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Log: On Crimson Wings The Wayward Child Soars Part Two

Page history last edited by Richard Hughes 14 years, 1 month ago

Run By: Dokuganryu (4 xp)

Players: Viridian Sky, Davon Timinus, Bluecurrent Handtaker, Dancing Tiger

Synopsis: Part two of the daring air-naval encounter!





As the air turns to poison within the Crimson Wing of Hesiesh, alarms blare all across the decks. Valeria's head whips around to stare at the nearest soldier, shouting orders nearly inaudible over the shrieking warnings. Below decks, the air elementals work ceaselessly as soldiers collapse to the floor, cannon fire ceasing as damage control becomes Priority One.


"What the hell was that?!" Valeria shouts as the claxons silence.


"Estimated thirty percent casualties and rising!" The ship's control officer shouts, "Some kind of poison air attack! I don't know how they got in, but the elementals are having trouble cleaning it up!"


"Damnation!" Valeria's fist slams onto the glass of the viewport, a loud thud echoing as her beautiful face twists in hate. Her purple eye locks onto the Wayward Child. "So you think you're clever, do you, scum? I'll show you clever."


"Oh yes," Valeria purrs, "I'll show you clever indeed."



Meanwhile, aboard the Wayward Child...


Viridian Sky peers at Bluecurrent Handtaker. Then his gaze flits overhead towards the nearby enemy vessel. He doesn't know WHAT the woman just did to the Lookshy ship - but he can see the great ironclad start to react strangely.


Slowly, Viridian Sky fingers the token of driftwood that Blue handed him just a moment ago. He presses it to his lips, and smiles.


There's a distinct feral gleam in his eyes.


"Ah," Viridian murmurs to Blue, "we wouldn't want to upset you unduly, Madam. You've already graced us with...invaluable assistance."


He looks across the expanse of clouds and wind. Around the two skyships, a hawk cuts through the air...and a small lifeboat plummets from the ironclad toward the pirate vessel. The heavens are aflame with smoke and firedust. But Viridian laughs, all the same. Whatever he's seeing, it isn't hellish doom.


"Helm! Continue keeping distance from that beast! Signals! Raise our flags, standard code! Give them my complements, and politely inquire as to their intentions!"



"Ain't no big deal," Blue says to Viridian Sky, smiling a slightly pained smile. "Looks like you needed a bit 'o help," she adds, looking nervously about at the firedust and smoke. "I'll just be over this way," she gestures to wherever is furthest from the other ship, pulling a flame piece from her hip as she does so.



*SMASH* The lifeboat smashes through the wooden hull and careens across the planks as the flight system cuts out, sending sparks and flying crew members as it skids around. The hatch flipping upwards, Dancing Tiger leaps from the disabled lifeboat even before it comes to a halt, his black claws erupting from his gauntlets as he whirls about. Snapping a hand down out of the air, the central claw blasts free on a thin chain, skewering a crew member through the chest even as Tiger lifts his other hand upwards, another claw blasting into the ceiling of the second level. Swinging about with one hand and wrenching the impaled crewmember about with the other, he smashes the man and chain into several others who are in the way.



Up on the bridge, Viridian Sky's just finished giving orders to his signaller - an order to raise flags in the nautical equivalent of a cheeky taunt aimed at the Lookshy ship. Smirking, the green-clad pirate turns to Bluecurrent. He opens his mouth, starting to say something...but whatever quip he intended, it never comes out. Viridian's eyes widen as the foredeck explodes in shattering timbers.


That out-of-control boarding craft was faster than he'd imagined. The occupant must be insane. "ALL HANDS," Viridian cries, as the monk erupts from within, "REPEL BORDERS! I WANT THAT /SON OF A STORM BITCH/ OFF MY SHIP!"



The hawk following the lifeboat watches as the monk skewers the man instantly and lets out a helacous shriek. With a powerful flap of its wings it is over the main deck of the Wayward child. Swooping down between the crew and the door to the lower level, the gigantic bird crystallizes into a form of silver. For a moment the bird looks like a pristine statue, but soon that statue fades away like wisps of filigree and gossamer. Standing there is a young male in a tan suit, with a eerie grin on his face, ear to ear one might say. He holds up his hands, one is empty and the other has a silvered sai in it


"Captain, I don't think its wise to send the other half of your crew to their deaths against that man. I have met him before but, did not know he was a murderer. Let me see if I can talk him down, off of his murderous trip" with that he looks at the emerald stare of Viridian. "Maybe if we all survive this we can share a dirnk" he says with a wink.



