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Log: It's all a Part of the Show

Page history last edited by JalalM 13 years, 10 months ago

Illuminant tromps through the village near the soapstone manse, peering about.

 The Boulder, after all, tends to stick out like a sore thumb, and rumors have

 indicated that the mighty dragonblood hero has been seen in the area! After

 all, The Boulder does not keep a low profile.. ever. If he did, he wouldn't be

 The Boulder! Thus, the slender fellow in silk, stooped under the weight of his

 travel bags, walks through the village, no doubt looking for the crowd that

 The Boulder will inevitably draw.

And there was certainly a large crowd. Only the most diligent of men seem to be

 tending the fields today. The rest are gathered in the town Square, for

 Panto's Loons have come to town. There is a mass around a stage setup infront

 of wagons with curtains from which the clowns are tumbling out.

The Boulder is probably not surrounded by a crowd, given his current position.

 He is sitting in meditation, legs folded up under him, eyes closed, hands

 resting in his lap. This, by itself, isn't strange. What is strange is that he

 is at the top of a 15ft stilt that has been hammered into the ground just

 outside the village. It is fairly wide, and he is balancing himself on it

 pretty competently. From a distance, his bronzed skin makes him look like some

 kind of bizarre statue.

Walking to Heaven shakes the dust from his cloak, coughing a few times as he

 walks into town. His eyes are drawn quickly to the man meditating on the

 stilt, then down to the crowd surrounding the cart, then back up again, and he

 makes his way through the throng of people, avoiding contact as much as

 possible as he approaches the Boulder's location. A few villagers mistake him

 for one of the clowns thanks to his odd attire, but he ignores any cries in

 his direction.


-= OOC =- The Boulder has Rep 3, so you've probably heard of me at some point.

-= OOC =- Illuminant says, "he's a famous hero-type! But that does not compete

 with clowns for crowds!"

-= OOC =- Illuminant says, "It's the best beltine /ever/!"

-= OOC =- Walking to Heaven has probably not heard of you, but that's because

 he's from far, far out of town.

-= OOC =- Walking to Heaven will learn quickly.

-= OOC =- The Boulder says, "Where are you from?"

-= OOC =- The Boulder peeeeeeeeers.

-= OOC =- The Boulder says, "/Raksha/."


Illuminant espies The Boulder from a fair distance, and hustles over there,

 heavy travel bags swaying, and shouts, "Hallo! The Boulder! I have found you

 at last! It's me! Five-Steps Illuminant! Did you complete your initiation! You

 look a lot more serene then before! I bet it was good for you! Did you know

 that that town was kind of blown up? There was an army of Hungry Ghosts, and

 then sky pirates attacked the refugees!" His questions come at a mile a minute.

-= OOC =- Walking to Heaven is from past the edge of Creation, in fact.


         "Thank you. Thank you all. You've been a great crowd. Remember I am

 Arelchino and these are Panto's Loons. We will be taking a break but we will

 be back in an hour featuring our newest Act, 'Lord Black Bottom: Deathknight

 of Fear!'" the head clown calls out at the end of their preformance. 

         A few minutes later a young man pokes his head out from one of the

 wagons. "yeah Arlo, I'll be back in time to get into costume... NO I said I'll

 be back... Yeah.... Listen, I just wanna check out the local colour." The

 young man of inconsequential features and dark hair walks out with a spring in

 his step. At first he his headed towards a group of local girls, but then he

 spies the bronze acrobat. As he gets closer he begins to wonder...

The Boulder is very much not an acrobat, rippling with muscle as he is. His

 eyes open as Illuminant hails him, and he peers down at the man. Then, in a

 stunning display of brute strength, he grips the pole he is sitting on and

 lowers himself down, hand over hand, using just the strength of his upper

 body. He gets to the ground and stretches a little, working some kinks out,

 and grins hugely. "Illuminant! It has been long since we set eyes on each

 other! No, The Boulder has not yet initiated, but is getting closer every day.

 He did not know of the town, to his dismay. Did many people die?"

Walking to Heaven finishes making his way through the crowd and approaches The

 Boulder. "Pardon me," he says, in a strange, slightly lilting accent, "but you

 are the first person close to normal I have seen in many weeks. Might I ask

 your name, and who you are?"

"This is the Boulder!" shouts the young man, "I can't believe it. I've read all

 about you. Please you have to let me make a character about you. I'm a

 preformer, Mudo the Clown." The young man gushes.

Illuminant says, excitedly, "Oh, it was pretty awful, yeah! I heard it was some

 kind of Death Knight attack that did it. Luckily there were some Exalted in

 town, brass soldiers and so forth, so it wasn't a massacre. They were even

 working on evacuating the city before the attack - it could have been a lot

 worse! Even so, there were thousands of hungry ghosts. I fought one and

 defeated it!" He turns to peer at the approaching fellow, weird feathery stuff

 and all. "OOooh," he exlaims, "Is that.. gossamer?!"

