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Log: Hallowed Halls of Learning

Page history last edited by Koal 14 years, 11 months ago

Characters: Ledaal Kyrie, Mnemon Lok, Mnemon Koal, Cynis Hrath, Peleps Maruko


Ledaal Kyrie's first class on the history of magic has a rough start due to the antagonistic presences of Mnemon Lok and the unexpected Cynis Hrath, who nearly come to blows themselves.


-=--=--=--=--=--<* Halls of the Ineffable Logos - Main Foyer *>-=--=--=--=--=-


         The main foyer of the Ineffable Halls of Logos is an impressive place by all accounts. The heptagon shaped hallway reaches from the eastern gateway to the ornately decorated entrance to the library manse in the west. Cream-colored marble has a soft sheen to it, made more pronounced by the illumination of magical light-spheres set into the walls. Columns of the same blue-tinted marble, alternating with ones shaded a rare azure, stretch in silver-threaded splendor towards the high vaulted ceiling several stories above, their base and top adorned with the insignia of House Ledaal proudly displayed.


         Between the monumental columns are padded benches, provided for the comfort of those who would rest here. In the center of the room, is a great, circular desk of dark wood and decorated with silver trim and bright blue sapphires set into the wood. Its an information desk and usually manned by a one of the professors and accompanying retinue of automatons, elementals or demons at other times.


         Before the desk is a seating area, with a long couch and pair of overstuffed armchairs arrayed around a thick, dark blue rug. Ornate end tables and a massive, decorative, hand-carved coffee table are part of the furnishings too. It's not quite as cozy as the salon, with all the people traffic and scale of the room, and more aking to what you'd expect in a nice waiting area.


         A grand set of double doors, symbols in gold set into the marble around them, lead into the library manse. On either side, slender marble staircases sweep up to the balcony above. One set of doors leads into the professors' offices, while another beckons into various spiral staircases that start to shift leading to either various student suites or practice rooms. Two hallways branch off to the north and south. Eastward is the massive, portcullis-guarded gate, twin iron doors before it. Their dark metal is a backdrop to an enormous emblem of the academy set in silver on each door, an open book on top of twin swords glittering in the light.


-=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=-- Contents -=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--=--


     Mnemon Koal 's brows are once again set in canyons of concentration as he burrows through his geomancy notes and idea sketches he made to show to Professor Lok. It's really exciting to think about the possibilities...he isn't so thrilled with the history class because a lot of it seems irrelevant compared to building stuff. His time is limited anyway since he will be meeting with Brother Hrath on his way back to Greyfalls City later...


     Mnemon Lok sits to one corner of the room, a few loose sheafs of paper scattered over his desk. His attention is rapt, focused, sharp. Indeed, he fairly vibrates, tapping a rapid rhythm on the plain wood of the desk, his pen sharp and ready.


          Hrath walks in long strides down the hall.  Clank, clank, his boots echo through the hallways until he reaches a door.  He opens it without much effort at any kind of stealth, not caring what he disrupts. He walks in and stands a couple yards from the door at the back of the room, his arms folded, not looking at all pleased to be here, but when is he pleased about anything?


         And that's when the headmistress comes in. There's barely a sound as she moves through the room and runs her fingers through her hair. She takes a deep breath and runs her fingers through her hair and takes a deep breath as she smiles towards the students. "Welcome to the history of sorcerous lore. We will be covering a variety of topics going all the way back to prior to the existence of the Realm, so I hope all your minds are open and ready to learn. Are there any questions before we begin?"


     "Did sorcery precede Exaltation, or follow it?" Lok asks. He leans forward slightly, clearly intent on the question.


     Mnemon Koal looks over at Hrath and nods, trying to whisper but failing, "There's only one lecture left that I have to hear. It's part of the foundation series so I can't miss it."


          Hrath "Hrmmm" he mutters, as he stands, still as a large oak tree, he is staring menacingly at the teacher, seriously doubting that anything taught here could be usefull in any way, but he will wait patiently for Koal, wishing that the stupid mortal would shut up and let this get on so that Koal may leave.


