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Group:Greyfalls Brotherhood

Page history last edited by Koal 15 years, 1 month ago

     The Greyfalls Brotherhood of Dragon-Blooded was born out of the need for a unified Terrestrial front in the harsh Eastern wilderness.  Surrounded by enemies on all sides, the politics of the Isle no longer live up to everyday reality and some of the Blooded have realized that they need to adapt or lose their interests...but it is more than that.  The Brotherhood was born as a dream of uniting those who choose to follow the best that the Dragons have to represent, progress over profit, channeling anger and vengeance toward the rightful enemies of Creation, doing what is right regardless of one's pride, and following the genuine virtues that radiate from the Dragons themselves.  The Brotherhood was a dream, but that dream has manifested and is growing...


Possible Membership Rouster:

     Mnemon Koal, Sesus Ormi, Ledaal Solace, Ragara Ayesha, Ledaal Neref, ....?....Tepet Kalaya, Wages of Sin



Brotherhood of Greyfalls


The Fellowship is Forged


An Ounce of Compassion, Squeezing Blood from the Stone


Sky and Soil Are One 


Wages of Sins troubled Path of Redemption 

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