Seeing the monk burst forth, Captain Dusk's grimace of rage turns to a grin of smug satisfaction. Snatching her hat from its hanging place and placing it on her head, Dusk waves her hand at the helmsman. "Get along side them," she commands as she takes the lift down onto the Ironclad's deck, placing one foot atop the guardrail.


The titanic ship lurches forward, momentary at first as the flood of coal kicks the speed into high gear, but in mere seconds it's caught up alongside the Wayward Child. Valeria's full lips purse in a smile as she singles out Viridian Sky, and she draws her weapon with the smugness of a true Lookshyan.


"Well, well," she observes, nearly in spitting distance, "Captain Viridian Sky, I presume." Her jacket flows around her as she levels the weapon at him. "What a pleasure to meet you."



Completely unaware of the comments about him, being deep /inside the bowls of the ship/, Dancing Tiger whirls his blades about, holding a grip on the chains as the claws at the end flail about like meteor-whips. The pirates fall like wheat to him as he silences the Wayward Child's cannons from within, and eventually retracts the claws to his gauntlets, running for the stairs leading up to the deck.



"It appears," Viridian murmurs, tilting his head, "today is my day for entertaining guests."


Out of the corner of one eye, he glances at the figure of Bluecurrent - before returning his full attention to the man now standing beside him. It is not every day that a bird transforms into a human before you...but the pirate captain takes this in stride.


"I'll take your advice, and hold you to that, sir," Viridian murmurs, raising one hand in salute - his fingers curled to mime the lifting of an imaginary cup, "any drink you want, on my coin. The least I can do, after all."


While doing this, his /back is turned/ from the Lookshy vessel. He is /ignoring/ the Lookshyan captain. The fact that she has a loaded firewand aimed /right at his head/, across the not-so-distant space separating the ships...




It doesn't seem to bother Viridian. Not one whit.



Bluecurrent Handtaker hears the screams of men below and puts two and two together. Monk...death...eep! Sky doesn't seem that concerned however...and he probably shouldn't. She eyes the Lunar fellow not out of fear, but more curiosity. At any rate, she's certainly not going to follow him. Monk scary. She keeps her flame piece trained on Captain Dusk, if a little off-aim.



The young man nods towards the green clad captain. He starts to walk down into the bowels of the ship, with the sai in a noticibly defensive posture. He ducks into the tight quarters that are the inner decks of a ship to see men rushing by him away from the dervish of claws rending the crew apart.


"Hey! Remember me from the hotspa? It was with the two ladies and that god? Why don't we stop all this fighting and get ourselves a drink? There is no need to murder these men anymore, they haven't done anything to you and your obviously their superior in combat" he yells to the whirlwind of chain blades.



Dancing Tiger was just running up the steps when he is confronted by Davon, "Murder?! These men are murderers! Thieves! Rapists! Do you not recognize a pirate vessel when you see one being pursued by the lawful justice of Lookshy?!" Backflipping away from the steps and the Lunar, Dancing Tiger whirls about into Water Dragon Form once more, holding his claws warily before him, "Step away and let this 'Prince of Pirates' be brought to justice, Anathema!"



"I protest," Viridian offers. The captain of the Wayward Child is still standing on the elevated bridge, but he's close enough to the two men confronting each other further down the deck. He twitches one slender eyebrow at the mention of Anathema. "That's baseless slander, sir. Why, I bet you think -all- Western sailors are pirates."


No, Viridian Sky is probably not helping. Not helping at all.



Valeria flicks her eyes at the flamepiece aimed at her, then at the green-clad captain in front. With a deft flick of her wrist, a second Plasma Tongue Repeater falls into her hand, cocked, ready to fire, and pointed square at Bluecurrent Handtaker.


"One at the back of the head and one at the front," she observes calmly, her veneer of victory slowly bubbling away even as she tries to retain control of her rage. "But I have a scale of armored soldiers in the hold, and you have nothing but your wits, your sarcasm, and your last couple sailors being splattered by the Immaculate." Her thumb cocks on her first Plasma Tongue Repeater. "So tell me...what are you two going to do to get out of this?"



His most recent witticism delivered, Viridian Sky finally turns his wandering attentions to the small issue of Captain Valeria Dusk. Strangely enough, the enemy captain...with two firearms pointed at him...was rather low on his list of priorities.


