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Greyfalls is the Realm's last bastion in the Scavenger Lands since RY 91. Over the centuries, the Scarlet Empress has worked hard to maintain this toehold in the Scavenger Lands, which consists of the high-towered city of Greyfalls itself and a stretch of land the size of France dotted with dozens of small towns.


Quoting The Compass of Terrestrial Directions, Vol. 1: The Scavenger Lands (page 115):


     Greyfalls, the city, occupiers a spectacular location, on the eastern slopes of the Lesser Rock River below the GreyFalls. The yellow-brown of the city defenses and public buildings contrasts with the shimmering waterfall, easily 10 times the height of the city’s tallest minarets. Red-tile roofs are the rule, but occasional flashes of blue tile lend some color. Many of the city’s streets are adorned with wall murals and patterned mosaics, though few iconic depictions exist. Greyfalls nominally follows the Immaculate Philosophy.

     About 55,000 people live in Greyfalls and its suburbs, while an additional 475,000 live in the larger territory. The rambling walls with their round towers 65 feet high enclose a circuit of seven square miles. Greyfalls is a typical district town writ large, with promenades of yellow brick circling tree-shaded plazas. A shrine to the Immaculate Dragons or one of the local gods anchors each plaza. Most structures are three or four stories tall, with shops on the ground floor and offices or apartments above. Many wealthier families build towers, too, so Greyfalls is a city of domes, spires and minarets rising out of the fog. Many captains time their arrival to twilight, when sunset wreathes the city in an illusion of flame and smoke.


Greyfalls is where the Scavenger Lands come to do business with the Realm.  Dynastic merchant houses that cannot do business on Scavenger Lands have holdings in Greyfalls, allowing them to compete with the Guild in trade. All such business is transacted at the Greyfalls dock, rather than the free port in Lookshy, so that the Realm receives the full import and dock taxes on all goods. It has become a huge transshipment port, dealing particularly in glass, crystal, and paper.


Greyfalls recently suffered a fair-sized barbarian invasion from the East, such that a horde reached the very city walls.  Repairs to the capital have only recently been completed, and much of the country side is still in recovery.


As of RY 768 (Season of Earth), a sizeable amount of Nuri families have left Greyfalls to seek their fortune in the Realm of Lumaba.  Escorted by Realm troops, the families reached Lumaba safely.  While the Nuri population has the most people that left to Lumaba some others followed suit, but no one group left in such large numbers.


Greyfalls was the target of a second Barbarian invasion by Trakar.  The 23rd legion faced Trakar in Calhar and a border region which would one day become part of the Vir Sidus Empire, preventing damage to the Greyfalls satrapy.  Trakar was slain at a climactic battle where three armies converged to try to corner the forces of the 23rd legion and were defeated.


Greyfalls City suffered an insurrection caused by the presence of Peleps Deled.  Mortal rights town meetings, heresy, Darius Firebrand incarcerating the Immaculate Temple, monks burning themselves alive in protest, and mass murder in the depths of night ensued.


Greyfalls was challenged by Duke Chanis of the Silver Clouds Freehold and met his armies in battle in the Vir Sidus Empire, preventing damage to Greyfalls.  However, the Fae forces had put a strangle hold on Greyfalls trade by destroying trade ships for a full year before the invasion, devastating Greyfalls normal economy and resources, not to mention all the sailors lost.


Greyfalls became an object of contention in the Realm Civil War as Ledaal Kilandros seized the Satrapy briefly from Ledaal Solace and issued a pogrom against Mnemon, Cynis, and Cathak families in the region, as well as instituting complete martial law.  Unfortuneately for Kilandros, one of his own officers blew up nearly the entire Greyfalls docks in an ongoing fit of madness and grief after losing his family on the Blessed Isle.  Greyfalls SurrendersGreyfalls Surrenders (some restrictions may apply)


Greyfalls Reconstruction Project (for current events relating to Greyfalls) 


On Living In Greyfalls discusses the lifestyle of a Dynast in the Greyfalls satrapy, and how they relate to each other, their mortal subjects, and their Great House.


On The Economy discusses the collective response of Darius, Zuriel and Ayesha to the Guild's collapse and how they plan to ameliorate it's impact on the Realm's well-being.



Locations in Greyfalls


Locations near Greyfalls


Important Spirits and Elementals

  • Amasu, The Origami Hostess of the Glass Kimono, Paper Geisha:  City Mother of Greyfalls and devout follower of the Immaculate Philosophy.
  • More-Than-Ample Swimmer:  Ruler of the Deeper Rock River spirit court.
  • Generous Fish Prince: River spirit ruler of the Lesser Rock River spirit court.
  • Slate Claws: Earth elemental ruler of Loam Badger Town. She is badger-shaped.
  • Sun-Seeking Kao: Wood elemental ruler of the Wall-Chewing Vine Court.
  • Umari Thousand-Handed, The Eternally Overburdened:  Spirit who serves as the clerk for the Unified Congress of Greyfall Courts.
  • Xian Yu: Spirit of Nasaru Redoubt who serves as a diplomatic attache to the Unified Congress of Greyfall Courts.  Generally considered an outcast.


Local Raksha


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