6 9 ]

         Resulting in 1 successes.


-= OOC =- Cynis Yueru says, "You notice that it seems to be the place you're looking for, but nothing beyond that."


Ragara Querlsteps inside, lightly tapping a lamp and inwardly cursing himself for not knowing more about such devices. He walks slowly down the main hall, daiklaive held slightly infront of him, and only giving a single glance back towards the entrance as he moves further in.


The main hall is large, and almost welcoming, in a way. There seems to be something of a stone counter, some kind of a desk, with two more hallways behind it leading down various rooms. No doubt, in the days of old, some sort of record keeper sat behind this desk, aiding scholars to find the scroll they seek. There is no such individual still staying here, however.


Ragara Querl approches the desk, moving more quickly than before. He looks it over intently, hoping for some clues about this place or anything that may have been left on it and survived the passing of ages.


-= OOC =- Cynis Yueru says, "investigation roll, if you want it"


(Judge) Ragara Querl rolls Investigation: [ 4 9 ]

         Resulting in 1 successes.


-= OOC =- Ragara Querl says, "oh, should I have rolled an attribute along with that?"


-= OOC =- Cynis Yueru says, "yes. xD always"


-= OOC =- Cynis Yueru says, "perception"


(Judge) Ragara Querl rolls Perception: [ 8 9 <10> <10> ]

         Resulting in 6 successes.


-= OOC =- Cynis Yueru says, "nice"


-= OOC =- Cynis Yueru says, "That's... wow."


-= OOC =- Ragara Querl says, "my jaw actually dropped when I saw that"


Querl noticed something disturbing, and utterly unexpected. The floors, the wall, and especially the counter... it's clean. One would expect a thick layer of dust after all these years... yet there isn't any. It's as if someone has meticulously scrubbed the place clean, and does so with regularity.


-= OOC =- Cynis Yueru says, "be right back? dinner time"


-= OOC =- Ragara Querl says, "k, no hurry"


-= OOC =- Cynis Yueru says, "back"


-= OOC =- Cynis Yueru says, "your pose?"


Ragara Querl looks around quickly after his sudden discovery, calling out in Old Realm "Who is here! Show yourself. I assure you I have no violent intentions towards you or this place". As a sign of good faith, Querl places his sword on the desk an takes a couple of steps away from it. He waits for a moment, feeling both nervous and a little silly lest there be no being present.


"Oooh. A guest." A voice replies from the shadows. The tone is pleasant enough, but the voice is loud, low, gravelling, and very slowly pronouced, as if the speaker has too many teeth to speak without being careful when doing it. "There hasn't been any guests for centuries. How delightful."


Ragara Querlturns towards the voice and takes a single step in its direction, hoping the glow eminating from him will illuminate the speaker. "yes, I have come to very far to find this place, journyed for weeks infact"


"My my. All this way? Well, do come inside. I'll get a fire started, keep you warm." The voice comments. He seems to be a hospitable sort. "I'll prepare some food as well. We haven't much, just whatever small animals I can catch, but I assure you well roasted with the right seasonings, they'll taste delicious."


Ragara Querl says, "thank you, you are most kind. I do not wish to be rude, and that meal does sound tempting, but I am eager to know more of this place. Perhaps you could tell me something of it."


Ragara Querl looks around for a place for a fire, still trying to get sight of his host.


The caretaker of the ruins seems to have already wandered off, however. Querl is able to follow his footsteps in the dark hallway, and eventually comes across a side room with a grand fireplace. The fire is roaring, providing both warmth and illumination. "I'll be off to fetch some food. You sit tight." The voice comments, somewhere in the darkness.


-= OOC =- Cynis Yueru says, "you can roll for awareness to try and see him"


(Judge) Ragara Querl rolls Perception  + Awareness: [ 5 6 8 8 9 <10> ]

         Resulting in 5 successes.


Code> You have no dice to roll. Check your spelling?


(Judge) Cynis Yueru rolls 7: [ 2 4 5 6 8 9 <10> ]

         Resulting in 4 successes.


Querl sees what seems to be a flash of jade as the caretaker moves away in the dark. Is the other man armed or armored?


Ragara Querl keeps wl


-= OOC =- Cynis Yueru says, "wl?"


Ragara Querl keeps wandering around the room, brightining different parts of it, but now never straying too far from the desk on which his weapon rests. He calls out as he ambles, "perhaps you could explain to me the purpose of the two corridors behind the desk, and what differentiates them?"


Finally, his host returns, stomping steadily into the room, a large iron pot held carefully in his jaw. Querl finds himself staring at a lion dog, a creature that stands two yards high at the shoulder, a combination of mastiff and maned lion carved from living jade. "Sure you wouldn't rather have some food first?" the guardian asks as he drops the pot onto the fire, and whatever soup-like substance inside slowly beings to boil.


Ragara Querl nods to the guardian spirit, "quite sure. Perhaps we could share a meal after I see more of your magnificent temple". As casually as posible, Querl returns to the desk and removes his Daiklaive, sheathing it on his back before returning his attention to the Lion Dog.


The guardian gives a shake of his large head. "That's really not possible, I'm afraid." He comments as he moves over to a box in the corner of the room, nudging it open with the side of his head carefully. "After all, I'm going to be killing you for your tresspass. Letting you go any further would really be quite unacceptable." He wraps his large fangs around the handle of a kettle and gingerly pulls it out of the box. "How about a cup of tea then?"