In a situation like this, some skyship captains would be having coronary problems. It's the sort of thing that shortens a man's life expectancy.


But Viridian Sky doesn't look worried. He doesn't even seem particularly excited. His body language isn't even tense, his feet resting lightly upon the deck.


When he finally looks across the sky at Valeria, across the expanse of open air separating the two vessels - he even laughs.


It's a strange laugh, though. A keen sound, with an /edge/ to it.


"Why, dear lady," Viridian says, "whatever have I done to offend you so? But you have the advantage of me, it seems..."


Viridian's cloak swirls as he moves, flaring behind him in a wash of green. Suddenly, there's a gleam of metal in his hand, flashing as it comes to bear. Viridian holds a Plasma Tongue weapon, much like his rival's. But the body of Viridian's artifact weapon is blackened metal, with the working mechanisms gleaming bright as...the sun.


He holds the alchemical weapon at the apex of an outstretched arm, levelled at the Lookshyan captain. "I don't even," Viridian murmurs, "know your name."



"My name, scum, is Valeria Dusk, Captain of the Crimson Wing of Hesiesh. What you've done to offend me...shall I list your crimes, or shall we simply sum up 'piracy, theft, illicit activity, and consorting with anathema' and leave it at that?" Valeria glances at the Plasma Tongue Repeater. "Did you steal that, too? Is there no end to your depravity, you lowlife?"



"You have no proof of their crimes but what that lookshyan captain says, I assume. Tell me who they killed, tell me who they murdered, and tell me why you get to be their executioner." he says as the air becomes very damp. Beads of water seem to be condenscing on the inside of the ship as wisps of silver essence bleed form the teenagers form. As they hit the ground, it ripples like the surface of a lake. After the fourth drop of silver essence hits the ground, the "lake surface" erupts around the teenage boy and spreads outward from his glowing form. It washes over all those in the hold, feeling refreshingly cold, especially to Dancing Tiger. Once the "wave" of essence has subsided, where once stood a boy, now stands a large Sarchusoidian form. Its skin is scaled, and from each limb hands large, wicked, silver claws. His previous grin is now a formidable maw of silver jagged teeth. Behind him drags a long crocodillian tail, lined with moonsilver ridges, gleaming with a razors edge. His very form seems to be dripping with a silvery white liquid, that actually coalesces on the floor, not dripping away into wisps of essence, as they had before.


His voice rumbles forward. "Monk, I do not wish for any more bloodshed in this field. Let us, you and I duel with honor in a place where mortal lives are not endangered. This is not a place for warriors to fight" he says as he warys himself a ready stance.



"Oh," Viridian laments, "you wound me, madam. I am a legally recognised Coral privateer - authorised by a sovereign government! And as for this...."


He lazily shifts his aim with the Plasma Tongue Repeater, in response to Captain Dusk's last accusation. Viridian closes one eye, leaving the other peering through the sights. The taut leather over his gloved hand tenses as his finger tightens on the trigger.


"...is it illegal to recover lost artifacts? Do you persecute every scavenger lord in the East, hm? Oh my, oh my."



"That's not very nice you know," Blue says to Captain Dusk. "I mean, they've just taken some of what other folks don't particularly fancy that they obviously do 'n you are gonna kill 'em for it," she continues, holding the flame piece out. "That makes you a pretty awful person don't it?"



"I haven't killed him yet," Valeria observes, "But I'm sure as hell thinking about it. You have to the count of three to surrender, 'privateer', and we'll have you and your crew hauled in for a trial..."


She purrs. "Or I can kill you right here and circumvent the whole outdated system."



Whirling his blades slowly into a defensive posture, the bald monk states, "Then we duel, demon. I had hoped that more Anathema were not as evil as the texts described them. But that you would defend unashamed thieves and pirates tells me that we have no choice but to fight." He steps his feet together and brings his fists together, the blades scraping together with blue sparks, "Die with honor and find redemption in Lethe, Forsaken One." Looking away, Dancing Tiger fires a sudden claw...behind him.


As the blade sinks into the wood, Tiger is already flying away on the essence powered chain that tethers his claw to the gauntlet. Whipping tightly around a wooden support in the hold, Tiger rockets around it and comes flying back towards Davon with a mighty shout as he punches his left arm forward, a claw bursting forth to fly out at the Lunar on a shimmering chain of blade jade, "CRUSHING TIDE FIST!"



