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Log: Prince meets the Blind Monk

Page history last edited by Tsangun 14 years, 12 months ago

Summary: The Prince of Revels tracks down a Immaculate Earth Dragon stylist, intent on converting the monk to work for him. Meanwhile, Hanako and Kanashii Eiei are... well, nearby doing stuff that didn't really affect the Prince's meeting with the monk. xD

Location: 100K, edge of a nameless village

Characters: Prince of Revels, Hanako, Kanashii Eiei

Run By: Swift Felling Scythe (awarded 2 xp by Kukla)



The pair make for a sight that almost anyone would consider strange: a beautiful man, clad in pale gold and olive, atop a beast that puts buildings to shame, gargantuan and gold and ferocious. They are easy to track and news of their presence tends to arrive before they do. Such a conspicuous duo, the Prince of Revels and Nakama the Sun-Mountain. For days now, maybe weeks, the pair has been moving through the Hundred Kingdoms, Prince charming his way through all trouble and Nakama threatening to trample where that fails (Nakama threatened to trample maybe once, while Prince was asleep). From town to town, pilgrim to pilgrim, the pair questioned and inquired - well, Prince inquired, Nakama stood around being an elephant - searching for information about a rumored temple he'd heard of, headed by a young but respected Earth Aspect, said to provide mortal monks of the Immaculate Order the finest secluded training they could hope for.


(Judge) Prince of Revels rolls Perception  + Presence: [ 4 4 6 6 8 9 <10> ]

         Resulting in 4 successes.


-= OOC =- Prince of Revels should raise his Perception. Nakama's pool right there is twice the size his is xD


-= OOC =- Swift Felling Scythe says, "really? shame on you. ;)"


-= OOC =- Prince of Revels says, "To be fair, Nakama is Perception 5, Presence 6."


-= OOC =- Swift Felling Scythe says, "is anyone else here icly?"


-= OOC =- Prince of Revels imagines Hanako will be hermiting it up around either the last village he questioned or the temple itself, isn't sure about Kana. Idle for 24 minutes, maybe she went to nap.


-= OOC =- Prince of Revels pokes Kana.


-= OOC =- Prince of Revels says, "And, uh, I should probably let them answer for themselves, I just like talking. :<"


-= OOC =- Kanashii Eiei poked.


          Although one would think that few villagers would speak with a man on a giant golden beast that can flatten home and hearth, the Prince's charm manages to divine information from the normally tight-lipped villagers. It seemed that several weeks back, the Immaculate closed down his temple after being asked to aid a nearby Wyld Hunt. The Wyld Hunt in question was reportedly destroyed by the very anathema they hunted, and there is supposedly not a single survivor remaining. The Price received the location of the temple, but was told not to expect anyone there.


-= OOC =- Kanashii Eiei probably not here. >.>


-= OOC =- Swift Felling Scythe says, "That same Wyld Hunt was the one that Mnemon Amatin was in, so obviously there /were/ survivors. But unless you know Amatin ICly, you won't know that."


Hanako has been travelling more frequently over the last season, the tumultuous political nature of the Hundred Kingdoms making it more difficult for someone to lose themselves peacefully in any one place. At the moment, she's on the move to another new location once again, a thin bedroll slung over her back, her bow over one shoulder, and keeping an eye out as she moves. Of course, when she hears the sound of thunderous footsteps in the distance, she turns toward it, and, having learned over the years that it's sometimes better to learn more than just completely avoid something troublesome, she moves in what sounds to her a parallel course alongside and angled slightly toward it, sticking to the cover of wilderness...


-= OOC =- Kanashii Eiei says, "So where is peoples right now? >.>"


-= OOC =- Hanako says, "Some...where...over the rainbow...?"


-= OOC =- Hanako says, "...in the 100 K, that is..."


-= OOC =- Prince of Revels says, "Well, Kana, you could be following after rumors of Prince, if you were looking for him. ;P"


-= OOC =- Hanako says, "Or...tagged along?"


-= OOC =- Prince of Revels says, "Well, Kana and Prince haven't spoken in awhile, thus why she might be looking for him. I'm cool with having her tag along, though. :)"


Cathak Zuriel pages: You up to playing Tepet Gana for me?


I don't recognize zur.


No one to page.


You paged Cathak Zuriel with 'Right now?'.


