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Log: Circus Comes to Town

Page history last edited by Tsangun 14 years, 12 months ago

Summary: A handful of mortals and dragonblooded come across a most bizzare circus...

Location: 100 Kingdoms

PCs: Tsangun, Ichaerus, Subeta Kyuui, Orashi, Azami, Karizoku Shinen

Run By: Cynis Yueru (3xp)



To say that there are 100 kingdoms in the Hundred Kingdoms would be inaccurate. For one, there aren’t exactly 100 of them in the area (the actual number is somewhere around 117, the last time anyone bothered to count). For another though, a vast number of the so called “Kingdoms” should not truly qualify as such by any means, except for their own strong insistence. It is a common practice in some areas of the Hundred Kingdoms that for portions of a nation would split off and declare their own independence at the drop of a hat, even if they haven’t the resources to actually do so, or even any good reason to. The best example of this would be the short lived nation of “The People’s Republic of Treacle Mine Road”, which had the total population of seven people, plus one sheep. 


The small kingdom that you happen to be traveling through today quite that insignificant, but it is still one that is likely unmarked on any mapped. The Kingdom of Escoria, consists only of a decent populate village of the same name, and is known mainly for its production of cheese. 


          "I tell ya Orashi, where there's cheese there be wine. I's thinkin' we might want to...expand our discerning palletes a wee bit," Kari comments to her companion.


          "I find my pallete, and my eyes become less discerning with every drop of wine" Orashi responds


Tsangun stretches herself out a little bit. Well, one arm anyway as the other was dragging her box along behind her - thank the heavens for wheels. ~I won't be returning to Nexus for a while, so I might as well take a little break from risking my neck,~ the Djala thinks to herself as she walks the road, her eyes wandering here and there for anything interesting, ~the cheese here better be worth the trip.~


And upon seening the Kari and Orashi, waves towards them, the black obsiansian seal still attached to his hand.


          Faintly hearing the song from over a hill Orashi belts out at the top of his lungs "THERE'S WHISKEY IN THE JAR!!!"


Subeta Kyuui drudges along the road, tired from the walking. "You sure do have lots of stories, Ichaerus," he says, looking to the man. His wooden sandals drag slightly on the ground as he looks around the village. "That sure was a close call back in Nexus, huh "


Ah, the power of cheese. Old men love it with thier cheese just like anyone else... except perhaps a bit more, on account of the soft qualities of some varieties. And since Azami is at the beck and call of one such old man, she finds herself walking at a comfortable pace through a place she's never seen, her hood thrown back and her voice raised into the new spring air. There's a small blue cat on her shoulder, sleeping despite the pleasantly lilting, slightly dry singing. The long, heavy braid of her coppery hair swings free down her back as she walks.


By reputation, Escoria village is a small, quiet place. Perhaps a little run-down, but by most accounts a pleasant, quaint, and idyllic location.


Of course, reputations are obviously overrated, as in place of where you would expect to find a small, cheese-making village, there is instead an oversized tent of bright red and white. The tent is massive, and can easily cover a whole small town, or fit snugly on Fudou’s body. Overly cheerful and somewhat poorly played music is being played very loudly from within the tent. A more careful examination shows that Escoria is actually still there, it’s just BEHIND the big top, blocked from view by the gaudy thing.


Tsangun stops, looks at the tent, blinks, looks again and then lets her mouth hang open for all of five seconds. "Okay... That's queer," the Djala says to no one in particular as she just /stares/ at the tent... city... thing.


          Covering her ears at her companion's less than stellar performance, Kari stops short upon seeing the...thing before her. "Well, ain't that the damndest sight ye'd ever see?" Eh? What was that? She turns around to wave to Ichaerus and Kyuui, "What're ye boys, doin' up 'ere?" she yells back in that grating voice that only copious amounts of hard liquor and smoking can loving craft.