The Boulder looks at Walking, and strikes a pose as he is prompted, grinning

 manlyly (yes, that's totally a word). The grin gets wider as he is gushed

 about. "The Boulder is happy to meet a new fan, and an old one as well! Both

 of you are quite welcome. The Boulder is my name, former champion wrestler in

 the Nexus pits, now travelling to rid the world of evil!" He grins over at

 Mudo. "But of course you can! The Boulder only asks that you invite him when

 you next perform, so that he might see it." He pats Illuminant, thousandwatt

 smile turned all the way up. "We shall discuss such somber news a little while

 later, Illuminant. We do not want to destroy this happy mood with dark

 tidings, unless they are urgent."

-= OOC =- Walking to Heaven says, "Illuminant, what are you indicating when you

 ask about the gossamer, clothes or feathers?"

-= OOC =- Illuminant says, "the clothing, sorry!"

-= OOC =- Walking to Heaven nods.


Walking to Heaven looks down at his clothes as Illuminant inquires about them,

 frowning. "I don't know the name of the fabric, it was a gift from a

 friend..." he looks around again, then back at the Boulder. "Nexus, are there

 many like you there? Is it far from here?"


"Ohh boy, oh boy. Let me buy you a drink sir." Mudo continues. "I would love to

 ask you about your travels. Learning about you, how you talk and things, would

 make the act much better."

The Boulder is a large, imposing man, at least six feet tall. Craggy face,

 lightly covered with a goatee framed with sideburns, all of black. Hair pulled

 into a topknot, kept in place with a metal band, green with gold rimming the

 top and bottom. Similar bands ring his forearms and ankles, and he has a wide

 belt of the same colors. The belt hold up a pair of dark green shorts that end

 just above his knees, with a grey loincloth over that. He wears nothing on his

 torso or his feet, and, thus, it is easy to see that he is heavily muscled,

 seemingly chiseled out of brown stone. 


 The Boulder has Reputation 3 as a champion pitfighter/gladiator in Nexus.

-= OOC =- The Boulder says, "Damnit. Gotta AFK for a few. BBIAB."

-= OOC =- Walking to Heaven says, "How long will you be gone?"

-= OOC =- Walking to Heaven says, "If it'll be a while I could run an errand."

Illuminant wonders, "Where is The Boulder staying? We could go get some drinks,

 maybe?" He also says, "Oh, yes! My outfit was a gift, too! Where are you from?

 Gossamer gifts are pretty extraordinary! You have to buy them from faeries,

 you see, and that is, uh, not exactly a very pretty trade."

-= OOC =- Walking to Heaven guesses he's already gone :(

Mudo says, half to himself, "I would love to meet some faeries. People are so

 afraid of them, but all the more reason to make jokes..."

-= OOC =- The Boulder returns.

"I'm from the Low Kingdom, Basavanagudi," says Walking, shifting his attention

 back to Illuminant. "It's...a long way from here. I'm not sure how to get

 back, I fear I've gotten quite lost, somehow." He pauses, then adds, "tell me,

 what are faeries? I don't think I know that word."

The Boulder looks between everyone as the barrage of questions comes at him,

 but handles it like the pro he is. "There is no one in Nexus quite like The

 Boulder, friend, but he can show you some things, if you want." He grins at

 Mudo. "That would be an excellent idea, sir! However, The Boulder is currently

 trying to become a sorcerer, so his alcohol intake is restricted for the time

 being." He looks to Illuminant. "For now? The Boulder is staying here!" He

 laughs, uproariously.

Illuminant says, "They are the Raksha! They are aspects of the wyld that break

 into Creation, taking on a humanish shape and pretending to play some role.

 They subsist on dreams, emotions and often the souls of human beings, because

 they have no souls of their own. While they don't have goals per se, most of

 the ones that come into Creation take on the role of "Destroyer""

Huh?  (Type "help" for help.)

"SHHH! Don't say their name!" cries Mudo "It makes them angry!"

Walking to Heaven narrows his eyes. "The shapeless ones, then. I know of them,

 or at least one, I believe. This land is Creation then? It's larger than where

 I came from, and so strange. Everyone seems the same here, like molds cast

 from clay. Is this whole kingdom like that?"

Illuminant looks about, "I meant, where is The Boulder keeping his gear? Tents,

 and the like?" And he also says, "Oh, well, actually, they don't get angry. Or

 anything. They're not evil, or good. They have no natures, and no shape - they

 only pretend to have these things. They assume shapes in Creation because

 otherwise it's inherent order, mandated by Heaven, will destroy them. And, uh,

 in Creation, there aren't nearly as many mutations as out in the bordermarches

 where the wyld leaks in. Most things are more or less the same as every other

 being of their type, at least, superficially."