Ragara Querl 's eyebrows climb up in shock at the lion dogs statement and the casualness with which it utters it. anger swells briefly within him, but is quashed quickly. A confrontation with the spirit would be difficult, querl would be hard pressed to come away the victor. So other options speed through his mind, the formost being, stall for time. Querl smiles pleasantly at the spirit, affecting the manner he would assume at a polite gathering of the Dragon-Blooded Host. "Tea, would be most welcome, thank you. Well, since a tour is out of the question, perhaps you could tell me about this place instead. How long has it been since your last visitor before me? May I sit?" Querl begins to arrange his cloak on the floor near the lion dog.


"Centuries, I do think. We get some explorer every few hundred years or so, stumbling upon or seeking out this place. But aside from that, nothing. This place used to be a library, you know. A place of knowledge and learning." The lion deftly adds the kettle onto the fire as well, the water appearing inside of it almost magically. "But only those properly authorized are allowed in here. There's some knowledge not meant for mere mortals, you know. So my job is to discourage everyone who doesn't belong."


Ragara Querlnods sympathetically as he sits beside the lion dog. "I fully agree, knowledge in the wrong hands can be a devastating thing." He lets silence drag out for a long moment. "But you must get very bored with nothing to do here for centruies at a time except keeping everything clean. Do you miss the days of people coming and going here, bringing new pieces of knowledge to be stored under your watchful gaze? It must have been a more interesting time for you, hmm?". While talking, Querl removes the satchel he was wearing from his shoulder and places it beside him on the cloak.


"Somewhat, somewhat. But, a job is a job." The lion dog replies. "I get news from the local spirits every so often, and I spend lots of time reading, picking up new hobbies and so forth. And believe it or not, I actually seem to be more active now than I was before. Used to be that people feared not only my wrath, but that of the builders of this library too much to even DARE think of sneaking in. Now, it is an entirely different story. The frequency isn't great, but there will always be interlopers who attempt to make it inside." The lion glances at the kettle and smiles, showing off rows of large jade teeth. "Ahh. Tea is ready."


-= OOC =- Cynis Yueru says, "brb"


-= OOC =- Cynis Yueru says, "back"


Ragara Querl rummages through his satchel as the spirit continues to prepare the tea. "so you've used the library yourself, oh how I envy you". He keeps his tone light and conversational, despite a small bead of sweat slowly making its way down the back of his neck. "Have you ever given any thought to increasing your role here? It occurs to me that, since you have read much of the matterial, you yourself probably know what is safe and what isn't for others to have access to. Perhaps you could appoint yourself to head librarian as well as guardian, since there seems to be no one else to fill the position, and you seem capable enough. In my own humble opinion, I think it would be a great thing for this to become a true place of learning again, and not just some lost old temple that will slowly fade from people's memory. What a waste that would be". Querl's head dips as he finishes on this note, turely saddened at the prospect of all the knowledge here going to waste.


The lion dog lets out a laugh that echos off of the stone walls of the library, sounding haunting is it travels out of the room and down the halls. "I know my place, little one." He says simply. "Those judgements are beyond my station, and I wouldn't dare overstep my bounds. It seems that mortals and Exalted alike quite often reach for those beyond their station... but they usually meet dire ends." He cradles the kettle in his mouth once more, pouring out the tea into a fairly large bowl. "Sorry I have no cups. Those are rather hard for me to use."


Ragara Querl picks up the bowl and holds it steady as the lion dog pours, then holds the second bowl to be filled. "these will do nicely". Querl sips the tea carefully from the bowl, trying not to spill from drinking from such an akward vessel. "It's a shame I can't convince you to reopen this library, but no matter. You mentioned you have read some of the tomes here? Are there any particular subjects that caught your interest? And, forgive my overabundant curiosity, but what sort of hobbies would a spirit take up"?


"Anything that catches my eye, really. Music, various strategy games, cooking. Things of that sort. I'm a fairly skilled Gateway player, although I require a rather large board in order to play. Smaller pieces would be too hard for me to move otherwise."


Ragara Querl reaches into his satchel and withdraws a small, heavily engraved wooden box. "I happen to have a small Gateway set with me. Would you do me the honor of playing me? It's rare I get to try my own skill at the game against such an unusual opponent". He begins to unpack and set up the board. "Dont be but off by the size, I can move your pieces under your direction".


The lion dog considers this carefully, and slowly. "Alright. I accept. However, there will be no wager of any kind on this game. I will not let you even if you happened to best me at Gateway. Am I understood?" The lion dog says, his voice low and threatening.


Ragara Querl laughs. "well, that puts a lot less pressure on me to win, doesn't it." He finishes setting up the pieces and offers the first move to the lion dog. Querl watches the board intently as he speaks, "I will admit, I have been trying to think around the problem of my imminent death, but you appear adament on the issue. It seems there is nothing I can offer or do to disswade you from taking that action"


"It is relatively imminent." The lion dog comments casually as he points at a piece on the Gateway board and asks for it to be moved. "My sense of time is different from yours, you understand. As long lifed as you dragonblooded may be, I have been here far longer. My duties allow me some leeway in carrying them out, and depending on my disposition, I may not get around actually ending you for several years."


Ragara Querl moves the indicated piece and then considers the board, finally moving one of his own. "I see, and is there some way I could move your disposition into leaning towards a later date rather than a sooner one?"


"You could win this game, little man. And then perhaps I shall consider it." The lion dog replies as he indicates another piece to be moved. The freshly made tea slowly cools as the two played their game throughout the night. By the time the sun rises once more, Ragara Querl emerges from the room, having won a narrow victory. The lion dog, in return offered him a stay of execution for at least two years. The guardian even allowed Querl to leave the ruins unharmed, for the guardian knows that he can track down the dynast whenever he chooses. "I have your scent now." He commented with a smile.

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