Ichaerus grins heavily at Subeta's comment. "Close isn't the half of it. Were all just very lucky we know how to handle ourselves. You did very well though. I've not encountered something of that force in all my travels. Strange magics best left hidden from the world where they belong." As Orashi joins in the song, Ichaeus can't help but laugh. "Big feller. Save it for later when we are so confused we can't remember which way to the floor. Heh heh heh." He acknowledges Kari and retorts " Well, after yesterday, we are looking to get trashed, tweaked, messed up, and wake up with several women and a raging headache. You?"


Azami's absent singing wilts, and the young barbarian comes to a halt not too far from the Djala, her green eyes narrowing curiously (and a bit nearsightedly) at the big tent. Walking forward, she nods in greeting to Tsangun, recognizing her among the people here and gestures forward. "Clown Raid?"


Subeta Kyuui kinda chuckles and says, "Well, Ichaerus here is looking for wine, women, and song anyways! I just needed some relaxing out in the country. Plus, I heard they have quite delcious cheese out here." His very feminine smile on his face. He looks at Kari and Orashi and continues, "So, what brings you two out this way?"


"I had quite a thought I did," Kari offers the two, tapping her noggin'. "But I'll leave the women to you, we're just here for the drink....and to figger out what 'n the gods names inspired someone to make a tent this big."


Hanging above the entrance way to the tent, there is a long banner. Written in Riverspeak, with big bold letters, is the name: “Python Montgomery’s Circus of Oddities” In slightly smaller letters on the same banner, it reads: “Thrills, Chills, and Excitement! Bizzare Creatures from the Elemental Poles! Wonders of a Lost Age! Come See Things Straight from your Wildest Dreams and Darkest Nightmares!” %r%tIt is a fairly long banner, of course.


Tsangun nods her head in return to Azami. "I... wouldn't be surprised. Nor would it be the strangest thing I've seen," the djala says even as a slight chill runs up and down her spine for a moment. She looks up at the banner, a deadpan expression on her face for a few seconds. "Shall we go in and see what sort of damage they're doing to the cheese industry?"


"Ye don't gotta bring it up ya know," Kari says thwapping Orashi on the back of the head. "Now, this 'ere looks a might interesting dontcha think?" she says, quickly changing topics to the bazaar. "Still, I'd not expect to have them anything up on Nexus. Let's go."


The question brings a sudden smirk to Aza's lips, and she nods, chuckling despite herself. "It's our duty as concerned citizens." That's not to say that either of them are native citizens, but it's a saying she's heard. She peers at the sign and works out the words. "Wonders from the poles? What on earth..." Glancing at the other woman, she starts forward, her curiosity piqued.


Subeta Kyuui looks at the tent in amazement and begins to enter. "Well, I suppose I will check this thing out."

There are no torches or lanterns inside the tent. No doubt a prudent choice, given that the whole thing is made of canvas cloth. While sturdy, it burns easily from an errant flame. Carefully placed holes in the roof of the tent lets sunlight stream down from outside, providing illumination. Due to the time of day and the cloudy weather, however, the inside of the tent is dark, making it hard to see. You can smell the overwhelming sent of kettle corn with an excess of butter, as well as cheap ale. 


Orashi squints at the canvas above all else for a minute before saying "Damn waste of good canvas to keep a bunch of land lubbers outta the sun and rain"


"Of course, of course. Concerned citizens," Tsangun agrees as she walks into the tent... city... place. "I'm sure they have some from that pole as well, if their claims are true at least. Perhaps Cynis Yushai, the wild, beared Dynast woman?"


Subeta Kyuui looks over to Ichaerus with a concerned look and whispers, "Keep your wits about you. I can smell the faint tint of blood in the air."


          "A fat lot of good it'll do against rain with those holes in it, which it looks like we might be gettin'" Kari points out with surprising clarity for one so usually fog-headed. "'n as dark as it be, people is just gonna swipe everything they have out from under their noses...not that I know anything about that."


"Well, that smells delicious." Ichaerus remarks as the scents of food and drink reach is nose. "You two salty dogs what something to slate your thirst? I figured after our excursion yesterday least I can do is offer you guys a pint. You as well Subeta." Turning towards his compatriot.