"Please," Viridian says, pleasantly, in a rich and warm voice. He sounds more like someone talking to a particularly slow child than an individual facing down a mortal adversary. He blinks once, slowly, while his lips curve into a smile. "As the good lady indicated..."


He gestures with a nod to Blue.


".../you/ are imposing on me and my crew, madam. Whatever our alleged misdeeds elsewhere in Creation - and I remind you, all legally sanctioned by MY government," Viridian states, his voice rising in a loud commanding tone that carries clear over the air between the two skyships, "we have not done anything /here/. By your crest, I imagine you are Lookshy. But we are not in your airspace. Hm, I wonder, what would your country's neighbours think, if they knew the Lookshy Navy was attacking ships just passing by? Hm?"


It takes a considerable amount of gall to lecture another captain on politics and law. Especially while two Exalts are battling on /your airship's deck/ just scant yards away.



Davon sees the flourishing monk coming at him, now is the time for action. He bends his powerful legs at the knees, meaning to leap to meet the monk in mid attack. And he would if his tail didn't get stuck in the stairs, his mighty leap making him fall forward, pretty much on his face. Still in the mindself of a teenage boy he stands up waiting his sai laden hand in a motion of "I'm okay, I meant to do that" which just so happens to connect with the monks perfect incomming blow.



"It takes a considerable amount of gall," Valeria observes, "To lecture an enemy captain on politics and law when you have an anathema -right there- on your deck, defending your crew, you worthless piece of scum. Or are you going to refute that, too, with your lies and tricks?" She flicks her eye at Bluecurrent Handtaker. "Or you? Perhaps you'd like to spin me a line about your legal status and how I'm acting out of line?" Valeria shifts her gaze back to Viridian Sky. "I have official sanction to arrest you for your anathema friend right here and now, and if I want, I could kill you, too...but I'm feeling kind. Any more witticisms you want to spit out?"



"Well," Viridian says, without missing a beat, "you see, -officer-, I didn't -know- that large hawk-person until he suddenly turned up on my ship."


The muzzle of Viridian's plasma weapon doesn't waver - it remains pointed at the Lookshy captain. Viridian does, though, lift his free hand in a flicking gesture, his fingers closing, then opening.


"/Yes/," he says, candidly, "I do admit he's trying to help me. Or apparently so. I don't know the fellow, like I said. I suppose he's merely being neighbourly..."


Out of his peripheral vision, he peers at the battle between the transformed Lunar and the Immaculate monk on deck.


Oddly enough, for all the verbal crap he's spouted so far, this claim of Viridian's...is actually true.


Indeed, strictly speaking, he's told no lies so far.



Bluecurrent Handtaker gives a hearty chuckle. "Why said anything about legal dear captain? Rather *I* am acting in full legal capacity in my assigned role. I'm not so sure about my friend here, he just seemed in a spot of trouble so I thouht I'd hop about and see what all the fuss was about."



Valeria's face twists in utter rage. "Your assigned role?" She snarls. "Just passing through?" As she watches her two biggest potential 'right of victory' clauses slip away, Valeria's lips curl in raw, utter hatred. "You butchered half my crew with your poison gas!" The woman drops to the ground, the guns falling in mid-air as she surges forward; she spins, snagging them as she slides around to point them under Viridian Sky's chin.


"YOU KILLED MY MEN!" she roars, pulling the trigger; a gout of flame explodes forth, raging into the air.



His blade deflected, Tiger lands and recalls the chain with a rippling *SNKT* Diving off to the side behind some barrels of rum, another blade is blasts out into the distant ceiling, carrying Tiger off his feet. Blasting another claw to the side and recalling the first, Tiger makes three sharp turns to come flying around the corner from nowhere with a soft-soled black slipper brandished outwards towards the transformed crocodile-lizardman, "Blissful Hurricane's Wrath FOOOOOOOT!"



(Judge) Bluecurrent Handtaker rolls Wits + Awareness: [ 4 5 6 7 8 <10> <10> ]

Resulting in 6 successes.


(Judge) Dokuganryu rolls 9: [ -1- 2 4 4 7 9 9 <10> <10> ]

Resulting in 7 successes.


(Judge) Viridian Sky rolls Wits + Awareness: [ -1- 6 9 <10> ]

Resulting in 3 successes.