         "That's actually an interesting question. For those who are familiar with both the Terrestrial and Celestial Bureaucracies, there are those that say there is a god for everything in Creation. If you look closely, there are no records of any gods of sorcery. So what does that mean?" Kyrie replies, grinning wryly the entire time as students start murmuring amongst themselves, and soon she starts pacing in front of the classroom, walking back and forth.


         "But, let's get back to your question at hand, Lok. The Anathema and the Dragon-blooded all have different stories to the discovery of sorcery. Everyone wants to claim that they were the ones who found it. So, knowing this, what do you think?"


     Mnemon Koal cups his chisseled chin in his meaty fist, thinking furiously. When no one else answers immediately, "Could they have both discovered it independently?


     Mnemon Lok considers the question for a moment, before replying, "That Exaltation must have preceded Sorcery, and that there is no God of Sorcery because Sorcery arises out of the nature of Exaltation, not any natural process within Creation," he replies. Then, pursing his lips, he adds, "Also, that no Sorcery is likely to be able to cause or even significantly influence Exaltation- it would be akin to reversing the flow of a river, or having a mountain fall upward." He drums his fingers again, faster this time.


          Hrath remains unmoved and looks down at Koal, "The chosen of the Dragons, of course, Anathema are demons, who only twist, destroy and pervert what we work so hard to create" he says quietly in an annoyed tone.


         "That is an interesting hypothesis, Koal, but let us consider something else. Exaltation is granted by the Dragons themselves, and they are of creation. Would it be possible that sorcery was made outside of creation and that discovery was more of a rediscovery instead?" Kyrie raises the question as she ignores Hrath for now, continuing to pace in front of the lecture hall.


     Mnemon Lok hmms, eyes closing, fingers still thrumming. "But didn't Mela visit the 5 Elemental Dragons in the search for sorcery? Even if only as a metaphor, that implies that Sorcery is of Creation."


     "But outside creation is the Wyld...”, says Koal, clearly disbelieving that Exalts learned sorcery from the Fair Folk."


          Hrath shakes his head some as he stands firm and resolute, "Of course not, what a stupid idea..." he mutters half to himself...


         "What I am to teach in this class is critical thinking and analysis. I want you all to look at history in a different way. Who writes history but the winners of history, correct? So, as I give you the 'origin' of sorcery, think about how it might be perceived by others.." Kyrie says, smiling brightly the entire time.


     Mnemon Lok blows out a breath, then closes his eyes. "Both discovered it," he says quietly. "No god of sorcery. Discovery..." His eyes pop open. "Are Charms developed or discovered?"


     Mnemon Koal is stumped. "What would be the difference?


     Hrath just stands and stares, then looks down and notices a bit of dirt on his grieve, he reaches down and whipes it off and mutters "what a dirty place..."


     "Sorcery and charms are fundamentally the same thing, the manipulation of essence. As someone who has developed charms, I can safely say that you can discover new charms just as anyone can discover a new flow of essence to produce a new sorcerous spell.." Kyrie says matter of factly while running her fingers through her hair.


     Mnemon Lok shakes his head. "Not what I mean. It's like- is the Charm something that exists, even before anyone knows how to perform it- like a mathematical proof -or is it an invention, like those Nexian iron foundaries?"


     "I cannot see the Dragons granting their blood...if they didn't expect greatness in return.", says Koal.


          Hrath still stands as before, his hood is up shadowing his face, but even so it is clear he is not amused, but he has the patience of an ancient oak. "Koal, the dragons do much we don’t understand, but all you need to know is that you must trust them, for they are infallible" he says with a reassuring voice to Koal.


     Mnemon Lok turns slowly to Koal, giving a look of raw, concentrated hate. Hate that burns holes in mountains and fairly crackles in the air. "Is that so?" he asks loudly. "And what greatness is there in a goddamn mine rat that-" He snaps his mouth shut, before he can get himself into... more trouble.