There are partitions inside of the big top, serving to section off certain areas of the tent from the others. The entrance way leads directly to what appears to be a ticketing area, with ropes that clearly indicate where a line of people would be waiting. There is no one present however, and the ticket vendor's counter is likewise unmanned.


-= OOC =- Orashi says, "are the food vendors manned?"


Azami inhales deeply, nodding and crossing her arms across her chest. "Ah yes, and Twelve Armed Liba of the North. Her milk cures warts, you know." She looks around, nose wrinkling. Though she doesn't infringe on personal space, she does take a closer step to Tsangun, one hand going to the flap of her hard leather satchel against sly fingers. "If there is cheese in here, I'm going to burn it before anyone can accidentally eat it."


Tsangun smirks as she glances to Azami. "Yes, Faerie Cheese is pro bably not good for one's health and I'm not discounting the theory that this is an elaborate fae trap," the djala says as she looks to the ticket 'area' and clicks her tongue.


          "Now that's a bit strange, don't ye think? 'n yeah Ichy, I'd love a pint, thanks bud." Kari says looking around, "Still, where the folks be at? Less'n we just came late to the party, but I can't imagine they just leave this here."

Subeta Kyuui nods to Kari, "It is very odd... Be on guard, I have a bad feeling in my gut." He wanders farther into the tent, looking for any sign of people.


          Orashi lights up at the mention of drink "I could definately use a pint o whiskey, but.. maybe they're all inside?"


Orashi sniffs the air and follows the smell of kettle corn


There is the consistant sound of poorly played, cheerful music, coming from deeper inside of the tent. There isn't, however, the sound of a crowd, however big or small. If there is one, they're certainly the most well behaved crowd in the world, making nary a peep or whisper.


Tsangun hmmms softly. "This definitely seems wrong, don't you think?" the djala asks her companion as she brings a hand up to tap against the knives kept beneath her clothing. In case of bandits, randy wanderers and the like, of course. Also cheese.


"If it is, we should get the hell out. You're right, though; it's absoltely creepy." Aza murmurs, but she doesn't sound too commited to the idea of letting her imagination fill in the blanks of ignorance. She glares toward the back of the tent and nods to Djala, her hands dissapearing briefly up into the shadows of her overlarge sleeves, then appearing again. Looking at her, she smiles wrily. "But I won't be able to sleep if it really was fae cheese and we didn't do anything about it, what about you?"


Orashi says, "Hey, I was promised a pint, I intend to get it before we leave.." With that Orashi holds his Gore Maul 'casually' and heads towards the music"


As he follows Subeta's lead, weary of the lack of people, he scans the area for any signs of life other than them. "Keep your guard up Subeta." A chuckle mars his face as Orashi remarks about the pint. "It shall be done. Though for the moment I'm weary of touching, much less eating or drinking anything in here till we can be sure it's safe.

Ichaerus remarks.


"Oh I could probably sleep with the knowledge, but I'd rather not," Tsangun answers as she gives a wide grin towards the other woman. "But, if we're going to go in and investigate then we'd better actually do it instead of standing at the edge like cowards." and with that, the Djala starts walking forward again.


Subeta Kyuui nods to Ichaerus and continues onward, approaching the center of the tent with his hand holding the hilt of his sheathed katana.


You arrive at the source of the music, a small make-shift orchestra of some sort. There's a standing piano, a tuba, a trumpet, a marching drum, and a stringed instrument that seems somewhat similar to a lute, but not really. The instruments seem to be second hand and fairly worn, which would explain the poor quality of the music.


         Or maybe it's the fact that the musicians are all blood apes, with fingers far too large than those instruments are designed to work with. One or the other. The blood apes are all dressed in colorfully gaudy outfits, with floopy hats and thick makeup. The continue to play their instruments as they stare at the newcomers.


Azami walks alongside Tsangun, wiggling her fingers and glancing around at the other people, none of whom she recognizes (and most of whom she's just now noticed). "Careful! It'll coat you in wax and roll you down a gentle incline! And we'll all smell vaguely of other people's feet!" There's a very slight hesitancy in her jokes that alludes to her nervousness, but she seems ready enough to laugh at it. Still, when she sees the apes, her mouth drops open and she swears.


