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Greyfalls: The Docks

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The Docks

Greyfalls is a city that lives by trade, and the flowing waters of the Lesser Rock River are its lifeline to the greater world beyond the River Province. Fat-bellied merchant ships line up at the piers, cursing longshoremen manhandling the cargos of glass, paper, and porcelain that go downriver alongside the grain shipments and finished goods that come upriver to buy them. Tariff-men race from bale to bale, quarreling with captains over the taxable value of their goods and prodding and peeking into every bundle to ensure that no smuggler is evading the Scarlet Empress' due. Day or night, the docks teem with activity and the boisterous voices of men deep in their labor or in their cups.

Rough establishments line the dockways, crude signs painted with such images as leave no doubt to even an unlettered riverman as to which offer wine or women. Big men with scarred fists lounge around the entrances, close to hand to encourage the more misbehaving sorts to seek their pleasures elsewhere. Amid the slapdash quality of the buildings, the broken span of a broad stone bridge stretches south across the river, a gap between pilings left empty and unrepaired. To the south, the rough walls of Guild Town can be seen across the river.


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