"The heaven of Creation is strong, then," muses Walking, "perhaps that's why it

 can grow so large." Shaking his head, he returns to his previous line of

 inquiry briefly. "I'm sorry, I was asking how to get to this Nexus you spoke

 of. Do you know the way, and is it far?"

The Boulder shrugs his massive shoulders, palms spread a little. "The Boulder

 could take you, but the problem is that Nexus is currently Cursed, and

 uninhabited except by the brave or the foolish. So, I would not be able to

 take you there right now." He looks to Illuminant and snorts, jerking a thumb

 over his shoulder. "One of the rice paddies just over that way. It is dead

 this season, so the owners let The Boulder use it."

Walking to Heaven narrows his eyes again. "But not so powerful as to safeguard

 entirely, I see," he mutters. "Thank you for the information, I'll steer clear

 of it, then, and keep walking. Perhaps I will find some sense in this world

 sooner or later."

"listen friends, I would love to continue this but I have to go get ready for

 the next show. Please, you should all come see, it's a new routine I've been

 working on." Mudo turns to go and then turns back. "Actually, would the

 Boulder be willing to preform before the crowd?" He asks suggestively.

Zera arrives from the greater Hundred Kingdoms area.

Zera has arrived.

-= OOC =- Zera peeks?

-= OOC =- Walking to Heaven greets.

-= OOC =- Illuminant says, "werd"

-= OOC =- Illuminant says, "oh, man, it is totally my pose, crap!"

-= OOC =- Marxwell Mudo says, "are we actually supposed to be taking turns or

 following the rule of 3?"

Illuminant says, "Well, uh, sense? What kind of sense are you looking for?

 Creation makes sense more or less all of the time! Walking hither and then

 thon won't really produce any more sense than you find in any other location.""

-= OOC =- Illuminant says, "well, either way."

You say, "sorry, then I've just been posing as I had something to add"

-= OOC =- Marxwell Mudo breaks his head on the 4th wall

Walking to Heaven shakes his head. "It's strange, this place has no...direction

 to it, but I can still feel a call forwards, I just don't know why." Hoisting

 his robe a little higher, he gives an odd little half-bow to the Boulder and

 Illuminant both. "Thanks for your help, but I should keep moving, there's much

 more to see, after all."

"Ohh but you should stay for the next show it starts in a half an hour!" begs


-= OOC =- Marxwell Mudo says, "is the Boulder still here?"

-= OOC =- Illuminant says, "his idle is just 1m.."

-= OOC =- Marxwell Mudo says, "Boulder did you see my question?"

-= OOC =- The Boulder says, "Bluk."

-= OOC =- The Boulder says, "Sorry."

The Boulder looks over at Mudo, and flexes mightilly. "The Boulder would love

 to perform! I haven't gotten to be in front of a crowd in seasons!"

Walking to Heaven closes his eyes for a moment. "I'm sorry, but I'm not in the

 mood for jesting right now. Maybe I'll find you again some other day,

 performer, when I feel differently."

-= OOC =- Walking to Heaven says, "Also, I have to run an errant before it gets

 much later >_>"

-= OOC =- Marxwell Mudo says, "okay that's cool"

Illuminant waves cheerily to the departing fellow, despite being stooped over

 by his heavy bags, "Hey, have a nice day! I'm sure you can find me and The

 Boulder, as we wander the Hundred Kingdoms righting wrongs and so forth! And I

 will help The Boulder prepare for his latest performance! Front row seats!

 Hurray! I never got to see The Boulder fight in Nexus."

-= OOC =- Walking to Heaven votes for you all, then heads off for a while.

You say, "Well, in any case It was nice to meet you sir."



-= OOC =- Walking to Heaven will hopefully see you lot again sometime soon :)

Walking to Heaven heads out of character.

Walking to Heaven has left.

The Boulder glances at Illuminant, as if seeing him for the first time. "You

 shouldn't be carrying such heavy bags alone. Here, The Boulder will help you

 with them." He grabs for one of them, surprised for a moment at their weight.

 Then, he simply shrugs and picks it up, carrying it easily, as if it weighed

 next to nothing.


Mudo turns to Illuminant and the Boulder, "So I have to go get ready. You and

 the Boulder take up places in the crowd. I'll grandstand a bit and when the

 time feels right just go ahead and make a grand entrance. You'll know what to

 do. Then you can chase me around a bit, and ...," He glances at the Boulder,

 "just *gulp* try not to hurt me too much. But you know make look real. I'm

 tougher than I look." He runs off

-= OOC =- Marxwell Mudo says, "just let me know when you guys want to

 transition to the show. but feel free to take your time and catch up"

Illuminant straightens up mightily, saying, as an explanation for the weight,

 "I am hoping that I'll become stronger by carrying them around! I won't be

 soft forever! But, er, thanks for the break. I worked for one of Chronopolis'

 leaders for a little while, as a bodyguard. So she had some stuff made for me.

