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         A mosok who managed enlightenment on his own, and through his curiosity and natural inclination to go where he isn't allowed, eventually found himself in the East despite being an amphibious being in nature.  The great Yellow River serves his aquatic needs, and his ability to shape stone, combined with his Paths of prehuman mastery have given him a most suitable abode just north of Ironscar.  A few capers involving the royal treasury put Master of the Hunting Mist onto his trail, and after an initial bout, they found that they did not dislike each other, and indeed, could do a lot for each other that they otherwise couldn't do for themselves.


          His favourite tricks include finding and breaking into spirit sanctums, swimming through solid rock, impersonating people and robbing places blind.


Race: Mosok Dragon King

Concept: Larcenous adventurer and Mist's Spymaster




Strength: 5        Charisma: 4          Perception: 3

Dexterity: 5        Manipulation: 3   Intelligence: 3

Stamina: 5         Appearance:  2     Wits: 4


Athletics 3, Awareness 3, Dodge 3, Integrity 4, Investigation 3, Larceny 4, Linguistics 2 (Riverspeak, High Holy Tongue,Low Realm), Martial Arts 4, Occult 2, Presence 3, Resistance 3, Stealth 4, Survival 3, Thrown 3


Compassion: 2      Temperance: 2

Conviction: 5         Valour: 4


Willpower: 9

Essence: 4        Motes: 43 (12 motes attuned, 31 available)

Paths of Prehuman Master

Flowing Water Path (1, Conviction): Clinging Puddle Style, *Air Walking

Shimmering Water Path (3, Conviction): Averting the Eyes, Visage of the New Face, Guise of the New Form, *Unseen Form Technique

Solid Earth Path (5, Conviction): Lithic Understanding, Shape the Earth, Empower Crystal, Become Stone, Command the Earth, *Unity with                                                Earth and Stone

Flickering Fire Path (3, Valour): Flashing Agility, Fiery Prowess, One Fire-Many Flames, *Speed of Flame

Clear Air Path (2, Compassion): Clarity of (Sense), See the Winds of Essence, *Visions of Attack and Defence

Celestial Air Path (3, Temperance): Piercing the Celestial Veil, Touch the Celestial Form, Open the Celestial Doorway, Summon the Celestial                                                     Servant

* -May be boosted to this level with a Virtue channel of the appropriate type associated with the Path.



Jump(halved due to breed) 4y up, 8y across

Move: 5y/t     Dash: -

Swim: 5y/t    Fast Swim: 11y/t



DDV: 6


Claw:                           Spd 5 [] +1 Acc [] 10 dice [] +2L [] 7L base damage [] 0 [] 5 PDV [] Rate 3 [] N

Tail:                              Spd 5 [] -1 Acc [] 8 dice [] +5B [] 10B base damage [] -2 [] 4 PDV [] Rate 2 [] N

Clinch:                          Spd 6 [] +0 Acc [] 9 dice [] +0B [] 5B base damage [] - [] - [] Rate 1 [] N, C, P

Bite:                              Spd 6 [] +0 Acc [] 9 dice [] +4L [] 9L base damage [] - [] - [] Rate 1 [] N

Bracer of Crystal Bolts:   Spd 4 [] +2 Acc [] 10 dice [] 8L [] 8L base damage [] Range 150y [] Rate 2 [] P


Natural soak: 9B 4L

Obsidian Sheath: 12B 12L hardness 5

Total: 21B 16L hardness 5

Health Levels: 0/0/-1/-1/-2/-2/-4/Inc'd/D/D/D/D/D



Artifact 4 (Obsidian Sheath, Necklace of Solar Charisma, Breather Plant)

Resources 4 (Plunder and booty from various larcenous raids, kept in an underwater abode Manse)

Manse 2 (Stone of the Earthweb)

Contacts 2 (Underworld connections)

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