Davon scrambles to his feet, almost bewildered by the blazing fast speed of the monk. His eye's boggle inside his head trying to follow the chains as they shoot out, sending the monk flying around the interior. He turns left, he turns right, he faces the monk head on...wait where'd he go? The kick sends him flying to the ground, near the hold in the ship. He stands back up, and puts his arm back in his socket, which seems to have the odd effect of launching a series of those razor sharp ridges out. Like a hail of moonsilver throwing knives they cut through the air towards the monk.



Even as the Lookshy captain vaults over the side of her skyship, Viridian Sky is in motion. He blinks, just once, as the woman lands on the deck. As she slides the muzzles of her twin firearms under his chin, the green-clad pirate bends over backwards - his spine arching in an extreme curve, his feet still planted flat upon the bridge.


The roar of flame passes by his face, lightly stirring the hair on his head. When the moment passes, Viridian peers at the Lookshyan, coming back up not standing at full height, but in a half-crouch.


"Ah," Viridian says to Blue, in a vaguely distracted voice, "so that's what you did...I was wondering. My condolences, then, Captain. I'm quite sorry."


He smiles.


He still holds his weapon, finger on the trigger. He does not fire.



Dancing Tiger lands from his kick and snaps his head up to see the spines extend. Exploding his claws outwards either way just six feet, Dancing Tiger whirls the chains about into a hand-grip and nods as the spines suddenly shriek towards him. Dancing off to the side like a professional performance artist, Dancing Tiger twists, leans, and kips up out of the way of the first volley. Landing on the points of his wushu slippers, the bald monk whirls about, swinging the blade-chains around him in a deadly whirl of black and silver essence-metal. Knocking knife after knife out of the way, Tiger finally twists about and vaults hard to the side around himself, corkscrewing through the air as two knives graze through his robes at the shoulder and thigh. Landing with a slap of his knife-chains to the ground, Tiger turns to face the Lunar defiantly, recoiling the claws to his gauntlets as he does so. He stands there for a moment in unharmed silence...until a streak of blood starts to stain his white pajama-like robes. He looks down sharply at the spreading blood.



Valeria snarls at this new turn of events. "Stop MOCKING ME!" she roars, swinging her second weapon up towards Viridian Sky's head - rage guides her now, not sanity.


On the deck of the Crimson Wing, a soldier in heavy armor has come out. He calls, "Captain!" once, but Valeria ignores him. Viridian Sky had infuriated her...he would not survive this day.



"Oh bloody hell," Blue says, aiming her firewand at the mean Captain. "I didn't want to go and have to do somethin' like this but you leave me no choice," she adds, tilting the gun to the side and curtseying just a little as if in apology. "You'll probably survive this...maybe" Taking aim, her flame piece goes a *click* but no fire actually comes out. Instead, a dozen little particles of air speed toward Dusk, and Blue is knocked back a few steps by the kickback. She looks down at her firearm with raised eyebrows.


(Judge) Bluecurrent Handtaker rolls Wits + Conviction + 4 + 2: [ -1- 2 2 2 3 4 5 5 5 7 7 8 8 9 9 ]

Resulting in 6 successes.



Davon stands up -thats the first time that has happened- and has the most pecular look on his face. That is till he turns around to find himself face to face with his asasiliant -OH !@#$- as he stumbles backwards and trips over the rubble made from the monks entrance from the ship. He seemingly falls out the hole, but if anyone would look out they would see him hanging on by a claw.



Dancing Tiger runs forward and dives, wordlessly grabbing to take hold of Davon's forearm. Skidding across the rubble, the monk grabs on and attempts to lift him back into the ship, "Uuuurgggg!"



Davon was about to lose his grip, when the outstreched arm of the monk grasps onto him. This gives him enough time to latch another claw onto the hole of the ship. Working together, he and the monk pull him in. "Honorable monk, I owe you my life, but I must tell you now. My spines are covered in a horrible poison, but I can remove if from you body. Let me repay this life debt to you by saving yours" says the crocodile-man. "I hear shots fired, I believe your captain is fighting with the captain of this ship, if so your job is done and her crew is attacking the pirates, you will loose no face by accepting this aid"



Landing on the deck, Viridian Sky skids to a halt from another sudden movement. His long coat and cloak settle around him, thrown into disarray by the sheer speed of his passage. One moment, the hard surface of Dusk's weapons were heading for his face. Now he stands to one side after another burst of near inhuman speed.