-= OOC =- Hanako says, "Stalking!"


Cathak Zuriel pages: Yes.


-= OOC =- Prince of Revels is also okay with cute girls stalking him.


-= OOC =- Hanako says, "(Nakama does tend to be easy to follow from a distance)"


Huh?  (Type "help" for help.)


-= OOC =- Swift Felling Scythe says, "heh. alright, what do you do now, Princey?"


         Ever gracious, the Prince of Revels bid those who aided him farewell with promises to return another time, before leaving with his dear Nakama. Unaware of Hanako trailing the thunderous cadence of his familiar's footfalls, he pats the beast on the back of his massive head, situated once more atop him. "Let us plan strategy, friend," the gold-draped Solar exclaims. Nakama keeps walking. "On the off chance someone's there, what's best? Do we rush in, Charms blazing, to hell with the consequence? You could wrestle an Immaculate, I'm sure.." Nakama keeps walking, but looks slightly less pleased than he did a few moments ago, and Prince seems aware of this. "Okay. You keep an eye out, I'll tone down the Anathema act, and we'll take it slow. Happy?"


-= OOC =- Prince of Revels is going to explore the temple, naturally!


          Rumors. Why was it always rumors one had to go off of? She had visited Prince's home, only to be told that he wasn't home, possibly by very unhappy women. It had been a while since then, of tireless following of rumors, and the occasional footprints by the giant elephant that lead her in Prince's direction the past while. But she had to make sure that everything was fixed between him and her, as well as make sure that there wasn't going to be a battle between him and Grandmother Spider over this. She seriously doubts he would, but she just has to make sure. ... This is going to be a long day. ... She then pauses, as she walks down the road towards a temple. Was that gold she saw in the distance? Hmm. Maybe it's Nakama?! She starts to make her way towards the temple, though she's relatively tired, so her progress is through the hustle and bustle of everyday life she's trying to wade through.


-= OOC =- Swift Felling Scythe says, "is so Hana and Kana are following?"


-= OOC =- Prince of Revels fuses them together, dubs this amalgamation Kanahana.


-= OOC =- Hanako says, "...Kanako?"


-= OOC =- Swift Felling Scythe waits for Hana to pose again


-= OOC =- Prince of Revels says, "Kanako works too."


-= OOC =- Hanako says, "Hmm, we should roll to see if either I or Kana notice each other."


-= OOC =- Swift Felling Scythe says, "Perception + Awareness vs Dex + Stealth"


-= OOC =- Hanako says, "Or, I mean, we don't have to, but it could lead to amusing results."


(Judge) Hanako rolls Perception  + Awareness: [ -1- -1- 2 7 7 9 ]

         Resulting in 3 successes.


-= OOC =- Prince of Revels thinks it'd be more entertaining if they met each other.


(Judge) Hanako rolls Dexterity  + Stealth  + Stealth/Unarmored: [ -1- 2 2 2 4 4 6 7 9 <10> <10> ]

         Resulting in 6 successes.


(Judge) Kanashii Eiei rolls Dexterity  + Stealth: [ -1- 2 3 4 5 7 8 9 9 ]

         Resulting in 4 successes.


(Judge) Kanashii Eiei rolls Perception: [ 3 4 ]

         Resulting in a failure.


-= OOC =- Kanashii Eiei doesn't see crap.


-= OOC =- Prince of Revels laughs.


-= OOC =- Hanako says, "Ha, so neither notices the other. This is great."


-= OOC =- Prince of Revels notices neither of the women following him. Woe is he.


-= OOC =- Kanashii Eiei says, "Bleh. eating something didn't help. X.x oh well."


Hanako continues through the forest alongside the road, moving from tree to tree like a flitting, slightly crimson, shadow, following the thunderous trail of noise up ahead of herself. Even as she does, she takes no notices of the woman moving along the road and concealing herself as well, despite the two being no more than a hundred feet from each other, and roughly parallel...ah, Life and destiny's sense of humor on two people that annoy it from time to time. In the meantime, she blinks, as the sound of the footsteps click a memory within her mind, quite vivid, of another great noisy thing...


-= OOC =- Swift Felling Scythe says, "I'm not sure Kana can even see Nakama!"


-= OOC =- Prince of Revels says, "Pfft, she totally can."


