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House Rules: Sorcery

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Terrestial Circle Errata

     Unconquerable Self

          -     The Terrestrial Circle Spell "Unconquerable Self" is free to any Sorcerer choosing to learn it (ie, it does not cost XP to learn).



Celestial Circle Errata

     Greater Minions of the Eyeless Face

          -     Greater Minions cannot learn sorcery.

          -     Each mote spent to augment the casting of this spell effects either the number of minions or the number of BP, not both.

          -     Greater Minions can use enlightened essence pools if taught how, but do not incarnate with access to this ability.

          -     Greater Minions have essence chakra that are inhuman and thus incompatible with many supernatural MA styles.

          -     Greater Minions CAN learn the following TMA - Falling Blossom Style, and potentially others (inquire with ST)

          -     Greater Minions CANNOT learn the following TMA - 5 Dragon Style, and potentially others (inquire with ST)


Solar Circle Errata

     Solar Sanctuary

     -     The statues required for the spell Solar Sanctuary each require a Resources 5 purchase of Orihalcum, a Resources 5 purchase of jewels, and a difficulty 5 Craft (Fire) roll, accumulating 10 total successes.  The crafting rolls take a week per roll.


     Technique Mirror

     -     This spell does not mirror social attacks by default, although ST discretion applies.

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