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Log: Minus Dies In Music

Page history last edited by Richard Hughes 15 years, 5 months ago

Minus is standing in public, armor on his chest. Around him, drawn by his charisma and his Anathema-To-None Attitude, sit the citizens of Trakar - farmers, barbarians, bear-worshippers. "The Immaculates came to your cities and taught you how to worship? You already knew how to worship. What they taught you was how to feel defeated," says Minus, improvising his speech as he tunes his sitar. "But you don't have to accept that lesson if you don't want to. We're all just selling time, and you've got a lot left to lose."


The weather is fair, the sun shines. This is a good location. He stands at the base of a hill, so those sitting on it can see him speak, and hear his music.


Zuriel calmly walks up the hill from one side. His short daiklaves are currently sheathed though his hands rest lightly on the pommels. Minus's words reach his ears clearly enough and his lips curl into a smile. He lets the Anathema speak, he is not rude and doesn't interrupt simply keeps walking until he's near the front. Once he's nearer to Minus to have an honest discussion he speaks, "Minus the Bear: you have pushed my hand. I had hoped the good people of Trakar would not fall to lies. However, I was sadly wrong. You have spread the seeds of heresy upon this land like a plague and brought upon these lands the death of innocents. Not only that but you have brought down a Lunar upon these lands, one Fudou the Mountain--I recognized him from the description." He points to the man's chest, "How do you plead to your crimes?"


Minus the Bear shivers as he notes the approaching figure, his breath catching in his throat - for just a heartbeat, as he finishes his speech. Then he turns, and listens. "I have acted to bring low your faith, and I do so without apology. I have not acted to bring death or suffering to the people of Trakar - I know not who brings these crimes, though I have my suspicions. And I cannot honestly say that I have influence over the actions of Fudou the Mountain. All this I will swear under the light of the Unconquered Sun if you believe me to speak falsely." He meets Zuriel's gaze, but with difficulty - it's like staring in to an oven without blinking.


Zuriel waves a hand dismissively to the swearing, "I care not for a Deceiver's oath. You delivered an ultimatum and here is mine. Swear to your unholy patrons that you will not speak out against the Order." He pauses and gazes at Minus with eyes that could cut diamonds. Slowly he draws his swords and brandishes them like a swordsmith displaying his wares, "I have heard what happened to you in Silent Peaks and Greyfalls. I imagine this is simply petty revenge for you. Mark my words that I shall slay you without hesitation if you continue to speak against my faith." He sheathes his blades and then gestures, "Now tell me, Minus. Will you stop or will you press my hand?"


"You profane the most sacred pact of Heaven in your ignorance," Minus mutters bitterly. "You see my heart truly, but I would not call my vengeance petty. You may slay me without hesitation - you may also slay me without success. Know this - the oath I have sworn binds me truly. I shall not and cannot stop in my campaign to shatter your religion of lies in the Hundred Kingdoms until I succeed or I am granted the apology I am due!" Without waiting for Zuriel's reaction, he turns, and leaps. It as if the sky simply snatched him up in it's claws like a raptor of blue. And his voice cries out, loud as a thunderbolt, "You will hear from me again!"


Zuriel frowns at his words. He was not expecting Minus to flee, but the subtle shifts in the air sensed through Air Dragon's Sight warn him about his action. Zuriel's eyes narrow and he quickly draws his swords and unfurls his wings of pure fire. The audience gasps but its too late Minus has already jumped. Looking up, Zuriel also jumps propelled by the grace of Mela and he quickly gains on Minus. He is literally a red blur in the sky as he begins to assail Minus. The Anathema deftly dodges his first barrage and even the second. The third barrage downs him as Zuriel sinks his swords into MInus's body. From a distance the two figures can be seen jumping together and then, one falls--Minus the Bear is no more.


The red blur races down to check on the downed Solar. Zuriel himself is not unharmed as the toll from moving so quickly shows in his quivering movements and awkward gait. He sheathes his blades and regards the Anathema with a stern gaze.


Minus had thought that he was the swiftest of creatures, and perhaps in some worlds that would be true. But in his arrogance he forgot the secret kung fu of the dragons, and their wondrous relics from the first age. In this fashion was the Deceiver, Minus the Bear, brought low in his moment of greatest impudence. He lies in a shallow crater, his armor protecting him from death on impact. But even now, the jade klaive is plunged through the ruined breastplate of gold and sunlight, and it quivers in time with his heart beat. Minus chokes softly, coughing up a bit of blood. "Ha. Ha ha," he says weakly. "I didn't... I didn't think... Oh god," he whispers, his fingers touching the blade lightly. Even now, the magic of the Anathema-to-None Attitude lingers. Here, he is just a dying man.


Zuriel crouches next to Minus the Bear and shakes his head, "In your dying moments know this: it was never my intention to slay you. But much in the same way that you believe you cannot let your transgression abide, I cannot let you destroy everything that I believe in." He takes Minus's hands and says, "But know this as well: I will give you a proper burial and pray for you so that your next life is better than this one."


Minus the Bear 's hand closes, still strong. "W-wait," he whispers. "D-don't. D-don't b-bury m-me... L-leave me h-here. F-for... f-for Thoebi," he whispers, a name, perhaps. Otherwise, a word that makes no sense. There's a moment of painful silence as he struggles for another breath. "Y-you're wrong," he whispers. "We're not d-demons. I-it's... it's t-too long to t-tell." He's shaking now. "Please. Music. Don't m-make me d-die in s-silence..."


Zuriel nods and takes the man's musical instrument. He strums it once and winces as its out of tune. A few quick adjustments and its fully in tune. He stands up and plays a tune, singing all the while. It is a sad song, the song of a fallen hero, a prince of the universe, and he sings it to Minus in his final moments. Even the Dragon-Blood is moved to tears from the circumstance.


Minus falls silent as the music begins, staring up at the sky, straight in to the sun. Before his very eyes, before all eyes, the moon passes before the solar disc, and the land is shadowed by the strange half-light of the Eclipse. When it passes... Minus is still, with eyes still open, unbreathing.

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Myrrh said

at 10:20 am on Sep 20, 2008


Ark said

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At least in death, the Shark and the Bear are happy.

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