-= OOC =- Prince of Revels says, "Seriously, Nakama is huge. He's larger than my apartment building x.x"


-= OOC =- Kanashii Eiei says, "Yyyyeaaaah. It's hard to miss a 50+ foot tall monsterosity."


-= OOC =- Prince of Revels says, "It's hard /feeding/ him."


-= OOC =- Kanashii Eiei says, "Monstrosity*"


-= OOC =- Hanako says, "She could probably hear him even if she can't see him."


-= OOC =- Prince of Revels curses Solar Survival Charms. "He could make a t-rex look tiny. He is a force of nature :D"


-= OOC =- Swift Felling Scythe laughs.


-= OOC =- Kanashii Eiei says, "Nakama can probably hide pretty well if he really tries."


-= OOC =- Prince of Revels says, "Mm...mechanically, yes, but even being the munchkin I am, I'd impose serious external penalties due to bulk."


-= OOC =- Prince of Revels says, "You just can't hide when you're bright gold and fifty tons."


-= OOC =- Kanashii Eiei says, "hHe just, like, needs to find a place full of gold, hold very still, and cover himself a little."


-= OOC =- Prince of Revels says, "He could hide behind a pyramid, I suppose."


-= OOC =- Kanashii Eiei removes that extra h.


The Temple is question is a fairly modest one by Immaculate standards. Typically Immaculate temples would be large, grandoise buildings carved of expensive marble and stone. This one is obviously not so well founded, being a simple building of wood and brick.


-= OOC =- Hanako says, "Sure, he can manage to hide as technically well as any master ninja...but even behind a house, he's still going to look like a grown man hiding behind a computer monitor."


-= OOC =- Hanako says, "Maybe if there are mountains or large hills around..."


-= OOC =- Prince of Revels nods. "Right. Nakama has the skill, but the world lacks the resources."


-= OOC =- Prince of Revels says, "It's quite sad."


-= OOC =- Kanashii Eiei says, "He could pretend to /be/ a hill!"


-= OOC =- Prince of Revels puts a lampshade over his head.


-= OOC =- Kanashii Eiei says, "Just a little dirt, grass, and... supernatural aids."


The door to the temple is shut. There are no lights or sounds from within.


         (Un)fortunately Prince does not notice either of the two beauties trailing him, and if Nakama with his superior elephant senses does, he makes no mention of it. When the pair arrives at the modest temple, Prince rises to his feet, standing upon Nakama's broad back. "You're too fat to get in," he bluntly points out, an amused grin on his divine countenance. "Guard my back. You never know when some sort of monster might pop out of the bushes. Plus, I need you paying attention in case I run out of here with a pissed monk at my heels." Stretching briefly, Prince dashes, leaps from his perch atop Nakama, soars through the air, and then alights upon the ground at the temple's fore, knees bending to absorb the impact. He doesn't truly expect to find the Exalted monk here, but perhaps a clue, or someone else who can point him in a better direction. He walks to the temple's door and works on opening it, before slipping inside.


-= OOC =- Swift Felling Scythe says, "Kanahana? What're you doing?"


          Kana isn't.. actually trying to hide that hard, she just happens to be in a huge freaking group of people which makes it hard to see her as she dodges around people nimbly, and makes her way slowly towards the giant form of the elephant, totally oblivious to anything besides her target, getting to the giant elephant! "C'mon, out of my way, please.." She murmurs softly as she makes her way through the crowd.


Hanako continues to move through the forest as easily as an average city dweller would navigate a clean, smooth, open street, until she finally comes within three hundred yards of Nakama, near the edge of a clearing...sticking to her wooded cover, she moves to kneel and lift a hand to shade her eyes, which widen, imperceptibly to even the sharpest watching least spirits. So, it is that...golden beast, again. What was the word the man had used, back then? 'Elph-ant'? And if it was here, assuming all Elph-ants were not just as it is, the man must be nearby as well. The girl frowns just a bit, trying to weigh her choices, instinct telling her she should flee, but...


-= OOC =- Swift Felling Scythe says, "Kana, what crowd?"


-= OOC =- Prince of Revels figured Kana was travelling with some pilgrims.


-= OOC =- Kanashii Eiei says, "It's a street in a city, isn't it? >>"


-= OOC =- Hanako says, "...could be a crowd of pilgrims or refugees on the road?"