 It's kind of heavy."

The Boulder hefts it, nodding. "It is indeed a good training weight. Perhaps

 when you have finished with that, The Boulder can offer his own training

 weights to you. So, Mr. Mudo. Lead on, and let the show begin!"


-= OOC =- The Boulder can't actually do that right now.

-= OOC =- Illuminant says, "what, use training charms?"

-= OOC =- The Boulder says, "No, transition."

-= OOC =- The Boulder needs a short break.

-= OOC =- The Boulder says, "Also..."

(OOC) The Boulder just spent 2 motes of Essence from his Personal Essence pool

-= OOC =- Illuminant says, "athletics excellency? :P"

-= OOC =- The Boulder says, "Yup."

-= OOC =- Zera says, "So you guys are like, doing a show?"

-= OOC =- Illuminant says, "Mudo has a troupe of performers. He's performing in

 this craphole village."


Unfolding Lily has joined the growing audience now, in a most unexpected

 fashion. She begins as a rat, scampering amidst the commoners, and then rises

 to her full height in a flash of Moonsilver essence. This unorthodox entry,

 combined with the absurdly huge Soulsteel grand daiklave weapon upon her back,

 ensure that more than a few scamper back from the Exalt in fearful terror/awe.

 The blank-eyed woman does not appear to notice. She awaits the performance



-= OOC =- Zera says, "Unfolding Lily is me, one of my shapes, I have a current

 desc for her."


         Mudo leaves his new friends in the gathering crowd. In a few minutes

 Arrlechino, the head clown comes out. He begins juggling while introducing the

 rest of preformers: Incindio the Firemaster, Il Dotorre and the mimes,

 Brighella and his acrobats. After the clowns are introduced a small fight

 breaks out in typical clown fashion. Then there is an erie music coming from

 off the stage, all the clowns run around like rats. Arrlechino calls out, "Oh

 no, run for you lives, it is the feared murderer," As he speak a man with pale

 skin dressed in all black carrying what looks like a giant black Grand

 DaiKlave, "Lord of Terror, Black Bottom, Deathknight of Fear!" 

         "I am Lord Black Bottom" the man skretches in an effeminate and voice,

 as the clowns tremble behind him. "I am the deathknight of fear. I bring you

 fear. Remember the Mask of Winters?" "the Mask of winters?" asks Arrlechino.

 "Where?!" screams Blackbottom in terror. His grandstanding continues for some

 time, with the attempts to look brave only serving to convince the crowd of

 his silliness.

I don't see that here.


The Infinitely Unfolding Lily stands roughly five foot four. Her metal hair

 stretches to her ankles, a glimmering wave of moonsilver that drifts and moves

 of its own accord as though she were underwater. Graceful wings extend from

 her back, sometimes folder around her neck like a cloak, black and batlike.

 Her skin has the pale complexion common in the northern realm, with ethnic

 features that would place her family line as orginating close to the northeast

 coast of the Blessed Isle. She is young and strong, if a bit fragile looking -

 typical of a sheltered Realm citizen. Her eyes are a pale shade of green.

 She's attractive... slim, with a nice body, yet her beauty could not be called

 remarkable or exceptional. Her body is lined with moonsilver etchings of a

 unique design and aesthetic. Where as other Lunars choose to scar themselves

 with songlines and clawspeech, Unfolding Lily prefers rigid orderly circles

 and triangles, connected by fine lines.


The wanderer wears a heavy white and grey kimono with a dark hakama. It's

 nondescript except for a sillouette which portrays an empty moon emblazened on

 the back. She has no sandals and her feet are dusty. Strapped to her back is a

 massive and imposing weapon, a huge soulsteel Grand Daiklave which may indeed

 weigh more than she does. Crafted from bone and souls, it is a wicked and

 terrible icon, a thing which eminates a palpable evil in stark contrast to

 Infinitely Unfolding Lily's innocent demeanor. It is covered in paper sutras

 of binding and warding.


Those with an MDV of higher than 6 can recognise that Infinitely Unfolding Lily

 has large, ratlike ears and a long tail.


Unfolding Lily quirks her head as she observes.

-= OOC =- Marxwell Mudo says, " is Lilly your true form?"

-= OOC =- The Boulder says, "This is awesome."

-= OOC =- The Boulder says, "See, becaues Lily is actually wearing MoW's

 daiklave on her back. ;)"

-= OOC =- Marxwell Mudo had no idea, but now he giggles with delight

-= OOC =- Zera says, "One of them, yes!"

-= OOC =- Zera says, "Lily is my true human form."

