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Slayer of the Undead


In every generation...Okay, no we're not going to start like this. It all began in Silent Peaks as a young full human was born to Christian and Medaea Onasikast, two humans who had lived in the lands of Silent Peaks their entire life. She grew up in the town of Erkavica, living a happy little life, growing up with the ancestor cults. Life would have been normal, if it wasnt for the fact that her mother was part of the hidden Golden Janissaries. The Onasikast family had gone back for years and years cleansing the lands of demons, spirits, ghosts, and other such creatures of darkness from the land. Medaea had actually come to Silent Peaks, having been sent on a mission to cleanse the surrounding lands from the ghosts that were slowly getting corrupted by...unseen influences.


However, Medaea had fallen in love with Christian and married and eventually gave birth to their only daughter, who was named Hope. As Medaea knew she could no longer complete her mission, the Golden Janissaries targetted her daughter to complete the mission instead. As such, when she was of age, she was sent off to learn and train in the style of the Golden Janissary as to complete the mission that hermother could not. They all knew this would be a suicide mission, but this was also to serve as a punishment for Medaea.


And so, Hope grew up surrounded by strange men and women who taught her about the evils of the creatures of darkness. They taught her all sorts of lore, as to how to defeat ghosts, how to keep one protected with a circle of salt, and how to even ward against and exorcize things that do not belong in creation. It was a rough childhood, with beatings if she could not memorize the various ways to identify if a person was possessed, and eventually, all those harsh lessons would make her into a paragon of the Golden Janissary style, though she still preferred the bow to hand to hand combat. As she was a fine exorcist and warder, and soon she would complete the mission that her mother could not.


She was ready to fight, and she was sent back, but something strange happened. As she was getting ready, something strange happened to her. The exorcist and Solar, Brilliant Pearl had passed away, and as such, Hope was chosen to be the bearer of the next Exaltation. Golden light surrounded her and memories of her past life flooded her mind and she gasped and was thrown off. Memories threatened to overwhelm her and she had to hold off what was going on. A few months had passed, and she found that she could no longer use her Golden Janissary style. However, she found that all her necromantic studies from the past had actually paid off as she could easily get rid of ghosts and zombies. Instead of using actual Golden Janissary style, strange essence coursed around her hands as she spared with her teachers and bested them all with ease.


Now she's ready, though still confused about what happened. She can do new things now, and she spent time training in order to get accustomed to her new abilities. However, with human sacrifices in Silent Peaks being more common, the superiors had encouraged her to act, and now it is time. She will cleanse Silent Peaks of corruption..she will complete her mother's mission...


Recent events

  • Exalted with the shard of Brilliant Pearl. Memories still haunt her from her previous life and she's quite confused.
  • The Sidereal, Quicksilver Dreamer has decided to take a more direct approach and is training Hope, even giving her the artifacts belonging to her exaltation. The oralchium powerbow, breastplate and even Gladestalker's Stone that her exaltation has always carried has been given to the young eighteen year old so she can fight for the side of light..
  • Keeper of Crows, at the request of Brilliant Pearl prior to her demise, has arrived in Silent Peaks to help cleanse the lands of the corruption. Meeting in the cemetary, Hope is confused as to why she's familiar with the monk, and he has realized that she is the bearer of Pearl's previous exaltation.
  • The Vengeful Kiss keeps his promise, killing all those she has cared for. First, Keeper of Crows, then her family, he goes out and also blinds Son of Saffron Horizon. In the meantime, she continues gathering a motley crew of allies.
  • Hope meets Karrus, a ruggedly handsome barbarian prince from a different land far away. He turns out to be her Lunar mate, and as she's young, she gave into those preternatural feelings of attraction and they're now quite close. Awwww.
  • A meeting with the council of golden janissary masters leads Hope to make a fateful decision: Reaper's Scythe must be dealt with. Considering her original plan didnt work, she and Judicious Fist defeat the deathknight, rescuing a golden child by the name of Song as well.
  • Now she's deciding what to do. People telling her that she must journey outward for self discovery, but something is still keeping herin the land. There is still corruption in Silent Peaks, even without the influence of the Deathknight..what will she do next?
  • See: Event: Cleansing Silent Peaks for more details
  • Silent Peaks is cleansed with the help of Alseia, who takes out the shadowlands, and Karrus, Hope's Lunar Mate, and Silver Thorns, a young Lunar. Hope defeats Haunter Graaz, Old Kio, and Elder Venu and can now move on.

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