         "The origins of charms is also widely contested. At some point, someone discovered it, but does that mean that it is inherent in creation. The Salinian school of sorcery believes that.." Kyrie says matter of factly as she continues to move back and forth in front of class.


     Mnemon Lok doesn't remove the hate-glare from Koal, but asks towards Kyrie, "Then, is there a qualitive difference between Sorcery and other Charms? If both are simply discovered means of manipulating Essence, that is."


     Mnemon Koal is as dense as stone in more ways than one. He completely disregards Lok's statement, thinking the Professor is mumbling to himself and listens to Kyrie....or is the halfe caste so insignificant as to be just not worth his acknowledgement?


          Hrath slowly turns his gaze towards Lok and shakes his head, "Stupid mortal, should go back to farming or something..." he says just loud enough to be heard, but makes it seem like he was trying not to be.


         "The qualitative difference between sorcery and charms? The Realm recognizes one as natural, and the other as unnatural.." Kyrie replies with a soft chuckle under her breath as she runs her fingers through her hairand starts writing a few things down.


     "Idiot monk, why don't you go back to praying," Lok sneers back. But the statement snaps his attention back to Kyrie. "Fine. What makes the one natural and the other unnatural?"


     Mnemon Koal raises his hand interrupting the conversation. "Professor Kyrie, does this have something to do with the five stations?


          Hrath continues to stand there.  He’s not going to disrupt Kyrie when she’s on her way towards getting herself into trouble with the temple, or at least he hopes so. He will have to show this mortal his place later...


     Peleps Maruko steps into the room, looking around and taking in the audience, the glaring monk and professor, the Legionnaire and the Headmistress of the Academy. "Did I come at a bad time?" she asks.


         "One of the stations is tutelage, Koal, and this is part of that. If you are going to initiate into sorcery, you must understand the origins of sorcery." Kyrie explains with a bright smile. "As much as it pains me to say this, it is the whims of the realm that determines one is natural and the other unnatural.." Oh snap! She just went there.


         It's then that Maruko heads in and blinks blankly for a few moments. "Well, we're in the middle of a lecture right now.."


     Mnemon Lok shrugs slightly at that. "Fine. It's arbitrary. So there's no difference between Sorcery or Charms, and the potential for both must have been built into Creation at it's foundation."


          "And who are you to disagree?" Hrath says just loud enough to be heard, his eyebrows raised in a look of O really?


     Peleps Maruko looks around again. Of course, a lecture, that's why the armed and armored Immaculate is glaring daggers like that. "I apologize, I was merely going to ask if you would mind if I made use of the Academy's library, there was some research I wanted to do."


     "You're referring to all sorcerers needing to register while charms aren't registered?" Koal says. "I thought that was because sorcery could be used to summon unnamable things indiscriminately, and it is our duty to protect our cousins should they become tempted by such things...""


         "But at the very basic level, there is no difference from sorcery and the charms of the Host.." Kyrie says matter of factly before she looks over towards Maruko, raising her brows. "You may access the outer archives, please consult with one of the sylphs at the reception area. She is one of the librarians after all.."


     Mnemon Koal 's eyes shine like diamonds with the light of understanding. "I see. The system is ineffectual because all one of the Host need do is learn a charm to summon demons or whatnot and never register. It would indeed make the system of checks and balances meaningless.


     Mnemon Lok shakes his head slightly. "That doesn't make sense. No Charm requires undergoing trials to master it. You just... do them." He waves a hand vaguely.


          Hrath looks over at Koal, "Sorcery is like martial arts in some ways, only easier, and not of pure purpose like the styles of the dragons" he says with conviction.


         "Yes, but think about the trials. The five stations serve to discipline one's mind, body and spirit to handle the power of sorcery. It takes discipline and self control to master sorcery, and with that discipline and self control, one has access to more powerful manipulations of essence. The pinnacle charms of the Host are quite powerful. The Immaculate Martial Arts can do incredible things just like the most powerful spells of sorcery can accomplish. In the end, they both require extreme discipline and patience.." she says matter of factly as she runs her fingers through her hair.