-= OOC =- Zera says, "And yes, I bear Frigid Razor, -the- Daiklave of Mask of

 Winters. :P I dunno if it's recognisable or not."

-= OOC =- Marxwell Mudo says, "I would guess that it's won't be recognized by

 anyone here..."

-= OOC =- Illuminant says, "probably not, no."

-= OOC =- Illuminant says, "unless like, MoW wrote his name on it."

-= OOC =- Zera says, "I don't think so, probably doesn't attain any real renown

 or notice beyond a 'normal' soulsteel grand daiklave."

-= OOC =- Marxwell Mudo says, "that would be enough to ruin my show. Laughing

 at a Deathknight isn't so easy when there might be one standing next to



The Boulder sits in the stands, watching the performance. Then, he feels his

 moment. He explodes out of his chair, knocking it back and away. "Evil fiend!

 Tremble in fear, for your time has come! The Boulder will put a stop to your

 evils!" He leaps from where he was sitting, landing on the stage carefully (if

 you're paying attention), but in such a way that it causes a large bang. He

 stands to his full height, imposing and stern, chest out, and poses heroically.

(Judge) The Boulder rolls Charisma + Performance: [ -1- 2 3 4 6 7 <10> ]

        Resulting in 3 successes.


(Judge) The Boulder rolls Charisma + Performance: [ 2 4 5 6 9 <10> <10> ]

        Resulting in 5 successes.


-= OOC =- The Boulder uses his reroll. ;)

(Judge) Marxwell Mudo rolls Charisma + Performance + 2: [ 2 3 4 7 7 8 9 9 9 ]

        Resulting in 6 successes.


(OOC) Marxwell Mudo just spent 2 motes of Essence from his Essence Personal pool

You have spent 2 motes of Essence Personal

(OOC) The Boulder just spent 3 motes of Essence from his Essence Personal pool

Illuminant is in the audience! In the front row, of course. He cheers! "Hurray!

 The Boulder is here to save us!"

-= OOC =- The Boulder needs to buy his specialty in that, as well as his

 excellency. :)

-= OOC =- Zera can be accused of occasionally being very impolite. BUT I am

 watching nicely. ><

Illuminant is totally oblivious to the Exalt behind him. He probably assumes

 the running about is cheering for The Boulder.

"Boulder." Lily says quietly, watching. She seems enthralled.

As the human audiance leaves, another slinks in, chittering. More rowdy, yes,

 these meager things - Ratkin, standing no more than a foot in height. They

 gather and whisper and giggle and hop, congregating for the most part around

 the mysterious rat-eared wanderer with the Daiklave. They may number more than

 the original villagers did, in fact, but they replace them in an organized and

 nondisruptive way. They maintain silence and decorum, though with outbursts of

 chittering and giggling, rather like grade school children.

There is dramatic music playing from somewhere, underscoring the the tension

 between the two men on stage. The extremely observant will notice that the

 music seems to be coming from the 'deathknight.' Blackbottom faces his

 opponent, "Nothing can stop my evil for my evil is nothing. I lead the void,

 and nothing can stop nothing. Now Die!" He swings the grandDaiklave over his

 head but stops mid swing, overtaken by it's supposed weight. He stubbles

 backwards and forwards until he falls off the stage.

-= OOC =- Marxwell Mudo's music should sound like that of a western showdown.

Zera lifts her hand to her mouth and giggles briefly.

-= OOC =- Zera says, "Er, Lily, I meant. ><"

LILY lifts her hand to her mouth and giggles briefly.

(Judge) Marxwell Mudo rolls Manipulation + Performance + 2: [ 2 2 2 3 3 3 4 5 5

 9 ]

        Resulting in 1 successes.


-= OOC =- The Boulder http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=02hLTRPDOo0

-= OOC =- Zera says, "Damn shape changing!"

-= OOC =- Marxwell Mudo curses the dice

2m is not a valid numeric value

(OOC) Marxwell Mudo just spent 2 motes of Essence from his Personal Essence pool

You have spent 2 motes of Personal Essence

-= OOC =- The Boulder http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V3gp7B8WC4Q

(Judge) Marxwell Mudo rolls 1: [ 2 ]

        Resulting in a failure.


-= OOC =- Marxwell Mudo forgot my specialty

(Judge) Marxwell Mudo rolls Charisma  + 3: [ 2 3 7 8 8 9 ]

        Resulting in 4 successes.


-= OOC =- Marxwell Mudo so it's amusing but not at all realistic looking


The Boulder shakes his head, reaches down, and lifts Mudo up bodilly. He

 doesn't have to act at this point as he isn't acting. He sets the man straight

 with a sigh. "You villain types. Always taking on more than you can chew. You

 should just give up and hope The Boulder is merciful."

Illuminant says, "Woo! Smite him, The Boulder! Smite the evil! Woo hoo!""