-= OOC =- Prince of Revels says, "It's a cloistered temple, Kana, heh. Just pretend you were with pilgrims ;)"


-= OOC =- Kanashii Eiei says, "Or am I being totally stupid and imagining things? @.@"


-= OOC =- Prince of Revels says, "It's dangerous to go alone!"


-= OOC =- Kanashii Eiei says, "Or she's just hallucinating from lack of sleep. >.>;"


-= OOC =- Hanako says, "I'd thought we were out in the countryside, but it still works!"


-= OOC =- Prince of Revels says, "Yeah, we are in the countryside. Kana's with pilgrims and needs to make sure not to stay up too late tonight."


-= OOC =- Kanashii Eiei says, "(Said pilgrims don't exist, and Boo is constantly giving Kana funny looks..)"


-= OOC =- Kanashii Eiei says, "Sorry, I'm totally not here entirely mentally. @.@"


-= OOC =- Swift Felling Scythe pats. "It's okay."


-= OOC =- Swift Felling Scythe says, "do you want to revise your pose?"


-= OOC =- Prince of Revels giggles and pets Kana. "No worries, you're sick. There's no other explanation for following Prince ;)"


-= OOC =- Kanashii Eiei says, "Nah, I'll just roll with she's hallucinating. @.@"


-= OOC =- Swift Felling Scythe says, "hah!"


-= OOC =- Kanashii Eiei says, "Gives Prince a reason to heal her, too. <.<"


The Prince enters the temple to find himself greeted with a massive jade tetsubo, swing inches away from his face. The man holding the weapon is skinny, for an Earth Aspect, but wields the weapon with one hand almost effortlessly. The monk's body is wrapped in bandages, including his eyes. It would appear that he is still recovering from his wounds, and they must have been quite extensive. "Who goes there?" calls out the blind immaculate, poiting his testsubo at the Prince. "State your business."


-= OOC =- Kanashii Eiei says, "Feel free to see Kana dodging around nothing if you want, Hanako. >>;"


-= OOC =- Hanako says, "Well, her collapsing in the middle of the road would give her a reason to approach! ...if only to check to see if her sandals would fit."


-= OOC =- Swift Felling Scythe laughs. "Compassionate."


(Judge) Prince of Revels rolls Compassion: [ -1- 6 6 <10> <10> ]

         Resulting in 4 successes.


-= OOC =- Prince of Revels mutters, helps the monk.


(Judge) Hanako rolls Compassion: [ <10> ]

         Resulting in 2 successes.


-= OOC =- Hanako says, "...Kana's pretty lucky, for a Ghost-blooded."


(Judge) Kanashii Eiei rolls Compassion: [ 4 8 9 <10> ]

         Resulting in 4 successes.


-= OOC =- Kanashii Eiei compassionate.


         Whatever his plans may have been, the Prince of Revels finds them overridden by his sense of duty and compassion, spying the monk's wounds. He barely flinches when the tetsubo comes within inches of his face, the gust of air blowing his slick hair back and causing him to blink a few times. "Just a concerned visitor," the unknown Solar replies softly, looking over the many bandages. "Are there any others here?"


-= OOC =- Swift Felling Scythe says, "what're you doing then?"


"A concerned visitor. Right." replies the Immaculate suspiciously. "A visitor with some sort of giant beast just outside? Who are you really. You're clearly not here for worship. And even if you were, the temple is closed untill further notice. Leave me be."


          Kana quietly starts to stagger a little. She'd been traveling too long, and it's starting to show. Maybe five minutes away from the temple, she pauses, looking down at the ground, she reaches as if holding someone's head on her lap. "No! You can't die on me!" She says to thin air, as Boo gives her funny looks. "You have to hold.. on.." And then she falls over sideways. x.x Boo, naturally, freaks out, licking at Kana's cheek, nudging her with his paws, whatever he can think of to do!