Orashi says, "Kari, remind me, how do we feel about blood apes?"


"Oookay... This isn't the kind of horrors I was expecting from this," Tsangun says as she looks at the blood apes, a mixture of pity and amusement in her voice and her eyes as she just... stares at them for a few moments. After the initial shock wears down, Tsangun looks to Azami, and then anyone else around. "Right then, so who here agrees that the summoner was hitting the opium a little hard?"


          Kari is strolling along casually but alert then, upon seeing the apes, half pitches forward trying to stop. A hand quickly flashing to the sword on her back, but she doesn't yet pull it. "Now what in the...." She stops and spares a quick glance to Orashi, "I think'n we a bit more care what they think about us is more important."


Subeta Kyuui looks at the strange creatures with a curious eye, never having encountered a blood ape in this circumstance. "Ummm... So, what do we do with them? And more importantly, why are they here?"


Upon noticing Azami: "Hello miss." Bowing low to the ground and offers his un-sealed hand. "Before this wonderful song ends, care for a dance? I'd like to enjoy strange things while I have the time. Heh heh." Ichaerus quips.


Azami blinks, then swallows past a lump in her throat. Soon as her hand stops shaking, she reaches into a pocket and draws out a small bit of change, tossing it into a hat or a box if there is one. Some habits die hard, it seems, and any Shaman worth her salt knows it's better to make the gesture than to wish you had. "Opium, right."


 The bow catches her eye and she turns to stare at Ichaerus for a moment before finally chuckling, and bowing in return. "Promise to help us slay the mighty, opiate gulping Fell-Cheese Summoner that's at the core of the creepiness, and I'll dance with you later." She glances at the apes, though, and straightens dusting off her coat. "Who in the world summons demons to play parlor music, anyway?"


Orashi scratches his head and says "Kari, if these are demons... where's the sorcerer that summoned them?"


          "Yeah," Kari responds, "let's hope there was a sorcerer."


Subeta Kyuui looks around for any sign of people. "Perhaps they are in the village? At least, I hope they are there. As for a sorcerer, perhaps we should look around a bit more."


Ichaerus grins at Azami. "Deal. I am Professor Ichareus by the way. And who may I thank for bringing such beauty into view this fine day?" Upon hearing the sailors remarks. "Yes I would greatly hope their aren't a bunch of these things running around on their own. Shall we continue on?" And Ichaerus starts to move along past the muscicians.


"Ougasto Bunmei," Azami says. It's the name of her master, and a rather well-known one in Nexus at least, among Thaumaturges. She adjusts the shoulder strap of her satchel and continues, looking to make sure that Tsangun is still there. "Do you know anything about Summoning?" She asks of the Djala, walking along, still gazing 'round the pavilion. The shafts of broken sunlight make it hard to see, dappling the dim inside with streaks of white.


The blood ape band makes absolutely no movement to stop the group from advancing. They continue to stare at them as they leave, occationally bearing sharp teeth in their direction... but otherwise merely continue to play their horrible music.


          The tent leads on to what appears to be the main ring of the circus. Rows upon rows of seat surround the center stage. The seats are of course empty, and the stage is dark.


"I know theory behind it and knowledge of demons and spirits, but I don't know how to perform a summoning or banishing. Those skills aren't entirely useful to my trade... The summoning anyway," Tsangun replies as she gives the Blood Apes another curious glance. Following Azami's own action, the djala tosses some coins in as well before adding in Old Realm: "Very delightful music."


"Well, they ain't torn us to pieces yet, but that don't mean I trust 'em," Kari says, sparing a long glance for the creatures as she walks by.


"Actually Kari, it's my experience things usually wait for you to turn your back to them." Upon seeing the benches and empty stage he looks at Subeta approvingly. "Let's get seated for the show. Front row sound good?" And he moves down toward the seats looking for a good spot.


Subeta Kyuui continues down to take a seat in the front row, curious as to what is going to happen next. However, his hand never releases his hilt as he sits.