Though Lily seems enrapt, her entourage is less enthused. They jeer and taunt,

 offering heckles and throwing small pebbles. However, when the ratkin become

 -too- loud, Unfolding Lily raises her hand with a pained grimace. INSTANTLY -

 the entire grouping, some several hundred individuals now, goes completely

 quiet. Still. Utterly still. Beyond that point, the laughing and heckling has

 stopped, and the ratkin watch like reverent children. They are dressed in rude

 leather outfits and armed with silverware, forks and knives purchased (or

 stolen?) from human cousins.

"let me down! let me down!" The clown cries as the Boulder holds him. After

 standing he straightens and responds, "Ohh you would like that wouldn't you.

 Clearly you see that I have you right where I want you and you are terrified.

 Believe me I know fear," exclaims Black Bottom, his voice cracking as he does.

 Mudo's disguice is near flawless, even the voice is different. 

         "Killing you with my blade would have been too easy, so I have

 discarded it! Now take that!" Blackbottom bends his knees and makes to life

 the Boulder. He groans as braces himself, but does not budge the Boulder. He

 does this twice to no effect. Looking confused at the Boulder he strikes the

 Boulder with a chop of his hand, and then turns to audience shock and pain at

 his face.


(Judge) Marxwell Mudo rolls Manipulation + Performance + 3: [ 3 3 3 3 3 4 6 7 8

 9 <10> ]

        Resulting in 5 successes.


(Judge) Marxwell Mudo rolls Charisma + Performance + 3: [ 4 4 4 6 6 7 7 8 9

 <10> ]

        Resulting in 6 successes.


(OOC) Marxwell Mudo just spent 4 motes of Essence from his Personal Essence pool

You have spent 4 motes of Personal Essence


-= OOC =- Marxwell Mudo says, "now that's more like it!"

-= OOC =- The Boulder says, "Right. I'm gonna send you flying."

-= OOC =- Marxwell Mudo says, "cool"

-= OOC =- The Boulder is gonna attack full out, but put my palm in front of my

 fist so that I hit myself first. You take the knockback, and I'll soak the

 damage. ;)

personal 4 is not a valid player


(OOC) Marxwell Mudo just spent 4 motes of Essence from his Essence Personal pool

You have spent 4 motes of Essence Personal

(Judge) The Boulder rolls Dexterity + Martial_arts + Martial_arts +

 Martial_arts/The_boulder_is_stronger! + Martial_arts/The_boulder_is_stronger!

 + 3: [ -1- -1- -1- 2 2 2 2 4 4 4 5 5 6 7 7 7 8 9 9 <10> <10> <10> ]

        Resulting in 12 successes.


-= OOC =- The Boulder says, "Will you try and dodge/parry?"

Marxwell Mudo cringes in fear at the boulder's swing.

-= OOC =- The Boulder says, "Let's resolve this OOC before I pose it up. :D"

-= OOC =- Marxwell Mudo says, "oh sure."

-= OOC =- The Boulder says, "Are you gonna dodge/parry?"

-= OOC =- Marxwell Mudo says, "my DDV is 5. I'm not trying to dodge completely,

 just roll with the hit."

-= OOC =- The Boulder says, "Alright. So the raw damage is...."

-= OOC =- The Boulder says, "22."

-= OOC =- Marxwell Mudo says, "soak 11"

-= OOC =- The Boulder says, "Doesn't matter. I'm trying to inflict knockback."

-= OOC =- The Boulder says, "You go flying 7 yards."


The Boulder grins, flexing mightily at the crowd. "Your puny attacks cannot

 harm The Boulder! Now, you shall never again trouble the people of this land!

 Ultimate....FIST!" As he speaks, he draws his hands back, making fists at his

 hips. Then, with a surge of power, he launches them forward, the left hand

 flattening against Mudo's chest, and the right impacting powerfully enough to

 shatter bones. There is a clap of thunder, and a white flash, and the stage

 beneath The Boulder cracks, almost shattering under the force of his blow.

 Mudo, however, is thrown from his feet as if hit by a cannon, skidding across

 and off the stage, going almost 30 feet before slowing to a stop.

Illuminant cheers, "Woooo!"

Zera observes the launch, blinking, startled, head craning to take in the

 trajectory of the fallen deathlord. Silent. The ratkin also, not a whisper.

-= OOC =- Zera says, "AGAIN - I meant Lily, sorry. I gotta change my name!"

-= OOC =- Illuminant says, "@name me=Lily"

-= OOC =- Unfolding Lily nods. Sorry. ><


Blackbottom flies through the air screaming as he goes. He lands in a tumble

 and when he stands his hair and coat are flopped forward across his face. He

 is covered in mud. He looks a mess. He stares at the Boulder before fleeing

 behind a small building. Arrlechino pauses for a moment to make sure his

 companion is okay before turning to the crowd, "Ladies and Gentlemen you can

 see one and all that the antics of Lord Black Bottom stand no chance against

 our brave hero. Let's hear a round of applause for The Boulder!"