Hanako seems to have given in to her ingrained instincts of avoidance, and has begun retreating in the opposite direction of the temple, alongside the road, backtracking the way she came. While so doing, sliding down a small slope, she hears the sound of a falling body coming from the road, something her ears have learned to pick up over the years, if mostly those of more animalistic forms. Despite her better judgement, she moves to alter course, heading closer to the road, emerging from between the trees...and taking in the sight of the pretty, if pale, young woman, attended to by a small cat, lying in the middle of it. She pauses, quickly moving to bring her bow from her shoulders into her hands, nocking an arrow and peering around quickly, as if checking for a trap...however, when none seems forthcoming, she turns her attention back to this young woman...and moves to step forward, slowly, cautiously, moccasins almost soundless upon the road. Finally, she steps up to Kana, and...nudges her with her foot, just a bit, bow aimed just a degree away from her as she does so, crimson eyes staring down at her intently, and keeping an eye on this strange kitten, too...


         "An elephant, actually," the Prince of Revels responds cheerfully, not perturbed in the slightest by the monk's suspicion. "And my best friend. He looks fearsome, but I assure you he's quite friendly." Slipping his hands into his pockets, Prince simply radiates good humor, smiles and charm. When next he speaks, there's a touch of genuine concern in his voice. "I am not here for worship, but I did not lie. I am a visitor, and I am concerned - but my original purpose for coming here was to seek you out. Business can wait, however - your eyes, are they well?"

The monk keeps his tetsubo pointed at the Prince, maining his distance. While he seems to be unable to see, it doesn't seem to affect his movement. "They will heal." He replies, although his tone of voice suggests that he is not so sure. "It is of little concern to you. I would ask you to leave, and to take your elephant with you. I am in no mood to entertain strange guests, and I do not trust you."


-= OOC =- Prince of Revels wants to use Flawless Diagnosis Technique to quickly look over the monk's wounds and make sure they will all heal. If there's permanent eye damage, he's going to be compelled to reveal his Solar nature and fix the man. xD


-= OOC =- Swift Felling Scythe says, "does that need a roll?"


          Boo meows at Hanako, giving her the biggest, most 'Please don't hurt me or my master' kitten eyes she can give her. The power of cute kittens compell you! As Kana is nudged, she stirs slightly, rolling onto her back. She looks up towards Hanako, and murmurs, "...Prince? ... Is that you..? .... Where's Nakama..?" ... Yeeeaaaah, something's not quite right with her at the moment.


-= OOC =- Prince of Revels says, "It can be used by itself (to give an automatic list of medical conditions), or with a dramatic diagnosis action (5 long ticks, Perception+Med Diff 1), to flawlessly diagnosis every condition, its source, and its additional effects."


-= OOC =- Prince of Revels says, "'A bad cough with purple pustules' as opposed to 'A bad cough caused by inhaling glass fibers that's also irritating the immune system to the point that a rare skin infection has taken root, causing the harmless purple marks..'"


-= OOC =- Prince of Revels also nudges Hanako. Have a heart, bring her to the temple!


-= OOC =- Swift Felling Scythe says, "Well, you see that he suffers what appears to be claw cuts throughout his body, including his eyes."


-= OOC =- Swift Felling Scythe says, "UNless you make the roll, you won't get more details"


-= OOC =- Prince of Revels says, "Alright, then I want to talk the monk into letting me examine him more thoroughly. :)"


Hanako stares down at the young woman, glancing sidelong at the kitty for just a moment, then shakes her head, and moves to reholster her bow, unslinging her bedroll/makeshift pack, and kneeling beside Kana, unrolling it and withdrawing a small leather pouch, while moving her free hand to place it upon the ghost-blood's forehead, delicate, but surprisingly calloused, fingers cool upon it. "...hm." Comes a quiet sound...unfortunately, her ability to diagnose isn't quite so developed as Prince's, and her medical knowledge mostly self-taught or peasent layman hand-me-downs. In the end, she looks back up the road, toward the temple...


-= OOC =- Swift Felling Scythe says, "Then talk him into it. :P"


-= OOC =- Prince of Revels says, "Pfft. I figured you'd demand a roll first :P"


-= OOC =- Swift Felling Scythe says, "Well, pose and them I'll assing you a stunt"


-= OOC =- Swift Felling Scythe says, "then roll"


         "Please," the Prince of Revels implores, and his voice is reassuring and warm. "I swear to you I intend no harm, and you need fear neither me or my beast. If you truly wish me gone I'll not overstay my welcome, but at least let me check your eyes first. I'm something of a healer, and it's the least I could do in return for intruding." He's unaware of Kana in trouble so close by, situated still in the doorway of the temple with a rather suspicious blind monk pointing a jade hammer at him. It seems no one's in the best of positions.