     Peleps Maruko hesitates before stepping out, staying in the doorway as she listens to the interplay between the multiple sides, interested by the heated nature of the debate.

"But /any/ Charm can accomplish great things!" Lok snaps. "The least manipulation of Essence can close wounds and cure the sick! Can blind or let you see through the earth! Can make even the most obscured confusion clear! They all bear great power- but you're saying that Sorcery has these trials around it. Why? Are the trials /necessary/, a part of Sorcery, or are they something you-" He points at Kyrie "-inflict on students too gullible to ask why exactly their undertaking these insane quests?"


          Hrath frowns "But sorcery is not of the dragons like the Immaculate way, and therefore you must be very careful in its using, and unlike the holy combat prowess of the monks, even mortals can learn it" he says gesturing towards Lok "which indicates its inferiority, although it can be useful, with great care"


     Peleps Maruko finally decides to speak up. "I'd say that after the last few months in this city we should all know how possible it is to misuse the gifts of the Dragons too."


      "You think charms do not have trials? I can close wounds. I can heal plagues, but with that came hard work, intense study and practice. I am a sorcereress-physician, and the most complicated charms that I use to heal plagues, are as complicated as drawing the summoning circles to draw forth elementals or demons." Kyrie says matter of factly, not looking insulted. "There are five stations of sorcery: the lesson of wood, humility; the lesson of of air, tutelage; the lesson of water, journey; the lesson of earth, fear; and the lesson of fire, sacrifice. And you wonder why you're only a geomancer instead of a proper sorcerer.." Yes, she just went there. Oh snap.


     Mnemon Koal freezes, a statue of anticipation. The admissions trial had been a nightmare like the day he exalted. Would Kyrie have done that to him intentionally, just for her own amusement? He can't believe it. His big grey eyes meet Kyrie's, waiting with the intensity of the Imperial peak piercing Heaven for an answer.


          Hrath once again stands quietly at the back of the room, finding this whole thing stupid and unnecessary as he resolutely says "all the answers you may need on such things is in the Immaculate texts"


     Mnemon Lok's eyes narrow at Kyrie's statement. "Well. A most enlightening lecture," he says abruptly. "Thank you for answering my question to the best of your ability, Kyrie," he says, standing and gathering his unwritten on papers and small ink bottle.


         "Sorcery is not just the accumulation of knowledge. Anyone can learn the azure sign of air, but will that knowledge allow one to summon and control the very winds? No, a sorcerer must watch the breeze seeing how branches flow when there's a strong gust or a light breeze. A sorcerer must understand the nature of the essence flows to do such a thing. Again, with my own medicinal charms, knowing the human body is not enough. I had to study, I had to watch life, I had to even dissect cadavers before I could understand the flows of essence in living things to heal. And this is why I say there is no fundamental difference between the charms of the Dragon-blooded and sorcery. It is the manipulation of essence.."


         And she pauses, taking a deep breath, running her fingers through her hair as a wry grin curls onto her lips. "But there is a difference. Charms can be learned with intense study and practice, but there is one prerequisite that sorcery has that practicing regular charms do not. You must undergo a transformation in mind, body and spirit. And that is why there are the five stations. Perhaps once you hear the 'origin' of sorcery, you will understand.."


     Mnemon Lok hesitates for a moment, then sits. Teeth grinding quietly together.


     Seeing the discussion settle down and turn back into what looks to be an ordinary history lecture, Maruko slips back out the door and goes looking for the library...


     Mnemon Koal relaxes now that he understands. Letting the peace of Pasiap flow through him, he lets the rhythm of Kyrie's voice, soft...yet strong as the wind, beat against him in this musical place, the lecture hall resounding with perfect acoustics.


          Hrath still stands, starting to get bored at this completely useless lecture, what he wouldn’t do with a good sermon right now, that’s something he could get excited about.


     A young immaculate walks into the back of the lecture hall, stepping as quietly as he can to avoid disrupting the lecture. He makes his way in and takes a seat in the back.


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