Silence. Unfolding Lily stands, and the ratkin all turn to watch her

 reverently. Like a God. She calls out in a clear voice, "What about the rat? I

 see the mountain. But what about the rat."

The ratkin now crane heads to observe the performers, a horde of hundreds of

 the little beasts in some cases assembled into little ratty pyramids, as if

 expecting answer with baited breath.

Illuminant is busyily applauding and cheering for The Boulder! How rude not to

 applaud and cheer with him!


-= OOC =- The Boulder says, "What do you mean by that, Lily?"

-= OOC =- Unfolding Lily is assuming you are meant to represent Fudou.

-= OOC =- Unfolding Lily is asking where her own representation is. :P

-= OOC =- The Boulder says, "Oh."

-= OOC =- Unfolding Lily says, "Fudou is probably at least marginally famous

 around here - his sobriquet is 'Man Mountain'."

-= OOC =- The Boulder has Rep 3, you konw.

-= OOC =- The Boulder is representing himself. ;)

-= OOC =- Illuminant says, "What's his Reputation?"

-= OOC =- Unfolding Lily says, "I dunno really!"

-= OOC =- The Boulder says, "Fudou? Easily 3 or 4."

-= OOC =- Illuminant pages him to ask. If it 0, I ain't never heard of him :P

-= OOC =- Illuminant says, "he has to buy it though!"

-= OOC =- The Boulder says, "I don't know that he's bought it."

-= OOC =- The Boulder says, "Also, I've met Fudou."

-= OOC =- Illuminant hasn't :P

-= OOC =- The Boulder says, "Also, you get Rep for free here."

-= OOC =- The Boulder says, "I think."

-= OOC =- Unfolding Lily says, "You... do?"

-= OOC =- Unfolding Lily says, "Don't think so, just can buy it favored."

-= OOC =- The Boulder says, "Oh, right. Yeah, that was it."

-= OOC =- Marxwell Mudo hasn't heard of him.

-= OOC =- Marxwell Mudo says, "let's see how this plays out."


The Boulder turns to the crowd, expectantly, but is momentarially stopped by

 the woman's speech. He cocks his head, then seems to notice the audience for

 the first time. He spreads his hands, smiling broadly, and calls, in a voice

 used to being pitched over the roar of an arena crowd, deep and strong, "The

 Rat has every right to be beside The Mountain in the fight. Our stage today

 was not big enough to showcase the whole battle, but The Rat was the one who

 defeated all of Lord Blackbottom's minions! The Rat is the one who made this

 fight possible! Give it up for The Rat!" He bows, deeply, to Unfolding Lily.

(Judge) The Boulder rolls Charisma + Performance: [ -1- -1- -1- 4 7 7 8 ]

        Resulting in 3 successes.


(Judge) The Boulder rolls Charisma + Performance: [ -1- 2 3 4 6 <10> <10> ]

        Resulting in 4 successes.


(Judge) The Boulder rolls Charisma + Performance: [ 2 5 6 8 8 9 9 ]

        Resulting in 4 successes.


(Judge) The Boulder rolls Charisma + Performance: [ 2 2 3 4 9 <10> <10> ]

        Resulting in 5 successes.


-= OOC =- The Boulder says, "5 sounds good. I'll keep the 5."

(Judge) Marxwell Mudo rolls Intelligence + Lore: [ 2 8 <10> ]

        Resulting in 3 successes.


The ratkin cheer, for they love a good performance, yet the woman herself? They

 do not seem to notice that she looks moderately... hurt. Offended. She swings

 the Daiklave forth; the huge objects swooshes through air with an audible

 noise and nearly cuts on of the small creatures in two, drawn forward so fast

 that one could not see it with mortal eyes. "Minions?" She says, as the ratkin

 go silent again with murmurs. The weapon is driven into the earth, the woman

 somehow posessed of unnatural strength for her size, plunging it deep into the

 hard soil. "The rat was not set upon minions, like some... lesser, servent.

 She was a great Zera. She fought -alongside- the Mountain. She claimed this

 blade for us from his cold, dead hand. That is what happens to those that

 challenge the Zera, or what -we- protect."


The ratkin remain silent, unsure if they should applaud or not say anything, or

 what. Awkward!

Illuminant just looks on, confused! He says, "Uh, well, relax. It's just, you

 know.. a show."