-= OOC =- Swift Felling Scythe says, "alright. Roll away. Give you a +1"


(Judge) Prince of Revels rolls Charisma  + Presence + 1: [ -1- 2 3 3 4 4 6 8 9 <10> <10> ]

         Resulting in 6 successes.


-= OOC =- Swift Felling Scythe says, "That does not beat DMDV."


-= OOC =- Prince of Revels says, "Not even with relative app? :("


-= OOC =- Swift Felling Scythe says, "He can't see how pretty you look!"


-= OOC =- Swift Felling Scythe says, "I'm going to have to rule that appearance bonus is irrelevant here."


-= OOC =- Prince of Revels says, "That doesn't matter! It's also how you carry yourself, bearing, poise, how you speak. :P"


-= OOC =- Prince of Revels huffs, and shall talk at him again, then.


"You'll forgive me if I'm somewhat suspicious of a stranger riding on an elephant... an elephant which appears to be twice as large as a normal one, from the sound of it... suddenly appearing before me and claiming to be a healer." The monk replies. "I do not mean to be inhospitable, but my recent battle with an anathema has left me wounded and weary. I must also then be wary untill I have healed."


          Kana's forehead is cool to the touch, though it may be hard to tell if it's because she's sick, or some other reason. "..." The calloused fingers change Kana's view of Hanako. "...No, not prince.. is that you.. Nakama?" She says softly up towards the woman.


Hanako raises an eyebrow at the curious sensation of chill beneath her hand, then moves it to fish about in her little bag for a moment, finally withdrawing a small dried leaf of some sort...which she places on, and slightly inbetween, Kana's lips, leaning in to speak quietly but firmly. "Chew." Fortunate that she doesn't recall the elephant's name. Then she re-gathers her possessions, re-slings them, adjusting them slightly, and...moves to tug the ghostly girl up and about, off the ground, and onto her own back, between her bow and her roll, shrugging her shoulders to shift Kana's arms to hang over them, and finally moving to stand, slowly...her own arms held down and back, to support the older girl's weight atop herself. Then starts trudging forward up the road, toward the temple, looking vaguely disconcerted, as she goes.


-= OOC =- Swift Felling Scythe says, "okay, I asked Kuky"


         "Sharp ears," the Prince of Revels comments, impressed by the monk's senses. "A little over three times is closer to his true size. To be fair, first I claimed I was a concerned visitor, which remains true. The healer part came later, and that remains true as well." He turns on a heel, musingly gazing outside, towards his familiar, who is currently shaking the earth by lifting one foot and then the other, dealing with the heat by letting the large, thin skin on his soles cool. "I want to help you, but I can't if you're not willing. I'll come back again tomorrow, and the next day, and the next, until you get used to me and let me help, alright? Take care of yourself, and if you change your mind, I'll be..." He pauses, thinks. "Well, I'll camp somewhere nearby, Nakama can't sleep in a village."


-= OOC =- Swift Felling Scythe says, "He says it's unfair, so you can still get that bonus, but it's reduced to max of 2 instead of 3"


-= OOC =- Prince of Revels says, "Asked him -- oh."


-= OOC =- Swift Felling Scythe says, "so what's your app?"


-= OOC =- Prince of Revels says, "5."


-= OOC =- Swift Felling Scythe says, "still doesn't break it then. :P"


-= OOC =- Swift Felling Scythe says, "is it my pose?"


-= OOC =- Swift Felling Scythe says, "or are Kanahana doing stuff?"


-= OOC =- Kanashii Eiei thinks it's your pose.


-= OOC =- Kanashii Eiei says, "Not that mine and Hanako's matter too much for Pose Order, huh?"


-= OOC =- Prince of Revels says, "Yeah. Monk remains stubborn, Prince shall bump into Kanahana, or just Kana if Hana dumps her and flees."


-= OOC =- Hanako says, "Right, don't worry about waiting for us."


-= OOC =- Swift Felling Scythe says, "In that case, how about Prince goes out, does his thing with the two girls"


-= OOC =- Swift Felling Scythe says, "then we can fast foward for more convincing of the monk"


[Note: The rest of this log details Kana's exaltation, and will be posted seperated, since it is for all purposes an entirely seperate scene.]

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