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House Rules

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THIS IS OUTDATED, Please Bug Staff to Change the Chargen link.


Go to http://winedarkseas.pbworks.com/Scroll-of-Character-Creation instead.




House Rules


The most important house rule is the Universal Conflict Resolution Trick.


Exalted has a lot of rules, and many of them are more trouble than they're worth a lot of the time. Whenever a rule takes more effort to use than it's worth, you can ignore it and use the Universal Conflict Resolution Trick instead.


Oh My God, Look At All These Rules

Don't panic! Most of these placeholders or irrelevant to you. At the beginning, you should only focus on the ones relevant to your character concept and your Character Creation rules. Some of these aren't even new rules, but rules from 1e sourcebooks that have no 2e equivalents, reprinted here for your convenience, or simply clarifications to existing rules.


Basic House Rules

You really absolutely must read these!


Character Creation and Advancement House Rules

If you're building a new character, or improving your character with XP, look here. (unfinished)


Combat and Conflict House Rules

Are you fighting someone else to the death RIGHT NOW? Look here. (unfinished)


Strategic Scale House Rules

If you're building an empire, an army, a business, or just a sweet new airship, look here. Any house rules related to dramatic actions that take more than a day will be covered here, if we have them. (unfinished)


Book-Specific House Rules

If you want to know how we feel about this or that bit of content from the Exalted line, look here. Eventually, every artifact, charm, spell, etc. should be listed and briefly commented on by the head ST. (unfinished)


Panoply House Rules

If you want to know our perspectives on an artifact, hearthstone, manse power, or other fancy toy, look here.


Everything beneath this line may be out of date.


Custom Rule Systems and Local Practices


Character- or Book-Specific Rulings


Custom Material


Proposed House Rules

Please place your name (or a list of all your characters) by a Yea, Nay, or Abstain vote for each proposed house rule, along with any commentary you may have. 


1. There is now at least one character in the game with the power to summon 2nd circle demons. Assuming people want anything other than Octavian, a system for assessing balanced stats for Malfean Citizens is necessary, if only in rough shape. See the page here, and comment below: Second Circle Demon Stats

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