-= OOC =- Illuminant should have just said, "hey, keep in mind it's just a

 show, why don't you just relax!" to quote MST3k correctly :)


Mudo hears this call from the woman in the audience he noticed earlier. He

 knows he must act or his friends could be in great danger. He pulls rags from

 his cloak and throws them around himself. He races toward the wagon and

 frantically he puts together a costume. Soon he leaps on stage. "It is I

 Reepicheep! First RatKnight of Zera, the Immaculate Goddess!" He says and

 sweeps a low bow. Turning to the woman before him, recognition in his eyes he

 calls "My lady, I have been chasing Lord BlackBottom across the land. I did

 not think that one so great as you would trifle with one as lowly as he!"

Unfolding Lily appears confused for a second, watching the newcomer. Then, as

 if perplexed a bit by human nuances such as drama but trying to play along,

 she sits again. Seemingly pleased. She smiles.

The Boulder crouches down, hands raised for calm, and points to where Lord

 Blackbottom disappeared to. He opens his mouth, pauses while 'Repicheep'

 explains, then points to where Lord Blackbottom escaped from. "Lord

 Blackbottom has escaped for the nonce! However, he will not bother the good

 people of this land any more! Thus, the last obstacle between our heroes and

 the dread Mask of Winters has been overcome!" His voice raises, and he shouts

 to the skies as he stands, explosively, fist clenched, haranguing the heavens.

 "Tremble, o Mask of Winters! You are next!" Then, he bows deeply to the crowd

 and walks backstage, pulling Reepicheep along with him in such a manner as it

 looks like they're walking together, bravely to face the next challenge.


Ratknight is an instant hit with the ratkin and they go wild, delighted!

 Instant hit!

Unfolding Lily doesn't silence them this time, and applauds as well.


Before being lead off Reepicheep gives a small speech for the humans in the

 audience "Many months ago I came across a village loyal to the Zera, which had

 been plagued by the Blackbottom. The Town stank from the presence of the

 blackbottom. The people were weak. They could not walk. They could only eat

 water and dry crackers. Since then I have traveled far and wide in search of

 the Black Bottom. I ate from the greasiest restaurants. But did not get any

 blackbottom! I traveled through plague infested lands, but no blackbottom. But

 the Boulder is from Nexus. I should simply have gone there, for BlackBottom

 frequently visits Nexus. Come let us preapre! The mask of Winters has not

 known fear until he has faced a Rat!"


-= OOC =- The Boulder says, "..."

-= OOC =- The Boulder says, "I should slap you for that. For real this time."

-= OOC =- Marxwell Mudo says, "I know. It needs to be refined. but realize that

 only recently (like the last 10 years) has word play comedy gone out of taste.

 Before that it had thousands of years of appreciation...."

-= OOC =- The Boulder says, "Heh."


off stage Mudo quickly changes out of costume while speaking with the Boulder.

 "Who was that? A Zera?"

Unfolding Lily removes the blade from the earth and replaced it on her back,

 bemused freshly and quite entertained. One gets the impression she is not

 exposed to much theatre. The ratkin begin to scurry away, following her as she

 leaves the 'theatre'.

Arrlechino stands on stage. "thank you folks and ug Ratfolks for being such a

 great audience. Special thanks to The Boulder for Joining us and of course we

 are Panto's Loons, clown priests of the God Panto. Please make your donations

 to the shrine at the end of the stage." Occultists would notice that the

 shrine contains an effigy of Panto, the god of clowns and mimes, as well as a

 smaller symbol of Juno, muse of commedy and estranged patron of Panto.

The Boulder shrugs. "I think she was. She's also easily a Lunar exalt. Meaning

 she probably could've done some serious damage. And, if she /was/ the Zera,

 then we are very lucky indeed that she decided not to be pissed off. She took

 on The Mask, for Pasiap's sake!"

Illuminant cheers and whoops! "Huzzah!"


Marxwell Mudo shivvers. "I knew I was taking risks with the blackbottom

 character that's why I linked him to the Mask. I figured none of the other

 deathlords would get too mad. I never imagined that someone who took him on

 would come after me!" Mudo pauses as he removes the last of his makeup. He

 wipes the cream off his face and replaces it with pure determination. "This

 decides it. I need to leave the Loons. The stuff I'm doing is too dangerous.

 Would you and your companion mind if I travel with you for a while?"


The Boulder shrugs, heading back out onto the grounds. "The Boulder wouldn't

 mind if you accompanied us. The more the merrier, that's what they say! And,

 we could use someone with your skills. Laughter is a powerful easer of the

 mind, you know."

Illuminant eventually wanders on backstage, and catches this last bit, "We

 often do things that are dangerous! We fight all kinds of evil guys! The other

 week I had to fight a Hungry Ghost, that was not pleasant at all!"

You say, "heck that's why I do what I do. I want to show people that they can

 laugh at the things that scare them, give them courage and hope to see the

 truth of things and not just go along with whatever supernatural power is

 about. But while I'm trying to experiment with new forms of humor, it would be

 safer if I wasn't too close to my mortal friends."


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