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Demesnes and Manses in Greyfalls

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Demesnes and Manses in Greyfalls


The Greyfalls satrapy is roughly the size of Maine, or around 35,000 square miles of territory. Mostly flat land, with some large forests between the towns. 


The land is about as rich in essence as it can be expected in most places of Creation. This means there are many demesnes, certainly, but not as many as one can find in the Blessed Island. 


In the Blessed Island millennia of geomantic expertise has been applied to cap virtually all the demesnes, and created many more through long-term geomantic procedures. But in the Greyfalls satrapy there are very few manses more than 500 years old. The Fair Folk invasion, several barbarian hordes and no little infighting has caused damage to many of the manses, some of which have exploded, often more than once, and often damaging the demesnes underneath. 


Still, one can find about one demesne for each 800 square miles of land (although the distribution is not predictable). This means the satrapy has about 40 demesnes within its territory. Most of the demesnes have owners, and many of them are capped. The owners include not just Dynast houses, there are also manses claimed by local gods, immaculate temples and the imperial throne itself (for the use of government bureaucrats and agents). A few of the demesnes might be unaccounted, but those are doubtlessly in places of difficult access, or are horribly cursed. 


The level of the demesnes is uniformly distributed between the power levels 1 to 4, with roughly the same number of each. Level 5 demesnes are very rare, and there is only one in the satrapy: it feeds a war manse that is part of the Realm Defense Grid. 


Since Greyfalls is in the East, about 25% of the demesnes are wood-aspected and water demesnes are somewhat less common than earth, air or fire ones. Celestial demesnes are rare. 


Enumerated Demesnes and Manses


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