Viridian breathes a distinct sigh, exhaling. For a moment, he spares enough attention to peer over at the /other/ melee raging upon his ship - the strange conflict between the Immaculate Monk and the Lunar Exalt. Is that monk now trying to /rescue/ his opponent? How very strange.


The sky pirate looks back at the Lookshy captain, and then at his apparent spiritual ally. Dusk and Blue.


"This is turning out," Viridian observes, "to be a most vexing day."


Finally, now, he deigns to lift his weapon. Almost negligently, he squeezes the trigger. But the barrel isn't pointed at Dusk. Yet - as he fires, the tongue of flame gets caught and fanned into further fury. He lets the unnatural wind stir and fuel the tongue of combustion from his alchemical weapon - a blazing firestorm upon the Lookshy captain, in synchronity with Blue's attack.


If violence is communication, Viridian's message is clear.



Dancing Tiger steps back, looking wary. He narrows his eyes faintly, searching for deception. Then he urks, twisting to one knee as the poison takes hold, "Ugh...so be it." He coughs until black material shoots out, "Quick then...urg."



Davon reaches down to the monks robes and opens them with his clawed hands. He see's the cut and then starts an odd process. He starts massaging the chakram points around the Monk's wound. Soon the white substance starts to flow, not in his veins but to the center chakra in his chest. After a few moments the skin at that spot bubbles up to a boil. Davon looks down at it and before the monk can react bites the boil off with his mouth. Strangely the monk feels no pain, and when he looks down he has suffered no wound. But Davon has definately a mouth full of blood and white milky venom. He collapses to the ground, the venom obviously affecting him.


(Judge) Viridian Sky rolls 6: [ 2 7 8 9 10 10 ]

Resulting in 5 successes.



Dancing Tiger wobbles as the poison starts to kill him. But once the entire process is done, the monk looks rather uneasy. Sort of slack-jawed at what the Lunar just did, he mutters, "...Let us never speak of what happened and pretend it never occured." Buttoning up the front of the fold-over robes, he stands, "...Starting right now." He bows quickly with fist on palm and turns, jogging towards the top deck.



Valeria lets out a horrific scream as the flame scores about her, setting her literally ablaze. Her hat burns away in moments, and she hurls her plasma tongues backwards; they clatter onto the deck of her ship as she claws at her burned face, still shrieking. She collapses to her knees, rolling about on the ground as the soldier flings a rope over to the Dragonblooded captain. Dusk looks up, practically spitting at Viridian Sky as the rope hooks around her arm and drags her across the ship.


"Captain," the soldier says worriedly, "You need medical attention, immediately."


"K...kill them...!~" Valeria roars.


"But the monk-"




"We...we can't," the soldier offers, "The...the death toll is too high, we don't have anyone trained to load them..."


Valeria's scream roars into the sky as the Crimson Wing peels away from the Wayward Child. Continuing the fight would only lead to their Captain's death, and with no one who could fire, they were sitting ducks against the other ship's armament.


As the ship soars away, Valeria stumbles forward, clutching at her face. With another hateful shout, she tears her eyepatch from her face, the mechanical tick of her eye whirring now that it's been uncovered.





"Hm," Viridian Sky murmurs. He lets his gun arm drop, the barrel of his plasma tongue repeater lowering to the deck. Thin wisps of acrid smoke curl from the orichalcum barrel. He looks over the bridge railing, peering curiously as the menacing Lookshy vessel departs.


With his free hand, he adjusts his delicate-rimmed reading glasses, pushing them more securely up the bridge of his nose. Then he turns to Bluecurrent.


"What an impolite woman. Still, I suppose we did her some injury. I might have to send a bouquet..."


Viridian considers this, before looking down the bridge at his own ship.


"I wonder what trouble our other guests have got to, in the meantime - are our transformed bird visitor and that monk still fighting?"



Dancing Tiger hup hup hups as he appears on deck, jog-running right past Viridian, "Excuse me." Accelerating into an all out sprint, Dancing Tiger then leaps right over the side of the ship.


There is a pause.


And then a black claw comes shooting back up out from under the ship, latching into the hull of the ironclad. Dancing Tiger can be seen swinging down below, and the chain rapidly hauls him back up. He hammers his claws along the side of the ship, climbing his way up to a hatch and disappearing within.



As the monk runs past him, Viridian stands there, looking vaguely nonplussed.


"Well," the pirate captain says, after a moment, "I suppose that answers my question."

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