There's a loud and frightening sounding roar, and near the very top of the tent one can see the shadowly outlines of a blood ape. His features cannot be seen clearly, but the outline of his muscle bound form is clear. The blood ape leaps from the pillar and seems to be heading straight towards the center of the stage as the group enters the room...


          And then is caught gracefully in the arms of another bloodape, and then swung upon a trapeze onto another pillar on the other side of the tent.


Orashi gawks as he makes his way over the stands "some blood circus this is..."


Tsangun blinks at the roar and looks up. ~Can they survive a fall from that height? Let's see,~ the djala thinks to herself even as she slips her hands inside of her clothing to finger the hilts of her knives. "Better a blood circus than a bloody one," she pipes in.


Azami shudders deeply at the sight, fingers creeping up to the hollow of her pale throat. She has a terrible feeling about this.


Ichaerus claps and hoots out with joy. "Bravo! Well done!" Leaning towards Subeta. "Those are some impressive tactics don't you think?" and he scans the surrounding area for anyone who might be here that he missed before.

Orashi takes a quick peek *under* the stands to check for unpleasant surprises


Subeta Kyuui gives Ichaerus a confused look and chuckles a bit, "Yes, I suppose it is pretty impressive. Still, I find it odd that no one else is here." A sad look croses his face, "And these poor creatures look to be very upset about their circumstances. I wonder what possessed someone to make this place." 


          Kari tenses as the blood ape descends, and goes no more slack when she realizes the show. "I ain't the friendliest person in the world Orashi, ye can attest to that, but somethin' about this...this is wrong. Them don't want naught but pain and sufferin'"


Ichaerus shouts out: "Can we see the tyrant lizard trainer now?"


Azami looks intently around the room, moving away from the seats and walking towards the edges, looking for doors, anything. Her soft-soled boots pad quietly on the ground, skirts rustling about her legs.


Subeta Kyuui moves closer to the stage and calls to the blood apes, "Ummm.. Hello there. Can you point me to the person in charge of this place?"


The acrobatic apes make no reply, and focus instead only on their performance. Blood apes are not known to be great conversationalists anyhow. Past the stage area, there appears to be a concession stand, where the smells of buttered kettle corn and ale that are ever present seem to originate. There is likewise a blood ape present, wearing an ill-fitting little vest and a smalls square-ish hat.


Tsangun hmmmms to herself as she looks around the area. "Do you want to go and get some popcorn from the nice man... creature... ape... thing?" she asks Azami.


Azami turns slightly green, but nods... slowly. "That sounds lovely." She leans forward slightly at the counter, watching the ape. "Ah, how much for the delicious kettle-cooked corn... ma'am?"


          "All right, this is gettin' outta hand," Kari points out entirely unnecessarily. She stalks more than walks over to the concession stand, "'n what is the meanin' of all this? And no, I don't want butter."


Ichaerus stands up, and decides that it had been too long since he has last eaten. And beckons Subeta to join him as he approaches the concession stand. "Hello there Sir. Nice day we are having isn't it?" he remarks to the blood-ape. "Can I have.... one.... three..... four.... six... Can I get six kettle corn, and ales please?" He rumages his free hand through his satchel and produces a few dinars.


          Kari stares at Ichaerus like he's positively looney...which he very well must be.


Subeta Kyuui merely sighs at his companion. ".... Can I get extra butter on one of those?"


The blood ape sticks his large head foward and lets out a reply in the form of an incomprehensible shout, snarling at Ichaerus and as its jaw opens wide enough to easily fit Ich's entire head. The ape then takes the offered dinars and drops it behind the counter, and pours a few mugs of ale.


          Orashi sighs and looks longingly at the popcorn and ale. "That's just... a real bad idea..."


Ichaerus flips his sealed hand upside down, using the seal of the elemental dragon of earth, as a makeshift waiter tray. "Thank you Sir" As he takes the ale and popcorn and proceeds to put it on the seal. Leaning in closer. "If you tell me your name, I promise I will eventually call you to my service, and let you disembowel and rape through the eyeballs whoever or whatever put you through this." Beaming a smile at the Blood Ape, he turns away toward his companions offering them stuff from the tray in turn.

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